Unique POV Soccerball Gives 360º View of the World Cup

As anticipation is running rampant with the arrival of the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil, Adidas has created a one of a kind soccer ball ingrained with six cameras. For this unique creation of the brazucam, Adidas’ goal was for it serve as a countdown to the start of the World Cup where the ball would also be put to use within the games to provide viewers with a unique viewpoint perspective at the game through the eyes of the soccer ball.

Equipped with this new technology, the soccer ball will be able to capture 360º views from all six different lenses within the ball.  In each week leading up to the World Cup, adidas will be going around the world and involving the best players , matches and pick up games with the infamous soccer ball. Each week, from a different country that adidas will be visiting, a live stream video will be posted up starting April 7. All those interested in following the soccer ball’s journey across the world should follow @brazuca, @adidasSoccer and #WorldCup.

For such a soccer obsessed culture such as Brazil, this creation is truly perfect. Soccer is more than just a sport to these people; it is a way of life. For many aspiring players, soccer serves as a means to rise above a world of poverty and being able to provide for the family. Soccer is a part of their culture in a very meaningful way. This creation will not only show the multiple views of games from players but will also allow for its viewers to become a part of the game as well. There is no greater gift for a soccer fan from Brazil then to get a first hand look at how the game is being played. This invention allows for the viewer to become a player and gives the illusion that they are in the game.This invention truly stands on its own.

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