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How to Form a Marketing Plan for a Successful Business

How to Form a Marketing Plan for a Successful Business

To become a successful business, you need to have a feasible marketing plan that will attract potential customers. Without it, you are stuck with whatever it is you are doing, with the hopes that it will continue to work. But if you are looking to take your business by the reigns and get as much attention as your business deserves, you can create a marketing plan that will attract many more customers and potential clients. Here are some tips on how to form a marketing plan for a successful business.

Set Your Goals

If you have no destination in mind, then you’ll never know where to set your sails. When you begin a marketing plan, it is important to set attainable goals that will give your business an idea of where you want to be, and also keep you motivated during the process. With your marketing plan goals, you should specifically state exactly what it is that you are trying to market, and who you should market it to. Defining these few elements can help form a marketing plan much easier than not having any idea of where it is you want to be. Make sure everyone you work with understands the goals and is as motivated as you are in achieving them.

Budget Your Plan

Marketing should be a valuable part of your business. That said, it deserves money to be spent on it and should be considered just as valuable as other elements that make up your business. However, its important not to throw money into marketing that won’t work. If you put all of your money into marketing that no one will hear or see, your money would be spent better elsewhere. Make sure that you know how much money to spend, and where to spend it when marketing. Come up with a variety of ideas and choose the one best for your company.

Innovative Marketing Techniques

With the advancement of technology, there is always something new and exciting that a business can implement to set themselves apart from other companies. This includes social media integration, SEO services, pay-per-click marketing and more. There are ways to get images for your company and present a marketing plan with resourses like infographic world. A well-created image will be able to generate interest and provide detailed information that other marketing techniques cannot comply with. Being aware of technology and the possible elements around you will certainly help with a marketing plan.

Accountable Actions

When you make a marketing plan, be sure that everyone in your business is aware of what their responsibilities are and how they can help. Your team must be accountable for the things that they do, the time line in place, and the results that are expected. Having this accountability for your team will organize everything much more clearly, which will have long-lasting results for your marketing plan.

Marketing is one of the most valuable parts of any business. But in order to maximize your efforts, it has to be done right. Keep in mind the tips on this list on how to form a marketing plan for a successful business and you will stay on the right path to attract your customers.

Author: Brooke Chaplan

Go Viral with Your Content by Making It Shareable

Giving content appropriate framework is one of the most significant we can do because the more framework we have in our content, the free it becomes. Most of the time, organized content’s categories and sections allow for the content’s demonstration on several different systems.

By splitting content down to its natural elements, we ensure present and upcoming interface will show in a variety of gadgets and surroundings. Third-party Meta data schemas, such as Twitter Cards & Facebook Open Graph Protocol, are based on this ideology.

Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol (OG), creates on the idea of interface by way of properly splitting down content into sections, but from a platform-specific perspective. Twitter also came out with a Meta data plan of its own, known as Tweet Cards. These Meta data methods provide a similar function to provide a better consumer experience around content distributed on public systems.

Generally, OG & Twitter Cards are distinct places of Meta data. Certain public systems look at that Meta data and show areas of it as appropriate. On Twitter, you may find summaries of information articles or pictures in your feed. On Facebook, OG most clearly exhibits itself in the picture, headline, and information on a distributed website.

People discussing things

We discuss what we see online. Some users duplicate the URL into an e-mail. Some take out a print and email it with a seal. And a large number of users use their preferred public networks: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. If you discuss a web link via e-mail, you will probably provide a bit of perspective so they will know what exactly is what. A single, unwanted URL in an email without perspective increases all kinds of spam and rubbish reasons. Content manufacturers do not have much impact in this field. We cannot bring along web page Meta data when someone duplicates a URL in an empty e-mail.

Sharing of Requirements

When Facebook desired to set up a conventional way for inhabiting those little shared-content containers that show up in our online community feeds, they did it in an open fashion. Facebook designed this convention for its own use for the level of complexes and features that Facebook needed. However, other systems, like Google+ & LinkedIn, fill their content-sharing containers with OG Meta data.

Facebook, MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn all look to OG when working with distributed content; but the lack of it, means these public systems will eventually take whatever they can get in terms of Meta data.

Twitter Cards serve the unique purpose of offering an encounter in Tweets and its reinforced applications only. The minimal variance between OG & Twitter Cards is in display needs & content. Twitter’s unique atmosphere of discussing via retweets lead to some attribution problems. Twitter Cards formally set up and protect the content authorship with devoted areas in the Twitter Card Meta data schema. Wisely, Twitter designed its own Meta data schema to maintain equality with other social systems.

Content makers and online marketers who integrate the Twitter Cards schema can now provide a better shared-content review. Twitter Cards allow users video and audio without escaping the Twitter atmosphere. So now individuals may stick around on Twitter for a longer duration, which it would definitely like.

Forever Content Areas

For the benefit of performance, it’s best to apply fundamentals and provide support for the content types and kinds you plan to post. Both Twitter Cards & OG provide an in-platform demonstration of distributed content likewise:

  • Articles get a written text conclusion and a small picture preview
  • Audio information gets a sound player
  • Video segments get the video clip player
  • Images get a bigger picture preview

OG designers designed several predetermined content like video clips, soundtracks, websites, etc. each one with its own Meta qualities. When the item type is a sound file or a movie, the Meta data affiliates it with an appropriate player. This list of features provides an overview of each of the Meta tags for a particular article:

Meta Tags

A similar protocol can be found in the Twitter Cards, with properties meant for images, audio, video & articles. Twitter Card Meta data with content of an article type looks as given below:

Twitter card Meta data

Content could be attributed to the Twitter handle or an organization with the help of an optional Twitter card as follows:

Twitter handler

Developing the Content: Concentrate and Pack

Meta data is a kind of content, too. It is subject to similar governance methods, workflow & protocol already being in place. It should assist the primary message(s) associated with the site. These Meta data schemas belonging to third parties have some real restrictions also.

Limits within the field

Certain areas have viewing constraints on different gadgets, particularly the fields which are descriptive. When composing these explanations, it should be less than or equal to 160 characters.

Selection of an Image

Effective pictures can make the distinction between a buddy preventing or simply clicking a web link on her information feeds. Picture recommendations for an article-type webpage in the OG is fairly straightforward: 200×200px being the lowest size with the highest aspect ratio of 3:1. However, an image in a square form allows best space usage. Twitter cards can actually re-size a 120×120px image, which is secure enough to use as your og:image.

Message Spreading

As you concentrate your concept on the site, concentrate that concept in the Meta data. If you have designed a web page with only one concept, the information should come fairly easily. If not, focus on and make sure that the concept is reliable. If a web page has four key factors, concentrate on only one. The headline, information and pictures should all go to the point you wish to display.

Business Flow and Execution Transforming into Training

Adding Twitter Cards & OG to the already current web pages might be a bit more difficult than integrating them completely with new content. This is especially important when you have countless number of web pages.

A phased strategy offers reliability across the online existence, while enabling developments. Concentrate on placing things on to high-impact resources already seeing powerful discussing activity. Then, fulfill lowest requirements on others. Though most web pages on a website are officially shareable, there wouldn’t be actual discussion of them. Focus on improving your “Contact Us” web page for discussing. Your existing web page types should be mapped to meta-data divisions related to third party:

Pages shared frequently

Pages assisting effective strategies, websites, and product web pages and web pages with high information and traffic.

  • Requires most resources & time.
  • Feedback from topic professionals helps in creating a Meta data which is page specific. Write it with the same severity as other promotional material.
  • Use unique headings, explanations and pictures.

Pages shared infrequently

Transactional, adjusting or routing web pages.

  • Intensive on fewer resources.
  • Create Meta data material which is a topic or section specific to provide appropriate details.
  • Use particular headings and explanations across web pages which are section specific but have common pictures.

Pages Not Meant for Sharing

  • Include site map, legal disclosure & contact.
  • Simplest to maintain & having less resource impact.
  • Create a common Meta data material to meet lowest brand requirements.
  • Use particular headings, but common, site-wide information and common pictures.

Connect the value of these new areas to content makers and approvers, many of whom are likely devoted Facebook fans. Display them a good example of a website efficiently using OG. Then show them a website not having OG at all. Possibilities are, they will get it all in a right sense. An obvious knowledge of the uses of organized content sections will provide them with the perspective they need to make an appropriate material.

Precautionary Motivational Words

As with any third-party connection, certain things are a little bit out of control. We’ve become accustomed to frequent changes in components, search methods, and Facebook private configurations. They are certainly disruptive. While applying third-party Meta data schemas will add to the article writing workload, that extra attempt will provide an enhanced consumer experience across several systems and gadgets, both present and future enhancements. Designing material in distinct sections with an eye on worldwide applicability and versatility is the way of getting a long run.

Alan Smith is an avid tech blogger with vast experience in various IT domains, currently associated with SPINX Inc., which offers web development, internet marketing and Web Design Services in California. Follow Alan on Google + and Twitter.

Puma Starts Inking Customers for Mothers Day Promotion

Puma partnered with Manga agency in Brazil to bring you this very permanent campaign. The team wanted to make the Mother’s day of last one something that no one would ever forget.

The challenge was to get shoppers attention to Puma stores during Mother’s day, the second best sales period in Brazil. In this special promotion, if a son bought over $250 on Puma products, they then have the chance to get inked on the spot. If they didn’t want to do it then, they were given a voucher to get a tattoo later.

The campaign increased overall sales by 27% and 820 moms were honored forever by tattoos.

The MINI Roller Coaster

Here is a fun campaign from MINI in which they converted 3 MINIs into roller coaster carts. They then took to the streets of Toronto, pretending as if they were riding on a roller coaster.

The campaign initially started as a fun experiential campaign; however, the team liked the concept so much t hat they put production dollars behind it to film a video to share online.

The campaign got some good reactions as onlookers took out their phones to take pictures and capture the stunt.

Learn more at http://www.NOTNORMAL.ca

Be sure to check out the making of video for an exclusive look on how they did this campaign!

Making of Video

MINI Roller Coaster 2 MINI Roller Coaster

Skoda Gets People Talking by Transforming a Car into a Hostel

Proximity Russia and Skoda created a very unique accommodation in Moscow during the cultural season. The team converted the Skoda Fabia into a comfortable hostel room outfitted with a double bed, pillows, wifi, and even towels you’d want to steal. The ‘hostel’ was placed at “Izmaiolovo Park”, one of the most pleasant parks in the city. Don’t worry, they also had a bathroom next to the vehicle.

They then listed the accommodation on Tripping.com as a free hostel, and users could book it online and spend one night there. The only payment accepted were likes, tweets and shares.

The best part was that guests could also take the car for a ride around the city. This showed that the car had plenty of space and also got the person behind the wheel for a test drive.



Proximity Russia
Luis Tauffer – Creative Director
Andres Vergara – Creative Director
Luis Tauffer – Art Director
Ivan Malakhov – Art Director
Polina Zabrodskaya – Copywriter
Ilya Andreyev – Creative Technologist
Natalia Ten – Client Services Director
Julia Bogdanovich – Managing Director
Oleg Malyutin – Group Account Director
Valery Gorokhov – Producer
Giuliana Giora – Producer
Production Company E:mg, Hype Production, Lógico Music, All Awards, Goudron Music Factory, Guto Chicanelli

Skoda Hostel Skoda Hostel 2 Skoda Hostel 3

Milka Chocolate Bars Now Missing Square In New Campaign

Milka is shortchanging customers in their latest campaign in which Milka chocolate packages are now missing a square of chocolate.

With the help of Buzzman, the team created this new campaign that puts the generosity of Europe to the test.  They took a square out of over 13 million Milka Chocolate bars and are giving people the chance to claim their square or send it to someone else.

When you open the packaging, you’ll notice the missing chocolate square in which there is only a code. The code can be entered online to either claim the missing chocolate or it also gives you the ability to send it to someone else along with a personal message. The campaign promotes Milka’s brand message, “Dare to be tender.”

So it begs the question, would you buy a chocolate bar with the last square missing? Let us know in the comments below!

Campaign Website: www.lederniercarre.fr (no longer online)





Client: Mondelez International — Milka
– Directrice Marketing Tablettes de chocolat : Anne-Lise Favet-Richard
– Senior Brand Manager Milka : Marie Delpit
– Brand Manager Innovation Milka : Sophie Squillaci, Violaine D’Aillières

– Creative Director : Georges Mohammed-Chérif
– General Manager : Thomas Granger
– Agency Managers : Julien Levilain, Antoine Ferrari, Loïc Coelho
– Copywriter : Miguel Durao
– Art Direction : Clément Séchet, Daniel Evans
– Strategic Planning : Renaud Berthe
– TV Producer : Vanessa Barbel, Elodie Poupeau, Yoann Morin
– Director : Zoé Fisher
– Film Production : GOOD PH
– Digital Producers : Laurent Marcus, François Cavallin

Using Twitter and other Social Media to Grow Your Blog Presence

Being a full-time blogger, with daily deadlines, audience outreach and commenters to placate, can be a full-time job for many writers. And that blogging job may be on top of other bill-paying jobs held by the blogger.

If you’re a blogger, you should be looking for more efficient ways to grow your blog, your readership, and your ad dollars. Combine your best efforts with a basic knowledge of search engine optimization and, within months, you will see some growth. [To learn a bit about SEO and blogging, check out this Gravitate list of top SEO blogs, which includes great insights from top tech bloggers from site like Moz.com, Social Media Examiner and the iAcquire blog.]

Social media for bloggers

Social media plays a big part in the success of many key bloggers today. Writing good content, shooting a companion video and promoting this content across social media channels has helped lift up the sites like Problogger.net, Heidi Cohen and others. Many successful bloggers swear by the continuous use of social media outlets to further their cause and grow their online influence.

Building your online influence has become a key part of any serious blogger’s game. Accomplishing that comes in distinct parts:

  • Blogging on a popular topic with insightful content.
  • Understanding your target audience, growing your referrals and building relationships.
  • Promoting your ideas, your work, your writing and your results.

Promotion in Practice

Promoting yourself is crucial in today’s mobile-connected world. That means using social media. Growing an online network and consistently putting good content into that readership’s eyes and ears can make all the difference for your blog’s success.

Let’s presume you’ve gone online and filled out all your relevant online profiles. Make sure they are consistent with one another — there is value in consistency. Strive to tell one blog brand story. If you’re a environmental news blogger, stick to that. Try not to branch out into other blogging areas; it may dilute your main efforts.

Twitter and Facebook will be the most prominent when promoting your blog, but there is also search value in Google’s social site, Google +, and its video sharing service YouTube. Let’s look at how these sites can help build your blog presence.


Twitter allows you to use your copywriting skills to come up with short catch-phrases to share your content. Using 140 characters or less can help sharpen your brain to nail down your blog content in several well-placed tweets. If you’re blogging about Italian food, try use searchable hashtags like #italianfood or #italianmeal to help fellow Twitter users find your posts easily and those will lead back to your blog content. Bloggers can even set up automatic Twitter posts to your LinkedIn site, and vice versa, in order to build your ‘expert credibility’ at that professional business site.


Once you’ve written your blog post, you can drop it into your daily Facebook status box, with the URL, and it will show the image on your blog post. Once it’s on your Facebook timeline, you can share it around the web to friends and professional networks. Ask friends to send your blog post shares to their networks if they find value in your work. Never underestimate how willing people will be to share your content, if you only ask.

Google +

As mentioned above, your blog should have valuable, insightful and unique content that doesn’t just copy what’s already out there. There are instances of Google penalizing some bloggers who misuse the work of their blog. If you have new and great content every day, you should start posting the URLs on Google +. Posts on Google + go a long way toward establishing your blogging credibility, and can help to raise your profile on the almighty Google search engine.


Are you comfortable using video? If you have a pleasant video manner, and can film and edit a minute-long clip to add to your blog content, then that makes your content more original and more appealing to readers. Add a short summary or focus on another area of the posts that you didn’t get to write about, and post the clip on YouTube. Then you can embed the clip into your blog post as a visual aid to your blog. Readers will likely enjoy the extra effort you made to get good quality content to them.

These tools take time to get comfortable with and may suck up a bit of time in the beginning. But as you go along, you’ll find that their consistent use will pay dividends down the line in terms of readers, advertisers and online influence.

18 Amazing Street Art Murals By DALeast

I recently discovered of DALeast while researching for street art. DALeast has a very unique style in which he creates creatures and sceneries from what looks like a bunch of ribbons and wires. It almost appears as if each of the creatures is decaying. It’s quite bizarre, yet so interesting!

DALeast was born in 1984 in China and his work has appeared in several exhibitions throughout the world. He currently lives and works in Capetown, South Africa.

You can learn more about him in his interview with ArrestedMotion or in his feature in Dailymail.

Image Credits: DALeast

The Booming, Bankable and Bizarre World of Groupon

“Social Coupon” sites have revolutionized couponing, e-commerce and business itself in the past few years. Millions of people have spent billions of dollars on e-coupons, proving a cash-cow for countless businesses. There are hundreds of social coupon sites including Goldstar, Gizmodo and LivingSocial, but the granddaddy and reigning king of them all is Groupon.

They’ve been enormously successful- thousands upon thousands of businesses have taken advantage of their service. They’re also a notably quirky business begun by a notably quirky and controversial CEO. So perhaps it’s no surprise that among those thousands of Groupons, there have been some really strange ones. Here’s a selection of the weirdest ones I found.

I Want to Draw a Cat for You!

Have you ever felt like what’s missing from your life is an illustration of a cat passing gas or riding in a pirate ship while wearing glasses? If so- illustrator Steve Gadlin is your man. A little while back Gadlin offered to draw said cat for you, to your specifications, for $3 rather than $10.

Touring the Titanic and a Signed Titanic DVD From… Not Leonardo DiCaprio!

If you’re into the Titanic and the movie that I guess was made about the Titanic called Titanic (I can’t remembering hearing anything about it), but don’t really feel like you’re prepared to own a Titanic DVD that’s actually signed by the movie’s star- have I got a deal for you! (Well, Groupon had the deal, not me.) Originally $59,680, the Groupon gave one lucky soul the opportunity to take a 13 day, Titanic-exploring ocean voyage for only $12,500 dollars. The icing on the cake: that person gets a Titanic DVD signed by Leo impersonator Frank Lloyd Roberts. Sweet.

Cheap, High-Quality Surgeries!

That’s right- Groupon is a wealth of great deals on elective surgeries. While the potential recipient of breast augmentation, facelift or liposuction would perhaps be wise to question the merits of… discount surgery, if you really need a chemical peel and are looking for rock-bottom prices, there you go. There are actually way too many surgery deals to cite here, however, probably the scariest one I encountered was the discount circumcision. Ouch, fellas.

Jeffrey Dahmer Tours!

Speaking of scary- a couple enterprising souls in Milwaukee set up authentic tours of nightmarish serial killer Jeffery Dahmer’s old stomping grounds, including bars where he found victims. These 90 minutes tours seemed very reasonably priced at $25 dollars (down from $60). The families of Dahmer’s victims were less impressed and pressured the deal out of business after 15 purchases.

Professional Tucking In with Bonus Lullaby

At least four citizens of Chicago took advantage of Ben Kobold’s special to be tucked into bed courtesy of Mr. Kobold’s (according to the Groupon) eminently capable and exquisitely suited-for-the-task hands. But that’s not all. For the low, low price of only $100, they were allowed to choose one lullaby from among the five that Ben had written for the occasion.

Salt Air Breathing for an Hour!

You know what’s really good for you? Breathing in really salty air. At least so says many Europeans. Taking cues from those Europeans, one savvy salt-air-breathing spa dropped their $65 dollar session down to only $18 for Groupon devotees. (It seems like about 95% of Groupon deals were originally $65.)

Money to Name Your Child!

As a presumable marketing gimmick, Groupon itself offered to pay someone $1000 to name their child. Wait, no. Groupon offered to have someone pay them $1000 (originally a $1000 value) for the opportunity to have Groupon name their child. What was this secret name they’d bestow? Wait. It wasn’t secret. The name was “Clembough”. So you get to pay $1000 to Groupon so that they name your child something sort of weird, even though you’re perfectly capable of naming your child “Clembough” for free (minus the therapy bills later in Clembaugh’s life). Once again- sweet.

Tour the Sets of Several Porn Movies!

“Kink” is the world’s largest producer and distributor of fetish pornography, with an SMBD focus. For $28, down from $65 of course, two people could tour all five floors of Kink’s headquarters in San Francisco’s historic Armory Building. Those tours included sets, production rooms and equipment and what is likely the world’s most disturbing prop rooms. Anti-pornography groups were not amused. But then again- how often are they?

Annie Harrington is a small business owner and freelance writer. In her free time she enjoys writing about small business and business in general, e-commerce, thrift, Vistaprint coupons, and anything else she finds interesting.

23 Spectacular Examples of Street Art for 2013

Street art can be used in guerrilla marketing campaigns by creating a spectacular mural that is both artistic in form and slightly promotional. By introducing your product or service in this fun manner, it has a possibility if getting a lot of attention from people walking by and buzz in online media.

Below are 23 spectacular examples of street art. Be sure to let us know which one is your favorite by commenting below or by sharing your favorite using Pinterest.

Enjoy this post? You might like our other post: 50 Phenomenal Examples of Street Art for 2012


Street Art by ETAM CRU in Lodz, Poland 1





Street Art in Vilnius, Lithuania



Street Art by ROA at Los Muros Hablan in San Juan, Puerto Rico 1


Street Art by A'SHOP at Mural Festival in Montreal, Canada


By Wes21 in Biel, Switerland




By DALeast in London, UK 1


By Dome in Karlsruhe, Germany


Street Art by DALeast in Los Angeles, USA


Street Art by David Walker at the Sliema Street Art Festival. Photo by Asperholm Productions in Sliema, Maltas


Street Art by Seth in Paris, France 645757


Street Art by L7m 1


Street Art by 0331C


6 Essential Steps To Become A Better Social Media Marketer

What is the most shocking is how bad some people are at social media marketing. What is shocking is just how much time they spend putting effort into their social media marketing, only to find that they have no tangible results. What is even more shocking is how people seem to justify this expenditure of time with metrics that do not matter.

Many times a social media marketing executive will tell his/her manager that he/she has just gotten X-amount of people to click “like” on the Facebook fan page. He or she regards this as a good achievement, even though nothing has actually converted someone from a viewer into website traffic.

1 – Stop trying so hard

Getting hundred of “like”s on Facebook or Google+, or lots of re-tweets on Twitter is not a good thing unless it has an end goal in mind. Stop trying so hard to achieve metrics on the social media networks, and start thinking about ways to get people from social media onto your website.

Start by creating a plan of action and sticking to it. Putting in hours of time on social media and making lots of contacts is pointless if they are not converting into website attendees. Make a plan in order to get more people onto your website and stick to it. If your plan involves getting more “like”s or followers, then your plan is short sighted and doomed to failure.

2 – Use your personality and creativity

It is a social media network, which means that showing some form of personality or creativity is a good thing. You are often able to attract more traffic if your posts are laden with your own personality. Plus, you have to remember that a lot of your competition are likely to be filling their posts with dry and promotional content.

You need to fill your posts with the dry stuff, but also mix it up with creativity and personality. Just because your social media marketing is all about a business does not mean that you have to hide the fact that a person is posting the social media posts.

3 – Be controversial with a twist

Being controversial is not often a good thing when you are trying to promote a business or are trying to build a brand or online reputation. However, being controversial does often attract a lot of attention (which is a good thing). So, what you need to do is be controversial with a twist. You have to make it engaging without offending or upsetting too many people. Why not try being controversial about things that are not actually upsetting? So, you could try a post about how too many Smurfs are taking berry picking jobs away from honest hard working Americans.

4 – Post often, just so long as it is interesting

Posting often is a good way of showing that you are an active member of the social media networks. It shows that you are not all about being promotional, and shows that you are actually knee deep in online intercourse and the online dynamic. However, many marketers fall into the habit of posting dry and boring stuff, so try to keep it as interesting as possible.

Even if you are only posting about your business products, try to come at it from a different angle. Consider pictures showing your products in extreme conditions, or posts about how somebody could have done something better if they had your product in their inventory.

5 – Stop being over promotional

People use their social media profiles as if they are a billboard on the side of a highway. Being over promotional is going to scare away people who are just looking, and is going to annoy people who actually like your website and your products. As it says on the first tip above, “Stop trying so hard.” Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself what you would want to read and see on a social media profile of this nature.

6 – Take suggestions on your content

This is a tip that too few people are willing to try, but it has two benefits. The first is that it ensures that some of your posts are interesting for at least some people (i.e. the ones who suggested it). Plus, there is a chance that they speak for the silent majority, so you may have a lot of success with the posts that they suggest.

Secondly, the mere act of taking such suggestions often causes people to take notice and engage with your website. You are actually gaining their trust without them being conscious of it. Plus, if you do upload some posts based on the suggestions of your viewers, then they may return and bring their friends in order to see if you took their suggestions.

This is a guest post by Kate Funk, an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time online tutor. She coaches individuals in business networking skills at tutorleader.com.

Amstel Beer Vending Machine Rewards Customer For Doing Nothing

What would you do for free beer? Most people would be quite skeptical if a vending machine gave free beer. So what’s the catch? Well Amstel created a very unique vending machine that gave free beer to people who did nothing for 3 minutes.

This fun vending machine was placed on a street in Bulgaria to encourage people walking by to take a quick break. The person must stand on the mat and then press the start button. They would then have to stand there and do nothing for 3 minutes. After the waiting is over, the person scores a free beer! Awesome!

Not Your Typical Burial: Death of the Servers Guerrilla Campaign

Mandic Cloud Solutions decided to make an announcement to the people of Brazil by holding a very unusual funeral service.

The company decided to place several computer servers in small coffins in Brazil to promote their cloud hosting solutions. It’s an interesting campaign that is a perfect example of how a smaller company could use guerrilla tactics to promote their business.

What do you think of this small stunt? Is it disruptive enough? Let us know in the comments below!

Agency: Neelkeen

Boosting Brand Visibility With Promotional Giveaway Items

Why is brand visibility important for your business? The answer is simple – good brand visibility signifies the ability of your products/services to attract the attention of your target audience. Since we live in a world dominated by cutthroat competition, superior brand visibility will determine how well your business survives in the industry.

There are so many ways to ensure that your brand receives distinct visibility that sets it apart from others. One way is to make sure that your business has excellent visibility on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Another way is to constantly inject funds into product research so that your offering evolves and gets converted into the very best. Of course if you are a recent startup, you will find it difficult to release funds for research on a regular basis.

Let us take the example of a business in downtown Albuquerque, which had a tricky time getting their retail store noticed. They tried all the tricks in the book – from TV and radio ads to expensive billboards. But shoppers failed to turn up. They then turned to promotional merchandise and voilà, their business started to look up. The number of shoppers increased exponentially within a week. So how did they make use of promotional merchandise?

First, they got pens imprinted with their logos and had them given away along with flyers at local malls, the parish church and schools. Then they had t-shirts and backpacks customized and distributed as well. Soon the streets in Albuquerque were filled with people sporting their merchandise. Eventually, the retail store got the rightful visibility it deserved and a lot of faithful customers in the bargain.

So how much do you think this Albuquerque business spent on promotional merchandise to get their business around? Well, the answer will surprise many – their total expenditure on bags, pens and t-shirts amounted to less than thousand dollars. And they were soon earning thousands of dollars in sales every day. Since promotional items are available in bulk for very cheap, the Return on Investment (ROI) is always very high.

It’s a rewarding experience to see your logo imprinted on quality items!

Personalizing giveaway items is definitely a pleasurable experience. You get to interact with designers and marketing personnel representing the promotional product site – and they definitely know how to get their products customized to meet your branding requirements! Let’s take the example of Rae Hoffman who ordered customized t-shirts and lighters from Promo Direct. She wrote a detailed experience story on her Sugarrae blog.

Just like Rae, thousands of other business owners and representatives spend a portion of their marketing budget on giveaways. And they gain good brand visibility from them.

Giveaways – You’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety on offer!

A site like Promo Direct has thousands of giveaways arranged in easy-to-understand categories. From Apparel and Bags to Office Stationery and Writing Tools, there is a lot of offer. When you decide to go for giveaways, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind:

  1. The imprint area of the product should offer maximum visibility area for your logo so that your giveaways get noticed wherever it is used.
  2. Your giveaway should have a color that matches your branding requirements. The color you choose should keep your logo in focus. You can get in touch with the customer care and they will help you choose an ideal item better.
  3. Your giveaway must be practical in nature and long-lasting to ensure that they last for years. Everybody loves receiving freebies and they will continue using your giveaways, giving you quality visibility over the years.

Hope this article helps you choose promotional items as your ambassadors of your marketing campaign. All the best!

5 Tips For Effective Online Guerrilla Marketing

One of the goals of the modern-day online guerilla marketer is increasing exposure. There are many ways to do this of course, but some are simply more effective than others. If you want to increase your online exposure as quickly and as efficiently as possible, here are a few ideas well worth trying out.

1. Create your own group in LinkedIn

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has really come into its own as one of the most effective social networking sites around. If you are interested in getting more leads, increasing your sales and basically gaining more exposure, LinkedIn groups are quite possibly the most effective platforms for doing so.  Best of all, LinkedIn groups won’t cost you anything.

2. Host an event on LinkedIn

While we’re on the LinkedIn tip, I thought I’d throw in another related tip, just because LinkedIn is so amazingly effective. This particular social networking site is also great for hosting events and drumming up publicity. You can even utilize the group that you had already built according to the first step and get even more participants in your LinkedIn event. This method will definitely pay off in terms of generating some publicity.

3. Give away your product as a freebie

This method might go against every goal you have set in place as an online marketer, but there are actually many benefits to giving away your product for free. Of course, you really should be getting something out of it. If you can get people to comment on your blog and receive a free sample of your product as incentive, you might be surprised at how many people you can pull in.

4. Host your own webinar

One other effective way to generate interest is by holding your own webinar. Online seminars are tremendously popular nowadays, and there is considerable mileage to be gained by connecting with your audience in this manner.

Now you might be thinking that hosting a webinar costs money, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. There are actually a number of sites that provide free webinar trial packages at no cost and at no risk. If you want to keep using the service after your initial run, there are many good reasons why you should pay for a quality service. Even if you don’t want to pony up for the monthly costs later on however, the free publicity that you will get from the trial run should pay off in more ways than one.

5. Put out your own videos

For most people, videos are the new medium of the Internet world. In fact, you probably utilize them yourself. You don’t really need all that much equipment or funds either. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, a halfway decent video camera and some easily learned editing skills, it is entirely possible to come up with videos that measure up to the best of them. Furthermore, the benefits that you will get with very little effort will pay off immeasurably.

Article by Eric Pangburn

MINI Launches World’s First Hi-Res, Interactive LED Car #MINIartbeat

You might be noticing a very unique MINI driving around the streets of London. From August 5th through 19th, an illuminating new project from MINI unleashes onto the streets of London called #MINIartbeat.

MINI outfited a one-of-a-kind MINI Countryman with 48,000 LEDs that provides 360° coverage. The vehicle gives fans a chance to get their video streamed live directly onto the MINI in a one-of-a-kind spectacle.

As part of the NOT NORMAL brand campaign, the #MINIartbeat project is sure to be one that people will remember.

How It Works

MINI fans can stream their own short video on the MINI Art Beat car directly through the Facebook app, on MINI Space, or by tweeting Vine videos hashtagged #MINIartbeat – then add their customized design and beat. They then cruise down London’s buzzing streets, emblazoned upon the surface of this one-off, dynamic automobile – and finally, receive a custom clip as a takeaway.

Find out more via MINI’s Facebook page.

View more MINI Art Beat videos here: youtube.com/user/MINIartbeat/videos

Behind-the-scenes of the #MINIartbeat

The team took a MINI Countryman and wrapped it in 48,000 LEDs. Each strip was attached using a variety of application methods, ranging from Velcro to magnets. The custom car wrap and technology was provided by the team at TAIT. Editors also sit in a separate camera car live-cutting the MINI Art Beat photos and videos into complete clips.

MINI Art Beat

MINI Art Beat

MINI Art Beat

MINI Art Beat

MINI Art Beat

Image vis MINI Facebook & MINI Space

Coca-Cola Creates Personalized Billboards in Isreal

Coca-Cola decided to get personal in Israel with their “Personalized Road” billboard. It’s a campaign where they bought ad space on a popular strip of billboards and customized them to display a person’s name when they drove under it.

It works if the driver connects to the special mobile app that uses geo-fencing to detect if the driver is near. If so, their name will be displayed on big light on the billboard.

What do you think? Would it be enough for your to download the app?

Kenya Bucket List #FirstWorldProblems

What’s on your bucket list? For Nkaitole, a 4-year-old Maasai boy from Kenya, it’s the little things such as seeing the ocean, getting his first kiss and flying in an airplane.

DDB New York and the clean-water organization WATERisLIFE partnered to create this wonderful campaign video as part of WATERisLIFE’s on-going #FirstWorldProblems campaign.

The “Kenya Bucket List” video is a heart-wrenching video of a young boy trying to tackle his bucket list as simple things such as clean water isn’t a luxury in the village he grew up in.

This is a truly wonderful campaign that I’m sure will be quite successful. What do you think?

Donate to help bring clean water to Nkaitole and other children like him. http://www.waterislife.com/



Campaign Title: Kenya Bucket List
Agency: DDB New York
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood
Executive Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Group Creative Director: Andrew McKechnie
Creative Director: Julia Neumann
Art Director: Sam Shepherd, Donna Kwon
Copywriter: Frank Cartagena, Kevin Meagher
Head of Design: Juan Carlos Pagan
Designer: Brian Gartside
Head of Production: Ed Zazzera
Director/Editor: Alec Helm
Producer: Nina Horowitz
Business Manager: Lynda Blaney-Smith
Color correction: Nice Shoes
Music: Singing Serpent

Social Media Marketing Lessons from Memorable Campaigns

If your business isn’t connected with social media, you may as well be invisible. What used to be true for the website and blog is now true of social media accounts. Some might say it’s “publish, or perish.” Social media offers businesses an extremely affordable and user-friendly means of promoting themselves, building their brand identity and generating goodwill among users all over the world.

Taking Marketing Beyond the Ordinary

However, with so many businesses making use of social media, it’s not enough just to set up an account and post generic items once or twice a week. Social media marketing offers far more potential than that, and businesses have been stepping up their game, pushing the envelope and taking social media marketing to innovative and memorable places.

Fortunately, if you’re stuck in a bland and unexciting pattern with your social media campaign, there are avenues of assistance available. If you run a sports-themed bar, restaurant or similar establishment, DirecTV (available through Direct.tv) offers a DirecTV MVP Marketing Program with subscriptions. This program includes free marketing tools and support to help drive more traffic to your business. You’ll receive a kit that includes a customized merchandising and advertising website, access to the exclusive Sports Bar Finder mobile phone app, and acknowledgment of your establishment’s DirecTV subscription within the top online city guides for your area.

There’s also plenty of inspiration to be found in existing online social media success stories. Here are some of 2013’s best examples of how to use social media in creative, innovative and wildly effective ways:

New Ford Explorer Reveal

The Ford company employed an elaborate scavenger hunt to reveal the new Ford Explorer. Multiple social media accounts were utilized and the result was an immense amount of buzz and hype generated with social media users. The company benefited greatly from all of the attention, and the Explorer’s image as a hip and desirable SUV was enhanced.


Likes: 242,000+

The Kohl’s Cares Program

Kohl’s Department Stores created a social media campaign asking users to help them decide how to dispense millions of charity dollars to schools in need. The company received a landslide of Likes and has banked loads of goodwill in the process.


Likes: 10.5 million


Remember the 2013 Super Bowl blackout? Oreo riffed on it in a timely and provocative way by posting a single image with the text, “You can still dunk in the dark.” The post quickly went viral and garnered loads of likes and publicity for the beloved cookie.


Likes: Over 34 million

From Social Media to Multi-Media

As powerful as social media marketing can be, Ad Age magazine has reported that the most potent approach is actually a combination of media. Companies using campaigns that integrate both TV and social media seem to pack the most punch. Teens and young adults, especially, are consuming their media via multiple screens at once. More often than not, their laptop is open, the TV is on and their smartphone is within reach. Integrating social marketing with all media looks to be the next frontier of marketing, and the businesses that are able to master this will likely be the ones to watch going forward.

Creative Commons image by trekkyandy

Coca-Cola: The Wearable Movie

Coca-Cola keeps spreading smiles and happiness across the world. This time they created a wearable movie in which they printed several hundred movie keyframes on t-shirts and sent them to people all over the world. All they had to do was take a photo wearing the tshirt and send it in. They were also encouraged to tag themself in the photo and share it on Facebook.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, New York

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