Smart Car Creates a Highly Amusing Dancing Traffic Light That Will Get Your Hips Moving

If you’re a business selling smart cars and smart transport, your marketing had better be just as smart as your products, otherwise disappointment is the meal of the day. Luckily, Smart is that business. Producer of smart, urban transport, in the form of cars and electric bicycles, they wowed us with their football vending machine, and had us laughing at their big city car parody, and now they’ve done it again.

Dancing Traffic Light

Like many of Smart’s other campaigns, the Dancing Traffic Light is all about having fun, with a subtle message for those interested in digging a little deeper. On a city street, Smart sets up a traffic light that dances to entertain people at the crossing, thereby stopping jaywalking. This seems like a great idea just in itself, but it is made even more impressive when we see where the dancing is coming from. Other pedestrians are dancing in a nearby booth, with their moves being translated in real time to the movement of the little red man. Now that is smart.

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A More Efficient City

In many ways, the core of Smart’s philosophy is efficiency. Their cars and bikes are intended to make transport more efficient and more user-friendly, better for the planet and for us. The same philosophy is running the Dancing Traffic Light campaign. People don’t like to wait, so they jaywalk. But, by jaywalking they aren’t just endangering themselves, they’re reducing the efficiency of traffic flow. By providing something for them to do at the traffic light while they’re waiting, something that is engaging and entertaining, Smart is able to reduce jaywalking while increasing efficiency and safety.

Smart Technology

This wouldn’t be a smart campaign if it didn’t make use of clever technology. A company like Smart needs to be on the front-line of the technology that captures the public’s interest, and this campaign is a great example of them using their reputation, and technology to their advantage. In the end, the technology used isn’t anything space-age, but in truth neither are smart cars. However, it is technology used in an innovative way, which is exactly why so many people love it.

Innovation, as we’ve said before, is all that makes any one campaign different from another. Invention is great, but without proper presentation it is easy for that idea to get lost amidst so many others. This video, the technology and a flawless idea all come together to produce a feel-good experience for participants, and those watching from home.

What’s In It For Smart?

You might be asking, Smart has made people laugh and think twice before jaywalking, but what’s in it for a smart car company? There’s minimal branding, certainly there’s nothing on the ground, and no mention of smart cars or product shots. Let us tell you the truth: cars have nothing to do with it.

Dancing Traffic Light is about the idea, the concept of Smart as a company. They want to recreate how people think about their cars, and their cities, and the best place to do that is inside their heads with entertainment. The people involved in the campaign had fun, the people watching it had fun and wanted to know about Smart and what they do. That’s the success.

It doesn’t matter if people don’t buy a smart car, because they’ll know all about Smart, and reputation is everything.

SMART Car Dancing Traffic Light 1 SMART Car Dancing Traffic Light 2 SMART Car Dancing Traffic Light 3 SMART Car Dancing Traffic Light 5


Advertising Agency: BBDO Germany
Creative Directors: Lukas Liske, Daniel Schweinzer
Director: Marten Persiel

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