Moët & Chandon Creates The World’s Only Champagne Vending Machine

We here at Creative Guerrilla Marketing are fans of fun or unique vending machines. Moet & Chandon recently created the most classy vending machine to date! A vending machine that dispenses champagne. Located in the Selfridges department store in London, is this unique vending machine that sells miniature bottles of champagne.

Sometimes it’s just about putting your product/service in a new setting! When placed in an unexpected environment, it can produce unexpected results. Champagne is usually considered a luxury drink whereas vending machines are known to dispense cheap snacks. Although not the most original of ideas, it was definitely something that would make someone passing by take a second glance!

2 Replies to “Moët & Chandon Creates The World’s Only Champagne Vending Machine”

  1. A novel idea, and sorry to raise the boring question – how do they implement the age restriction on buying alcohol??

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