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Sometimes all it takes to keep you going is a little support from the ones you care about. VITRO, the agency behind the Newcastle Brown Ale Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns, touched the hearts of thousands of runners in two experiential marketing campaigns for ASICS.

During the recent ING New York City Marathon, ASICS ran a campaign called “Support Your Marathoner” which allowed friends and family to digitally support those running in the race.

Recently named the “Most Innovative Communication Strategy” of the year by Promo Magazine, the 2010 Support Your Marathoner program gained international attention by allowing friends and family to send pictures, texts, and video messages of support to the marathon runner of their choice. Using ASICS’ own system called the “trigger chip,” the motivational messages were delivered to the right runners, at the right time, as they ran past giant video screens placed along the course. 7000 runners from 17 countries took up the offer to create their own virtual cheering sections.

As a runner myself, I could relate to how effective and how motivating it is to have a family or friend support you. What I thought really made this a great campaign was the fact that the ASICS messaging, “ASICS believes that every single marathoner should have everything they need to compete at their best, including motivation and inspiration during the race.”

More importantly, the campaign made you feel good. Take a look!

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For those who don’t run marathons, don’t fret! ASICS set up a 60 foot video wall that allows you to challenge top US Marathoner Ryan Hall in a short race.

“The ING New York City Marathon is a transforming experience for runners, and we thought it was only fitting to transform a New York City landmark to pay tribute,” says ASICS VP of Marketing, Erik Forsell. “It’s the biggest road race of the year, and we decided to go big, with bold, visual displays to capture the essence of the marathon experience, down to the smallest detail, using some innovative thinking to bring the race to life.”

Watch as onlookers attempt to beat Ryan Hall.


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VITRO is a full service creative agency located in San Diego, CA, known for stealing share through great work for our clients around the world including: ASICS, Newcastle Brown Ale, Bollé sunglasses, and PF Chang’s among others.

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