1111122222333333 Snickers Creates Hilarious Billboard That You Won't Ever Want to Look At

Snickers Creates Hilarious Billboard That You Won’t Ever Want to Look At

Snickers Creates Hilarious Billboard That You Won’t Ever Want to Look At

Marilyn Monroe was America’s sweetheart back in the day and was irresistible to look at. Snickers believe that when you’re hungry, you’re not yourself. We call this the hanger. It’s when you’re hungry, you get angry.

Snickers partnered with BBDO to make fun of this idea and placed a facial recognition camera in the billboard so that when people looked at the photo of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, she decided to have a slight change of appearance.


Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Directors: Gianfranco Arena, Peter Kain
Creative Directors: Scott Mahoney, Dan Oliva
Copywriter: Joey Henson
Art Director: Jimmy Morrissey
Director of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Group Executive Producer: Amy Wertheimer
Executive Broadcast Producer: Alex Gianni
Executive Producer: Neely Lisk
Director of Photography: Koji Yahagi
Production Assistant: Jeff Reagan

Reebok Creates A Popup Gym Bus Stop Shelter To Get People Moving

If you ever get bored while waiting for the bus, Reebok just created the best bus stop shelter for you. JCDecaux Colombia just transformed 6 bus stop shelters into outdoor gyms for Reebok’s “The Gym is Everywhere” marketing campaign.

Trainers waited at the bus stop shelters to inspire people to get moving. They had people to pullups, pushups and more! Afterwards, they took a photo and uploaded it to social media to share their accomplishment.

It’s hard to tell from the video if they got any prize for participating, or if people really wanted to get a sweat on while waiting for the bus. Regardless, it’s still 100 times better than just a normal bus stop!


Advertising Agency: Bombai, Bogota, Colombia

Old Spice Just Created Their Weirdest Commercial To Date

Old Spice has a very interesting and effective approach to marketing, be weird. They have spokespeople such as Terry Crews flexing and creating a nice beat to men riding unicorns while wearing nothing but a towel. The Old Spice marketing approach is very simple, but they just lost it.

In their most recent advertisement, they feature a outdoorsman and a bunch of other random events that don’t make any sense. They are really trying to amplify being strange and unconventional…and weirdly it’s working.

It’s been over 6 years since the more famous campaigns with Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. This campaign outdoes itself with the help of video artist Nick DenBoer to create this nightmare of an advertisement. The advertisement was created as a remix to the two original advertisements.

[ via Adweek ]

Coca-Cola Creates 360 Degree Video Capturing Napkin Holder

Coca-Cola wanted to capture the happiness between friends so they decided to innovate a common restaurant item, the napkin holder. They partnered with Territorio Creativo in Spain to place a 360 video camera inside a napkin holder in which people can connect to the camera through their smartphone.

Once connected, the Coca-Cola Happiness 360 camera will start capturing 360 degree video of you and your friends. They can then choose to share this content on social.


Advertising Agency: Territorio Creativo, Spain
Creative Director: Alejandro Di Trolio
Art Directors: Alejandro Villegas, María Sutil, Alex Bardera
Copywriters: Zape Baltasar, Juan Fran Vaquero, Ina Olvera, Elisa Lucía
Illustrator: Pablo Malillos
Photographer: Alex Bolumar

Sustainability Marketing Campaigns that are Changing the Game


The value-action gap within sustainable efforts continues to exist today because the majority of sustainable initiatives are invested in “changing people’s minds instead of facilitating the desired behaviors,” says Mike Walker. The question is, how on earth do you change their behaviors? The answer seems to lie within creative sustainable marketing campaigns that elicit people to action; however, there has been a misunderstanding in the past and present of how to effectively achieve this.

You Catch More Bees with Honey

Ultimately the old adage is true – you catch more bees with honey. Many sustainable messages so far have been an overload of scientifically relevant information on climate change and sustainability indexes, cloaked in a message of guilt and responsibility. For example, the viral campaign Dear Future Generations: Sorry or the intriguing Deforested Desktop app., which although good at raising awareness and getting to the heart of a very serious issue, are largely gloom and guilt-oriented. The effect is that we know that we should do something and feel badly, but are quickly overwhelmed and these negative feelings of guilt become attached to the campaign.

So it’s not like the information isn’t out there for consumers to engage with. Websites like Urban Hub publish articles on a regular basis about reinventing urban spaces to be smart, green, and sustainable, along with mobile, and it is just one drop in a bucket of hundreds that are offering both information and options to do things better. The problem isn’t in a lack of information, then, but in delivering that information in faulty packaging. In order to bridge this gap, sustainability marketing needs to somehow find a way to merge all of this research, insight, and alternative action proposals, with a tangible personal value element for consumers. A more immediate reward seems to be the answer for spurring immediate action.

Sustainable Campaigns with Added Value

1) Chipotle Food with Integrity Campaign

In this short video clip, The Scarecrow, Chipotle and campaign partner Moonbot Studios, bring some of the main issues within industrial food production to the forefront to promote consumer awareness. The scarecrow campaign includes video and game for download, and presents a platform offering further information on how to take action. This campaign has immense success to be successful because it offers consumers value in the way of entertainment, while also getting a sustainable message across. Having reached 6.5 million YouTube views in only two weeks after its premier (now past 15 million), and with 500,000 game downloads within only 6 weeks of launch (Entrepreneur), it seems the message is indeed being eaten up, along with a fair amount of Chipotle burritos no doubt.

2) Greenpeace #LEGOBlockShell Campaign

Going the same route of delivering a message and offering the value of entertainment is Greenpeace’s #LEGOBlockShell Campaign which depicts an elaborate LEGO world that gets flooded by oil, burying crying LEGO people and animals under the dooming fluid. The campaign is meant to raise awareness of the partnership between Shell and LEGO and to elicit signatures on a petition to break this partnership. Despite the dark tone, with over 7 billion views on YouTube to date (the most viewed Greenpeace campaign in history) and an announcement in 2014 that LEGO would not be renewing its contract with Shell, the success of this campaign is unprecedented in sustainable marketing campaigns.

3) Oxfam Behind the Brands Campaign

The Oxfam Behind the Brands campaign has less entertainment appeal, but it engages consumers by putting the power in their hands. The campaign site presents information based on extensive research of how the major food companies operate. It illuminates company strengths and weaknesses along their production and supply chain, and makes sustainability scores publically available. It also gives an option to take action and be involved in communicating a need for change to these ‘Big 10’ companies. After a few months of the campaign running, both Kellogg and General Mills (apparently the worst offenders) announced changes to their production process and commitments to sustainability. It seems the people’s voices were heard and change is underway. This campaign is engaging because people can watch the sustainability score change and see the actual effect of all of the individuals banning together in this effort. It gets them actively involved and they are rewarded in the short-term with seeing actual progress.

How Video Marketing is Evolving on 3 Mediums 

A picture is worth a thousand words. How about when those pictures are shuffled together to create a video?

According to James McQuivey, a researcher with Forrester Research, the value of a one-minute video is comparable to 1.8 million words. Because video plays such an important and unique role in our understanding and retaining of concepts, McQuivey’s findings offer an even clearer perspective on the importance of video in marketing, particularly to capture leads.

Here are some trends you should be paying attention to intimately.

Social Media

Today, companies big and small are turning to some of the most popular social media platforms out there to share their video messages — and they have good reason to do so.

Data from the Pew Research Center found that 65 percent of American adults have an online social media profile and use social networking sites. Now that’s a big audience. Meanwhile, millennials spend nearly 30 hours a month on social media apps, and an hour a day on Facebook alone, according to a ComScore report.

Some companies have taken note. You can visit the Amway Facebook page to find videos that tell the brand’s story, from the showcasing of new products to promoting their people. Another brand that has hopped on the social media train is General Electric. Instead of Facebook, the company has turned to Snapchat. In fact, GE uses the platform to answer user questions in a fun, entertaining and science-focused approach. Users might even get to see a science experiment captured on smartphone video from Bill Nye.


Considered the second-largest search engine, YouTube has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings. It’s no longer just a place to watch viral videos or the latest funny cat clip.

Brands and companies, both big and small, are taking to the online, video-streaming platform to tell their stories and share their messages with eager consumers. PR Daily reports that more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube also attracts up to 1 billion unique visitors each month. The site is also part of the reason consumers like easy-to-process, short, digestible clips, rather than long, drawn-out video content.

And think about it: YouTube has only been around since 2007, yet today is a major player in the evolution of video marketing.


So, where is this all taking place? Many experts would argue the bulk of consumer video consumption takes place on mobile devices. When consumers are searching for an answer to something, the first thing they typically do is reach for their smartphone.

Let’s go back to YouTube for a second. Half of all global viewership on YouTube derives from a mobile device. These same users are also more likely to watch and share video content from brands, more so than their peers watching from desktops or TVs, according to Google.

Bottom line: If you’re a business owner or marketer not yet utilizing mobile, don’t sleep on it — get to work now!

10 Instagrammers Reinterpret Famous Works to Promote Parisian Museums

On May 4th 2016, Paris Musées launched parismuseescollections.paris.fr, an online platform that will make the collections held by the city’s museums accessible to anyone. To help spread the word of this amazing platform, they reached out to influential Instagram artists to do remakes of 10 famous pieces of artwork.

The final collaboration was made available online as well as posted up in the city’s Gare Saint Lazare rail station from May 11th to July 31st 2016.


@aaram_anis_Original @aaram_anis_Remake
@avner_peres_Original @avner_peres_Remake



@miss_etc_Original @miss_etc_Remake @nanlawson_Original @nanlawson_Remake @pomverte_Original @pomverte_Remake @poutge_Original @poutge_Remake @rafaelmantesso_Original @rafaelmantesso_Remake @valentinerie_Original @valentinerie_Remake @valhery_Original @valhery_Remake

Pedigree Help People with down Syndrome and Dogs in the Most Heartwarming Way

Unfortunately some parts of Russian society reject people with down syndrome, which makes it difficult for people with down syndrome to find work. In Russia, there are some 2,500 babies with Down’s syndrome born every year and a mere 20 years ago, 95 percent of Russian families would give up babies born with Down’s syndrome.

Pedigree wanted to change that perception and help spread awareness and prove that people with down syndrome are capable of working. They created the pUp syndrome campaign to put children with down syndrome to work and help out shelter animals.


Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Managing Director: Natalia Tsyganova
Creative Director: Alexey Fedorov
Creative Group Head: Ekaterina Savrasova
Senior Copywriter: Natalia Sytnik
Digital Creative Group Head: Victor Gribanov
Senior Digital Producer: Yuriy Marin
TV Production Director: Boris Anisonyan
Senior Producer: Yana Ageeva
Junior Producer: Anna Chernaya
Music Producer: Dmitriy Rubezhov
Director TV Production Studio: Kirill Kulygin
Senior TV studio manager: Andrey Belov
Group Account Director: Elena Vorobyova
Account Director: Natalya Dzhafarova
Account Supervisor: Anastasia Babuchenko
Production company: Bureau Working Title
Director: Taisia Reshetnikova
DOP: Alexandra Ivanova
Executive producer: Elena Vlasova
Line producer: Tatyana Finaeva
Production designer: Ruslana Osmanova
Producer assistant: Ksenia Tsvetkova
Editor: Kirill Khandurin
Music composer: Oleg Karpachev
PR Agency: Mint
Managing Director: Viacheslav Tikhomirov
Client Services Director: Anastasiya Pogorelova
Senior Project Manager: Kseniya Kuznetsova
Project Manager: Maria Kirienko

Connecting With Customers: What to Know About Branding

So, you’ve started your small business. As a business owner, you want to spread the message of your brand and let customers know the model, practices, and values of your business. Knowing your brand identity and how it connects to your customers is the key to having a successful business. Here are a few branding tips to lead your business on the fast track to success.

Understand Your Target Market

As you are establishing your business, it is important to consider the people and demographics of who your business is aiming to serve, also known as a target market. Consider who your business appeals to and if the products and message of your business align with your prospective customers. Having a clear sense of your desired market helps to establish a customer base and increases the likelihood of returning clients.

Address The Needs of Customers

Businesses operate under the function of providing specific goods and services. When your business connects with customers, it is important for your brand to communicate how your company will address this need. For example, let’s look at two different construction companies. Company A and Company B both promote the construction of commercial properties. Company A advertises itself as a one-stop shop and lists their services. Company B also features a list of services, also includes a list of previous customers and reviews. Which company seems more trustworthy? If you answered Company B, you’re on the way to telling a better branding story with proof points.

Use Proof Points

A proof point is a way to show evidence of a positive customer experience. While some companies are able to write a clear and succinct mission, it is important for customers to know that you are not blowing smoke. Use customer reviews and quotes to show how your business addresses the needs of customers and how your business provided a solution. This is a clear and effective way to emphasize customer experience and what a new client will gain by selecting your company.

Use Visuals

Whether in logo, brand name, or website, use visuals to represent and easily call your company to mind. It should be catchy, different, and unique to you and your company. Graphic design companies can help narrow your focus and give you the logo you’re looking for. Use this opportunity to improve the overall presentation of your business as well. Your building might needs this construction administration solution from Sullivan Engineering to give an older look an update and improve the visual representation you get from customers.

Let these tips act as a guide to creating the most positive experience in connecting to customers. When building your business, consider your brand as the tool in your toolbox, and the customer as the finished product. Just like any project, it is crucial to understand the function of these tools and, while each serve a different purpose, all of them work together to lay a foundation to build your successful business.

McDonald’s Creates the McTrax, the Playable Placemat

McDonald’s partnered with TBWA Netherlands to create the McTrax, a playable paper placemat that allows restaurant goers to test their creativity.

By the use of conductive ink on the paper placemat, McDonald’s was able to create a paper placemat that when paired with a smartphone, became a playable music station in which people could mix and create their own tracks. The placemat allowed people to select a base beat, create a new sound or melody, or even add effects to recorded sound.


Concept: Jan Jesse Bakker, Yacco Vijn, Radha Pleijsant
Client: McDonald’s Nederland
App en tech development: This Page Amsterdam
Placemat development: Novalia, Londen
Programmed beats: Darius Dantes

GNV Turns Iconic Summer Toys into Advertisements for Dogs to Discover

During the summertime, a lot of people leave for vacation. That stays true for the people of Italy. Unfortunately, their furry companions often get left at home

GNV, the leading Italian shipping company, decided to do something about it and partnered with DLV BBDO in Milan to create an advertisement directed to dogs!

They changed the cabins for their ships to welcome on both people and their dogs. To announce this major change, they decided to let the dogs know first by hiding popular summer toys in the dirt. Dogs would somehow discover the toys (either it was staged or perhaps they had a scent on them) and bring the toy back to their owner. Each toy had a small advertisement that basically told their owner that the GNV ships now allowed dogs.


Advertising Agency: BBDO Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe
Creative Director: Michele Picci
Art Director: Luca Frank Guarini
Copywriters: Giovanni Coviello, Gianluca Nucaro
Strategic Planner: Corinna Bonfanti
Clients Service & Head Of Operations: Chiara Niccolai
Client Service Director: Emanuela Munafò
Producer: Alessandro Pancotti
Production Company: Basement/DLV BBDO
Director: Vittorio Bonaffini
Director of Photography: Piermaria Agostini
Editor: Neil Devetti
Executive Producer: Francesco Crespi

Stockholm Art Week Auctions Artwork by Love Lundell to Be Tattooed on Your Body

An art auction was held by the Stockholm Art Week to gain buzz for their annual week-long celebration. They held an auction from April 19, 2016 – April 23, 2016 in which people could bid to win the latest artwork by contemporary artist, Love Lundell.

Unlike most art auctions, the artwork being auctioned would be made on the winner’s body. All proceeds raised from the auction was donated to UNHCR to assist with on-going refugee crisis.

Toyota and Saatchi Creates Tallest Climbing Wall Billboard In New York City to Promote the RAV4

We’re always interested in really creative billboard campaigns and so far this campaign by Saatchi and Toyata take the cake.

Saatchi & Saatchi in Los Angeles worked with Toyota to promote their RAV4 by creating the tallest outdoor climbing wall ever built in New York City. The team created a 120-foot vertical climbing wall that weighed over 6,000 pounds. It took pro-climbers 10-15 minutes to complete the challenge.

This is an awesome campaign because it’s in the center of Times Square and got a lot of visibility. We just hope they keep it around for the rest of us to climb! How cool would that be?


Client: Toyota Motor Sales USA
Project: RAV4 Times Square Live-Climb Event

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Schragger
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Costa
Creative Director: Erich Funke
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Vidur Raswant
Executive Director, Integrated Production: Lalita Koehler
Director of Content: Sara Seibert
Experiential Executive Producer: Blake Wassenaar
Content Executive Producer: Richard Bendetti
Senior Art Producer: Skye Houghton
Senior Producer: Rachel Dallas-Noble
Director of Business Affairs: Keli Christy
Business Affairs Manager: K.K. Davis
Senior Project Manager: Nick Zappas
Group Account Director: Drew Corpman
Account Management Supervisor: Chris Crockett
Account Executive: Celia Nissen
Assistant Account Executive: Valerie Purdy
Social Media Engagement Manager: Allie Burrow
Director of Public Relations: Mike Cooperman
Associate Communications Director, Social: Karen Ram
Associate Media Director: Kim Serge
Media Strategist: Talia Didomenica
Senior Strategic Planner: April Ta
Social Strategy: Ashton Dunn
Executive Communications Director, Product Information Supervisor: Joe Rigonan

Group Vice President, Toyota Marketing: Jack Hollis
Vice President, Vehicle Marketing, Communications: Cooper Erickson
Corporate Manager, Vehicle Marketing, Communications: Thomas Crahan
National Manager, Van, Crossover Utility Vehicles: Kibo Kitahama
Manager, RAV4 Hybrid: Alex Du
Planners, RAV4 Hybrid: Kay Sanchez, Jayme Lawson, Ash Hack

Production Company: Process Creative
Producer: Marshall McLaughlin
Directors: Tom Aiello, Daniel Chesnut

Editing Company: Process Creative
Producer: Marshall McLaughlin
Editor: Josh Hamilton

Social Media Contests: Get Your Audience Engaged in Your Brand

Contests are not necessarily about winning a big prize. Their purpose is to engage as many people from your target audience on as many platforms as possible. So it’s important to tailor any campaign to a specific strategy with the goal of engagement in mind. Here are a few contests and campaigns that stirred some major buzz, plus ways to apply the concepts to your own contests and other marketing strategies.

Get Real

Your real customers are your best assets, especially when it comes to brand ambassadors. Whether you’re running a contest or not, it’s always a great idea to collect reviews from customers that you can share on your social media outlets and website. Video testimonials, which make a great impact, can be shared on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Showing your audience real people using your product or service inspires a level of trust and connection that money just can’t buy. Dove used this concept and took it one step further for their Real Beauty Should Be Shared campaign. Instead of offering cash or prizes to their audience, Dove paired a positive message with opportunity, challenging their audience to feel beautiful and to nominate their friends and family whom they think are beautiful on the outside and inside. Contest winners were chosen to represent Dove and be models and advocates for the Dove Real Beauty campaign.

Focus on the Love

Get to the heart of what your customers love and you won’t need to bribe them with free product or big fancy prizes to create a positive lasting impression on your audience. Tom’s shoes is a great example of a social media campaign that generated a lot of buzz on Instagram. Tom’s launched in 2006 with an ethos that quickly made them a philanthropic favorite among teenagers, moms and celebs.

Their 2015 One Day Without Shoes campaign went viral on Instagram because it was easy to participate in and had a positive message. Tom’s donated almost 300,000 pairs of shoes last May when their hashtag #withoutshoes hit viral status thanks to Instagrammers who posted pictures of themselves — namely their bare feet — to promote conscientious consumerism and, of course, Tom’s shoes. Sometimes a positive communal event that sparks a positive dialogue in what can be a very negative cyberspace is often better than a prize.

Tom’s already had a big fan base that helped their month-long campaign get traction. Try partnering your business with local and national charities that already have an established community that you can help to promote positivity and sharing.

Make It a Game

If the popularity of role-playing games, first-person shooter games and Candy Crush Saga has taught us anything, it’s the power of gaming. Make your contest, content or even your advertisements into a game and watch engagement soar. Engage your audience by entertaining them and even challenging their mind with a contest that’s as simple as featuring a puzzle.

How Marketing Partnerships Can Benefit Your Business

Coca-Cola is teaming up with Marvel Studios to promote Marvel’s forthcoming May release “Captain America: Civil War.” The promotional campaign kicked off with a Super Bowl ad featuring Ant-Man trying to steal a Coca-Cola Mini can from Hulk’s alter-ego Bruce Banner, who doesn’t like it when he’s thirsty. Hulk chases his tiny adversary down, only to find he needs his help to open the can with his huge hands. The ad introduced a promotion featuring co-branded Coke Mini cans with illustrations of the Hulk, Ant-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow.

Coke and Marvel’s joint promotion illustrates the type of strategic partnership that successful companies use effectively. Here are a few ways forming promotional partnerships can benefit your business.

Join Up with Partners Who Can Attract Your Competition’s Customers

To launch its Surface touchscreen tablets, Microsoft used a guerrilla marketing tactic to put itself in a position to attract Apple customers. Microsoft identified small businesses located near Apple Stores and arranged promotional partnerships to display Surface ads in places where Apple customers would see them. For instance, Microsoft used the wall on the outside of a car wash near an Apple Store to display a graffiti ad for Surface tablets. As this illustrates, finding partners who can help promote you to your competition’s customers can be an efficient way to attract your target market at minimal cost.

Identify businesses who share a mutual relationship with your competition and their customers, and find ways you can use that relationship to reach your competition’s customers. In addition to renting partners’ advertising space as Microsoft did, you can use techniques such as geotargeted ads extending discount offers to customers in your partner’s store.

Provide Partners with Content for Mutual Promotion

Dr. Phil McGraw first gained national attention by appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 1998. He soon began appearing on a regular segment on Oprah’s show, giving him a platform for a spinoff show produced by Oprah’s company and launching him into bestselling author status. Dr. Phil and Oprah continue their relationship today, with Oprah appearing on Dr. Phil’s show for a reunion interview recently.

Their relationship illustrates how both partners can benefit from a promotional arrangement where one partner provides content for the other’s audience. Oprah’s talk show relied on interesting guests; Dr. Phil was able to fill this need, in return for the publicity he got from appearing on Oprah’s nationally-syndicated show.

The same principle applies online, where websites such as business blogs and news media outlets rely on experts for content in order to gain better search engine rankings. By offering content in such forms as interviews and guest blogs, you can gain publicity for both your partner and your own company.

Help Partners Provide Value to Your Mutual Target Market

This winter the National Parent Teacher Association teamed up with LifeLock to promote the Smart Talk Giveaway, a sweepstakes where the winning family received a trip to Disney World for a dream summer vacation. The sweepstakes was part of a promotion for The Smart Talk, an app the PTA and LifeLock designed to help families stay safe online. The app and sweepstakes gave LifeLock an opportunity to share its security expertise with the families the PTA works with. In so doing, LifeLock gained publicity by providing the PTA with value to share with its target market.

Designing an app and running a sweepstakes are just a couple of ways to do this. Another example is when movie theaters provide local stores with free tickets to give their customers, expecting to make up for the loss with refreshment sales and repeat business. Inexpensive loss leaders such as this are an excellent way to cultivate strategic partnership relationships.

Quebec City Magic Festival Creates The First Billboard To Disappear Before Your Eyes

Quebec City Magic Festival promoted their event with a very fitting billboard…a billboard that disappeared right before your eyes. This is not the first time the festival has partnered with Lg2 agency to bring creative and out of the box advertising ideas. The same agency is behind other amazing marketing campaigns such as the invisible poster campaign.


To see behind the curtain: https://youtu.be/m3Gtw8wUf60

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec City, Canada
Creative Director: Luc Du Sault
Art Director: Vincent Bernard
Copywriters: Guillaume Bergeron, Marc Guilbault, Mathieu Dufour, Jean Lafrenière
Accountant: Tania Pons Kilfoil
Agency Producer: Julie Pichette
Director: David Poulin
Production House: Nova Film
Post Production: Marc-Antoine Richard
Engineer: Gestev
Sound Design: Studio Expression, Jean-Philippe Jourdain

How to Create a Successful Blog for Your Business

As more businesses are establishing an online presence, not having a blog might cause you to fall behind the competition. Having a blog enables you to attract and keep customers, but you must properly maintain it by knowing what to post, how often to post, and what not to post. Otherwise, your blog could be more harmful and destructive than beneficial. When blogging platforms are not run properly, you risk turning your customers away and leaving money on the table. It’s vital you know how to run, manage, and maintain your blog since this will enable you to grow and expand your business.

Offer Value

Your goal with starting a blog is to promote your product or service and increase sales. This often requires you to post high-quality, engaging content. It is vital you ensure each post offers value and to achieve this, you must post informational content that is relevant to your audience, or you can offer discounts and coupons. When you offer value, you inspire your customers to continue reading your blog, but not offering useful content will cause you to lose followers. You should avoid being overly promotional if you want to keep your readers engaged and as a general rule, provide at least five informative posts before posting anything promotional.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization enables you to expand your blog and reach new followers. This involves placing certain keywords in each post in an attempt to get your blog listed in search engine results. When done properly, this gives your blog free, targeted exposure. But search engine optimization involves more than just keyword placement. You must also get backlinks pointing back to your blog.  For example, a business in real estate might partner with a trusted mortgage source like Succeed At Eagle to get the word out to similar searchers.

Search engines view websites with backlinks more reputable than those that don’t. Some backlinks will come naturally with time as people link to your articles. But you must also work to build quality backlinks, which can be done through guest blogging. Contact other bloggers who have content similar to yours, and offer to provide a guest post in exchange for linking back to your website.

Paid Advertising

If your website is not getting much traffic, using paid advertising is a great way to get exposure and attract followers. You must do market research to discover which platforms your target audience uses. Otherwise, you will waste money attracting followers who are not likely to convert. You can buy ads on search engines to target certain keywords, or you can use social media ads to target people based on their interests. If you properly implement an advertising campaign, you will attract attention and enable your blog to grow.

Using a blog as part of your company’s marketing strategy can really pay off in the long run. If you are struggling to get yours off the ground, take a look at these ideas and see what you might need to change in order to get the right writing for your online space.

Mothers Walk into a Room Full of Thank You Notes Only to Receive an Amazing Surprise…

If you wrote your mother a message, would she be able to identify it?Pandora Jewelry put that question to the test as they conducted a heartwarming experiment.

Pandora Jewelry asked several mothers and daughters to partake in a special experiment in which the daughter would write a thoughtful letter of appreciation for the mother to find. Each letter had its own unique style and each note was placed on the wall for a mother to identify. To see if the mother chose the right letter, they were told to play the iPad video below the note. If they chose correctly, they were rewarded with a very loving message from their daughter.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 8 Pandora Jewlery Rember to Tell Her

Behind the scenes


IKEA Allows Anyone to Book a Kitchen Inside Their Store to Cook an Amazing Family Dinner

In the above advertisement by the agency Instinct together with IKEA, we see news reports stating that restaurants in Russia are closing down since people have stopped going out to save money up in Russia. Seeing that restaurants were becoming unaffordable, IKEA decided to launch a unique system called the “Instead Of” Cafe in Moscow and St. Petersberg, to show that home kitchens can easily beat the restaurant experience. Throughout the whole video, they show different news outlets reporting the opening and everyday life of the Instead Of Cafe. The cafe is open to all kinds of occasions from children’s parties to dates and meet-ups with friends. The instructions are simple: if you are interested, you have to choose an IKEA kitchen you like and book it. A woman who booked one said it was very complicated to score a kitchen spot due to high demand. Other people were stating what they were making in the kitchen, such as a pumpkin bake. To show that the advertising project was a success, the video shows photos from Instagram of people in the IKEA kitchens, together with the number of people who got to try them and how many photos they had shared.

IKEA Instead Of Cafe

Success as simple as IKEA furniture

We can clearly see that this was a very successful campaign by the numbers of people who have used the service and shared their experience. While we do not have access to sales data, it is clear that the campaign surely had an effect on IKEA kitchen sales specifically. IKEA is a very big brand, and some may argue that IKEA does not need advertising but just like all other companies it can never stop advertising because otherwise the numbers will drop sooner or later. Marketing – and particularly good marketing – is a must for any major company, just like the best flowers still need water.

An advantage brought by its influence is that since it’s an IKEA ad everyone who sees the campaign knows what it is about. The execution was very straightforward as they clearly made sure that you know which brand it is, and it markets the product nicely. Also, a big plus is the fact that the audience got to use the kitchens, and used the items being marketed. That way they knew what to expect and how will the products work once purchased.

Small stains

The downside is that it’s not really clear from the advertisement how you can choose so many kitchens. The fact that IKEA will build the kitchen for you on the go, in time for your occasion, is also poorly explained.

One debatable mistake is the excerpt of the interview where a customer says it is nearly impossible to make a booking, which is understandable considering the idea is such a novelty, but it still exposes a downside to the public. On the other hand, is it really a downside? Recently marketing teams have been choosing to make things inaccessible instead of accessible, with the mindset that things are meant to be sold out and never meet demand. It is possible that the agency wanted to instigate people to book immediately in order to get a chance to try the “Instead Of” Cafe out.

All in all, this is a great campaign, very thought through, with great execution and as expected of such a known brand like IKEA.


Advertising Agency: Instinct, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Roman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov, Kolya Fabrika
Art Directors: Anna Kau-Ten-Zhi, Max Demkin, Maria Narykova
Copywriter: Eugenia Babior

Low-Tech and Low-Budget Ads: More Bang for Your Buck

The power of technology in this modern world is indisputable. Its dominating presence in all aspects of society and culture presents a unique advertising opportunity to produce ads so low tech that the cheeky satire of it all isn’t lost on even the most aloof consumer. Here are some of the best examples of low-tech and low-budget advertising that worked like a charm.

Experience the Power of a Bookbook

IKEA almost makes this no competition at all, with its hilariously brilliant, insanely simple and ironic 2015 IKEA catalog commercial. Its catalog isn’t an e-book — it’s a “bookbook,” with a display that expands when you open it and high-resolution images that load instantaneously (when you turn the page). You can bookmark items that you want to save (with sticky notes). A hand model over-exaggerates demonstrative gestures. Simply swipe right to go forward, swipe left to go backwards. Simple. Brilliant.

Totally poking fun at every tablet commercial ever made, it succeeds beyond every snarky comedy writer’s wildest dreams. An adorable 20-something preppy hipster dude with an extra-thick Swedish accent narrates the bookbook’s features that are at times giggle inducing.

The bookbook is the simple, no-plug-in, endless-battery-life anecdote to the barrage of high-tech, high-priced tablet ads that dominate the market.

High Tech Down Under

From no tech to below deck tech, Samsung’s water-resistant Galaxy S7 Edge may be super high quality and high tech, but the unforgettable ads announcing its release required little more than a snorkel, a swimming pool, one of the biggest hip-hop artists on the planet and champagne.

The first of Samsung’s ads was called “Underwater Unboxing” and featured T-Mobile product expert @AskDes in a wetsuit at the bottom of a pool. Des opens up the phone box to reveal all the waterproof goodies inside for summer-ready customers. A closed captioning at the bottom of the screen translates Des’ product descriptions spoken through his hot pink snorkel.

The second ad called “Champagne Calls” features Lil Wayne pouring champagne onto his Galaxy S7 Edge and laughing as his entourage watches in awe. Then, Weezy calls his buddy and drops his phone into the fish tank as he continues the conversation.

These are both prime examples of taking humor and consumer expectations into account when designing a low-tech ad campaign that is imitable and memorable while offering advertisers bang for their buck.

Save the Tech and the Trees

Sometimes the simplest details, those that really define the ethos of a company, get thrown out the window when developing an ad campaign. But sometimes good advertising comes down to clever and honest verbiage as well as open and honest communication.

@Issue, the online journal of business and design, cites a dramatically simple and humorous collection cup that is strapped to a tree to gather donations for the Oro Verde Rainforest Foundation. The ad was created by a marketing-heavy hitter in Frankfurt, Germany. The handwritten cards, which were placed on 600-plus trees all over Germany, increased donations by 25 percent.

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