The Friday Guerrilla Campaign – Unicef Strollers

Ambient Ads Example Guerrilla Marketing

Ambient Ads Example Guerrilla Marketing

This one comes to us from Finland. Unicef wanted to raise awareness for childrens rights so they placed these blue strollers in crowded places in 14 cities with a baby crying audio track coming out of it. If you looked in the strollers their was a message “Thank you for caring, we hope there is more people like you. Unicef Be a mom for a moment”.

The part that makes me sad is the number of people that just walked right past a stroller with a crying baby and did not even give a glance in it’s direction. That part could have hit me harder because I am a new parent of a 5 month old but still…… no excuses in my mind!

Have a great weekend.

Written by Ryan Lum

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