Why Guerrilla Marketing Is More Relevant Than Ever

“When I find myself in times of trouble/ Mother Mary comforts me…/ Speaking words of wisdom, Let it be…” – The Beatles

I think we can all agree that the economy is still in a time of trouble, and while the Beatles give great advice for riding out a broken heart, my words of wisdom right now are to not let your marketing efforts just be- it’s time to go guerrilla.

Guerrilla marketing works outside of the mainstream, making a disruptive impression that gets a brand or business noticed, and in an extended period of economic downturn, that gets even more important. That’s why guerrilla marketing is more relevant than ever- finding a cost-effective way to stand out from the crowd is what guerrilla is all about. Here’s the

Why Guerrilla Marketing is More Relevant Than Ever:

  1. GEO-TARGETING/ LOCALIZATION: In a down economy, any business needs to focus on holding onto its local customer base. Any small to medium-sized business can reach their immediate community at specific places, times, and events- guerrilla tactics exist to do just that. Nothing has a better chance of zooming directly in onto the target consumer or demographic than guerrilla marketing and its various techniques (outdoor postering, street teams, video projections).
  2. OFFLINE/ONLINE: At the same time that the economy has taken a nosedive, social media use has taken off. People are on social networks, and the relationships are becoming more and more integrated into everyday life. Guerrilla social media tactics can be targeted, inexpensive, and very personalized, and coordinated with offline street team work.  Think couponing on foursquare, or “text-to” campaigns incorporated into postering or flyering campaigns. What about Bluetooth? We should not forget how Bluetooth transmission can be 100% guerrilla while being entirely pervasive.
  3. ROI: Guerrilla marketing has always delivered at a lower price-point than traditional advertising and marketing efforts, and that makes it an even more critical element of marketing when you need to stretch your dollar.  See #2 regarding social networks. Taking a guerrilla campaign and giving it a digital bump allows you to more effectively measure ROI, and that means as a medium it can compete with more traditional spends by speaking the same CPM/CPC/CPA metrics.
  4. AGENCY-FRIENDLY: As guerrilla marketing has grown and been used more and more, agencies have gotten used to thinking about it as part of their approach. For larger companies talking with their agencies about the marketing mix, bringing up and working in guerrilla tactics as a way to stay effective while cutting costs will be well received.  Being the guy/girl in the room with a solution when news that the ad/marketing budget has been slashed will make for a very popular person, and who doesn’t want to be the darling of the ball.
  5. PUNCHING THROUGH: Guerrilla tactics are designed to punch through the noise and be disruptive. That is even more effective and exciting when much of that noise is bad news about the economy.  Guerrilla stops people in their tracks, whether it be outdoor postering, projections, mock protests or flash mobs.  That was the goal of traditional marketing and advertising in the era of Mad Men and it still is today.  With billboards flanking us everywhere we go, and taxitops and bus shelters play support roles, that impact is threatened.  Guerrilla is the new frontier for influence.

So what are you waiting for, go out and be a guerrilla!

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