Super Bock Creates Foosball Table Powered by Beer Caps

What’s better than foosball? Free foosball!

Ok, well not quite. Super Bock modified a foosball machine to accept payment in the form of Super Bock bottle caps instead of coins as a way to promote their beer brand in the bar. Bar partons could order a bottle of Super Bock beer and keep the bottle cap. A single bottle cap can be redeemed for a game of foosball. It’s a relatively simple activation, but doesn’t it look like a fun time?


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Jorge Coelho, João Espirito Santo
Art Director: Nuno Gomes
Copywriter: Ivo Martins
Creative Supervisor: Marcelo Dolabella
Accounts: Ana Pereira, Catarina Oliveira, Diogo Lopes
TV Producer: Diffuse
Additional credits: Redworks
Published: March 2015