Unique BBQ Billboard Mimics Actual Grill Charring

Billboard advertising is the best kind of old school advertising, but with new trends leaning heavily towards guerrilla marketing, you have to wonder how marketing specialists are going to bring billboard ads into the future. Well, Voskhod in Russia have done and great job and their ad for the Double Grill & Bar is a prime (excuse the pun) example of how billboards can evolve.

Why It’s Successful

One of the reasons that this billboard works really well is that it builds on a kind of locational knowledge that people have on their surroundings. If you put in something new, people will notice it, and then it will become a part of the background, totally ignored. But, it you put in something new (like say, a billboard that has nothing on it except a gigantic steak), and then come in and change it you’ve started with curiosity, and moved that straight on to interest. By leaving the billboard up for a period of time (from the video it looks like a day or so) and then coming in the middle of the night to drastically change the board by char grilling it, Voskhod are almost guaranteeing that people are going to take notice of this clever campaign, which might be based on a simple visual idea but is seamlessly executed.

What you might be wondering is: “Why not change it during the day, where more people will be around to see it?” It’s a logical question, and it might seem odd to be so covert about the whole thing, but therein lies the elegance of this campaign. Because really, the billboard is only one aspect of the advertising strategy. Equal parts are the curiosity of the initial stage of the billboard, and the mystery of why something looks different today than it did yesterday. Both emotions are answered with the name that’s added to the billboard, which is of course the name Double Bar & Grill. With that alone viewers have something to go on, and something to look for to further inform them. But more than that, they have something that sticks in the mind, and is more likely to be remembered when it comes time to choose a restaurant. Plus, the concept of changing the billboard at night not only means a more dramatic final video, but also more curiosity as people haven’t seen the process of the change, just the final product.

Of course, the best campaigns are all about the little details, and what you may (or may not) have noticed about this is that the guys up on the billboard chargrilling it in the middle of the night are wearing chefs hats. Yes, it is just one little thing, but when it comes to this kind of advertising, and especially when it comes to a video’s viral potential, the little things are often what count the most.


Client: Double Grill&Bar
Advertising Agency: Voskhod, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Creative Director: Andrey Gubaydullin
Copywriters: Evgeny Primachenko, Andrey Chernyi
Art Directors: Vladislav Derevyannikh, Dmitry Maslakov
Designer: Evgenya Surovtseva

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