Working on Wording: Why Your Online Coupons Aren’t Taking Off

If you have an e-commerce business, generating a buzz to get traffic to your site is key to compete with the thousands of retailers offering similar products. While coupons and other promotional offers might take away from the profits you earn on the sale of a single item, they are two of the most effective ways to build your online reputation and to direct organic traffic to your site. If you’ve been pushing coupons for particular items or specific dates, you expect sales to skyrocket and your revenue to grow. Unfortunately, if you aren’t creating the right deals or wording the offers properly, your coupons might not be taking off. Here are some valuable tips when using deals to drive up conversions.

Choosing the Appropriate Type of Offer Based on Your Goal

There are a variety of different types of offers you can advertise. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing an offer without thinking about your goals or your target market. If you’re selling small items that cost little to ship, your free shipping codes are more than likely useless. You can, however, offer a percentage off discount on older products to move them quickly, and liquidate merchandise to make room for newer items. Even turning outdated items into free gifts with the right coupon code can help you meet revenue goals, drive sales, and liquidate your shelves.

Be As Clear and Direct As Possible

When you are shopping at a retail location, you will notice that the coupon offers are extremely direct and specific in the wording. Since we are living in the age of the coupon, it’s crucial you are clear and direct with what the customer can expect. You will need to specify how much of a discount is being offered, what types of products are included or excluded from the offer, and when the offer expires.
If there’s any type of action that must be taken before the consumer is eligible, it should be written clearly in the offer. For example, if the customer might sign up for your newsletter before receiving the coupon code, make this clear, or you could damage your reputation and make doing business confusing for everyone involved.

Decide How to Distribute the Coupon for the Biggest Reach

A coupon can only really do the trick if it can be found and then used. For online businesses, distribution might involve publishing the offers through major sites or coupon circulars. For example, you can find some of the biggest choice of promo codes and coupons for Target on sites like discountrue. Online stores should also take advertise of social media platforms, banners, blogs, and by sending offers through email lists or use local distribution sites like Craigslist. Think about where the offer will be seen and who by, and then try the channel that is the best fit.

It’s extremely important to measure redemption to see which offers are working and which aren’t. Once you use the data, you can start to learn what’s going to drive sales. This will help you connect with clients in the future so you can increase revenues and build loyalty in your audience.


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