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Netflix Socks pause the show when you fall asleep

Netflix Socks pause the show when you fall asleep

We all enjoy watching our favourite TV shows in the evening on Netflix, but no matter how good the show is, there’s always a moment you can’t keep your eyes open. That’s when you fall asleep, while the TV shows keep playing for hours...

stock guy walking out door

5 Online Marketing Tips for 2016

As the cold winter evenings roll in and the string of Christmas parties commence in the office, enthusiasm to meet deadlines and targets tangibly deflates. However, if you are an entrepreneur or working for a budding start-up, there is never any...

Milka Tender Messages In Ukraine

Milka Allows Individuals To Leave Tender Messages

Milka shares love messages in the streets of Ukraine In our world we are very busy, and very often it gets easy to forget how to do the most simple yet important things like showing our love to the people whom we deeply care about. This doesn’t...

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