Pokémon Go Showing The Potential Value In Augmented Reality

It was only officially launched on 6th July, but Pokémon Go has already become a massive hit for Nintendo and its partners. The free app had added $7.5bn to Nintendo’s market valuation by the 12th July, and it has been adopted and installed by 5%...

Pokemon Go screens-970-80

Retailers Gain Foottraffic via the Success of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is the hot mobile game that has millions of people exploring locations to capture virtual Pokémon characters. The game utilizes geolocation, maps and augmented reality to provide a rich and unique experience for the players. Within a...

Socialmedia key with twitter bird icon on laptop keyboard. Included clipping path, so you can easily edit it.

APIs and New Twitter Rules: How to Grow Your Account the Right Way

APIs are application programming interfaces; basically they automate a certain level of social media interaction on your Twitter account. TweelAdder and Tweepi are two of the more popular applications used by marketers and individuals all over the...

Samsung LANdry

Samsung Creates LANdry, the First Laundromat Internet Cafe

Being a parent can be hard sometimes, especially when your children don’t help around the house. Samsung decided to help out the parents by creating a unique laundromat. To encourage kids to do their dirty laundry, Samsung and DDB Stockholm...


Old Spice Just Created Their Weirdest Commercial To Date

Old Spice has a very interesting and effective approach to marketing, be weird. They have spokespeople such as Terry Crews flexing and creating a nice beat to men riding unicorns while wearing nothing but a towel. The Old Spice marketing approach is...

Coca-Cola Happiness 360

Coca-Cola Creates 360 Degree Video Capturing Napkin Holder

Coca-Cola wanted to capture the happiness between friends so they decided to innovate a common restaurant item, the napkin holder. They partnered with Territorio Creativo in Spain to place a 360 video camera inside a napkin holder in which people...

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