[VIRAL] How Two Sisters Used Facebook to Get a Puppy

Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea for something to go viral. Here is a story of two girls trying to get their father, Ryan Cordell, to buy them a puppy.

“Hi, We’re two sisters and we desperately want a puppy. We have three little brothers, too. Yes, we have five kids in our family. We lost our dog several months ago to cancer. We really want another one but our parents are reluctant. Then the other day we saw a brother and sister on Facebook post a picture saying that their dad would let them get a dog if they get a ton of likes. We got our dad to agree to it! He said if we get 1 million likes we get a new puppy. He doesn’t think we can do it.”

The Facebook page was created on January 15th, 2013 at 2PM PST. After only 6 hours of the Facebook page being up, they’ve received over 50,000 likes. The pictures themselves have been shared over 9,000 times and received well over 1 million times combined. Looks like these girls are getting a new dog!

We are sitting here wondering how this went viral in such a short amount of time. Well the idea is simple. Here is why we think it’s going viral:

1) Simple messaging and call-to-action

Literally their Facebook page description is, “We’re two sisters who want a puppy!” It’s a simple message and goal with a single call-to-action, to like the page. The two girls had a link to a donation button in the beginning but decided to take it off because they didn’t want to ask strangers for money. They didn’t know it would go viral as they only expected their friends and family to see the page.

2) It’s a good cause

Every child should have the opportunity to care for a pet. They are not trying to sell you something and there is no hidden message.

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If you’d like to see these two girls get a puppy, check out their Facebook page and click the “LIKE” button!

Two Girls And A Puppy Facebook Page

**Updated 1/16/13

The two girls reached their goal of well over 1 million likes! Here is some commentary from their father:

“Hi all. Dad here. Still amazed to see the traction this is getting. This page started as a random idea during a conversation with the girls this afternoon. I honestly didn’t think it would explode like this, but it’s been fun to watch. The girls are asleep right now (it’s late on the east coast of the US), but will no doubt be thrilled to see what happened on the page overnight. With so many folks visiting, this may be a futile appeal: but these are real kids and they will want to read your comments and see who posted on the wall overnight. Please keep the language civil. You can think we’re terrible people if you want–though again, this started more as a dare than a plot–but please don’t write rude things for my children to read. I will certainly keep my word. If this keeps going we’ll be visiting a shelter very soon! We’ll definitely post pictures here.”

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