Vending Machine Gives Free Vitamins If You Obey It

Yes, if it wasn’t clear by now, we love creative vending machine examples. We’ve come to the conclusion that if a vending machine can read minds, it’s an instant winner. Well Socialab, a digital marketing agency in Greece, did exactly that for their client Lanes Health.

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They built a “vending machine” and placed it in the biggest shopping mall in Athens (The Mall Athens) where visitors were given the chance to meet the “Greek Mama” up close and personal, and take part in the one and only “Mama knows best so you’d better listen to what she says if you want to get a treat” experience.

They basically had a young woman become “Greek Mama” and placed he in the “vending machine” where she would engage people passing by. Armed with dozens of quotes a Greek mother would say, they would convince unsuspecting people to join in on the fun and play along. All they had to do was obey the orders of the “vending machine” and they would get free vitamins.

Lanes Vending Machine 2 Lanes Vending Machine 3 Lanes Vending Machine 4 Lanes Vending Machine 5


Advertised brand: Lanes Health
Advert title(s): Άσε τη μαμά να…Lanes Vending Machine
Headline and copy text (in English): Let Mama Lanes Vending Machine
Advertising Agency: Socialab, Athens, Greece
Agency website:
Art Director: Tonia Loran
Copywriter: Irini Georgi
Designer: Mariana Evmolpidou
Account Director: Tasos Veliadis
Account Director: George Anagnostopoulos
Account Manager: Eva Mpouzi
Account Manager: Despoina Skordili
Account Manager: Fragiskos Kavroudakis
Published: February 2014

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+


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