TAM Airlines Creates the Most Personalized Ownboard Magazine

When was the last time you actually read an inflight magazine? Chances are you don’t remember, since you probably didn’t have any particular interest on the topics. What if you could read an extremely personalised magazine though?

The Brazilian TAM airlines was concerned about the fact that passengers seem rather indifferent for the content of inflight magazines, with less than 11% of them actually remembering what they read. In fact, it has been observed that they spend less than 3% of the flight time reading the inflight magazine and it was time to change that.

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In order to celebrate their anniversary of the Milan-Sao Paolo route, TAM collaborated with the advertising agency FCB Milan, creating the most personalised inflight magazine ever!

TAM Airlines creates the most personalized Ownboard magazine

How to grab the passenger’s attention with a magazine

All they needed was more details about each passenger, so that they provide them with the right content. Needless to say, they asked for Facebook’s ‘help’ and that’s how they integrated the Facebook Connect in the purchase process, accessing more details about each user. Thus, they were able to learning more about each user through their likes, photos, friends, or even the places they love. This led to a highly customised magazine that included specific articles about each user, depending on the data they accessed through Facebook, creating a magazine full of photos, facts and events that they’d love to read.

Each magazine was placed on the right seat and passengers were happily surprised to see their photos on a cover of an inflight magazine! After the initial shock (of finding your photo in a magazine cover), they ended up reading it from the first page to the very last. According to the testimonies, it was great for passengers to be able to read exactly what they’d find interesting, while every single passenger kept the magazine after the landing.

TAM Airlines creates the most personalized Ownboard magazine

TAM Airlines managed to turn a boring inflight magazine into an exciting experience, winning all the passengers that were lucky to read their unique issue. For TAM airlines, it’s not just about providing an interesting way to kill your time while on flight, it is a way to directly engage with your customers, showing to them that you really care about them.

As for the success of the idea in numbers, the personalised magazine copies led to an increased reading time of 1200%, while 100% of passengers took the magazine with them after the flight.

That’s a creative way to come up with a memorable experience, reminding us that personalisation is more important than ever in successful campaigns. It’s all about focusing on every single customer, making them feel unique and valuable!

TAM Airlines creates the most personalized Ownboard magazine


Advertising Agency: FCB, Milan, Italy
Chief Executive Officer: Franco Ricchiuti
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Teodori
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Gianluca Belmonte
Art Director: Michele Costante
Account Manager: Agnese Salvatore
AV production manager: Cristina Nardi
Print Production Manager: Nicoletta Prada
Digital Production Manager: Simone Simola
Digital Production Developers: Camillo La Rovere, Luca Paulotto
Chief Creative Officer: Luis Silva Dias
Executive Producer: Paolo Gatti / H-Film
Producer: Caterina Sacchi / H-Film
Director: Riccardo Di Giacomo / H-Film
DoP: Riccardo Calamandrei, Marco Spano / H-Film
Editor: Margherita Leofanti / H-Film
Music Composer: Federico Landini, Parcusoni
Post Producer: Elisabetta Rocca / EDI
VFX Designer: Marco Musso / EDI

Written by Tereza Litsa

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