Strauss Ice Cream Hides Delicious Hidden Treasure On Tel-Aviv Beach

When guerrilla marketing targets children and families, we’re always interested to see the results. This is partially because kids, unlike their cynical and aged counterparts, are ready to accept a situation and embrace the joy and magic of it. Adults always want to question it, to ask what is behind the curtain and to figure out the details. But children and just happy to be there in a new favorite spot with something unexpected. That magic is what made us smile so much when we saw Strauss’ new guerrilla marketing campaign that ran in Tel-Aviv called The Treasure.

Treasure Hunting

Knowing the immense joy that children get out of both going to the beach and digging in the sand for imaginary treasure, Strauss and advertising agency Great decided to make their digging a little more than imaginary. In the morning, before beach-goers arrived, a team came to bury a number of treasure chests in the sand, filled to the brim with Strauss goodies. Later that day as families were pretending to be beachside treasure hunters they uncovered the chests, to the immense wonder of all children (and parents) involved.

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A Magic Memory

We believe that when you’re a kid, memorable moments are all about the amount of magic in them. That’s why Christmas, birthdays, celebrations and happy unexpected occurrences are easy to remember. They embody a different outlook on life that children have, an outlook at Strauss have managed to capture in their campaign. The Treasure has a smart idea, a solid concept and very good execution. It makes use of that childhood magic, bringing an unexpected possibility into reality. It is inspiring, fun and memorable, all of which boosts brand reputation and customer loyalty. We’ll say one thing, this is a stunt that makes people smile, and for that reason along it will succeed.

The Genius Camera Angles

One particular aspect of this campaign that we really wanted to draw attention to was the smart use of camera angles throughout the campaign video. The idea of putting cameras inside the treasure chests to capture the moment where the treasure is revealed is, for lack of a better word, genius. The expressions on the faces of the kids absolutely embodies the entire campaign concept, and paired with that feel good music, it brings the campaign in a beautiful, joyful circle.

The Questions We Want To Know, But Don’t

Being adults, we had some questions after seeing this campaign. But, one of the reasons we knew this campaign was a winner was that we didn’t really care about the answers to those questions. Sure, it would have been nice to know just how they knew just where to dig on the beach, and whether the parents knew what was going on. But, that’s just us being adults, because in the end this is a great campaign, whether we know or not.


Advertising Agency: Great, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Creative: Raz Messing
Strategy: Itamar Bar
Art Director: Tom Zakai
Copywriter: Ilan Yerucham
Account Supervisor: Ilana Strenson
Project Manager: Michal Bardugo
Production Company: Mamash productions
Published: September 2014

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