Introducing CinePrint – An Interactive Video Print Ad via iPad

Everyone keeps on saying that print is a dying medium… that is if you don’t consider it dead already. It seems that websites like Huffington Post, Yahoo, and E News are all making sure Print remains dead. Many companies are moving their money to digital. Considering digital campaigns are more measurable than print campaigns, it is not unthinkable for companies to completely transition to digital in less than a decade. A facelift is actually not all that the print industry needs. It is not enough for the aesthetics of a site to change to attract more advertisers and readers. The print medium needs to change in essence. It has to reinvent itself in order to make the whole industry relevant and get new supporters. It is hard enough for a newspaper to change its layout and logo changing essence is like battling Zeus. Well, battled Zeus they did.

The Background

To promote the Lexus ES, the company came out with what may be the most revolutionary print ad ever conceived and executed in the history of our beautiful world of advertising. The print ad allows readers to watch the Lexus ES print ad change colors, ambiance, and settings. Readers will also see the outline of the car and the dashboard lighting up. The funny thing is is that there is really nothing revolutionary about the entire thing. It is just a matter of putting an iPad at the back of the page of the Ad. The lights and special effects playing on the iPad is seen through the ad. The video if configured to hit the right spots on the ad to create an interactive experience for the readers.

The Problem

You can’t just turn the page and expect for the paper to play a video for you. You actually need to do several things:

  1. Have an iPad.
  2. Download the Sport Illustrated app.
  3. Buy the magazine.
  4. Have the magazine handy when you see the ad.
  5. Play the app.
  6. Switch on the app.
  7. Put the iPad under the ad.
  8. Switch off the lights.

So, my question is who will ever go through the whole process just to see an ad play.

The Result

But it is impressive. To be able to revolutionize a medium is something not many have achieved. However, it is also the most inconvenient any company has required of me just to enjoy their ad. [youtube–I&w=560&h=315]

Written by Xath Cruz

Xath Cruz worked for the traditional advertising industry for more than 10 years handling international blue chip clients. She started doing digital advertising and marketing and web property development 4 years ago. She is also a screenplay writer with several full length movies under her belt.

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