Top Five Must Dos To Promote Your E-Commerce Store On Facebook

Coming up with a great idea for your e-commerce store is step one. Step two is making that great idea a reality in the form of an actual e-commerce store. Both of these steps require a tremendous amount of time, energy, passion, creativity, and perhaps most of all, patience. But theyíre not the only two rungs on the ladder of a successful e-commerce store. A successful e-commerce store is an ongoing process, and step 3 is to promote your e-commerce store in as many different places as possible.

Social networking sites are an obvious venue to promote your store, and you have a lot of different sites to choose from. Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and even Pinterest are all viable places to give your store the added support and attention it needs to thrive.

Of all the social networking sites, however, none are better for promoting your online business interests than Facebook. Even with so much competition, Facebook remains the leader in social networking. Millions upon millions of people use the site every day for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons could involve patronizing your business. What you need to do is understand how to use Facebook to its fullest promotional potential.

If this seems difficult, consider the following top 5 must dos to promote your e-commerce store on Facebook. These are proven methods that have worked wonders for a variety of businesses. Itís up to you to see if they can work for you, too.

1. Have A Facebook Page For Your Store

This is a no-brainer. Your e-commerce store should definitely have a Facebook page to keep people up-to-date on everything to do with your store. It’s also a smart move to offer incentives and marketing ideas that are exclusive to your Facebook page.

2. Integrate The Shopping Experience

Itís not neglecting your actual store to allow people to purchase your goods right on your Facebook page. Itís just giving people more options. Make it easy for people to place orders and browse your product line.

3. Interact With Your Facebook Fans

There are several ways to do this. You can post updates, and then respond to the responses that update gets. You can even use Livestream to host a live webcam chat right on Facebook.

4. Use Your Name Elsewhere

If there are groups or other Facebook pages related to your business, join them, and join in the discussions.

5. Newsletter Subscription And More

Promoting your store doesn’t end with Facebook. Give people the ability to find you on other social networking sites. You can even offer an email newsletter subscription.

It should be obvious that Facebook is pretty essential to successfully promoting your e-commerce store. You canít afford not to use it. Make sure your marketing strategy has a plan for how Facebook will help your sales efforts.

Richard has been writing about ecommerce strategies for over 5 years. From SEO to conversion optimisation through information architecture and systems intergration, Richard has contributed a large range of articles. Aside from blogging, Richard leads a team of Magento ecommerce developer and assist businesses in establishing their online presence.


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