Virgin Mobile Poland HiJacks iPhone 6 Launch

iPhone HiJack for Virgin Mobile Poland

Virgin Mobile Poland HiJacks iPhone 6 Launch

Apple always comes out with a big bang whenever they launch their latest products and is considered one of the biggest tech events of the year. This year Apple released their iPhone 6s phone and, as usual, it was supposed to be available in Poland weeks after it was in stores in other countries. Virgin Mobile wanted to use this time as an opportunity.

They ended up buying one of the first few iPhone 6s phones at a store in the USA and then had it shipped to Poland to offer as a contest prize.

They then used Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Dub Smash in a very fun way…

Amnesty International Sends People Tear Gas Scented Candles

In the past 2 years, the Turkish police have resorted into disproportionate force in social protests. There have been cases of severe injury and in some cases, death.

Recently, the feeling and impact of these social protests have decreased, so Amnesty International wanted to remind the people of what happened so it would not occur again. To bring back the feelings of the protests, they actually created tear gas scented candles to remind people of what it felt like during those times.

Amnesty International Sends People Tear Gas Scented Candles Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: 4129Grey, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Gorkem Yegin Mert
Creatives: Tolga Tuncel, Caglar Kurtaran, Bora Baskan, Burcu Gunister
Agency Producer: Selim Ipek
Brand Manager: Esra Ulusoy
Published: May 2015

Burger King Goes Back to The Future With Hovertray

Burger King Goes Back to The Future With Hovertray

Burger King seems to be a  ‘Back to The Future’ fan, which led them to a proper celebration for the ‘Back to The Future’ day.

Every ‘Back to The Future’ fan celebrated the arrival of the day that the future turned into present, with October 21st being full of references to the popular movie. Burger King and the French advertising agency Buzzman have decided to take it to the next level by creating a video, inspired by ‘Back to The Future’.

Burger King Goes Back to The Future With Hovertray Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The idea was to solve the problem of finding seats when visiting a Burger King store, with the solution being provided in the most creative way! In the video there are two customers that try to find a seat to eat their meals, when they realise that they don’t actually need them, as their tray, the so-called Hovertray, defies the laws of gravity. This way, they don’t need to worry about finding a seat or carrying the tray anymore, leaving to them the task to simply enjoy their meals. The impressed customers try to believe what they just experienced (and the viewers are probably already wondering whether this is actually real), when a customer mentions the possibility of actually having a seat, which makes the Hovetray pointless.

Burger King Goes Back to The Future With Hovertray Guerrilla Marketing Photo

That’s when the voiceover adds that it may be totally pointless when you have a seat, but yet, it’s cool! And that’s the whole concept of the video. It was made as a fresh and funny reference to the ‘Back to the Future’ trend of the past weeks, in a cool way that still acknowledges the humorous element, creating an entertaining and cool video.

In case you’re wondering, there are no plans for a Hovertray from Burger King, although many customers would love to have one! However, the video was considered successful, as it created buzz, it led to more than 100.000 views in a week, and it proved that Burger King France, along with Buzzman, know how to stay relevant and create the right video for the right moment.

And that’s exactly what is needed for a successful video campaign!


Advertising Agency: Buzzman, Paris, France
Production Company: Les Improductibles
Director: Romain Quirot
Creatives: Louis Audard, Tristan Daltroff

Working on Wording Why Your Online Coupons Aren't Taking Off

Working on Wording: Why Your Online Coupons Aren’t Taking Off

If you have an e-commerce business, generating a buzz to get traffic to your site is key to compete with the thousands of retailers offering similar products. While coupons and other promotional offers might take away from the profits you earn on the sale of a single item, they are two of the most effective ways to build your online reputation and to direct organic traffic to your site. If you’ve been pushing coupons for particular items or specific dates, you expect sales to skyrocket and your revenue to grow. Unfortunately, if you aren’t creating the right deals or wording the offers properly, your coupons might not be taking off. Here are some valuable tips when using deals to drive up conversions.

Choosing the Appropriate Type of Offer Based on Your Goal

There are a variety of different types of offers you can advertise. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing an offer without thinking about your goals or your target market. If you’re selling small items that cost little to ship, your free shipping codes are more than likely useless. You can, however, offer a percentage off discount on older products to move them quickly, and liquidate merchandise to make room for newer items. Even turning outdated items into free gifts with the right coupon code can help you meet revenue goals, drive sales, and liquidate your shelves.

Be As Clear and Direct As Possible

When you are shopping at a retail location, you will notice that the coupon offers are extremely direct and specific in the wording. Since we are living in the age of the coupon, it’s crucial you are clear and direct with what the customer can expect. You will need to specify how much of a discount is being offered, what types of products are included or excluded from the offer, and when the offer expires.
If there’s any type of action that must be taken before the consumer is eligible, it should be written clearly in the offer. For example, if the customer might sign up for your newsletter before receiving the coupon code, make this clear, or you could damage your reputation and make doing business confusing for everyone involved.

Decide How to Distribute the Coupon for the Biggest Reach

A coupon can only really do the trick if it can be found and then used. For online businesses, distribution might involve publishing the offers through major sites or coupon circulars. For example, you can find some of the biggest choice of promo codes and coupons for Target on sites like discountrue. Online stores should also take advertise of social media platforms, banners, blogs, and by sending offers through email lists or use local distribution sites like Craigslist. Think about where the offer will be seen and who by, and then try the channel that is the best fit.

It’s extremely important to measure redemption to see which offers are working and which aren’t. Once you use the data, you can start to learn what’s going to drive sales. This will help you connect with clients in the future so you can increase revenues and build loyalty in your audience.


5 Business Blogging Mistakes to Look Out For

For many businesses, blogging has become a vital element of their overall marketing strategy. Having a business blog can help attract more traffic to your site, thus making your site more visible on Google. In addition, blogging gives you a chance of sharing your expertise, thus positioning you as an authority in your industry. It also offers a great opportunity for connecting with your followers, industry experts and other bloggers.

However, for a business blog to be successful, the following mistakes need to be avoided:

1. Not having a business blog

The biggest mistake you can ever make is not to have a blog for your business. Or starting one and then quitting along the way. It is true that starting and running a blog is not easy. You will require a lot of creativity, perseverance and enthusiasm. Writing the perfect blog post will mean investing a significant amount of time studying your business and industry in order to create meaningful content. In addition, you will need to take time to promote your blog. However, though your blogging efforts might not produce any results immediately, you will enjoy the fruits eventually if you stick to it.

2. Being too formal

Whatever you do, don’t take your business blogging too seriously. If your content contains too much corporate jargon, you are likely to lose the attention of your readers. Therefore, put some life and personality into your writing. Use your blog to show that your business is not just a faceless entity but a group of people that is interested in helping others. Share some photos and personal details of some of your employees. Don’t forget to inject some humor into your content. Once your customers and prospects feel a connection with your company, it will be easier for them to make purchasing decisions.   

3. Selling incessantly

Just because you are running a business blog does not mean that you should always be pitching your visitors. Don’t make the mistake of constantly bombarding your audience with information about your products or services. Instead, find out what problems your customers or prospects are facing and offer advice. Read other blogs in your niche to find out what kind of business topics elicit the highest response. You can then write on related topics for your own blog. Once in a while, you could mention how your customers and prospects could benefit from using your products and services.

4. Not using images

When it comes to effective blogging, images are very important. Images make it easier for readers to understand and remember the ideas presented in your text. Besides, images will capture the attention of your blog visitors and enhance their chances of reading the content. You could post images showing how your products are made or how they work. If you want to give instructions, an infographic can be very effective. You could also decide to use cartoons or memes to inject some fun into your posts.

5. Failing to measure results

People start business blogs for different reasons. For example, some people want to grow brand awareness while others want to increase their email subscribers. Whatever your reasons, you need to monitor the results of your blogging efforts constantly. If you don’t, you will never know how well you are performing. Therefore, take time to study the analytics of your blog to find out what works and what you need to improve.   

Charles Mburugu is a webpreneur who writes for TechBlogKe. You can follow him on Twitter @techblogke

The North Face Creates The Most Realistic ‘Virtual Reality’ Experience…EVER

The North Face wanted to create a lasting impression and give people coming into the store a virtual experience of the south pole. The team used Oculus Rift VR headsets to give the participant the experience of being pulled by sled dogs. Little did they know, they would be in for a real treat.

After awhile, the store employees would take off the headset and the participant would actually get pulled by real sled dogs through a fun course through the mall where they could grab some merchandise. The North Face team partnered with Korea’s national dog sledding team to give a more authentic experience.

The North Face Creates The Most Realistic Virtual Reality Experience...EVER Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: INNORED, Seoul, South Korea
Published: October 2015

Gatorade Inspires You to Keep Active with This Amazing Reward System

As we near the end of the year, people start thinking of their new year resolutions. Most of them will include some sort of fitness or health goal. Unfortunately, according to government statistics, 73% of people will drop out of any sports related activity within 6 weeks of the new year.

Gatorade wanted to put a stop to the drop off and inspire people to become sponsored athletes. By downloading their smartphone app and connecting your fitness devices, you could start earning points. As you get more and more points, you could start earning rewards like free music, concert tickets and more. They even have a team setting where you can get your friends to join the fun as well and combine points for even cooler rewards.


Advertising Agency: DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Creative Directors: Andrea Jaccarino, Michele Picci, Emanuele Viora
Senior Art Director: Vittorio Perotti
Senior Copywriter: Dario Lo Nardo
Designer: Vittorio Perotti
Web Designer: Luca Torresan
Planner: Corinna Bonfanti
Group Account Director: Daria D’Angelo
Senior Account Executive: Lucia Scaffardi
UX, Front-end Developer: Vincenzo Radice
Web Developer: Filippo Sarzana
Head of Project Manager: Alessandro Peroncini
Project Managers: Francesco Loprete, Alessandro Musciolà
Head of Broadcast: Alessandro Pancotti
Producer: Melina Mignani
Editor: Federico Maccagni

Car Insurance Company Gets New Customers In Bold Marketing Campaign

It’s getting harder and harder to breath in Georgia due to polluting cars. People are reluctant to get their cars serviced and practice eco-friendly driving. GPI Holdings decided to take action by creating a fake law enforcement agency and spread rumors that the government would start taxing the air they breath.

The campaign got picked up by several news sources which made the story even more believable. The campaign received 152 media appearances, over 65,000 page visits, a 400% sales increase, and led to 25% more customers.


Advertising Agency: Leavingstone, Tbilisi, Georgia
Creative Directors: Levan Lepsveridze, Giorgi Avaliani
Executive Producer: Natia Gogia
Art Director: Ia Darakhvelidze
Strategic Planner: Salome Zhvania
Digital Director: Vakho Vakhtangishvili
Web Developer: Giorgi Maisuradze
Web Designer: Oto Prangishvili
Digital Advertiser: Pavle Gabritchidze
Published: April 2015


Is Facebook Advertising A Worthwhile Investment?

Since the launch of Facebook, business owners have been using the social network as an integral part of their online advertising campaigns. Of course, Facebook were quick to notice and have been keen to cash in on it ever since. Over the years business owners have increasingly been pushed towards spending money on Facebook ads rather than using their Facebook page for free, but are these ads really worth it? Let’s take a closer look.

What Are You Actually Paying For?

Facebook are making it more and more difficult for small business owners to reach their audience without paying. There are several different advertising options to choose from on Facebook. Each of these advertising options offers something slightly different as we will explore below.

  1. Promoting Individual Posts – If your end goal is to get some new likes for your page and increase engagement, then you might be looking at promoted posts. These are not only shown to your existing followers, but also their friends. It is a great way to publicize an upcoming event or a special offer.
  2. Promoting A Facebook Page – The latest type of Facebook ads are the ones which promote your Facebook page and will encourage users who are not already fans to like your page. You can target the ad to those with a specific interest or from a particular geographical location.
  3. Creating An Advert – This is the standard type of advert that most of us are used to working with. They are formatted in much the same way as any other type of display add and are most commonly used to get people to visit an external web page.
  4. Sponsored Stories – These are ads that appear in news feeds and will be shown to friends of those already liking your page. Since the ad shares which of the viewers friends like your page it is almost like their friends are endorsing you!

How Worthwhile  Are These Facebook Ads?

There is no single answer about whether or not is is worth investing some of your advertising in Facebook ads, because they can be more effective for some people than they can for other. What we can say is that if you are considering Facebook ads then you are going to need to consider various different factors if you are going to see the results you are looking for.

The first thing to look at is the cost. Facebook gives you a choice of two options. With CPC adds, you are charges every time someone actually clicks on your ad. Alternatively, you can opt for CPM adverts which are charged every time someone sees your ad. CPM are the slightly riskier option since Facebook are not guaranteeing any engagement with your advert, but rather are promising to show the ad to a designated number of people. If you are going to choose the CPM method then you need to understand how to craft a killer Facebook ad that is going to convert!

Most of the power of Facebook ads lies in the ability to target specific demographics. When you set up your ad campaign you will be asked to filter out who gets to see it by choose age ranges, gender, interests, location and other factors such as hobbies and interests. This means that you are able to target ads directly at your target market without wasting money on people who will never be remotely interested in your product or service!

Of course, Facebook ads have their drawbacks as well and one of the main ones is that there are some pretty bog limitations. There are some demographics who are not Facebook members, the most evident being older generations. If your target audience falls into one of these demographics then it may not be worth the time and money a Facebook ad campaign would involve. Similarly, Facebook ads are better for generating sales of smaller items rather than those big ticket items. These are factors that really need to be considered.

In short, Facebook ads can be very effective when it comes to advertising your business, but only if you know how to use them!

Tuan Nguyen, founder of, has several years of experience in advertising and banner design and has enjoyed helping hundreds of business owners to build up their companies with the help of banner advertising. Tuan is also the founder of Aplusmedia – a successful web development and marketing agency.

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Blogging Tips: 5 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Page Views

Before delving into this topic, please take a moment of your time to ponder over the following questions:

  • Do you know how you can funnel maximum number of visitors to your Blog site?
  • Do you know how to make your online visitors spend more time on your site?
  • Do you know why the visitors leave the site after a few seconds, which results in increased bounce rate?

If you nodded in negation to any of above questions, you could easily turn the situation around by taking a few simple steps. It sure is frustrating when you have spent so much time on your blog site, just to be faced with the prospect of decreasing page views and high bounce rate.

The thing that prevents your blog site from gaining large number of online visitors is not that complicated to understand. In fact, it’s very simple to understand if you know where the problem lies to resolve the issue.

Once you detect the main reasons for not being able to increase your page views, you can take concrete steps to improve the situation.

In this article, you will learn about 5 most effective ways to improve your page views and gain maximum number of followers to your blog site.

1. Focus on Creating Quality Content

The statement ‘Content is King’ is not just a cliché that is irrelevant today. In fact, the very success of your blog site depends on the content.  The reality is that not many people think about optimizing their content to bring additional page views.  And the results are obvious: high bounce rate, minimum customer engagement, low page views, low search engine ranking, and much more.

If you want to make waves in the online community with your blog site, you must create unique, quality content that includes lots of valuable information for the readers. But how do you know which topics and what content will generate the most interests among the online visitors?

No, you don’t have to earn a certificate in Psychometry to read the minds of online visitors. You can easily get in-depth information about trendy topics using Google Trends. This site lists featured and trending stories that people have been searching for in the past 24 hours. You can pick any trendy topic and write a unique article on it. In addition, topics that provide solution to common problems will also be successful among the online community.

2. Ensure Enhanced User Experience

Improving the user experience will increase the chances increased page views. But, what exactly is meant by user experience?

User experience of a site refers to how a user perceives the site. It’s a comprehensive term that involves all part of the websites content. Experts have suggested various traits that translate into a pleasant user experience. However, the five key traits that results in a great user experience include the following:

  • Easy User Navigation – The blog site should offer easy navigation for the user. The users should be able to find the required blog posts effortlessly; e.g., by using a search box on the top or bottom of the site.
  • Pleasant website design – a site that is not designed well will not be able to hold customers for long. Some of the design elements that create negative user experience include too many advertisement, pop-ups, slow page speed, overlays, and poor font size or color.
  • Popular Content – apart from valuable information, the blog site should also contain popular content to attract maximum number of online visitors. The content of the blog site should make the visitors share the article to others on their social media or other sites.
  • Valuable Information – a hallmark of a good blog site is that it provides valuable information to the users.
  • Verifiable Information – your blog site should not only contain valuable information but also verifiable information that is authentic and true. Every statistic, expert’s opinion, and other facts you share on the site should include a source link as well.

Remember that the online visitors have limited time to visit the site. They don’t want to waste their time reading irrelevant, vague, and badly written content. You can make their time worthwhile for them by implementing the 5 key traits listed above.

3. Consider Link building to Improve Page Views

Finally, you should carry out effective link building activity to improve your page view. Link building refers to having your link placed on HA (high authority) and high PR (page rank) sites. Placing your links on these sites is a powerful way to funnel maximum number of visitors to your site. You can also take the assistance of SEO professionals for effective link building.

4.  Don’t Overload the Content with Pictures

Pictures are like candy in a blog site. Adding in the just the right amount will result in a pleasant user experience. It breaks up the content into segments, making the content more readable.

However, overstuffing the site with too many pictures will not only slow down the page loading speed, it will also create a negative impression with your customers. That’s why you should try to keep the pictures on the blog site to a minimum to ensure the best user experience.

5. Optimize Your Blog Site for Speed

According to a report, most users expect a website to load in under 2 seconds. Around 40 percent of the website users will leave the site instantly if they have to wait for more than 3 seconds to open the page.

All this means that you must not keep your visitors waiting when they visit your blog site. You can use various online tools such as GTmetrix and Pingdom to find out the page loading speed. Make sure that any blog page does not take longer than 2 seconds to open the site.

Now that you know how you can increase the page views, you should take instant action and watch the wonders it works for your blog site. Good Luck!

Hilarious Travel Video Encourages You To Make A Baby On Vacation

Last year Spies Travel Denmark launched a hilarious campaign called ‘Do it for Denmark’ in which the travel agency encouraged people to go on vacation and conceive children. The even launched a contest where you could win 3-years of free baby stuff if you could prove you made a baby while on vacation. That video received over 8 million views on youtube, making it one of the most successful campaigns originating from Denmark.

Well Spies Travel Denmark is back at it again with their latest campaign focusing on the same problem but with a different approach. This year they hope to encourage baby making not just for their country, but for their moms.

Spies Travel Denmark have developed the Parent Purchase™ product, where grandmothers can prepay active holidays for their children and in-laws in order to help encourage the conception of a grandchild. Now danes are encouraged to ‘do it for mom‘. The ‘public service announcement’ has received over 6 million views on YouTube.

Bacteria Have to Stay Outside Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Henkel wanted to spread awareness of their latest cutting fluid and show that bacteria doesn’t stand a chance. They partnered with diewildeehderwerbung, an advertising agency located in Düsseldorf and developed this guerrilla campaign.

They placed many fist-sized pink balls with suction cups on the windows of an exhibition hall. The pink balls resembled bacteria and each ball contained a small message with a call-to-action to visit the website for more information.

This guerrilla campaign got onlookers to take notice and play with the bacteria balls. Initial curiosity turned into excitement as people started taking them inside and playing with them. Not a single bacteria was left on the glass.

Samsung Creates Unique Digital Billboard That Tells You Want’s Around the Corner

Samsung found the right way to promote the launch of a new phone and its exciting features in Stockholm, showcasing its capabilities right on the corner of a street!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is out now and the brand was looking for a way to showcase its live notifications on the edge of the phone. How can you promote this feature though in the least expected way? Well, the advertising agency DDB Stockholm along with the production of Stopp found the perfect way to do so.

Samsung Creates Unique Digital Billboard That Tells You Wants Around the Corner Guerrilla Marketing Photo

They decided to place a digital billboard in a crowded street corner in Stockholm that would serve as a live notification system. The billboard encouraged people to ‘see beyond the edge with information stream’ and that’s how the campaign focused on edges and the element of surprise they include: ‘edges are fun, you never know what’s around the corner.’

Samsung Creates Unique Digital Billboard That Tells You Wants Around the Corner Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Everyone that passed by the specific street corner was surprised to notice the digital billboard that magically found the right phrase to say for each one. Notifications like ‘Be careful bike ahead!’ and ‘Hope you’re a dog person’ popped up on the screen, with people stopping and trying to figure out how this really works. There were even a notifications for drivers looking for a parking spot, or one informing a runner about the weather, which turned out to be clever, but also useful!

The inspiration for all the interesting (and useful) messages is credited to an editorial staff that was waiting at a nearby café, sending the right message among a list of prepared ones they already had for each occasion.

Samsung Creates Unique Digital Billboard That Tells You Wants Around the Corner Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The feature of the live notifications at the edge of the phone seem interesting on their own, but imagine the effect of such a promotional campaign in Stockholm, with people being amazed by the idea of cool and live notifications, asking for more details about the concept. It’s another successful case of thinking outside the box in marketing and creating an ad that is different and genuine, in a way that it ends up being appealing to the desired audience. Ambient advertising is not always easy, but when it’s properly done, it leads to impressive results for the brand and the advertising agency that dare to be creative!


Category: Telecommunications
Client: Samsung Nordic
Agency: DDB Stockholm
Production: Stopp
Country: Sweden
Copywriter: Nick Christiansen
Art Director: Joel Ekstrand
Business Director: Jacob Sandström
Account Director: Christian Westelindh
Planner: Patrick Wilkorsz
Visual Effects: House
Account manager: Susanne Ytterlid


The Benefits of Using Window Graphics to Advertise Your Business

How many times have you heard the phrase “I never even knew that shop existed”? In fact, how many times have you said that yourself about a shop which has just never caught your eye, but has been mentioned in passing conversation?

A bland and boring shop front can easily go unnoticed on a high street full of bustling crowds and other “in your face” retailers. If you want to attract customers, especially if you are a new business, then you need to stand out from the crowd. An attractive and bright sign just isn’t enough and often won’t cut it in our modern time where shoppers often don’t have the time to go into each shop to find out what they are about. You need to grab customer’s attention and convey what your business offers quickly and effectively.

Inexpensive and invaluable advertising

Window graphics and vinyl’s can transform your shop façade from dull and dreary to eye catching and exciting. They are an inexpensive way to attract the eye of potential new customers, as well as a creative and innovative method of getting across exactly what your business offers. If you are setting up a new business on the high street, then you want to clearly display just what you offer and window decals can do just that. Using images and text you can clearly display the products you offer, as well as displaying additional information such as enticing offers and discounts.


Window graphics are far removed from the old style paint that had to be scrapped off each time you wanted to refresh the look of your shop front. Window vinyl’s can be easily changed if you want to keep your window front varied and fresh. You can advertise new stock and promote new offers, for example around Christmas or Halloween, by quickly and easily changing your window graphic.

Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is very important when starting your business and you want your company name and logo to become commonplace in potential customers minds, so the more places you can get your company name, the better. A bland and boring shop front says nothing about your business or what your offer, but an eye catching and unique window graphic on the other hand, turns heads and helps you to build that all important brand recognition.

Promote offers and sales

While print and online media can give you certain amounts of coverage, there is only so much advertising and marketing you can do. You can give your marketing an extra boost with window graphics to promote special offers and promotions that will make passing potential customers curious about just what it is you provide. A well placed window graphic offering discounts or sales can bring curious shoppers through your door.

Create curiosity

Window graphics and vinyl’s can also help to create curiosity, as they can shield the inside of your premises from being completely seen. If a potential customer is intrigued by your window graphics, but can’t see straight into your shop, then they will come through the door to see what else you have to offer. Getting more bodies through the door increases your chance of sales and also increases your brand awareness through word of mouth, as the customer now knows just what you offer and will share that information with friends and family.


Why stick to just your shop window? Decals and vinyl’s can be placed on company cars and vans and even your own personal car. Let your neighbours and the rest of your town know that your business exists and where to find you as you drive about on your daily errands.

Often the simplest marketing efforts are the most effective. Sleek window graphics are eye catching and appealing and a sure fire way to increase your customer base.

Local Bar Uses Bartender Tips in the Most Ingenious Way Possible

How do you promote a bar with very little money to spend on advertising? Simple. Ask bartenders to chip in!

A local bar in Russia wanted to explode their business but had little money to spend on advertising. They reached out to Red Pepper to come up with a unique idea with ultimately paid off.

They ran their first advertising campaign for a span on 2-weeks that was paid with tips from the bar. They then ran ads on 14 city screens. They generated buzz about the bar by telling people about their 2-week experiment. They also listed the name of a local bartender and sent a thank you to all the patrons that frequented that bar.

The campaign worked. They collected over 281,270 rubles for advertising in 2 weeks and it got more people to check out the bar.


Advertised brand: Bar that runs at a loss
Advert title: How to promote a bar that runs at a loss?
Main Pepper: Danil Golovanov
Creative Director: Nikita Harrisov, Ivan Sosnin
Art Director: Julia Uzkih, Dmitry Fathiev-Dolohov
Account: Alena Podgornaya, Dinara Keksina
Media Director: Anastasia Kirzhanova
Project leader: Elena Pronina
Case Study Production: Evgeny Kharchenko
Voiceover: Alexander Nuzhdin
Music by Aquarium

Audi Creates Billboard That Shines Spotlight on Pedestrians Walking By

It’s true that pedestrians at night are hard to see and are very vulnerable. Audi wanted to help them out so they partnered with DDB Brussels to create a unique billboard to showcase the Audi A4 adaptive headlights that help you navigate the roads better.

They installed spotlights in the billboard that would shine on pedestrians walking by and it used technology to detect people so that the spotlight would follow them.

Very interesting campaign but is it nice or just annoying?


Advertising Agency: DDB, Brussels, Belgium

Whiskas Opens "Kitten Kollege"

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable “Kitten Kollege”

Cats, especially kittens, were always a favorite subject for the Internet world and it feels that we never run out of cute, funny and interesting cat videos on Youtube. Whiskas seems to know how to grab our attention!

Whiskas UK has decided to open the “Kitten Kollege”, a Youtube channel that addresses any cat lover that wants to learn more about their favourite pet, so they decided to promote it with a series of funny and clever videos.

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable Kitten Kollege Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The Kitten Kollege campaign was created along with the agency AMV BBDO, in collaboration with Google and Mediacom, featuring content that was developed with College Humor. In the first video, which marked the launch of the Youtube channel, we are introduced to the idea of the Kitten Kollege, which is proud to be at ‘the forefront of feline education’, focusing on the academic, athletic and artistic development of the kittens. A series of funny (and adorable) moments begins, along with funny lines about the cats learning about the ‘string theory’ and ‘thinking outside of the box’, while they also study literature, such as Cat-22, The Prince of Persian and the works of Katka.

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable Kitten Kollege Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The campaign uses the phrase ‘long live curiosity’ as a way to remind us how the adorable kittens grow up while playing, mentioning, of course, that they also need the right nutrition to stay healthy. Thus, Whiskas achieves the right brand exposure in a very appealing campaign, which boosts their brand’s social status even more by the fact that the Youtube channel offers 12 videos from the Kitten Kollege series, reminding to the rest of the brands that additional content for a campaign is always a good idea.

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable Kitten Kollege Guerrilla Marketing Photo

What’s even more important is the fact that the focus of the campaign was the mobile audience, with Whiskas knowing that mobile audience that consumes content is growing and virality may be easier, especially when the content will also appear on YouTube, Facebook, College Humor and the Whiskas website.

It’s the right combination of kittens, humour and educational content about cat lovers that turns the idea into a success, with Whiskas UK counting the video views, increasing their Youtube followers, but also boosting their brand’s awareness. What else do you need through a campaign?



Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK
Creative Directors: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi
Copywriter: Rob Messeter
Art Director: Mike Crowe
Agency Planners: Ila De Mello Kamath, Niamh Power
Agency Account Man: Oliver Clark, Richard Moloney, Chris Cannell, Ben Blackall
Agency Producers: Selina Dey, Edwina Dennison
Media Agency: MediaCom
Media Planner: Matt Delaney
Production Company: College Humour / AMV Flare
Directors: Matt Enlow, Simon Freidberg
Producer: Kate Grady
Post-production Company / Audio Post-production / Digital Design Company: College Humour

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion

Everyone loves a shopping bargain, especially when you come across a vending machine that offers T-shirts for just 2 euro. What is the real price you’re paying though?

A non-profit named Fashion Revolution has created a thought provoking social experiment in Berlin, hoping to raise awareness about the actual cost of buying clothing at a really cheap price. They placed a vending machine that was selling T-shirts for just 2 euros (roughly $2.27), which grabbed the attention of many passers-by. When they inserted the coin, a video appeared on the screen, showing young children in textile factories, working for 16 hours, earning just 13 cents an hour.

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Suddenly, shoppers were not so happy about the bargain anymore and right after the video they were given the options to ‘buy or donate’. It was impressive that 9 out of 10 people decided to donate the 2 euros they placed on the vending machine in support of ‘Fashion Revolution’ and their social campaign.

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It was April 24th when the video was released, which was the Fashion Revolution Day, the day that commemorates the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013, which ended up in killing more than 1,000 workers that were making clothing for American brands. It is common for such factories to have underage and underpaid workers and that’s what led Fashion Revolution to make a campaign, in order to raise awareness about the working conditions a cheap clothing may bring.

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion Guerrilla Marketing Photo

In fact, the last words of the video were: ‘People care when they know, help us to remind the world. Share this to start the fashion revolution.’

This was a powerful message that Fashion Revolution managed to spread, in collaboration with BBDO Berlin, moving the majority of the people that came across the vending machine and the video message, while it was also spread through the Internet all over the world, counting 4 million views on Youtube in just five days, almost 40,000 Facebook shares and over 100 press mentions, including big media sites.

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion Guerrilla Marketing Photo

This is a proof that a successful campaign needs to grab the audience’s attention, possibly by providing a reward at first, before sending the intended message. And when you manage to deliver your message in a powerful and moving way, the results are impressive and the proof is the number of donations the campaign achieved!


Advertising Agency: BBDO, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Wolfgang Schneider
Creative Managing Directors: Jan Harbeck, David Mously
Executive Creative Directors: Jan Harbeck, Michael Schachtner
Art Directors: Michail Paderin, Jessica Witt
Senior Account Manager: Mike Kannowski
Agency Producer: Silke Rochow
Chief Production Officer: Steffen Gentis
Art Buying: Cathrin Barbe
Photographer: Christian H. Hasselbusch
Producer: Stefan Bader
Director: Robert Bader
Cinematographers: Alessandro Rovere, Kevin Krefta
Animator: Nicolas Moles
Digital Development: Maciej Zasada, Kamil Chruscinski, Tomasz Sapinski, Christian Hergarten, Beode Rebitsch, Merlin Ortner, Christoph Klose

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Fake or Real: 5 Effective Marketing Tips to Make Your Videos Go Viral

“Nathan for You” is a popular series on Comedy Central where comedian Nathan Fielder meets with businesses around the country and helps catapult their success. Of course, because it’s a good comedy, the ideas are always terrible and usually disastrous for anyone involved. But there was one operation that ended up being a wild, viral success.

If you know your YouTube videos, you might remember the one where a cute little pig rescues a baby goat struggling to swim in a small pond. The video has 9.3 million views, and it was on major morning shows like “Today” and “Regis and Kelly.” Everyone loved it. Except there was just one problem — it was totally fake. Shortly after the video’s success, the season premiere of “Nathan for You” revealed that it was all an elaborate hoax and a good one at that.

Maybe your goal isn’t to fool people into believing a false viral video, but there are some tips and tricks to learn from Nathan Fielder, who did create a video that swept the nation.

Keep It Simple

It’s called a “viral” video because a successful one replicates quickly. This means your message has to be fast and to the point. “Pig Rescues Baby Goat” is a brief 29 seconds, and that’s more than enough time to pitch your message. Think about some of the best Super Bowl commercials. Almost all of the most memorable ones have been 30 seconds or less.

Have Multiple Ideas

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to viral videos. He puts out several each year, hoping one will stick, and he usually gets his way. The key to Jimmy’s success is that he always keeps more than one ace up his sleeve. Not every viral campaign strikes gold, so it’s important to keep a bank of ideas and have them ready for the next go-around so your company doesn’t lose momentum.

Viral Doesn’t Equal a Big Budget

In fact, some of the best viral campaigns are done with little to no money at all. It keeps the message endearing and authentic. There are several ways to cut back on spending, including using a smartphone camera for pictures or videos, finding costumes online instead of at a professional costume store or shooting on location (just like ESPN’s “This Is SportsCenter” commercials do).

Properly Execute the Launch

Don’t let poor execution ruin a good idea. If you have a campaign worthy of viral success, network with bloggers in your industry who are willing to link to it or talk about it. Their initial push helps get the ball rolling and earn some momentum for what you hope will be a strong run. Share the love if bloggers ask the same of you someday. This also is a great way to build professional relationships in the process.

Don’t Forget to Optimize

While a viral video depends on people, there is one technical aspect to it — search optimization. The fact is, if no one can find your campaign, it’s basically dead before it starts. Make sure your site is optimized for search, your YouTube description has the right buzzwords and your social media hashtags are in order. All of your campaign’s properties have to be on the same page for your next project to truly go viral.

La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming!

It’s not always easy to win the competition and make your shop stand out from the rest, despite the prices and the quality. That’s when you need to step up and find a creative idea to grab the audience’s attention.

La Place Restaurants wanted to promote their fresh and low-priced meals, which led them to a collaboration with JCDecaux for an interactive campaign in the heart of Netherlands. As it’s sometimes difficult to reach a new audience, they decided to place an interactive billboard in a busy area, creating a livestream with the restaurant’s kitchen, with the chef waiting for the audience’s orders.

La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

In fact, he was communicating with them through live streaming, asking them for their dream pizza and its ingredients, creating it in real time for them. The passers-by were impressed by the idea and were even happier to discover that their dream pizza was waiting for them in La Place restaurant. The idea was more than successful, as it managed to reach a new audience that got immediately engaged to the campaign, with the restaurant promoting and proving in action the fresh and tasty ingredients, which brought a big smile on the face of the lucky ones that were part of the experience. Hence, both the restaurant and the audience turned out to be excited about the campaign and that’s what usually makes a campaign successful.

La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The concept is part of the trend of ambient advertising, which is all about thinking outside the box. In a time when the audience expects more from brands, it is important for each brand to be authentic, inspiring and most of all, creative. Creativity can be found in many unexpected ways, with ambient advertising promoting the idea of unexpected marketing for any brand that is willing to embrace it. And it has been proven that the audience is more willing to listen to a promotional message in such an occasion, especially when it also includes some kind of reward for their attention.

That’s how La Place and JCDecaux turned the concept into reality, by incorporating technology into marketing, creating a reciprocal communication between the chef of the restaurant and the hungry audience, helping them build a relationship with the brand, which makes them more receptive to such future messages.

Isn’t this the actual reason brands seek for creative campaigns?


Advertising Agency: JCDecaux, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published: September 2015

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