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Wonderbra’s Sexy Ad Decoder App Allows You To See What’s Under The Dress

Lingerie company, Wonderbra, just released a sexy new mobile campaign that allows certain users to see what’s under the dress.

Wonderbra in the UK’s new Decoder app allows people to see underneath their sexy model’s clothing to see the bodacious bras beneath.

Their new ‘Decoder’ app allows users to ‘Decode’ print ads, outdoor and even YouTube videos. The viewer then get s to see the lingerie beneath, and how to purchase it.

The real question being asked is if this campaign will attract women or repel them.

“The James Bond-esque app will undoubtedly be a hit with young men, as it hones in on the quintessential teenage boy’s fantasy- undressing a supermodel,” said Jill Geoghegan, a writer for the fashion business magazine Draper’s. “Unless the brand is relying on boyfriend’s buying gifts for their other halves, I don’t see this x-ray app translating into a rise in sales.”

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Written by Ryan Lum

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