Oscar Mayer Promotion Gives Lucky Twitter Fans a Ride in the Wienermobile

When it comes to the most recognizable vehicles in pop culture and the public eye, what are the ones which come to mind the most? Maybe it’s the DeLorean from the “Back to the Future” film series or perhaps it’s the Ecto-1 automobile from “Ghostbusters.” While Oscar Mayer may not have a similar vehicle in terms of scope, its Wienermobile is fully capable to draw the attention of many, even without vehicle wraps put into place. This is one of the reasons why its newest promotion could be effective for marketing purposes.

Adweek posted an article in reference to Oscar Mayer’s recent contest that should gain the attention of their Twitter followers. Essentially, one of said followers will have the opportunity to lease the Wienermobile for the entire day. All they would have to do is explain why they should be the ones leasing the vehicle, provided they could do so in 140 characters or less. While the idea of traveling around a vehicle that resembles a hot dog may not be at the top of one’s priority list, there is a sense of novelty that can’t be denied.

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One of the reasons why this promotion is a safe one is because of the fact that the winner won’t be able to actually drive the Wienermobile. Instead, they will have to ride in the passenger’s side, which is understandable considering how visibly unwieldy the aforementioned vehicle would appear to control in the possession of an untrained driver. It goes without saying that Oscar Mayer would not want to pay the bill for the damages done. To my perspective, there is little in the way of collateral risk to be seen.

Another reason why this is a safe method, at least to the Twitter followers, is that winners will be chosen at random. What this means is that if someone were to want to win this particular contest, it wouldn’t mean that they’d have to be an English major with a social media account. Rather, they could do anything from pleading their case with the #Tweet2Lease hashtag to writing something totally nonsensical with said hashtag implemented. The possibilities seen here can go on forever, given the practically infinite nature of social media in general.

It’s easy for a business to become recognized based off of either a character, a logo, or what have you. However, the ability to have a food item linked to your brand is a difficult one, though it seems like Oscar Mayer has had very little trouble in that regard. To me, the idea of a vehicle bearing the appearance of a hot dog is not out of the ordinary, so it’s easy to accept it as a truth. Whether or not this will be viewed a legitimate marketing attempt by Oscar Mayer, one cannot deny that it is an attention-grabbing attempt nonetheless.


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