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Nescafe: Instant connections

Nescafe Uses Coffee to Create Instant Connections

Coffee seems to bring people together and that’s how Nescafe thought to turn this idea into a whole new campaign! “Instant Connections” was created by Nescafe along with OglivyOne in Frankfurt, in a way to combine coffee with personal...

Loreal Waterproof Experience

L’Oreal Gives Moviegoers the Waterproof Experience

L´Oréal wanted to show women the power of their product by treating them to a free makeover and a movie. McCann Mexico invited 100 women to see a movie with the condition that they were willing to participate in a makeover using L´Oréal products...

Pic Aid by Flickr

Pic Aid by Flickr Turns Your Photos into Donations

As we keep taking new photos every day, we can’t help but wonder what to do with them. What if your pictures were donated for a good cause, helping charities all over the world? It is estimated that we share 1.8 billion pictures over the Internet...

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