Getting up to Speed on Mobile Marketing

You can’t get too far these days without hearing about “Mobile Marketing.” Mobile Marketing is simple. It’s about engaging your customers and prospects on their mobile devices. It covers , QR Codes, text message marketing or “SMS,” Apps, Location Based Marketing and Mobile Websites. The fact that smartphones make up more than half of all mobile phone subscriptions in the U.S. is the main reason you can not ignore this media for marketing your small business. Let’s begin our mobile marketing education with “The Mobile Web.”

The Mobile Web is where smartphones do their browsing. About 20% of Google Searches are originated on mobile devices right now. This number jumps to 40% when you just count “local searches.”

Browsing a website on your desktop or laptop from a broadband connection in your home or office is a much different experience than browsing from a mobile device. As you may have experienced most sites move slowly, are hard to read and sometimes their content can’t even be displayed on the small screen. What’s the problem? These sites are not “mobile.”. Which brings the need for a new player in your small business marketing game…

Mobile Marketing Websites

Mobile websites are meant to fit the small screens.. The key difference is found in the layout of the site. Graphics, text, offers, navigation and information is presented in a different way. This enhances the experience of the person browsing the site.

So how does a prospect or customer get to your mobile marketing website?

There are few ways. One way is through the use of “Q-R Codes” or “Quick Response Codes.” These codes can be scanned by your smart phone and take you to a mobile site.

Another way someone can arrive at your mobile site is by doing a search. Then, when your mobile site is properly installed a piece of code detects the mobile browser and serves the mobile version.

Sadly, most small business are way behind. Some are in denial and thinking they don’t need a mobile site. This is a dangerous mindset. Certain forecasts predict that more people will access the web via a mobile device than the traditional desktop or laptop in the very near future.

Written by Mike Dolpies

Michael Dolpies (AKA- Mike D.) is an author, speaker and the co-creator of “Mobile Marketing CMS,” an easy to use Mobile Website Builder. Get more mobile marketing tips & a complimentary report, “5 Ways to Build Your Business With Mobile Marketing at:


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