I Spent The Last Of My Money On This Billboard. Please Give Me A Job

If you think there’s no such thing as a personal brand, you obviously haven’t met Adam Pacitti. Adam was a recent university graduate with a first class degree, and absolutely no job prospects. Within three months, he had applied for more than 250 job interviews, and hadn’t had any luck standing out from the crowd of other young talent just like him. So, he did what any self-respecting member of this cut-throat group called ‘the media’ might do. He started an ad campaign for himself.

The campaign, entitled Employ Adam is one man’s take on the very competitive world of graduate employment, and not only draws attention to Adam as a smart, capable media creator, but also to the larger issues at hand, that being the difficulty of getting a job in one’s field. It featured a video CV, a purpose built website, and (the most viral aspect of the campaign for sure) a billboard that stated: I Spent My Last £500 On This Billboard. Please Give Me A Job. 


Why It’s Smart

Graduating from university is a tough place to be for job seekers. They want to stand out, but they’re in a crowd of people just as talented as they are, all looking to showcase their skills as soon as they’re asked. What as clever about the Employ Adam campaign is that he didn’t wait for someone to ask him to show them what he could do. Instead, he went out there with an idea, built a campaign plan around it, and then attracted public attention to his cause, and therefore himself. What he showed employers is that he takes initiative, doesn’t need to be directed, has great ideas and most importantly, has the dedication to see an idea through from start to finish.

Why It’s Interesting

In a lot of ways, this campaign really is an interesting look at guerrilla marketing. The thing about marketing that people don’t always think about is, it doesn’t have to be about a brand or a company. When you’re looking for a job, what you need to sell is yourself, and guerrilla marketing is just as effective a way to accomplish that. In fact, it’s probably the best way, as all the characteristics of this particular type of marketing (low cost, unconventional, localised) are all very suited to a personal campaign.

Did It Work?

Employ Adam was featured in newspapers and on radio and television worldwide. In the UK, every single national daily newspaper covered the campaign, and Adam was interviewed on a number of places including Daybreak, Sky News, BBC Radio 1 and 5Live, Capital FM and ITV News. During the course of the campaign, #EmployAdam trended on twitter and was essentially the perfect viral campaign.

And the best part? Adam received over 60 solid job offers, and now has a job, with an agency called Seachange where he works as a viral producer. Of course, to thank everyone for supporting him, and spreading his website around to employers and press, he bought another billboard expressing his gratitude. Impressive work from a personal brand showcasing the best of guerrilla marketing techniques.



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