Nestlé Uses Nude Baristas to Sell Coffee Creamer

How can models in body point make an ad go viral? Nestlé has found the right way to combine naked baristas with the promotion of a coffee creamer!

It was back on April 24 when Nestle along with the agency 360i decided to set up a shop named Natural Bliss Café, serving free coffee for a day, hiring models and actors that turned into baristas, wearing nothing but their smile, decorating their bodies with paint.

Nestlé uses nude baristas to sell coffee creamer!

The previously known as Irving Farm Coffee Roasters Manhattan’s Lower East Side turned into the talk of the day, with customers arriving for their daily dose of coffee, realising in just a few seconds from their entrance that this café is all about naturalness. In fact, the idea of the concept was to highlight that the creamer is “all-natural”, with the newly-hired baristas informing their customers (in their also natural looks) that this is ‘surprising natural, as is our creamer’.

The marketers of Nestlé along with the creatives from 360i stayed at the basement of the coffee shop during the day, where they could analyse the reactions of the customers, turning the best ones into a video. From awkward smiles to laughters and the general feeling of surprise led to engaged customers that were happy to taste the Natural Coffee Creamers, especially when they realised that they’re free.

Nestlé uses nude baristas to sell coffee creamer!

The summary of the day turned into a minute-and-a-half video, while there was also a 30-second preview clip that was pushed on social networks. The “Surprisingly Natural” campaign was Nestlé’s effort to approach a younger audience through digital media, that’s why they relied on stunt marketing, adding a shock value, in order to make sure that their new product won’t be unnoticed.

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And it certainly wasn’t, as the preview clip led to 280k Facebook views in just 3 days, increasing the reach and the exposure of the campaign. #NaturalBlissCafé was also used on Twitter and other social networks, contributing to the success of the campaign, especially when combining it with paid ad slots that will run until September.

In a world that is becoming more and more difficult to grab someone’s attention, brands keep looking for creative ways to promote their products, leveraging the power of a unique campaign, along with the potential virality that may be reached with the right social promotion. Nestlé thought of promoting their “all-natural” products in an (indeed) surprisingly natural advertising that uses naked body painting as a way to reach a wider audience that won’t be able to ignore the product, despite the distraction of the actual campaign.

Nestlé uses nude baristas to sell coffee creamer!

Nowadays, stunt marketing has to be more creative than ever, creating a buzz in any possible way, in order to gain the audience’s valuable attention, with the emotional appeal being an effective technique. The element of surprise when facing something really unexpected (which is the core of ambient advertising anyway) allows you to be more willing to learn more about the product and that’s exactly what these ads expect. It’s all about knowing how to surprise the audience!


Client: Nestlé
Agency: 360i

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