Unconventional Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising has been an effective medium for marketers for quite some time. However, due to technological advancements and social changes the advertising industry is one that is always shifting and evolving. Like all other mediums, outdoor advertising has had to change and evolve along with the industry as a whole. As marketers battle for the attention of an increasingly distracted audience we are seeing them turn to some rather unconventional forms of outdoor advertising.

Although traditional billboard advertising remains an effective tool for outdoor advertising, many marketers have been turning to more unusual methods to gain attention and exposure.

unconventional outdoor advertising 4

Integrate with the Surrounding Environment

One unconventional tactic advertisers have been using in regards to outdoor advertising is an idea of integrating the surrounding environment with their message or ad. This is done seamlessly and cleverly in the above picture. In this picture, Mr. Clean took advantage of the existing crosswalk lines to create a bold alternative advertisement that is both simple and eye-catching. The ad reinforces their message of cleanliness wonderfully and captures the audience’s attention quickly.

The opportunities for these types of ads are virtually endless and are only limited by the creativity of those creating them. Here is another great example of this idea.

unconventional outdoor advertising 3

The reason these ads are so attention-grabbing is because they reach the audience in places they are not used to seeing ads. The ads stand out in these places because they are unusual and out of the ordinary. Another reason many of these ads are effective is because they are interactive with not only the surrounding environment, but the people who view them as well. For instance, the above Kit Kat ad is a bench that people can actually sit on. Below is one of the more clever examples of this I’ve ever seen, where people are actually used as part of the advertisement.

unconventional outdoor advertising 2

Unique Twists on Traditional Billboards

As mentioned before, the classic billboard is still a useful from of outdoor advertising. By applying some unique twists to this outdoor advertising mainstay, marketers are creating some rather interesting and original new types of billboards. The standard billboard has been, and continues to be an effective advertising medium because it allows for large, bold, and simple messaging. This can be taken even further by implementing some creative tweaks. Here is an example of this, where the company has taken a very simple billboard and added a unique creative element.

unconventional outdoor advertising 1

The idea of integrating the ad into the surrounding environment can be applied here with billboards as well. This can be seen from this wonderful example where McDonald’s implemented the light of the sun into their billboard.

unconventional outdoor advertising

Once again, the options here are nearly limitless and advertisers are only restrained by their own imaginations.

Whether it be unique ad placements that integrate seamlessly with their surrounding environments or clever twists on the traditional billboard, it is clear that more and more marketers are pursuing unconventional means of outdoor advertising. The reason for this trend in unconventional outdoor advertising is in response to the ever-increasing amount of competition for the audience’s attention. As this competition continues to grow and technological advancements continue to change the advertising landscape, marketers must adapt and evolve to express their messages effectively.

Written by Darren Leach

Darren Leach is an outdoor advertising professional and veteran media buyer. When he’s not writing about billboard marketing and outdoor advertising, Darren enjoys catching up on the latest edition of AdAge.


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