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Robot Invasion or Unusual Guerrilla Marketing Campaign?

Imagine seeing Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee live and walking around California? I’d most likely jump for joy and do cartwheels. Robots are part of everyone’s childhood and to see them roaming around the street, especially if it’s Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee, would be like winning the lotto. As you grow older, you know you’re never gonna meet Prime and Bee because they are not real.  However, Prime and Bee is like Santa Clause, you know they are not real but you still kind of hope that they are.

So, when people online started talking about spotting robots all over California, the Transformers, Voltes V  and other robots fans started hoping it’s Prime and Bee.

It’s Just a Stunt

It is true that people saw robots all around California, different times, different kinds, different days, different places. There were a lot of speculations on what the stunt is for – a movie, a new product, a new technological breakthrough.

The funniest are those who believe that we are being invaded by aliens. Turns out, it’s just for a Tumblr account, The tumblr account features the different robot sightings, photos, vidoes, and blog entries.

But What is It For?

The stunt is doing very well but it is yet to reveal the end of this whole stunt. There is still some space for it to grow. It hasn’t reached a level of popularity that stirs millions into frenzy but if they keep on dragging this on, there is also the danger of others that are already into the campaign losing interest.

They need one big kick to get this thing going and they need it soon or run the danger of becoming a could-have-been case.

***Updated January 6th, 2013: This campaign was created by Akos Papp & Laszlo Szloboda of BBDO NY for the GE Brilliant Machines Campaign. It was a campaign comprised of several short videos that was spread via social media. The videos were followed up by a series of live stunts in San Francisco to help promote the brand. Great job guys!

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Thanks Randy Matheson!

Robot Invasion or Unusual Guerrilla Marketing Campaign? Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Robot Invasion or Unusual Guerrilla Marketing Campaign? Guerrilla Marketing Photo

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