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It’s always wonderful to see non-profits using guerrilla marketing tactics to see real and powerful results. I think these examples of guerrilla marketing are very interesting because they obviously need to keep costs low being a non-profit. Casa do Zezinho that focuses on low-income areas that suffer from malnutrition. They designed a half for happiness campaign in which they sold half a product in a grocery store. Half the of the profit will go towards Casa do Zezinho in hopes to help alleviate malnutrition.

The campaign was a huge success in that almost 100 half products were sold everyday and ended up bringing happiness to the people of Casa do Zezinho and brought a lot of attention to the cause.

Winner in Cannes Lions 2011
Type of Entry: Ambient
Category: Stunts & Live Advertising
Award: Silver Lion

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brazil
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Directors: Renato Fernandez, Vinicius Sousa, Daniel Manzi
Copywriter: Fabio Ozório
Director: Fábio Benvenuti
Photography: Richard Stefano
RTVC: Vera Jacinto, Gabriel Dagostini, Thiago Bueno
Developer: Ragna Produções
Sound Producer: RAW Produtora de Áudio
Track: RAW Produtora de Áudio
Speaker: Gabriel Fayad
Assembler / Editor: Maria Fernanda
Contact: Marina Fernandes, Cristina Chacon
Media: Paulo Camossa Jr., Laerte Brandão
Approval: Dagmar Garroux, Célia Fernandes

Written by Ryan Lum

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