1111122222333333 Getting Started as an Independent Marketing Consultant

Getting Started as an Independent Marketing Consultant

Getting Started as an Independent Marketing Consultant

Do you enjoy the art of marketing? Do you find concept of finding ways to connect the general public with products and services on the market interesting? If these are things that interest you, then starting a career as a marketing consultant can be very rewarding. Whether you want to work independently, complete contract work for marketing firms, or even start your own business one day, the skies are the limit. 

However, before you jump to it, there are a few things you’ll need to do to make sure that you can provide quality, professional services. 

Below is a general rundown of how to get started.

Understanding What a Marketing Consultant is

A marketing consultant is a professional that works closely with businesses to clearly identify their marketing needs and to come up with an effective plan of action to promote their products or services. Essentially with the help of valuable marketing resources and tools, it will be your job to help spread the word about your client’s businesses to the masses. Many people who have become a marketing consultant enjoy this career choice because it allows them the freedom to work with several business types.

Experience or Education Requirements

While today’s technological advances make it simple for anyone to turn their passion into a career or business, having some type of marketing education and/or experience can work wonders for helping you impress potential clients. Again, while experience and education requirements will vary, it is ideal to have a degree in categories that include business management or marketing. If college is not something you’re interested in, or you have a degree in an unrelated study field, then you can also consider online marketing courses where you could learn important aspects of the industry. Other skills that are ideal to become a marketing consultant include:

  • Knowledge of all social media platforms
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge
  • Image development or reputation management
  • Basic technical skills

Forbes also gives a great list of technical skills you should have to work in the marketing industry. As for experience, the more you have the better. If you’ve never worked in marketing before, you’ll want to try and get an internship or a part time job within a marketing company to gain industry experience.

Setting Up Shop

Before you begin searching for potential clients you’ll want to make sure that you’ve properly set up your home office. It will be extremely important to make sure that you have adequate space to service your clients accordingly. Below is a mini checklist of things you’ll likely need to set up shop:

  • A designated area to work – If you don’t necessarily have an office, that is fine, but you should at least have a designated area in your home that is strictly for the purposes of work.
  • Adequate office furniture – Office furniture can be fairly cheap these days. However, if you’re really on a tight budget, you can even check second hand shops or yard sales for used furniture until you’ve raised enough funds to purchase your own.
  • Computer and/or mobile device – In today’s modern times you can’t expect to get ahead without having some way to access the internet. Having a PC, laptop, or mobile device is pretty much a necessity these days, as is getting the proper Internet security software for your device. As you’re browsing sites, storing files, and developing marketing campaigns over the web, you have to make sure you’re protected against hackers and identity thieves.
  • Separate phone – It is not a good idea to use your personal number as your business number. You want to have a secure line that your clients can reach out to you without any problems. Many people who work from home or offer freelance services enjoy the pleasures of a VoIP service, which is an affordable phone service over the internet.
  • Website/online resume/portfolio – in order to impress clients, they’re going to want to see that you mean business. Before you begin searching for your next client, make sure that you have created an effective website, online resume, or portfolio for them to review.

Finding Clients

One of the most challenging things when you work as an independent marketing consultant is finding clients. When you work for another company, the brand and reputation have already been developed, and therefore, the clients come to you. However, when you’re on your own, brand development becomes the first and most important task to reaching and impressing clients. Below are a few suggestions on how you can begin to attract clients:

  • Create a business page on social media pages and begin searching for other businesses that you might be interested in working with.
  • Add a signature to the bottom of your emails with business information
  • Attend networking functions for small businesses or other marketing professionals
  • Register with freelance job sites so that you can advertise and bid on marketing contracts
  • Get letters of recommendation from previous employers
  • Offer to intern or complete a project for free to show your skills and abilities
  • Check job posting sites daily for marketing professionals.
  • Follow and respond to relevant blogs with business information included (i.e. marketing blogs, small business blogs, startup blogs, etc)

The crazy thing about it all is that in order to find clients in need of a marketing consultant, you’re going to have to market yourself. In essence, this is good practice and can help you to develop valuable marketing strategies that can help you succeed throughout your career.

The world of marketing is forever changing and innovative. If you have a passion for marketing and want to be your own boss, becoming an independent marketing consultant might be just the job for you. You can take your career as far as you want and eventually expand into a company of your own. Be sure to follow the above advice as you begin your quest to become a marketing professional. By having an effective plan of action, you’re sure to establish yourself within your target community and hit the ground running.

Sponsorship, Paid Social, and Advertising: The Pros and Cons

Within enough time of operating a website or regularly blogging you will see the fruits of your labor as traffic and your audience following begins to grow. Once you have the attention of your niche, you may also want to begin capitalizing on the popularity.

Advertising products & services on your domain has always been on clear way to earn additional income. Paid social updates and sponsorship have become quite common in these last few years, too.

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to accept these offers but equally so why you wouldn’t.

As someone that has been running multiple websites over the years I would like to give you my two cents about sponsorship, paid social, and advertising opportunities…

Pro: A quick boost in income

There are multiple ways to go about soliciting others so they may be featured on your domain. Through these venues you will find plenty of opportunities to place a sponsored blog post, banner, or share content with your audience for a price. Sign up is quick and easy with these platforms and so is the same with earning money through them which makes for a quick buck.

Con: Tarnishing the reputation/brand

A downside to accepting outside offers is that many individuals do it blindly because all they can see are the dollar signs. The bloggers and site owners are quick to accept offers and place them on the site without thorough research of the company. When it turns out the company has a bad reputation that feeling naturally passes to your brand. Once a brand (and reputation) has been tarnished you begin to lose trust and that makes it very difficult to sell others on products/services at a later time.

Pro: It’s attractive to buyers

If you were to exit your niche and wanted to make one last bit of funds, a great way to do this is by selling your website. However, most interested buyers want to see that your website is making money because it is an investment. Showing your income reports will create this attraction. Having a money-making website listed on sites like Flippa is just one of the smart ways to cash in on your efforts (there are more ways of doing so outside of just income reports, you can learn the other methods on sources like Hostgator blog).

Con: Instability

Paid can take dramatic swings from positive to negative. There are times when you may be offered a great deal of money for your involvement while other times it hits a new low. The market dictates the prices so, at times, paid offers aren’t always the most reliable if you are counting on them as a major source of income. Likewise, a business/individual you do business with may suddenly pull out of the agreement which leaves you bare handed.

Pro: Build relationships

Who you work with in your niche matters greatly because it’s through your networking that you are able to gain smart feedback to improve your efforts, opportunities to work on projects together, and build a better brand by associating with influencers. Paid offers are one such way to open the doors to these opportunities. Once a relationship has been established it may go beyond the need for PR and turn into something beneficial to both parties for the long-term.

Con: Bad link neighborhoods

Domain squatting doesn’t just happen when these companies (or individuals) think of a great name and snag it up before others can use it. Squatting also happens if a domain has expired and some of these companies/individuals may have malicious intent. There are times when a domain is snagged up and reworked into a site that could have malware. The link is now pointing people to a malicious site which will not only set the chance that your site shows as malware to search engines but also that you’re sending your audience to these bad link neighborhoods.

In all, much of it will come down to whether you are willing to trade short-term versus long-term opportunities. Yes, you can make a quick buck by accepting paid offers but at the same time you may alienate your audience. Likewise, pairing paid with your efforts could be what you need to further your goals and reach new levels of traffic, followers, and engagement.

Take these pros and cons into consideration next time you are presented with an offer or find yourself considering one of the many platforms to cash in on your work. Always use your best judgement.

L’Oreal Gives Moviegoers the Waterproof Experience

L´Oréal wanted to show women the power of their product by treating them to a free makeover and a movie. McCann Mexico invited 100 women to see a movie with the condition that they were willing to participate in a makeover using L´Oréal products and be photographed before and after the film.

The movie the women watched was an absolute tear jerker. The 3+ hour movie was meant to tug at the heart strings and get the women weeping. After the movie, they took a photo of the women to show that even after shedding tears, they would still look as beautiful as before.


Advertising Agency: McCann, México
Creative vp: Javi Carro
Creative account group director: Joanna López
Associated creative director: Roberto Martínez
Senior Copywriter: Adria Jáuregui
Art director: Myriam Barrios
Account dircetor: Audrey Amselli
Production house: Unidad 59
Film director: David Ruiz
Production director: Juan González
Producer: Rafael López

#HappyBirthdayYouTube: The A-Z of YouTube

Youtube has turned 10 years old and this surely required a proper celebration, just the way you could imagine. How do you celebrate 10 successful years in the online video industry, when you actually took the whole industry into a new level?

Youtube welcomed its 10th anniversary on May 28 with enthusiasm and they actually turned May into a month of memories and nostalgia! They created a video with Flying Object and Partizan, trying to fit the best Youtube moments from the past 10 years in less than 3 minutes.

How do you fit 10 years of video content in 3 minutes?

“The A-Z of YouTube” is a fun video full of moments that got viral and creates an alphabet for what defines Youtube through the past decade. Youtube blends animals, beauty, covers, dance, fails, memes, news and so many other categories, creating a video with 75 references and 18 filmmaking styles, in an attempt to give us a glimpse of what this decade included.

Everything started in 2005 when the first Youtube video was uploaded in the platform, named “Me at the Zoo”, showing exactly what the title describes. Nobody could imagine how far this adventure could go, counting now 300 hours of video being uploaded every single minute!

#HappyBirthdayYouTube: The A-Z of YouTube

With 1 billion users that made the platform extremely popular, the focus of the video could not be centered around them, dedicating the letter “Y” to everyone that contribute to Youtube’s success, placing “YOU” on the forefront, raising awareness, creating communities, stars, movements, ideas, and even fun, awkward, hilarious and emotional moments.

On their own words along with the video:
“From the silly to the profound, from the personal to the political, we’re celebrating a decade of your creativity and self-expression. And, we’re doing it from A to Z.”

This video may be nostalgic for many users, since it reminds us of all those videos we’ve watched through the past years, from the funniest meme, to the most inspiring speech, and from Gangnam Style (and its own record) to the most creative online ads.

#HappyBirthdayYouTube: The A-Z of YouTube

#HappyBirthdayYouTube turned viral during the past month, with Youtube being more than happy to create several types of content as part of their celebration, while the actual video reached 10 million views in less than 10 days. If you feel that the video was not enough and you have so many Youtube memories to remember, then Youtube created a special trivia game, testing your knowledge on viral videos.

What makes this Youtube video so special was its diversity in terms of content, its ability to embrace its funny, weird, emotional, (time wasting), moments, in a way that we all relate, while blending them with the most empowering, breathtaking, inspiring videos.

As for the advertising industry, we couldn’t be happier for the existence of Youtube and the boom in the online video, creating a new form of advertising, a bigger need to use our creativity, focusing on a new audience that keeps growing. Advertising is not the same anymore and we should actually be thankful about it, since we are now able to try out new ideas, connecting them in the most relevant way to the right (and engaged) audience.

Happy birthday Youtube!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwoKkq685Hk]


Production Company: Partizan
Advertising Agency: Flying Object, UK
Creative directors: Tim Partridge, Tom Pursey
Agency Producer: Sarah Ashley-Cantello

Pic Aid by Flickr Turns Your Photos into Donations

As we keep taking new photos every day, we can’t help but wonder what to do with them. What if your pictures were donated for a good cause, helping charities all over the world?

It is estimated that we share 1.8 billion pictures over the Internet every single day, which creates an endless resource of photography for every theme. The mobile domination allows us to express ourselves through images, which makes us obsessed with finding the perfect shot. Whether it’s food, nature, animals, places, or friends, we always have a good excuse to take another photo. Well, Flickr just found an even better reason, this time for a bigger cause.

Pic Aid by Flickr turns your photos into donation!Pic Aid was created by Flickr as a way to increase our social awareness in a way that is not far from our daily routine. You don’t have to do anything different from what you were already doing, you just press a tiny button when uploading your photos on Flickr, activating Pic Aid.

How does Pic Aid work?

When you take a new photo and want to upload it on Flickr, you may also want to make it available for purchase, with the profit being donated to great charities worldwide. Thus, you activate the Pic Aid button before uploading your photo, you pick the charity you want to help (with WWF, Unicef, Amnesty International, PETA among the others) and your photo is now available for purchase through Flickr for just $1. Every time your photo is purchased, you receive a mail notification, informing you that you just donated $1 to the charity of your choice, thanking you for your contribution and suggesting you share your good deed on your social networks, as a way to encourage even more people to help for a great cause.

Pic Aid by Flickr turns your photos into donation!

This way, users feel part of a wider social cause, helping to fight poverty, to protect pandas, to save a rainforest, or to help children in need. In the time that social media may turn us into narcissists that keep counting the likes as a way of social approval, Pic Aid reminds you that there are more important issues out there that could be solved faster if we all contributed in our own way.

As the ad says, “Imagine if all the pictures shared by everybody every day could be shared for a good cause, what a big difference it could make!”

Pic Aid by Flickr turns your photos into donation!

Flickr has created an interesting service that encourages you to keep using the popular platform, while you are also helping a charity with your work. They manage to maintain (or even increase) their engagement level, while they also show the other side, this one of the social awareness. As for users, whether you’re an amateur, or a professional photographer, you keep uploading photos on Flickr, also feeling that you are part of a bigger cause, which always feels rewarding on its own!

[vimeo 125009700 w=570 h=326]


Advertising School: Miami Ad School
Art Director: Joaquin Alvarez Limón
Copywriter: Soham Chatterjee
Voice Over: Sarah Holmes
Published: April 2015

Guerilla Marketing = Fresh Air

Marketing is a never-ending challenge for creative teams. Bombarded with reminders about optimization, delineation and customization, it’s hard for a creative mind to roam freely.

Enter guerilla marketing. This technique encourages your marketing team to do the unexpected just to shake things up a bit. As The American Genius observes, guerilla marketing is a fresh air approach.

Create a Visual

Guerilla marketing is a strongly visual strategy that relies on bold images or the unexpected.

In the early days, a lot of guerilla marketing used street art to get the word out, which WordStream recommends for those with access to physical structures (and permission to use them, of course). Use the side of a building to paint a colorful mural, or use stencils for a more graffiti-inspired graphic.

Reverse, or “clean” graffiti is an interesting approach: for this, you wash away dirt from a surface to create the message or feature a logo. And unlike actual graffiti, you aren’t breaking any laws — although it is legally ambiguous. Even if you are prosecuted for a clean graffiti stunt, it’d be worth it for the free publicity alone.

The World Is Your Stage

Take a page from street performers and hire someone to do some kind of stunt. This is the stuff that can go viral, like the Jimmy Kimmel Twerking Girl who caught fire.

Another, somewhat safer option, is to dress up in eye-catching costumes to hand out leaflets, make speeches or conduct some kind of performance in public. To really stand out, hire a female performer to dress up as Wonder Woman, who appears in the film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and has her own film coming out in 2017. Partner her with a willing victim to kick around.

Or, consider doing something a little more weird, like having a zombie juggler or card tricks performed by a Flintstone. You can gather a lot of attention and publicity when you look at a variety of costumes for inspiration.

Zero-Cost Guerilla Marketing Tactics

If you really don’t want to spend money on a guerilla marketing campaign, then modify your existing ideas into a guerilla scheme. Here are a few ideas that shouldn’t require any, or at least minimal, expenditures:

  • Create an edgy window display. A few years ago, the front window of an Apple Store was painted over to look like it had been smashed in, and got quite a bit of coverage. Use this as inspiration to brainstorm a different but equally stunning idea.
  • Chalk your information. Write out your website, address or other contact information in chalk in different parts of the community where you operate. It’s easy enough to remove and costs almost nothing.
  • Project images of your wares on a blank wall. Do this in a popular area at night, and share photos of this on your social media pages.
  • Host an after-hours party. Think of the wildly successful Halloween and New Year’s Eve parties and gaming events Stuart hosts in his comic book store on “The Big Bang Theory.” With some luck, Wil Wheaton might show up!


Contagious Billboard Makes You Yawn to Promote Coffee

We all have the days when the morning commute to work seems like a real challenge, wishing we could stay in bed. Since you can’t actually stay in bed though, without losing your job, you usually turn to coffee to help you make it through the day without falling asleep.

This thought about our need for coffee along with the effectiveness of behavioural psychology led Lew’Lara\TBWA to the idea of the ‘contagious billboard.’ How do you promote a coffee brand in a creative way that will surely catch everyone’s eye?

First of all, you rely on studies. According to a study conducted by the state university of New York, 70% of people yawn when they see someone else yawning. That sounds interesting. All you need is to give a reason to the commuters to start yawning. That’s how you start an interactive outdoor campaign, hoping to make everyone yawn.

Contagious billboard makes you yawn to promote coffee

How do you make everyone yawn?

Since yawning is contagious, all you need is an advertising stunt that yawns while commuters pass by. That’s when you ask for the technology’s help and install a digital display with a motion sensor, in order to track when people are approaching. Thus, when commuters pass by the billboard, the display starts yawning, imitating the physical reaction of our body to sleepiness, or even boredom. In fact, the more people passed it by, the more the billboard yawned. Hence, most people ended up yawning, without even knowing whether they were really sleepy, or not.

And then, Café Pelé shows up

Just when you wish you had a coffee to battle your sleepiness, Café Pelé shows up on the display, inviting you for a coffee shot. According to the ad ‘they have the cure for you.’ Suddenly, people realise the effectiveness of the stunt, laughing at they way they’ve been ‘tricked’, welcoming an even more pleasant visit, this time by two girls that treat them with shots of Café Pelé.

Contagious billboard makes you yawn to promote coffee

It has been observed through the past years that positive experiences deriving from outdoor campaigns tend to be more successful in advertising, benefiting both the brand, but also the consumers. Experiential marketing is all about treasuring each moment, enjoying experiences created through clever advertising. And they seem to work even more in younger audiences, since they significantly value the power of each new experience, especially when it also bring a positive outcome (or a treat).

Contagious billboard makes you yawn to promote coffee

That’s how Lew’Lara\TBWA, Brazil grabbed everyone’s attention with the ‘Contagious Billboard’ proving that clever stunts always work in favour of the advertiser. 

Be honest, would you deny the chance to grab a free shot of coffee, especially after you were constantly yawning?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoocrXEsLto]


Client: Café Pelé
Agency: Lew’Lara\TBWA, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Manir Fadel
Executive Chief Creative: Felipe Luchi
Copywriter: Lucas Veloso
Art directors: André Mezzomo, Digo Souto

KFC Creates a Music Video in a Lunch Hour

How do you spend your lunch hour? If you think that there’s not much you can do during your lunch break, then wait until you watch KFC’s new campaign!

The popular food-chain is determined to turn lunch hour into a challenge, reminding you that every single second is precious. And there’s no better way than collaborating with BH London and the three rappers Chip, Kano and Wretch 32, in order to produce a video clip in just an hour!

It takes endless hours (and possibly days) to create a complete videoclip, from the direction to the delivery, but how do you react if there’s such a huge time pressure? Are you ready to face the challenge?

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Chip, Kano and Wretch 32 have decided to team up with ‘That Go’ directors from the production company Friend, starting the stopwatch with the hope to finish the video clip of ‘Feeling myself’ in under 60 minutes. They gathered in a multi-story parking lot in London and shot the video using a single drone camera and Movi rig. The pressure of the time didn’t allow them to have more than two to three takes for each scene and that’s how they ended up shooting the whole video in just 50 minutes. Right when they finished, they proceeded to the editing process, delivering the complete video clip in 57 minutes and 41 seconds.

Needless to say, this was the world’s fastest produced music video, which even allowed them to spend their three last minutes in actually watching it!

The challenge by KFC along with BH London was part of the wider ‘Pack More Into Lunch’ campaign, which encourages people to use their lunch hour productively, without wasting even a second.

#PackMoreIntoLunch turned into an effective campaign that gained significant buzz through social media, reaching a younger audience that is usually more demanding. A great campaign has to be challenging, creative and effective and this idea seems to have them all.

The video was uploaded on Youtube and was also promoted through Snapchat, ensuring that it reaches the younger target audience, which seemed to enjoy the fact that their favorite rappers completed KFC’s challenge with success.

It has been observed in many cases that a successful campaign does not necessarily promote the brand in a completely direct way, since creativity and new concepts of promotion tend to be more effective. KFC managed to attract younger music fans, in a way that they possibly wouldn’t achieve it through a traditional campaign.

How do you feel now about the way you spend your lunch hour? Did that help to be more productive?

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Creative Director: Hamish Pinnell
Creative: Hamish Pinnell
Production Company: Friend London
Director: Jose Otero
Producers: Natalie Parish, Chris Watling

Coca-Cola Wish Booth #WishUponACoke

Millions of us spend holidays every year in Dubai. It boasts a host of stylish & luxury apartments that has celebrity flocking. But behind this glitz and glamor there is also a dark site of Dubai. Businesses eager employees especially from South Asia come to Dubai. They worked hard for earning money so that they can send their earning to the home. It is the murky truth that many of them are living on the breadline.

Coca-Cola looked at the real fact that there is 5 is to 1 ratio between Emirati locals (citizens of the United Arab Emirates), and immigrants lived for work in the UAE. After noting that the majority of the workers are earning money to send back home, they made the decision to launch a campaign to help.

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Coca-Cola has launched heart-touching campaign #WishUponACoke to bring the family together. Coca-Cola launched Wish Upon a Coke Campaign first at Dubai International Airport where Coca-Cola offers the gift of excess baggage.

Coca-Cola, the same brand this time, open happiness for Middle East, continues to bring families together. As ‘Wish Upon a Coke’ campaign, has launched for ex-pats who wish to do more for their families but need only a little help.

Wish upon a Coke campaign installed several bright red “Wish Booths” across Dubai in cricket fields, labor camps, shopping malls, and parks. Inside the booths, people were asked to make a wish for their families and loved ones. Wish booth accepts only Coke bottle caps instead of coins. There is also wish code that is written in three languages- English, Hindi, and Urdu. As, lots of workers belong from India, Philippines, and Pakistan.

Plenty of people went for a wish with some hope. Someone wished a great future for their children while other one wished to have an own business of their parents. Every now and then, some lucky wishes do come true! Coca-Cola selected wishes on the random basis.

Four wishes were picked at random. And #WishUponACoke team traveled to villages and towns to fulfill wishes and deliver happiness.

In India, #WishUponaCoke team rebuilds Ashraf Alam’s parents’ roof. Extreme weather conditions damaged their home. As a result, his guardian has to struggle hard in cold and rainy. Also, the team went Patna from Muzaffarpur and knocked the door of Mohamed Rizwan. Now his children can complete their education and will fulfill all their dreams.

In Kasur, Pakistan, the team arranged water for Mohamed Rashid’s elderly parents to irrigate better their farmland.

Lastly, the team traveled to the Dagupan, Philippines, Where Wish upon a Coke team helped Rhodora’s elderly mother for opening a grocery store. Now, she has no need to go door to door and carry heavy loads.

Lucky wishers of Wish Upon a Coke campaign will not forget these moments as they never imagined that their dreams were come true in Dubai. They shared- Coke is making my dream true.

This heartwarming #Wish Upon a Coke campaign will restore your belief in humanity. Because happiness is Coca-Cola.

The Low Down:

As part of Coca-Cola’s Wish Upon a Coke campaign, special Wish Booths activated by Coca-Cola bottle caps were installed around Dubai inviting UAE residents to make a wish for their families back home. Some wishes in India, Pakistan and the Philippines went on to become a reality.


Agency: Y&R Labstore Dubai
Executive Creative Director /Creative Director/Copywriter: Joseph Bihag
Business director: Zaakesh Mulla
Agency: Y&R Dubai
Executive Creative Director/Creative Director: Ash Chagla
Executive Creative Director: Kalpesh Patankar
Copywriter: Athina Lalljee
Art Director: Nada Hassan
Group Business Director: Rene Reda
Account Director: Nora Ferneine
Account Executive: Dima Malaeb
Strategic Planner: Munther Al Sheyyab
Head of Production: Sam Eid
Production Manager: Binnu Cherian
Producer: Khushi Rawat
Editor: Prathyush Kumar
Production House: Concept View Media
Director: Frederico Beja
DOP: Tiago Soares / Robert Babekhul / Ryan Kearns / Omar Sawalha
Producer: Dalia Abuzeid
Editor: Jordan Roberts
Composer: Ricardo Guedes
Sound: Ghassan Zabri
Production House (India): Eventology / V4 Entertainment
Production House (Pakistan): Purple Tree / Checkmate
Production House (Philippines): Cheska Sarausad / Jasmine Mendiola
Production Company: Pixel Plus Media
Production Design Engineers: Ivar Siosteen / Larry Gueco
Technical Producer: Jose Garcellano / Val Pasquil / Nikul Parek / Murkje De Paz
Client: Coca-Cola Middle East
Group Brand Manager: Amina Ijaz
Brand Executive: Sherif Nashed
Brand Manager: Ibrahim Wagdy
Marketing Manager: Effie Kontopoulou
Marketing Manager Middle East: Tolga Cebe
Director Public Affairs & Communications: Antoine Tayyar

TAM Airlines Creates the Most Personalized Ownboard Magazine

When was the last time you actually read an inflight magazine? Chances are you don’t remember, since you probably didn’t have any particular interest on the topics. What if you could read an extremely personalised magazine though?

The Brazilian TAM airlines was concerned about the fact that passengers seem rather indifferent for the content of inflight magazines, with less than 11% of them actually remembering what they read. In fact, it has been observed that they spend less than 3% of the flight time reading the inflight magazine and it was time to change that.

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In order to celebrate their anniversary of the Milan-Sao Paolo route, TAM collaborated with the advertising agency FCB Milan, creating the most personalised inflight magazine ever!

TAM Airlines creates the most personalized Ownboard magazine

How to grab the passenger’s attention with a magazine

All they needed was more details about each passenger, so that they provide them with the right content. Needless to say, they asked for Facebook’s ‘help’ and that’s how they integrated the Facebook Connect in the purchase process, accessing more details about each user. Thus, they were able to learning more about each user through their likes, photos, friends, or even the places they love. This led to a highly customised magazine that included specific articles about each user, depending on the data they accessed through Facebook, creating a magazine full of photos, facts and events that they’d love to read.

Each magazine was placed on the right seat and passengers were happily surprised to see their photos on a cover of an inflight magazine! After the initial shock (of finding your photo in a magazine cover), they ended up reading it from the first page to the very last. According to the testimonies, it was great for passengers to be able to read exactly what they’d find interesting, while every single passenger kept the magazine after the landing.

TAM Airlines creates the most personalized Ownboard magazine

TAM Airlines managed to turn a boring inflight magazine into an exciting experience, winning all the passengers that were lucky to read their unique issue. For TAM airlines, it’s not just about providing an interesting way to kill your time while on flight, it is a way to directly engage with your customers, showing to them that you really care about them.

As for the success of the idea in numbers, the personalised magazine copies led to an increased reading time of 1200%, while 100% of passengers took the magazine with them after the flight.

That’s a creative way to come up with a memorable experience, reminding us that personalisation is more important than ever in successful campaigns. It’s all about focusing on every single customer, making them feel unique and valuable!

TAM Airlines creates the most personalized Ownboard magazine


Advertising Agency: FCB, Milan, Italy
Chief Executive Officer: Franco Ricchiuti
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Teodori
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Gianluca Belmonte
Art Director: Michele Costante
Account Manager: Agnese Salvatore
AV production manager: Cristina Nardi
Print Production Manager: Nicoletta Prada
Digital Production Manager: Simone Simola
Digital Production Developers: Camillo La Rovere, Luca Paulotto
Chief Creative Officer: Luis Silva Dias
Executive Producer: Paolo Gatti / H-Film
Producer: Caterina Sacchi / H-Film
Director: Riccardo Di Giacomo / H-Film
DoP: Riccardo Calamandrei, Marco Spano / H-Film
Editor: Margherita Leofanti / H-Film
Music Composer: Federico Landini, Parcusoni
Post Producer: Elisabetta Rocca / EDI
VFX Designer: Marco Musso / EDI

The Marketing & Branding Strategy Behind Bridgestone Tires

General Motors, Anheuser Busch, Oscar Mayer, Bridgestone Tires.

These are just a few companies that have established themselves as foundational to American culture. All four, plus countless others, have enjoyed this success taking both unique, as well as tried-and-true approaches to marketing their products. The result? Consumer trust, brand recognition and consistent growth in sales.

Brand Recognition & 2 in 1

Have you heard any of these slogans?

  • “Your journey, our passion”
  • “We’ll be there for you”
  • “Passion for excellence”
  • “A grip on the future”
  • “Ultimate performance”
  • “Whatever you drive, drive a …”
  • “The experience you want”

These are all slogans credited to Bridgestone/Firestone, and among the reasons the brands stick in our heads. The two long-standing companies merged in 1988, and have since maintained separate brands, slogans and images. Even today, few of us would associate the two as being one company. Bridgestone, the parent company, made that choice because there is value in an established brand and the consistency, quality and value consumers attach to it.

Combine Promotion & Sponsorship

Bridgestone has developed promotion and sponsorship strategy with the NFL and other professional sports leagues as one of the cornerstone marketing investments Bridgestone routinely uses to maintain itself as a trusted American brand. Two-thirds of all advertisers during the “big game” enjoy a boost in stock price, sales and brand awareness after the game. A 2009 Nielsen report found that American consumers are more engaged and trusting of advertising showed during sporting events compared to many other types of content on television (like reality TV shows, for example).

Bridgestone understands this relationship and knows that sponsorship is a strategy that builds brand awareness and builds on brand consideration. In 2013, they dropped exclusive ad investment in Super Bowl advertising (they continued to advertise in the Super Bowl, just spent less) in favor of having engagement points (like ski season and holiday travel) throughout the season. In 2013, Bridgestone targeted $45 million to its sponsorship of the NFL, NHL and PGA under the Bridgestone brand and to the MLB for the Firestone brand. This enabled the parent company to cover all its bases, without diluting either brand in any specific sponsorship arena.

Link Content to Content

Tires, as a topic, have a yawn factor for the average consumer, yet we interact with them on a daily basis. So, if you are Bridgestone, making tires relevant, interesting and top of mind is an ongoing challenge. One way the brand tackled this problem was through the content on its Tread and Trends section of the website, which provides consumers relevant information on important topics.

This section of the site is partitioned into several sections:

• Features: This section highlights the most popular recent articles on the site. This approach curates the most relevant and popular articles for readers.

• Driver’s Ed: Here a reader finds information about car maintenance.

• Let’s Ride: A section that features great drives, among other broad topics.

• Tire Talk: Bridgestone tire innovations and technology are highlighted.

• Global Good: Bridgestone’s green initiatives from recycling to the eco-friendliness of its corporate office. Any marketing strategy these days must include a green/eco-friendly set of approaches and practices. For Bridgestone, this makes tires “feel” good.

This section of the site is laid out like a blog, with easy to click pictures and stories. Linking helps consumers find more of what they are looking for.

On the Firestone site, in contrast, there’s no Tread and Trend Section. Instead, the top links on the site feature a financing tab. Other site differences help to convey distinctively different brand perception and feel which in turn accesses different types of buyers, diversifying their portfolio.

Be Great Today, Plan For Tomorrow.

Between 2005 and 2015, Bridgestone’s growth strategy included goals to create at least 10 new products, to have successfully introduced these products to the market, as well as improve the production and efficiency of products and services already available. It also included penetration goals of expanding presence into developing and emerging markets incrementally year over year. By capitalizing on the established brand in one geography, they can build new brand loyalty in another. People need tires; through thoughtful and moving marketing tactics, Bridgestone/Firestone has illustrated a compelling approach to ensuring people want them too.

Billboard Inspires Travel With Sound Bites From Around the World

In a world that the visual power dominated, Thalys trains have decided to promote their service with a different focus, the power of the sounds. It is common for travel advertising to rely on beautiful images and breathtaking views to create a wanderlust feeling to the audience. This is a great way to make them plan their next trip, but how about thinking more creatively?

Thalys, a high-speed train operator, along with the French advertising agency Rosapark, have decided to create ‘The Sounds of the City’, a campaign consisting of three billboards with the original sounds of Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels, promoting the uniqueness of each city.

Thalys Trains records Sounds of the City

That’s how they started exploring each city, recording every possible sound, combining it with popular melodies and tunes that bring up even more memories about each city. And just like that sounds of trains, passengers, pigeons, markets, carousel, cafe, bars, skaters have been creatively combined, creating a billboard for each city.

Each interactive billboard contains more than 1000 sounds from each city, from the latest sound to archived ones from the city’s past, with each sound having a plug hole, waiting for the passengers to plug their headphones. And just like that, passengers stopped by in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels in order to enjoy all these sounds, turning travel into a fun experience. It was as if they were already on board for their trip, even before booking the travel.

Thalys Trains records Sounds of the City

Thalys wanted to highlight how each city has its own sounds, creating a uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else. That’s how they ended up with 1460 sounds for Paris, 1352 for Amsterdam and 1889 for Brussels. It has been observed that a single interactive billboard, without any visual content, is more than enough to grab the attention of passengers, creating an urge to travel and explore other cities as they wouldn’t imagine. Each sound is associated with different feelings and that’s how these billboards turned into a success from the very first day.

Thalys Trains records Sounds of the City

People of all ages stopped and kept listening to new sounds, leaving with a wide smile, feeling as if they were travelling to another place (and time, thanks to the archived sounds).

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 19.20.43

‘The Sounds of the City’ was another successful case of ambient advertising and the art of placing an ad in an unusual, or unexpected place, providing that you’ve used the right media and the right context for the audience, in order to embrace the unexpected.

As we mentioned while we were describing ambient advertising in the past,

‘So that’s ambient advertising. It can be shocking, surprising or funny! It can be found anywhere and everywhere. It’s about creating a new way of thinking.’

And that’s exactly what Thalys achieved by focusing on sounds of each city!

Thalys Trains records Sounds of the City Thalys Trains records Sounds of the City


Advertising Agency: Rosapark, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Mark Forgan, Jamie Standen
Art Director: Olivier Lafaysse
Copywriter: Lucile Briotet
Co-Founders: Jean François Sacco, Jean Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg
Managing Director: Delphine Drutel
Account Manager: Camille Hemet
Sound Producer: Matthieu Sibony / Schmooze
Sound Mixing: Sylvain Rety / Schmooze
Case Director: Vincent Rodella
Production Company: Birth
Producer: Hugo Birth
Published: April 2015

3D Box Covers Construction Site In Ambient Campaign

Construction sites are often hidden behind covered fences and signs preventing people from imaging the finished product.The municipality of Upplands Väsby north of Stockholm wanted to do something different when renovating a block of resident buildings. Often times the final product is only conveyed with small posters along side the guard fence. They decided to do something different as they partnered with photographer Erik Johansson to create an inspiring 3D-illusion to cover a major scaffold and give people a sneak peak of the result.

This is a great example of transforming everyday objects into something a little more engaging.

unboxing construction Unboxing building 1


Agency: JMW kommunikation, Stockholm, Sweden
Photo artist: Erik Johansson
Account Executive: Catharina Hammar
PR: Nina Starco
Executive Creative Director: Joakim Karlsson
Creative Director: Samuel Garlöv
Published: April, 2015

Hansaplast Launches Feet Mag That Is Read with Your Feet!

There are numerous magazines out there that try to grab our attention, each one focusing on a different subject, but it seems that creativity never stops, especially if you think that there’s a brand new magazine that needs to be read with your feet!

Hansaplast was looking for a unique way to promote their new product line named FootExpert, trying to come up with something more than an appealing ad on a popular magazine. That’s how they realized that their uniqueness should be highlighted with a custom publication, referring only feet-related topics.

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How do you make such a magazine interesting?

It doesn’t sound very appealing to create a magazine about feet and actually expect your customers to increase on their own. That’s how the creative studio BEING France suggested that they create a magazine that is really innovative, being read with the feet!

Hansaplast launches Feet Mag that is read with your feet!

After all, as they mention on their promotional video,

‘Why read a magazine about feet with your hands?”

That’s why they adjusted its size and weight, making it larger and heavier, allowing its readers to read it from a further distance, with its weight helping them turn each page with their feet.

And if you think this idea sounds boring, wait until you actually check the magazine here.

(No the digital version is not suggested for reading with feet).


From foot fashion, to foot art, and even to foot horoscope, this glossy and colourful publication manages to grab your attention and advertise a product that would otherwise be boring.

The new FootExpert line consists of an anti-callus cream, a deodorant, an antiperspirant, and a regenerating foot cream, all targeting consumers that tend to be younger than the current ones of the Hansaplast brand. That’s how Marie Reynaud and BEING decided to change the focus of this marketing campaign, evolving from the serious band-aid brand to the cool one that still cares about your feet.

What’s more, except for the launch of the magazine, they expanded their campaign online, using the hashtag #selfeetHANSAPLAST, posting even more photos with feet turning the magazine’s pages.

Hansaplast launches Feet Mag that is read with your feet!

Of course, there are people wondering whether this idea was really necessary, questioning the need to read a magazine with your feet. Think of it, not everything that is fun and creative is necessarily needed by the consumers. However, if you manage to grab their attention with a new idea that they didn’t even think of it before, then this is definitely a marketing success!

What do you think of the idea? Would you read Feet Mag?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Daspxr42srw]

Advertised Brand: Hansaplast (Beiersdorf)
Title: Feet Mag
Advertising Agency : BEING France, Paris
Agency website : www.being.fr
Creative Directors : Thierry Buriez, Elzéar de Trentinian
Chief Creative Officer: Alasdhair Macgregor Hastie
Account : Antoine Lesec, Anne Crespo, Marine Bouvier
Art Director : Agathe Lunel
Copywriter : Arnaud Lecarpentier
Art Buying : Marion Courtiade et Jonas Texier
Released: April, 2015
The Online Advert titled Hansaplast Feet Mag was done by Being Paris advertising agency for brand: Hansaplast in France. It was released in the May 2015.

Coca-cola Gives the Ultimate Airport Gift to Travelers

United Arab Emirates is the key country of expats destination. 2010 report disclose the most important fact that only about 16.5% of the 8.2 million are Emiratis while remaining adopted the nation as their home. The majority of expats are Indians, Pakistanis, and Philippians. Coca-Cola noticed a bitter truth about Expats- they miss their family strongly and always find a reason to go back home.

Whenever holidays break is approaching, expats start planning their visit back home. They start buying gifts for their families and loved once. At International Dubai airport, expats are extremely excited to go home, but one can easily see the stress on their faces due to extra baggage. With the purpose of open happiness, this time Coca-Cola started latest campaign #WishUponaCoke to solve extra baggage issue.

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Coca-Cola kicked off its emotional ‘Wish upon a Coke’ campaign on 22 December 2014 at Dubai Airport, Terminal 1. The concept was crafted in October 2014.  This campaign greatly explores the truths about people who lived far away from their home.

Coca-Cola comes to the rescue

With the help of ‘Wish upon a Coke’ campaign, Coca-Cola tried to touch the heart of people. Coca-cola surprised the Dubai International Airport passengers with a unique gift for their upcoming holidays. The campaign helped passengers who were struggling with excessive baggage. Coca-Cola offered them an extra 5 kg baggage tag. It’s natural that most of the people were carrying gifts for their families and loved ones.

Sometimes, we forgot our limitations (either it is financial or baggage or something else) while making shopping for our loved ones. One can easily see this fact among the people who are going to home for spending some time. As, the passengers at Dubai airport were with the extra baggage. The tensions of an oversize baggage were seeing in plenty of people because they did not have the money to pay for excess baggage ticket.

Passengers shared their emotions with the Coca-Cola during Wish upon a Coke campaign. One is excited to see his brother who is coming from Europe as; he did not see him from last seven years. One is happy to going India. One is going to surprise their family, as her family has no idea about her visiting home. One purchased so many things for their new home. One did not pack his clothes because he was already having lots of stuff. All have so many gifts for their family and loved ones. Because no one likes to go with empty hands.

Expats were upset because their gifts are going to be a waste. People were wishing to carry all those gifts with themselves. Coca-Cola ensured the people that no wishes were left behind. With the help of Wish Upon a Coke campaign, Coca-Cola easily approached these passengers. One team member of #WishUponaCoke campaign said to passengers that “Coca-Cola has a gift for you”. She gave a special coke bottle to those passengers. When people put off the label, they got surprised. There is an allowance of extra baggage. Now they can carry extra 5 kg of happiness for their loved ones.

At this time, Coke open happiness for the expats at Dubai airport. People were happy, and one of them complemented that- You are like a guardian angel. While other one said that my kids will be happy as they are going to get their favorite toys. One felt that no wishes left behinds as happiness is Coca-Cola and wish come true.


Advertising Agency: Y&R Labstore Dubai / Y&R Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Directors: Ash Chagla, Joseph Bihag, Kalpesh Patankar
Art Director: Nada Hassan
Copywriter: Athina Lalljee
Business Director: Zaakesh Mulla
Account Director: Nora Ferneine
Agency Producer: Sam Eid
Account manager: Dima Malaeb
Production Company: Concept View Media
Director: Frederico Beja
Producer: Dalia Abuzeid

10 Creative Ways to Save Money for Marketing your Business

If you’re the owner of a small business or a new startup, getting your message out to the right target market may seem very daunting. You may feel pressured to spend on advertising like the big players, but why bother if you can’t afford it in the first place? If you want your business to be on the same level, but with a much smaller budget, you need to find ways to market your business smarter. Want to get a heads start on creative marketing techniques? Here are 10 ideas to try out today!

Print out a magazine using recycled paper

For those who like to keep it old school, you can print out your own publication to give away to both existing and potential clients. Practice frugality and be environmentally responsible by printing your magazines on recycled paper. You don’t have to put together an issue every month, a quarterly edition packed with insightful articles and great deals will suffice.

Use your vehicles as roving billboards

Billboards can help generate interest for your company, but it can also set you back some serious cash. One way to get your name out there in your local community is to use your vehicles as your roving billboards. All you need is an attention grabbing design with a strong call to action and you’re guaranteed to get noticed by your target market.

Start a blog and create relevant content

Setting up your official website and posting on your very own blog is a sure way to get exposure online. Not only is it relatively cheap, but it’s also a great way to let people in on your brand story. With a majority of businesses doing their marketing online, you can’t afford to miss out on this golden opportunity.

Generate leads by giving away a quality eBook

While we’re on the subject of creating quality content, you could also look into the idea of creating an eBook to give away to subscribers to your site. Producing a well made and high useful eBook is an effective way to generate more interest in your business because people in general love getting free stuff.

Make yourself visible on social media

If you want to create a name for yourself online, social media is the way to go. Social media will not only fire up your credibility and reputation, but it will also provide your target market with an avenue where they can easily communicate with you.  Don’t just use your social media sites as a means to get your message out there, but use it to engage your target market to your brand.

Establish your credibility by speaking at workshops and seminars

Want to be known as an expert in your field? Then it’s time to shake off the stage fright and start booking those speaking engagements. By speaking at events like workshops and seminars, not only are you bringing attention to what you know, but you’re also gaining quality publicity for your brand or business.

Host a meet and greet in your local business community

Not big on public speaking?  Then host a meet and greet for your local business community instead. A meet and greet can help you establish your reputation in and around your community and at the same time, discuss important business issues with other business owners in your area. You might also be able to get some media attention if you invite reporters to your free event. 

Create partnerships with industry related businesses

Look for non competing businesses in your area that you can create a partnership with. You can pool your resources and work together to improve your reach and exposure. You can work together on a promotion that will give both of you equal exposure and get more clients at your doorsteps.

Start an affiliate program

The best way to get new clients is to get your existing clients to act as your brand ambassadors. You can do this by starting an affiliate program that rewards your existing clients for every successful transaction they bring to you. If you want to get sales fast, or rake in profit within a short period of time, this can help bring you one step closer to your goal. We all know how powerful referrals can be, especially from satisfied customers.

Be generous with your loyalty program

And since keeping an existing client is much cheaper than winning a new one, starting a loyalty program will help you save money on marketing costs.  Try putting yourself in your clients’ shoes and think of ways that will encourage them to keep doing business with you. The trick here is to be generous and creative so don’t settle for the usual 10% discount.

Have any creative marketing ideas that you would like to share to our readers? Don’t forget to share those ideas in the comments section below!

James is a Business Management graduate and a part-time blogger. His works are often inspired by his relentless research in the field of business. He also works for a flyers printing business in Australia as a designer. When he’s not busy helping small business owners on their start-up, he tends to practice and improve his writing skills on his spare time. You can follow him @JM_Jav21.

Top 10 Viral Campaign Ideas for Ecommerce Retailers

As an ecommerce retailer, you know your online marketing campaign performance has a direct effect on your bottom line. If you lack social engagement, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential sales, or leads at the very least. So how do you fix this? Focus on enhancing your brand image. Let potential buyers know you exist. This all sounds good in theory, but where do you start? Simple – develop a content marketing plan that encourages viral sharing.

Viral marketing has one clear purpose, above all else – put your brand on the map. If done correctly, brand awareness will reach an all time high with every unique campaign. Here’s the top ten viral campaign ideas for ecommerce retailers. As a general rule, viral campaigns should invite, encourage and reward customers for engaging. Think outside the box, and your efforts will always be rewarded.

Top 10 Viral Campaign Ideas for CGM

Kristen Vanstrom is the Director of Content Management at Slicktext.com. Slick Text is a top text message marketing provider, and offers innovative solutions for mass, yet personalized text communication.

6 Content Writing Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing

All people rely on the Internet whenever they want to acquire certain pieces of information. Whether it is educational or whether it is about a business brand, all online users would turn to websites. This explains why businesses, organizations, institutions and even individuals would create their own sites and blogs. Through effective and strategic content marketing, you can achieve your Internet marketing goals. There are various content writing tools that can boost your content marketing.

1. Textbroker.com

Quality is one of the most essential factors in content marketing. With so many online resources that you can see on the Internet, no online user would even take a second look to a written content that is poorly written. As such, it is essential that you invest in high quality writing. There are reliable writing firms like Text Broker providing content writing services. Instead of stressing yourself to do the work, you can actually outsource it. Content writing firms know exactly the kind of content that can increase your site’s ranking.

2. Skyword.com

Content marketing is not just about writing content. It is about creating stories that will move people and to do this, you need to rely on experts who know exactly the kind of content that will draw the attention of your site’s visitors and to encourage them. Skyword offers great services that can help business brands by creating content that will capture its target audience. The company is comprised of Internet marketing experts who can help you with content writing that can surely convert in the long run. With their services, they guarantee you that the content they provide can reach places and people. Not only do you get quality content that can serve your marketing objectives and goals, you are also guarantee to have the returns of what you pay for.

3. A-Writer.com

Another quality content writing service provider is A-Writer.com. For years, they have been consistently one of the top rated writing firms online. From academic essays to article or blog content, this site offers a broad range of writing services depending on your requirements. With their team composed of only exceptional and highly talented writers, you are only guaranteed of the best and the highest quality of online content that you can find. In addition, you never have to worry about plagiarism since the site guarantees that you only get 100% original content. You can just give them the instructions on how you want the content to look like.

4. Knowledgevision.com

When creating effective content that can convert and can significantly impact people, you do not just talk about written text. There are now various ways for you to achieve your content marketing goals. Apart from articles, you can make use of other multi-media materials. From videos to other materials, KnowledgeVision offers you the easiest and effective solutions. They offer marketing solutions not just for business owners but as well as to anyone wants to give presentations online.

5. Rightintel.com

For a great enterprise communication as well as curation platform, Righintel.com is one of the best websites out there. This site offers effective solutions for marketers and agencies. With this site, you can add and include personal insights from various sources that you have gathered and collected. From there, you can create your own reports and share these stories with your target audience. Once you have organized and created your content, you can easily publish it in various blog platforms and social networking sites. What is nice about this site is that you can get the reports to measure your success.

6. Spinbot.com

If you are looking for a more cost efficient alternative, you can use the site spinbot.com. This website allows you to rewrite articles that can still give you the quality you need. You do not have to register or to download any software. All you have to do is to just enter the text that you want to rewrite and the tool will automatically generate the content for you. In that way, you never have to worry about the content. You can just enter the text. However, if you are a business owner and you seriously want to improve your site’s ranking with your SEO efforts, this might not be the best tool to use since the focus now is on quality and original online content.

To boost your content marketing initiatives, you need to come up with compelling, creative, quality and original content writing. Usually, this task is a whole lot easier said than done. But with the help of these writing tools as well as these writing services and Internet marketing solution firms, you never have to worry. You are guaranteed to have kind of content that will achieve your marketing goals.

Amy Cowen is a writer and blogger who is fascinated in design, marketing, and productivity tools. She writes for AussieWriter and hopes to
manage her own team of writers some day.

Pandora Shows Us How All Mothers Are Unique

Pandora, one of the world’s largest jewelry brands, wanted to run a very unique experiment in preparation for Mother’s day. They wanted to show that the bond between a mother and a child is very unique, so they decided to create “The Unique Connection.”

A mother’s scent, touch, smile, and everything about her is very unique. To put this to the test, they gathered 6 women and their children and performed a small test. They lined up each of the mothers and put a blindfold on the children. The experiment was to see if the child, without being able to see, could identify their mother in the lineup.

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One by one, each blindfolded child went up to the line of mothers and was asked to identify their mother. Each mother watched anxiously as they watched their children carefully search.

The video shows us that the child can actually identify their mother based on other senses. It’s truly touching to emphasize the bond between parent and child. Pandora does a wonderful job showing that Mother’s are very unique and they did a wonderful job releasing the video just in time for Mother’s day.

Results: The video has been viewed on YouTube over 15.6 million times and over a half a million Facebook shares.

Ikea Creates Pop-up Breakfast in Bed Experience

How long has it been since you had breakfast in bed? For us, it has been way too long, which is why this innovative new campaign from Swedish furniture powerhouse IKEA so caught our attention. So sit back, relax, and dive into the snuggliest guerrilla marketing campaign you’ve ever seen.

Breakfast In Bed… Yes Please!

The IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe pop-up store was announced on the IKEA UK facebook page on the 9th of May 2015, and scheduled to run for just two days between the 19th and 20th of May. Despite this short run-time, and indeed with so little marketing prior to the event, it generated a seriously large amount of buzz, with hundreds of comments and shares, and thousands of likes.

The basic premise of the campaign was this: customers could book a space at the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe in either the morning for a breakfast, or in the afternoon for tea and a siesta. They would be hosted in an entirely IKEA setting, and could enjoy the beds and atmosphere for free (only paying for the food they consumed). IKEA provided a ‘pillow menu’ and a wide range of furniture products from their collections.

A Snoring Success

There’s nothing better than a campaign that not only captures our attention, but takes us by surprise. For years, IKEA has been known as the furniture and bedding specialist all over the world, even in those deprived places where the stores have yet to spread. But, in this campaign IKEA is working to take that reputation a step further, making them the go-to name for comfort, relaxation and enjoyment in the world of beds. So does it work, and why?

It’s About Association – When we think about IKEA, we’re already thinking about furniture, about style, about bedding, about our houses. But, we aren’t often thinking about why underpins that: our homes, sanctuaries and places of rest. In this campaign, IKEA have effectively moved beyond the realm of bare decorating and purchasing into a state of emotion. By bringing people into a setting where they can associate the positive feelings of having breakfast in bed with IKEA, they are essentially making the company a part of that positivity.

It’s About Experience – Campaigns that are linked with an actual experience always have a stronger impact on customers and those involved. This campaign is a great example of this. Those people who were lucky enough to secure positions at the Breakfast in Bed Cafe are unlikely to soon forget their experiences there, and by association their experiences with IKEA. There’s a kind of magic about the experience of this campaign, really brought home by the all-inclusive setting that IKEA have created, that makes it memorable even for those not directly involved.

It’s About Inspiration – IKEA’s business model is all about inspiring people to decorate better with IKEA products, and this campaign is right in line with that. By setting up a number of bedroom suites, and then putting real people in those suites to experience a relaxing experience of eating their breakfast in bed, IKEA is effectively inspiring customers towards their bedroom products. They have created a space that is atheistically designed as well as conducive to sleeping, while at the same time inspiring customers to create their own IKEA spaces at home.

A pop-up campaign like this one can be a little hit and miss. At its core it requires that spontaneity that can lead to the campaign being ignored or quickly forgotten. In this case, IKEA has walked that thin line with great efficiency, creating a lasting experience for their customers that inspires and brings about a positive new emotional association with the brand.

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