Push The Red Button To Add Drama…AGAIN by TNT Benelux

On April 10th, Turner Television Network station, TNT Benelux brought a ‘dramatic surprise on a quiet square‘. The TV station placed a red button in a quiet square in Flanders in Belgium. A flashy arrow hovered above the button that said, “Push to add drama.” Of course very few would even consider it as most individuals passed it by; however, for the people that did have the courage to press it go a wonderfully fun surprise. Their tagline: We know drama. And this is how we announced it.

Well on January 24th, 2013, they are at it again.

To launch Turner Broadcasting’s series and movie channel TNT in the Netherlands a new dramatic piece of the now famous red button was shot in the quiet town of Dordrecht . They call it, “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square.”

When innocent passers-by dare to push the button, pure TNT-drama unfolds with a slightly new twist: close ‘participation’ of the public. Strategy was to develop a piece that would allude to the original but feature new situations inspired by TNT’s content.

The video was created by advertising agency, Duval Guillame Modem, and is certainly going to be another viral hit! Good job you guys!

I just have to wonder what happens if you pick blue…

Push The Red Button To Add Drama AGAIN 3 Push The Red Button To Add Drama AGAIN 2

Written by Ryan Lum

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