The Great Divide: Traditional and Modern Marketing Techniques at Odds

Modern marketers claim that the technology has made the old advertising playbook obsolete. Multi-channeled campaigns, social media platforms and performance-based techniques require an all new set of rules, they say. As new trends become established strategies, however, it is becoming clear that while they may need slight tweaks, tried and true marketing techniques are alive and well.

From evoking an emotional reaction to providing an incentive for shop, many traditionally effective marketing strategies will help your business grow when implemented on modern platforms.

The Classic Coupon

Part of the perceived dichotomy between traditional and modern marketing is the result of distinct tone differences. Social media users, for example, seem to respond to businesses that contribute to the personal culture and conversational tone. Traditional marketing strategies focus on efficiency and persuasion, rather than a casual discourse.

There’s no denying these tone differences, but these subtleties usually lead to a similar result. Case in point: the classic coupon. According to, 78.3 percent of consumers reported using a coupon in 2010. Users interacting with businesses on social media cite coupons as one of the biggest influences. According to, 37 percent of Facebook users surveyed said they joined fan pages to receive coupon and discount offers.

They may be using different language, but businesses looking to generate cash flow are still turning to coupons no matter the channel.

A Call to Action

Savvy businesses know that establishing a relationship is the best way to influence social media users. But at some point, these businesses have to figure out how to turn a fan into a customer. When it comes down to it, traditional and modern marketers still rely on calls to action. These response requests may involve a click on a mobile device, a “Like” on Facebook or a phone call from a billboard.

Eye-Catching Creative

With so much competition for attention, businesses using traditional and burgeoning marketing techniques are both striving toward a common goal: the most impactful marketing content possible. On billboards, it could be an eye-teaser or 3-D image that seems to jumps off the board. For social media, the best results may come from a viral mash-up video. The common theme here is creativity. To be successful, make sure creativity is at the heart of any ad campaign.

A Unified Direction

Many thriving businesses are quick to dismiss arguments that traditional or modern methods are more effective because they have success with both. A recent Burger King TV commercial celebrated the Whopper’s 55th Anniversary. The fast food joint’s Facebook page promoted the Whopper’s anniversary by using delicious pictures of Whoppers as their cover photo. The fast food chain even offered the burger for only .55 cents during the celebration, according to a recent post.

The most successful marketing campaigns have committed to their message through all available platforms, and there’s no reason for that to change now. Traditional and modern marketing techniques aren’t at war, they’re partners striving for the same goal with (largely) the same tactics.

By Peter Hearst: A broker for small businesses and restaurants, Peter writes for several business and finance blogs in the U.S. as well as in Australia.

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