How To: Make a Video Go Viral – The Job Challenge

What creates a successful Viral Marketing Campaign?

Viral is every type of communication/message that is diffused individually within one or more groups of persons. Course of the viral dissemination is not casual but it’s following the course of the epidemics.

At the very beginning the message is adopted particularly by a small minority, so called early adopters. The next step is fundamental  and decides if the message becomes viral or less, when a group of persons , so called influencers, (by a cataloging of they are divided in market experts, persuaders and connectors) puts in communication the early adopters with the early majority (first majority) and so the message spreads within this group that is much larger and reaches a critical mass. Later on it spreads between the late majority and within the entire group.

Virality of a message depends on three factors:

  1. GRIP/Catching/ factor- that is how much the message is capable of “ attacking itself to the target”
  2. Law of few, that is of few persons that are pushing on the message and have a big power in spreading it
  3. The power of the context, that is where the message is born and where it evolves.


The Process of Viral Marketing

When somebody is talking about viral marketing the common idea is that is talking about low cost videos, put on Youtube that generate millions of views on their own. To confirm that this is completely wrong it’s enough to think about 48 hours of video material that is uploaded on Youtube every single minute.

At Mosaicoon we have realized that the only way possible to guarantee a concrete result to our clients is to cure every single step of the Viral Marketing process: strategy, creativity, seeding and tracking. As we believe in importance of developing by ourselves our creative ideas we add to these 4 steps a 5th one, Video Production.

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Very often interesting and cool projects don’t turn into the viral success everyone expected and remain just “good ideas” simply because one of these 4 steps was understated.

We are aware that the Viral Communication is an organic process in which every step is influenced by the previous one and determines the following one.


Case Study: The Job Challenge

How To: Make a Video Go Viral   The Job Challenge Guerrilla Marketing PhotoThe best way to show you how we create viral campaigns is by demonstrating you our  last work. is one of the biggest Job Search Engine with over 10 million users in 16 different countries.

To promote in USA, we have created a character and a story for a video campaign.

“Danny Roman moved from Italy to Los Angeles 2 years ago. He is very passionate about acting, photography and videos, but he doesn’t like to work very much. One day his girlfriend threatened him “Or You find a job or I’ll dump you!”.

How To: Make a Video Go Viral   The Job Challenge Guerrilla Marketing PhotoHe took up the challenge and to show her that he is not such a layabout he set a new record in changing jobs: 14 different Jobs in only 24 days!

After the video shooting shooting Danny started to look for a sponsor and found it on, one of online Job Search services where he found all these jobs. Jobrapido appreciated  Danny’s video so much that they created the “The Job Challenge” – a contest based on Danny’s experience.”

In addition to the Viral Video we have launched a contest to educate users for using the new Job Search Service.

We seeded the content on hundreds of blogs, websites and forums regarding  career and job searching; photography and videomaking blogs; entertaining and video sharing websites; news websites. We focused on three main distribution channels: Videoplacement, Digital PR and Social Media.

How To: Make a Video Go Viral   The Job Challenge Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Each of these three channels has a specific objective:

Videoplacement guarantees maximum exposure to the content by creating a critical mass that is absolutely necessary for the following viral spreading on the internet.

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Digital PR increases message’s credibility by giving intensity to the message and helping, de facto, the natural search engine optimization.

Social Media actions stimulate conversations, word of mouth and cherish relationships between Brand and Users.

We have reached 250.000 views of the video and over 10.000 accesses to the contest, with more than 1000 people joining the challenge and over 2.000 job codes found (one among the steps for participating) only 10 days after launching the video. By now the views are about 350.000, with hundreds of blog posts all over the world regarding the campaign and more than 3.000 interactions on Social Media (FB, Twitter, G+, etc.).


Watch the video:

Visit the Contest Page:

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