Unsuspecting Shoppers Experience The Most Wild Taste Test

This is one of those instances where we wish we were multi-lingual and could tell exactly what was going on in this campaign from Chungjungone called Tasting. That being said, we cannot believe just how incredible and clever, not to mention swift, this entire campaign is. Embodying guerrilla marketing in some of the best ways we’ve seen, the Chungjungone: Tasting campaign is so many things you do not expect.

Unravelling the Campaign

Before we look at the effectiveness of this unusual campaign, let’s look at what actually goes on during the video. We’ve watched this over and over, more impressed with every viewing at the magic trick that South Korean agency Innored has pulled off. Set in a mall, Chungjungone salespeople call over unsuspecting shoppers to try their product, which appears to be a variety of dressings and beverages. As they’re testing them out, a white screen floats behind them, and a crowd gathers. Without the participants knowledge, official photos are taken, and with incredible speed they’re converted into promotional products and labels.

Boom! An explosion sees a curtain drop and three judges emerge to try the food the participants have produced in something like Masterchef with a South Korea’s Got Talent twist. They love the food, there’s lots of applause and the participants, still likely in a state of surreal shock, get gifted some personalised Chungjungone goods.

The Sky Is The Limit

What we’re really loving about this campaign is that Innored has really let their creativity run wild, producing something so unbelievable we keep having to assess if it’s real. With a strong team working in unison, and a very good idea of the campaign’s timing and planning, they’re really created a surreal experience that both participants and those watching at home are unlikely to forget.

Weaving It All Together

The Chungjungone: Tasting campaign has pulled together a couple of different ideas, all of which work well to deliver this effective and impressive campaign. The first is obviously the element of surprise, which even at a lower level is a powerful force in the creation of memory, let alone at the level Chungjungone have pulled off. The audience is one thing, the judges another, but the whole thing is a performance in surprise that thrills viewers as much as it likely thrilled the participants.

The second is the amazing personalization that Innored has built into the campaign. Working on such a tight deadline, the company has managed not just to present the personalized branded materials for the taste testing, but also personalized labelling for the participants to take home. This works twofold: first as a strong motivator for brand loyalty, and also as an indicator of the brand’s personal dedication to each customer. Additionally, these personalized products have a ripple effect as they are shared on social media and also sit at the participants houses as a useful trophy of sorts.

So, Did It Work?

If what Innored was trying to do with their Chungjungone campaign was create one hell of a message, than yes, this campaign delivered a hundred times over. If what they were trying to do was impress, amaze and generally out-do themselves in one of the most interesting campaigns we’ve seen out of South Korea in some time, then yes, they did that too.


Advertising Agency: Innored, South Korea
Creative Director: Min Seo
Art Director: SM Park
Copywriter: TJ Yun
Account Manager: BS Kang
Account Executive: Mira Cho
Released: July 2014