QR Codes Seen from the Sky in Google Maps

Phillips & Co. says in a statement that Google Earth has been downloaded 400 million times and “by integrating a readable code into the space-accessible profile, mobile users can access dynamic marketing programs, videos, digital coupons and other content while viewing the specific geographical location.” Google recently announced on Wednesday that the app has been downloaded 1 billion times. Phillips plans on placing QR codes on buildings to be seen by airplanes passing by and also by those using Google Earth and Google Maps in Earth view.

Phillips reported that the whole process will set you back $8,500 plus a recurring $200 support fee. Those charges include creating the QR code and installing it. It takes about a year for the code to show up on Google Earth.

Is this a good use of marketing dollars? Well it certainly created buzz around the concept but will it reach the audience?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ronniesan Ronnie Garcia

    Good idea, but only effective if the resolution of the image capture is high enough to scan.  It seems like a waste of money to me for the most part.

  • http://www.extremejohn.com Extreme John

    That is a very interesting idea. I’m excited to know how it will work when it reaches the audience and how effective it will be as a marketing strategy. 

  • SLA

    I’m not entirely sure why a QR code would be necessary through Google Earth?  If you’re already at a computer, would you need to take a photo of the computer screen for it to work?  I think hyperlinks would be more effective here.

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