Real Life Angry Birds

You’ve probably already seen this. It’s spreading like wildfire. The T-Mobile Real Life Angry Birds campaign ‘soared’ throughout the internet and landed media coverage on hundreds of blogs including this one. People love angry birds. In fact, the game has over 12 million sold and 30 million free downloads.

T-Mobile’s Live Angry Birds stunt was a wonderful guerrilla marketing campaign that captured the interest of hundreds of people walking by. Because it is so unusual yet so familiar, people were drawn to the set like flys on honey. The campaign ran in Barcelona back in May. Users could control the live game via the T-Mobile smart phone on the kiosk.  The whole campaign was a huge success. It’s curious. It’s new. It’s Angry Birds!

Below you can see another video that capture the making of the Angry Birds Live set:

The real question remains…did this campaign make you want to play?


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Italy
Copywriter: Luca Lorenzini
Art Director: Luca Pannese
International Creative Director: Jason Romeyko
Planner: Jason Lonsdale
Account Handler: James Griffiths, Charlotte Cook
Producer: Kate O’mulloy, Jennifer Kennedy
Production Company: Rokkit
Director: Legs – Greg Brunkalla
Production Company Producer: Andrew Levene
Editor: Dominic Cheung
Post-Production Company: Rushes
Audio Post-Production Company: 750Mph

5 Replies to “Real Life Angry Birds”

  1. This real life angry birds campaign by t-mobile might have already spread all over the world but it never ceases to “Wow!” me and makes me want to play too everytime I watch the campaign.This marketing campaign is another awesome, cool, and really creative one. 

  2. It has a feature that all puzzle games need to be successful: simple to play yet difficult to master. It’s the same combination that made Tetris so popular in the early days of video games. Colorful graphics, amusing characters, and catchy music, took a fun puzzle and made it addictive. It it was the same game but launching balls trying to pop balloons instead of birds trying to squash pigs it would be fun but not nearly as memorable.

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