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4 Marketing lessons from Red Riding Hood 2

4 Marketing Lessons from Red Riding Hood

When you read the story of Red Riding Hood, did you think to yourself, “how can a girl not differentiate between her grandmother and a wolf?” Well the truth is – closer you are to something, the less you actually see. You might not realize...

LG Telescope All The Colors Of The Universe OLED TV Marketing Campaign

LG Telescope Fakes Out Viewers In Funny Prank

In the video above we see an advertisement for the LG OLED TV. In the beginning of the video, they start talking about how the city pollutes the sky with so much light to the point that we cannot see into space, let alone the stars. To fight this,...

BMO welcomes NBA All Stars with a 10ft tall ATM

BMO Welcomes NBA All Stars with a 10ft Tall ATM

It’s not easy to be a financial services company when looking for a creative advertising for the NBA All-Star weekend, but BMO didn’t seem to have a problem with that. BMO Financial, or else the Bank of Montreal, is among the official sponsors...

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