QR Code Made From 411 OREO Cookies

Ever wonder if would be possible to create a QR code out of OREOs? I know I have! Well thankfully the wonderful people over at RedPepper decided to take the challenge. With 441 OREO cookies, they decided to make the first QREO.

When scanned, your mobile phone brings you to the QREO page which allows users to share what they love most about OREO cookies. Overall it’s a wonderful campaign that truly brings a whole new level to really getting close to your product.  Read more about the campaign on the RedPepper blog!

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  1. I reckon there is LOADS of scope for getting more creative with QR codes, see http://richardlittledale.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/digi-portals-and-the-gospel/ and this account of artistic use of QR by artists in Northern France: http://richardlittledale.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/when-the-pulpit-is-a-flashcube/

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