This Valentine Experiment Proves It’s Not Just All about Flowers and Chocolate

Anthon Berg Valentine Experiement

This Valentine Experiment Proves It’s Not Just All about Flowers and Chocolate

According to a small survey, only 2% of Danish men love Valentine’s Day. Anthon Berg, a chocolatier, decided to run a little Valentine experiment to convert nonbelievers into people who actually enjoy being more romantic towards their loved one.

Anthon Berg partnered with Danish agency Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded to conduct a scientific experiment using 32 couples. They isolated the couples and asked the men to tell their female partners why they were important to them and then give them a box of chocolate. They measured the oxytocin levels in their blood before and after the experiment to see if there were any noticeable changed.

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Oxytocin is the hormone that helps us build trust and comfort with other human beings. It’s also known as the bonding hormone because it allows us to feel close.

After running the experiment, they found that the oxytocin levels rose 27.5% on average.

It goes to show that Valentine’s day, if done right, is a day that could potentially make one another feel closer. It never hurts to buy a box of chocolate as well!


Advertising Agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded, Denmark
Strategist: Søren Christensen
Creative Director: Heinrich Vejlgaard
Art Directors: Sofie Hallas, Rie Sloth Rasmussen
Executive Creative Director: Michael Robert
Account Director: Susanne Sass Ebsen
Director: Niels Nørløv
DOP: Dan Aagaard
Editors: Morten Giese, Rasmus Gitz
Line producer: Cille Silverwood-Cope
Technical Setup: Tine Møller, Karsten Nielsen / SBS Discovery
Vfx: Thomas Stender / Gimmick, Magnus Sveinn Jonsson / Gobsmack
Sound: Lars-Bo Kjær / audio lounge
Music: Henrik Lindstrand
PR: Essencius
Senior Consultant: Rikke Koks Andreassen
Branded Content Distribution: BeOn
Account Manager Nordics: Rasmus Mikkelsen

Midttrafik Bus Viral Ad May Be the Most Epic Bus Video Advertisement Ever

Midttrafik Bus Viral Ad May Be the Most Epic Bus Video Advertisement Ever

I rarely watch videos advertising bus companies, but when I do, I watch videos from Midttrafik.

Midttrafik isn’t your standard bus company. They have cloth seats, large windows and holding handles. Ok, yea it’s pretty standard; but their advertising is not! Back in 2012, they ran an epic bus video advertisement that got a lot of media attention and over 1.2 million views on YouTube. It featured passengers who were weirdly excited about riding the bus.

Now to follow up with their epic bus advertisement, they just released the story of the epic passenger. A normal looking dude that rocks a some outlet sneakers with double-knots, a windbreaker and a mean haircut. He dates a model, is a complete rockstar at work and is probably everything you wish you could be. Is your life as exciting as this passenger? If not, you should probably ride this bus.


Advertising Agency: M2Film, Aarhus, Denmark
Creative Director: Jan P.
Copywriters: Jan P., Ronni Madsen / Falkenberg&Falkenberg
Photographer: Peter Riis
Production company: M2Film
Director: Peter Harton
Producers: Jan P., Ronni Madsen
Published: February 2015

McDonalds Pay With Love

Mcdonald’s Allows You to Pay with Love. Are You Lovin’ It?

McDonald’s decided to take their slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It” to a whole new level with their latest campaign that debuted with their Super Bowl ad. Between February 2nd and February 14th, McDonald’s customers will be randomly selected to have the opportunity to pay for their meals with various random acts of kindness — such as calling their mom or doing a funny dance. This campaign also follows McDonald’s new tagline “Choose lovin'”.

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It’s a fun and spontaneous way to show your love and get some free food in the process!

Terry Crews Nightmare Face Old Spice

Terry Crews Marries Himself In Hilariously Bizarre Old Spice Commercial

Terry Crews has been the face of Old Spice for some time now, and with good reason. He’s freaking hilarious.

In this bizarre Old Spice commercial, Terry Crews explodes in a dream and wakes up to notice that he married himself. It’s ads like these that leave us wondering, what the heck did I just see?

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Old Spice’s marketing strategy has been fore quite some time, bizarre. It’s ok though because they are completely owning that space! In previous Old Spice commercials, we’ve seen oiled up men just coming out of the shower saying epic phrases that parallel that of the World’s Most Interesting Man. Terry Crews as a spokesman has only gotten more and more weird in a very delightful way.


21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas

Don’t miss the 21 offline marketing ideas listed below. It’s easy to believe innovation and results can only be driven digitally, but some of the best advertising and marketing takes place away in the physical world. The best marketing strategy will combine offline marketing with various digital elements to make sure you’re covering all the touch points for your brand.

Offline marketing is an obvious choice for any business with a local customer base. But it’s impossible to think of any successful global brand which doesn’t make extensive use of physical media to raise awareness and drive leads or sales.

If you’re feeling a little jaded and need some inspiration, just take a look below

1. Boost Your Staff

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

When was the last time you looked at how your staff interact with customers and the impression they give? There’s no better way to give a great impression than well-presented, personable staff that can effectively solve the problems your customers face. Just ask a variety of brands who put employees at the centre of their marketing strategy, including Virgin, Zappos and more.

2. Make the Most of Business Cards

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It’s worth investing in good quality business cards for all staff, and ensuring that you always have them handy. You never know when you’ll need to share your details. In addition, lots of business networks and events will have places to share your card. It can be worthwhile hiring a designer either via a crowdsourcing website or by going directly to someone who can work with you across your branding.† You could also hold a contest or create a design project with a local school or college. Get inspired with this Pinterest board.

3. Capitalise on Branded Merchandise

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Every company will end up with a pile of branded merchandise after events and promotions. Why not plan ahead for ways you can help the local community and spread the good name of your brand – pens, bookmarks, mouse mats etc can be donated to a range of local organisations and charities. And many business leaders are active philanthropists and volunteers, so you never know who might see your name in a positive light, away from the noise and competition at a trade show.

4. Consider Sponsorship

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Not every business can afford to sponsor Manchester United, but luckily you don’t have to. Supporting a local sports team can be a great way to reach the community, and who knows if a world-class or Olympic star might be lurking. Local events and organisations also value sponsors and will be far more accommodating than if you’re the smallest of 50 companies all contributing to a much larger event.

Some local groups might appreciate other resources than financial sponsorship – for instance, office space that could be used as a meeting place, or other support your business could provide.

5. Provide Plenty of Prizes

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Competitions and prizes are hugely popular in digital and offline marketing. And you’ll often find offering a number of smaller value prizes will work better in gaining entries than one very large prize, as entrants will believe they’ve got a better chance of winning. And with every entry comes the opportunity to gather customer data and make contact at a convenient later date – as long as you don’t abuse that privilege.

6. Make your Print Material Special

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Flyers and pamphlets still provide an important role both in event marketing and direct mail. Check, check and check again for typos, spelling mistakes and other errors before any material is sent out.

This is another chance to be a little innovative and go beyond standard design templates – just consider where the recipient will be when they get your print material, and whether it’s still practical for them to read, keep, and save.

Some local businesses provide print newsletters for customers, which can be a great way to keep your community informed, and link with other local firms as advertisers.

7. Celebrate Holidays with Cards and Gifts

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

In some business verticals, Christmas cards and gifts may be relatively common. But a well-designed and thoughtful personalised greeting or present can show your company really cares about customers or clients.

Alternatively, you can show your company values by donating to charity or supporting a good cause on behalf of your clients.

8. Specific Group Discounts

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

You can support relevant groups locally and nationally by offering a specific discount for them. Not only does this allow members to feel privileged, but it also provides something the group itself can advertise as an incentive for coming along to prospective new members. Opportunities for bulk buying and discounts can also lead to large sales boosts.

9. Speak to relevant journalists

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It’s far easier to get favourable coverage from a newspaper or magazine journalist if you’ve had a chance to meet them and get to know them a little without it being part of an actual PR pitch.† This doesn’t mean stalking them – but taking the chance to chat at business events, meetings, and other social opportunities.† This makes them far more likely to notice your press releases from the hundreds they receive every day – so make sure you then offer them something newsworthy. Try this site for locating a journalist near your business.

10. Think about billboards

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Whether you’re looking at static or mobile outdoor advertising, consider whether you can be a little bit edgier or innovative to ensure you stand out amongst the crowd. And make sure your Call To Action is relevant and clear, particularly if you’re by a roadside when customers will be speeding past.

For traditional mobile billboards companies like†Blueline Media†offer transit based advertising across most US cities. †Technology is rapidly changing this industry with startups like Immersive Labs,†who use webcams to determine the gender and age of people looking at their boards and display segmented ads accordingly. Cisco have also developed billboards that determine a drivers speed, messages are then delivered in a readable length for each driver.

12. Fix your packaging

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Whether or not you sell physical goods, there are countless opportunities to add some marketing and branding boosts to your delivery. Providing customers with some free stickers is a simple and cost-effective way for fans of a brand to spread the word. If you’re providing a service, stickers and branded pens left behind can all still work for you.

13. Ask for Advice

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Benjamin Franklin famously observed that by asking someone for a favor, they’re more likely to help you than if you’d even helped them in some way. One way a business can benefit from this psychological principle is to establish an expert advisory panel of valuable connections – from other businesses, or of high value customers etc. Meetup is great for connecting with like minded people.

14. Make the most of Trade Shows

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Whether displaying or attending, make sure you have a clear objective for trade shows and exhibitions. Whether you require contacts in a certain field, or a set number of business leads, make sure your primary aim is clearly stated and communicated to everyone attending from your company. Your promotional ideas, material and tactics will need to change to suit your objective. Try this trade show database to locate one for industry.

15. Network, network, network

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

There are opportunities to build a business network by attending events in even the smallest town. Make sure you’re aware of all the relevant business networking opportunities in your area and actively attending as much as possible. Events like these can be a lifeline for any referral-based business. Again is a great place to find local business groups in your area.

16. Celebrate your success

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Don’t be shy about celebrating the success of your business. Make the most of press releases, testimonials and recommendations, and even parties to celebrate achievements. An annual celebration of being in business is a good way to meet more potential business leads and network, as well as reward yourself and your employees.

17. Enter Relevant Awards

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

There are awards in every industry and location. Make sure you’re entering relevant local awards on a regular basis, and be prepared that national awards will tend to have an associated level of quality and quantity when it comes to entries.

18. Get Artistic and Project Your Business

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It’s not suitable for every project, but the cost of outdoor projection is becoming less and less. And that includes the 3D projection used to show detailed film on almost any structure. Previously used mainly by music and entertainment companies to promote movies and videogames, the cost is constantly coming down as the technology improves – and smaller scale approximations are also available to do something a bit different.

Alternatively, why not speak to a few local artists and see what ideas they might have? Not everything will always be suitable, but you could get something amazing, from chalk street art to something much more complex.

19. Make the most of your location

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Make sure you use your physical location, particularly if it is interesting in some way, or it involves a physical retail space which you can use to drive your online marketing. Make sure you have clear prompts if you wish your customers to ‘check in’ via Facebook, Swarm, or review your business online as well as in person. You could even have a laptop or tablet available for customers to use, as long as you’re careful to clear all data in between users.

And you can display the same information physically. Rather than a guest book, what about a photo wall of happy customers?

20. Pop up in vacant spaces

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Pop-up shops and restaurants have received a lot of press recently. Behind the hype, it’s a great way to make temporary use of a vacant space, and local councils and landlords are often happy to help any activity that improves the local area and encourages longer-term tenants.

It can be something closely related to your business, or something to benefit the local community – a cafe, art exhibition or charity event.


21. Guerilla Marketing

21 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Ideas Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The definition of Guerilla Marketing is when people can’t be sure whether it’s marketing or not. For instance, organising a Flash Mob of dancers or zombies in a city centre, organising a street festival, or a themed tour of your local area,or temporary graffiti and street art. Just make sure any artwork is easily removed and you’ve got the relevant permissions to remain legal. Chalk art is a great way to get an impact which can be removed without a cost attached.

Jane Freeman (@Digital_Jane) is a freelance content marketer based in the UK and working on projects worldwide.

TAM Recruits Family Members to Deliver Flight Safety Instructions 2

TAM Recruits Family Members to Deliver Flight Safety Instructions

TAM Airlines partnered with Wunderman Brazil to give flight passengers a trip they would never forget. On December 31, 2014, TAM Airlines replaced the typical airplane safety video crew with that of some of the passenger’s relatives and loved ones. The slight change to the safety video added a very personal touch and spread the spirit of the holidays on this special day.

Once the passengers arrived at their destination, they were greeting with the warm embrace of their loved ones. Move aside Coca-Cola, there is a new brand in town that is spreading happiness!

TAM Recruits Family Members to Deliver Flight Safety Instructions Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paulo Sanna, Fabio Matiazzi, Rafael Palermo
Creatives: Guilherme Médici, Daniel Ogawa, Breno Amaro, Bruno Almeida, Rafael Carvalho, Daniel Ribeiro
Account Team: Patrícia Bulhões, Saulo Fusari, Carlos Eduardo Teixeira
Media: Fernanda Alcantara, Bruno Antunesa, Juliana Marino
RTVC: Rodrigo Cassino, Cléo Andrade
Producer: Vetor Filmes
Director: Coi Belluzzo
Director of Photography: Cleisson Vidal
Producers: Vandreia Ribeiro, Giovana Grigolin
Editors: Marcelo Teixeira, Poliana Martins
Post Production: Fabio Truci
Audio Producer: Timbre
Soundtrack: Leandro Santos
Account (Audio Producer): Mairena

Fiat Goes Pink for Annual Gay Pride Canal Parade 3

Fiat Goes Pink for Annual Gay Pride Canal Parade

Is it a bird, is it a plane… it’s a pink Fiat 500 floating through the Amsterdam Gay Pride!

The advertisement was made by Saatchi & Saatchi Leo Burnett for Fiat to advertise their limited edition Fiat 500 in Pink whilst Gay Pride was held in the canals of Amsterdam. Because it’s a car, the idea was that the car would float with the rest of the parade, which it did, adding a cool shock factor and prompting people to share the amazing pink floating car on their Twitter accounts.

Over the course of time, humanity as a unit has grown, but we have not grown as humans as we wish we had. Gay Pride is one of the reminders of where the human mind becomes narrow, as many countries still ban gay marriage, gay adoption, deny the rights of transgender people, many countries see being gay or transgender as illnesses. Gay Pride becomes a marketing event itself for people to state that there is nothing wrong with love and being who you are.

The ethics of advertising during human rights celebrations

Marketing products and brands during Gay Pride is a rather controversial topic among the LGBT community (to whom Fiat is trying to advertise to here). Due to human ignorance many people boycott brands if they are LGBT-friendly, with a famous instance being some people who boycotted Burger King due to its Gay Whopper. This makes LGBT-related advertising a way to shoo out everyone who would not buy it just because it supports human rights, a practice which itself seems as risky – but is it though?

Statistically, LGBT people make a large percentage of the population (without accounting for the fact that most polls are by large underestimations of the actual number). Without doubt, LGBT people (as any group) is expected to be more interested in brands which actually support them over ones who play anti-LGBT stunts (remember Barilla, who had to apologize then took a positive U-turn on their stance).

On top of the ‘yes, look at us, we’re accepting’ factor, what really does add a name and a reputation to companies like FIAT is the fact that they are the sponsors of Gay Pride. These events cost a lot of money and the more sponsors you get, the better and bigger they can be.

So, is cashing in from a human rights celebration an actually bad thing?

No, it’s not. In our day and age, where the media wipes off LGBT characters and statistics, it becomes even a nice gesture for a car to state that it’s from a gay-friendly brand. Now, what do they do? Do they help shelters? They’re sponsoring Gay Pride, and that’s already good enough.

Why pink?

When it comes to the Pink color and its hashtag, it can be taken both ways: either a stab to the macho culture of “not wearing pink” (which is a big contradiction, considering the days where pink was actually a masculine color), or/and a shout out to an actual cause since back in WWII gay people in concentration camps would have a Pink Triangle on their clothes, pink becoming the gay color ever since.

Either way, pink is the right color indeed, but it singles out the audience. When it comes to a brand who actually steps up and states that they believe in Equal Rights (even if the brand doesn’t actively do much), it’s still a strong message and they still funded Gay Pride. They do cash in with that ad, but all ads cash in – that’s the purpose of every single ad after all. But we’d all rather cash in from an inclusive ad than an ignorant, outdated or repetitive one. By the end of it, the product sells, everyone is happy (besides homophobes), and it just becomes a regular ad which managed to sell the product.

Fiat Goes Pink for Annual Gay Pride Canal Parade Guerrilla Marketing Photo Fiat Goes Pink for Annual Gay Pride Canal Parade Guerrilla Marketing Photo Fiat Goes Pink for Annual Gay Pride Canal Parade Guerrilla Marketing Photo Fiat Goes Pink for Annual Gay Pride Canal Parade Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Leo Burnett, Netherlands
Concept: Jan Bosch, Tim ten Dam
Art Director: Tim ten Dam
Copywriter: Jan Bosch
Account: Mathieu Veldhuijzen, Vanessa Snoeij, Simone Ottenbros
Production: Matemade / The Floating Company


15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World

These days you see several products packaged in bottles coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes: packaging designers go out of their way to catch the eye of potential customers with bespoke packaging creations. The art of bottle packaging designs can often display some beautifully crafted projects using a great use of colour, design and style. Bottles are often created with visual experience and interaction in mind as a way to draw  customers in. For this reason bottle packaging designs are important, bland generic bottles don’t sell as well.

Here are my 15 top picks of the best bottle packaging designs from around the world.

1. Samurai vodka

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

Designed by Russian Behance user Arthur Schreiber in June 2009, it was created to look as if it was split by a stroke of a samurai sword. The design translates this idea and the ethnic background of the product: this bottle design increased its popularity by going viral on Reddit. However, it is only a fictitious bottle and Schreiber has been open to offers for more than five years now from a beverage company that wants to use his unique design.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’ aftershave

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

Jean Paul Gaultier’s fragrances are popular for their unique bottle design and this one is created especially for ‘the tough guy with a soft heart’. The Le Male seductive aftershave comes in a unique, body-shaped bottle that is dressed in the designer’s emblematic sailor’s jersey.

3. Isabela Capeto for Women perfume

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

Isabela Capeto by Brazilian designer Isabela Capeto is an oriental spicy fragrance for women. The unique bottle is in the shape of a girl with her arms raised and 4 symmetrically placed holes for her face and mirrors the brands logo. This is a great example of companies using bespoke design to represent their brand.

4. Diesel Only the Brave aftershave

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

This intense, masculine, aftershave from Diesel comes in a distinctive glass bottle sculpted in the shape of a fist.  The brand’s logo is attached on the fingers shaped as either a large ring or small set of brass knuckles.

5. Manikay wine

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

Manikay Wine’s have designed their bottles with hand drawn dotted patterns, representing the Manikay songs from the aboriginal people of Australia, a series of songs containing knowledge essential to the aboriginal way of life. The wines themselves are made by generations of family grape growers: using Australia’s winemaking heritage, infused with a rich tapestry of tradition and unique spirit, their bespoke bottle design reflects this.

6. Blue Hugs Wine

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

These wine bottle concepts were produced by Russian art director and graphic designer, Timur Salikhov, in 2012. The simple design of the wine bottled being hugged really stands out on the shelves from your average wine bottle, and who doesn’t like to be hugged?

7. Smirnoff Caipiroska Vodka

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

Smirnoff created this bespoke packaging idea for their bottles for the launch of their new Smirnoff, Caipiroska, designing them with ‘peelable’ skins to imitate the fruit flavours: passion fruit, lemon and strawberry. The design gives consumers the feel of the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit. Smirnoff even sent the bottles in wooden crates to a select mailing list, imitating the way fruits are transported in the large produce markets..

8. Crazy Jerry’s Brain Damage Hot Sauce

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

American’s love their hot sauce and some of their bottles have great designs playing on this fact. Crazy Jerry’s Brain Damage comes in a bottle designed with a whacky label helping it to stand out from the crowd further with a brain-shaped bottle cap.

9. Blair’s Pure Death Hot Sauce

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

Another bottle design that plays on the love of hot sauce is Blair’s Sauces and Snacks Pure Death Sauce. The design plays on the concept of death with a skull hanging from a chain, attached to the cap and with another skull in flames on the label. This design makes it eye-catching and certainly something that would stand out on the shelves.

10. 321 Water bottle

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

321 Water have created an interesting concept with their bottle design. You can fill up their special bottles with tap water and then cleanse it with their plunger as you put the lid on helping the water to ‘taste even better’. The bottle design has been created to look clear and fresh, mimicking the  image of clear water.

11. Dumbbell Sports Drinks bottle

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

This clever plastic bottle from Chinese designer Le Jin kills two birds with one stone. It acts as a dumbbell when filled and then, once you’ve finished your work out, you can drink the energy drink inside. The bottle has been designed to be the perfect dumbbell shape and certainly is a bespoke idea.

12. Orange Drop Fruit Juice

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

Russian packaging design company Firma Packman have produced this bottle in the shape of a splash of water, or in this case, orange juice. The bottle design takes a creative play on the usual juice cartons and certainly makes it more visually appealing for children.

13. Good Day Milk Bottles

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

These milk bottles were released in 2012 as a limited product available for a fund-raising function in Japan. The bottle was designed for Good Day Milk for refugees  who aren’t  lucky enough to have a good day every day. Good Day Milk was then created as a product to cheer up and encourage the refugees and  to hope that they have good days soon.

14. Cervecería Sagrada Beer Bottles

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

Cervecería Sagrada is a popular Mexican craft beer that captures the Central American country’s Lucha Libre wrestling tradition of wearing  colourful masks. These bottles, designed by José Guízar, display  colourful masks paying tribute to Mexico’s heritage. The packaging design of these bottles is simple  yet still  visually appealing with the bold colourful masks.

15. Kräftig Saft Bottles

15 Sexy Bottle Packaging Designs From Around The World Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Image credit

These fruit juice bottles are designed by Isabela Rodrigues cleverly resembling the flavours they sell (Surinam cherry, blueberry, açaí and raspberry).  Despite the German-sounding name, Kräftig is a Brazilian juice with a focus on the German market (‘saft’ is the German word for ‘juice’).  The bottles are beautifully designed, looking more like works of art than bottles.

FOX Walking Dead Organ Donation

FOX Poland Uses ‘The Walking Dead’ to Encourage People to Donate Their Organs

It’s true, you probably won’t need your organs after you die. You definitely won’t need them if you turn into a zombie! For the Walking Dead season premiere, FOX partnered with K2 and created a very interesting campaign that will leave you feeling empty.

They decided to do something good before people turn into zombies. They gave out statements of intent to donate your organs before you die (or turn into a zombie). They also organized a 3-day event that took place at Warsaw Central Station where they could learn more about donating their organs, or even take a zombie selfie.


Advertising Agency: K2, Poland
Creative Director: Arek Szulczyński
Copywriter: Kuba Sagan
Senior Graphic Designer: Szymon Brodzicki
Animation: Maciej Robak, Alek Panfiłow
Strategy: Jolanta Piela
Client Service: Karolina Witecka, Łukasz Kwapisz
New Business: Anna Penkowska, Anna Kubiak
D.O.P / Edit: Łukasz Szyszka
Published: October 2014

Connecting Happiness

LAN, TAM and Coca-Cola Partner up and Send Messages to Loved Ones Around the World

Very often great ads and great ideas suffer from poor presentation. Unfortunately, the ad below with LAN, TAM and Coca-Cola fell under those terms. All parties involved are all very big and important brands, particularly in South America where LAN and TAM are rooted.

Breaking down the video in parts is essential for this analysis. Advertisements regularly follow the route of mystery where they have to get you hooked up to understand what is actually going on in the ad and who is advertising it. Here, since the ad fell on three brands, the identification ended up being rather messy as they were sporadically shown during the ad to the point where it became confusing. The cameo-like nature of the branding seemed more like characters drinking Starbucks in a movie than a dedicated ad.

The biggest problem of this campaign is confusion. The video itself is very messy and fails to explain what is actually going on to the viewer – they do not state that these people go to a different destination, and while watching the advertisement the first impression is that it is about a nice unique gift to deliver a small message in a classic Coca-Cola red box. The box does add a unique touch to our life of technology – to actually have something physical, and in this case a video message in our hands.

As the recipients of the gift watched it, the ad went on to randomly pop in the people who were giving the little messages. The gesture from the companies is great and amazing, but it then gives out a question: why was this kept so secretly that even the viewer had no idea? What is the purpose of the boxes? Why is this campaign so confusing?

The story as it happened

After some research you can find out that all of the messages recorded at São Paulo and Santiago airports were actually all sent by ‘Santa’, but only three people were chosen to actually get a flight and meet the loved ones they sent a message to. In the video, this was unclear. On the other hand, it does make you Google the campaign to try to understand it better, allowing viewers to think longer on what was the actual point of it, or where did the people come from.

TAM, LAN and Coca-Cola’s ad by Bullet Promoções is a messy ad, but the fact that you see a very touching and humane Christmas gift has a strong message and makes you look into it. However, that is likely to be far from the effect Bullet Promoções, Coca-Cola, TAM and LAN wanted to have on the viewer. After all, how many viewers will actually research later on?

Good advertisement shouldn’t include confusion and even frustration with lack of explanation. In the end, the ad did serve its purpose and people were chosen and reunited, but the presentation of the ad was a big mess.


Advertising Agency: Bullet Promoções, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Mentor Muniz Neto
Creative VP: Cesar Leite
Creative Director: Rodrigo Paranhos
Art Directors: Rodrigo Paranhos, Eduardo Reis, Diogo Delog
Copywriter: Alessandro Palermo
Planners: Aldo Pini, Matheus Flandoli, Francini Cardinali
Account Supervisors: Fernando Melo, Manoela Galvão, Bianca Matos, Thais Paes
Producers: Neila Ceródio, Renata Montoro, Maria Teresa, Hélio Pareta
Film Producer: Hungry Man
Director: Ricardo Mehedff
Photographers: Fernando Young, Gustavo Ferri, Danilo Mantovani
Sound: Jamute
Published: December 2014

Air France Launches The Upgrade Challenge 3

Air France Launches The Upgrade Challenge Social Game

Every passenger hopes for the opportunity to get a free upgrade to the business class when flying. To help raise awareness of the launch of Air France’s new business class cabins in Asia, Fred & Farid Shanghai created a social game in which travelers could compete for a chance to win a free upgrade to business class just prior to boarding.

The agency started transforming the boarding gates of Changi Airport in Singapore and Kansai Airport in Osaka, Japan, into social gaming arenas where passengers could download a mobile game (similar to fruit ninja) and try to get a high score. Over 400 passengers were invited to compete against one another during their wait and monitor all the competitors on a large scoreboard.

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At the end of the competition, the top scorers were then instantly upgraded to the business class. The competition has since been extended to a regional level in which all Air France passengers flying from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia or Japan can now compete against each other.

Want to download the game and give it a go? Download the app.

Air France Launches The Upgrade Challenge Social Game Guerrilla Marketing Photo Air France Launches The Upgrade Challenge Social Game Guerrilla Marketing Photo Air France Launches The Upgrade Challenge Social Game Guerrilla Marketing Photo Air France Launches The Upgrade Challenge Social Game Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Agency: Fred & Farid Shanghai
Chief Creative Officers (CCO): Fred & Farid
Creative Director: Gregoire Chalopin
Copywriters: Adrien Goris – Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec – Joseph Davies
Art Directors: Pierrick Jegou – Nicolas Liberman – Zhang Ying – Jihjan Lee – Anna Liu
Brand Supervisors: Antoine Peigner – Sandy Poon
Account Supervisors: Guillaume Leroux – Louise Battus
Agency producer: Louise Battus
Digital producers: Benoit Petrus – Boris Leconte
Director: Giovanni Fantoni Modena
Production: Hurrah!
Producer: James Rotherham – Bellinda McCulloch
Digital Production: Mediasia Interactive
Game Developer: Nicolas Liatti
Post-production: KILLDEATH
Post-producer: Yael Eligoulachvili
Media: Julien Leveque, Lauren Godet, Liao Liang, Yan Zhang


11 Unreal Augmented Reality Examples

It may seem that Augmented Reality use in marketing campaigns is slowing down; however, some marketers have found ways to use it to create some very interesting campaigns that truly shock and awe their audience. The Augmented Reality (AR) technology is still being developed and improved in various forms while marketers continue to work with this technology to test the many opportunities.

Below are 11 amazing examples of companies that did a great job of using augmented reality to enhance their messaging.

1) Pepsi Max Bus Shelter Augmented Reality

2) Sochi 2014 Augmented Reality with Olympic mascots

3) NO AD: NYC Application

4) The Walking Dead Cinematic Augmented Reality Experience

5) Vespa Magazine Augmented Reality

6) INDE Appshaker Showreel 2015

7) Google Glass Augmented Reality Makes Model Come to Life

8) UVPH & Appshaker Demo at AdTech San Francisco

9) IBM Augmented Reality Wall

10) Lexus Augmented Reality Brings Magazine to Life

11) Disposable Recycling EduGame

BBDO Stalker LinkedIn

BBDO Utilizes the “Creepy Side” of Linkedin to Promote New Stalker TV Series

LinkedIn is primarily known as a professional business network where people stay connected with colleagues and stay in touch with other business professionals. This social network also has a slightly creepy side that allows users to see who has viewed their profile. Keeping this in mind, BBDO and Vier used this feature to spread awareness of the new ‘Stalker’ triller series.

They created a fake profile on LinkedIn for ‘Stalker’ and filled it will broadcast info and media from the new tv series. They then used this profile to ‘stalk’ over 12,000 other LinkedIn profiles.

The victim would then be notified that a ‘Stalker’ has viewed their profile. Over 63% of those victims got curious and viewed the ‘Stalker’ profile in return. LinkedIn shut down a couple of the fake profiles, but they managed to reach a very large audience and received over 27,600 Twitter impressions.



Creative director: Jan Dejonghe, Sebastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz
Art Director: Jan Dejonghe
Copywriter: Jutta Callebaut
Account manager: Lore Desmet
Account Director: Isabel Peeters
Videographer: Jasper Heldenbergh
​Social strategy: Julie Bogaerts
Client: SBS Belgium VIER
Client contacts: Steven Vlassenroot, Steven Huyers


Why Custom Apps Are Worth Your Marketing While

Think of the app as a cross between a website and a video game—like a browser page that is always open, but with interactive features and immediate accessibility that feels more personal because it is downloaded to users’ phones or personal computers.  Apps have several characteristics worth noting in your quest to improve the reach and efficacy of your brand or company’s marketing campaign.


Ever wonder how to increase customer engagement with your brand?  Have them engage with their fingertips—literally!  Nowadays, there are functions available on apps such as “scratch-off” layered pages that mimic a scratch-off ticket, but with swiping, instead, inviting users to investigate headers or pages they may not ordinarily look into. 

There are also features such as side bars that slide open or closed, revealing text or images that lead the user to more information in an unexpected way.  Because these features are surprising and engaging, they help customers to more easily remember and note the information presented.   


Your content will always be up to date because it is digitally renewable.  You can create new links to click on daily in order to ensure that customers remain abreast of your company’s latest offerings.  These daily offerings could come in the form of blog posts, daily discounts, or updates to your website.  If you update the landing page daily or weekly to include a recommendation to explore a new and different section of your site, customers will be more likely to use your app regularly, since they’ll be anticipating new and interesting changes they can look forward to, upon opening. 


Rather than users being required to type in the address to your website or search for it in Google, they merely need to tap the app on their phone’s desktop in order to access your information—hence greater immediacy and accessibility.  Because apps are designed to be accessed via smartphone, they provide the ultimate in convenience: they’re portable, streamlined, and designed to fit into your busy schedule. 


Apps are still relatively novel, compared to browsing the web or receiving a magazine in the mail.  If your goal is to acquire new customers, young people, in particular, are drawn to apps because they are new and different, rather than the same old, same old. 

As of 2014, the latest statistic was that “apps currently command 86% of the time that the average US mobile consumer spends on their smartphone,” according to Smart Insights.  Since data doesn’t lie, consider it in your best interest to develop an app for your brand or company as soon as you can manage!

Dennis Styers enjoys writing poetry, playing the piano, and throwing dinner parties with friends.  During the week he also writes for Walsworth Publishing

Disappearing Act Digital Display

Festival de Magie de Québec’s Disappearing Act Digital Display

The Quebéc Magic Film Festival came up with a rather crafty way of promoting the event. A fair amount of posters were placed around cities, featuring only a white background, a black top hat and a small text below it asking the passerby to take a photo of the poster with flash, revealing a secret message – and of course, the secret message is the festival itself.

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Advertising is the key to making anything known, whether it’s a product to sell or a person to flood your social media with. Can everything be sold? Under the right light, with the right thinking and the right approach, yes. As we go through life of course it gets much easier to see that anything can be sold with a good advertisement. Our life becomes very dependent from it as we become curious and it becomes a game: what is it that they try to advertise?

Is it soap?

No, he’s on a horse.

So, curiosity becomes key as advertisements flood our world. Celebrities will post their coffee cups, people will show their computer logos: it’s subtle, it’s straightforward, but it becomes a game of guessing and clues because even as simple as we may seem at times, our brain still tries to make logical connections and find patterns, because that’s how we’ve been taught and how we go through life.

Confused in the right ways

For some time already, there’s been a trend to use confusion in advertising. Confusion may attract people, it makes the brain focus more to understand the message, and holds the attention longer than a straightforward logo, giving you enough time to look deeper and make more neuron connections regarding what is being advertised.

When it comes to the Quebéc Magic Film Festival video, the hidden message coming out of the black top hat is a great way to get attention and has the bonus of the looker having to take the photo. In our current times, when you take a photo it is often – or dare I say always – posted on some sort of social media, giving a classic word-of-mouth touch to it, as it will be the people themselves who start sharing the product or event, something each campaign strives to achieve by the end of the day. But before we go on about the plus side of the Quebéc Magic Film Festival campaign, which is great, a big question arises.

Is the poster attractive enough?

How often do you look at posters? The Quebéc Magic Film Festival campaign is still classical marketing flirting with word-of-mouth online, so how effective actually is it? Also, the poster itself is not very striking to the general public, which of course can be arguable as from a designer’s perspective it is very appealing and to the point. But then, which audience are we trying to reach out to?

Delivering the magic to the right people

The benefits and at the same time problems of the Quebéc Magic Film Festival poster is that it is still something a person in the same circle of interests would notice, so it falls under the classic question: do you want to advertise for everyone, or for an exclusive but more engaged niche? If you do something far more appealing to the general public, you will end up getting people who possibly won’t be interested at all in an event like the Quebéc Magic Film Festival and frankly will be mislead. But if the product is for a specific niche, then the advertisement should be so too.

Overall, it is an effective and creative campaigned, well-aimed towards a specific circle of people interested in the artistic sphere.

Agency: lg2

BaggageDrama 2

APA Insurance Makes Our Worst Travel Fears A Reality #BaggageDrama

There are so many ways a trip can go wrong, and APA Insurance decided to prank a couple unsuspecting travelers at the baggage claim at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Everyone hates checking their bags as usually it comes with a nice baggage fee and there is always the chance that your baggage could be damaged in the process. Knowing this is a major fear for many travelers, APA Insurance decided to play a little prank. They loaded several damaged baggage onto the carousel and watched as travelers looked in horror at bags that have been busted open and mistreated.

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It was all fun and games when one bag came down with a little message promoting the insurance company. Don’t worry, no actually passenger bags were damaged.

A Fashion Show That Promotes What Never Should Happen

A Fashion Show That Promotes What Never Should Happen

“It Cannot Be Fashionable”

As part of the International Campaign of 16 days of Activism against Gender based violence, N’weti and DDB Mozambique partnered up to create a different fashion show during this year’s Mozambique Fashion Week. This show closed the campaign that happens every year from the 25th of November to the 10th of December, International Human Rights Day.

In a world where single voices are very often silenced, it is very important for those who can speak to actually stand up against  injustice as the media will mask many, many things and tragedies can go unnoticed. It may seem to the naked eye that with the internet it is much easier to speak out, but instead it is like screaming on a crowded street: no one will hear you unless you really attract their attention, but with so many people screaming, others start ignoring so the question arises: how to actually make the ignoring crowd listen?

Fashion For Activism

The fashion industry may have its flaws and  controversies, but it still has a firm voice and grasp on advocating for rights. Sometimes they are stunts as the designer doesn’t feel the same way and issues are used as a marketing tool, meaning they use activism not to raise awareness to the issue (like Karl Lagerfeld’s Feminism end of  show) but to actually market their product, which from a marketing stand point is what they want to do, but it just becomes a serious ethical issue since you’re advocating but you’re not really believing. Examples of the opposite would be Vivienne Westwood voicing her opinion on the Scottish Independence or Gaultier using Beth Ditto which is not model size for the runway (it was done once, obviously).

It makes a stir – whether it attracts the attention to the clothes or not is a different discussion, but when it comes to smaller designers and smaller fashion shows, it gives much more light to the issue. Fashion weeks are a very efficient tool which raise awareness and this is done often, so they fall under methods which have been tried and tested. Of course, fashion shows  can be criticized and heavily criticized, if the issues are unjust or the media is ignorant.

Either way, when it comes to the fashion show seen above, it portrays a very strong message following the classic display of a fashion show, specifically ending with a Bride in a wedding dress, only this time she has make-up to show the abused state. The ad brings awareness to the fact that very often there is abuse in marriages unfortunately and that it is specifically to marriages that society turns a blind eye on. The show packs a powerful final message, as the last model is always the most significant to the show, like the opener.

For the cause, and for the brand too

The whole show was done very well, portraying different women showing signs of abuse yet at the same time modeling the collection. The campaign points to what the actual attention should be drawn to, showing the purpose of speaking against injustice and from a brand marketing perspective, it is also very efficient to the designer as we all know we prefer brands and celebrities which speak out on what is wrong with the world and as they inform us of things we will not hear due to the screaming crowd, we learn more about important problems. All in all, the show portrayed everything needed and it did so in a big event as well, achieving the promotion of the issue and collection simultaneously. The Mozambique Fashion Week is a small scale event compared to its New York, Paris and London counterparts, but for Mozambique it is a big one, and while the coverage abroad was not as big,  what mattered to them was that the country saw it, and had a chance to put domestic violence in the spotlight.


Advertising Agency: DDB, Mozambique
Creative Director: André Coelho
Art Director: Ricardo Traquino
Copywriters: Carlos Osvaldo, Ricardo Traquino
Executive Producer: Vasco Rocha
Project Manager: Sónia Ferreira
Producer: Danial Valigy
Audio Producer: Saide Ali
Make up: Ivan Leonel, Maisa Chaves
Published: December 2014

Coca-Cola Machine Connects Countries & Shares A White Christmas

Coca-Cola Machine Connects Countries & Shares A White Christmas

Coca-Cola is a brand that truly understands happiness. This past year they decided to connect snowy Finland with tropical Singapore with a unique communication device. The digital poster allowed people from these two very different countries to connect. The poster also had a bin where the people in Finland could shovel in snow in which it would appear on the other end.

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Through this campaign, they also shared free coca-cola drink with one another through this digital poster, allowing both countries to share a very white christmas!


Marketing Tactics to Attract New Customers

There are parts of your business that you can set on autopilot. Attracting customers is not one of them.

Marketing to successfully attract new customers needs to be altered often, because tactics need to be fresh. New tweets are fresh, but they’re temporary. Highlighting a new business sometimes goes in one ear and out the other. Many people probably won’t care enough about your business to tear themselves away from their Facebook page long enough to look. So what can you do to get the word out on your wonderful business?


Don’t groan, just listen. Testimonials (only use real ones) aren’t staged and since they are plugging your product, they inspire trust in advance. A few scattered throughout your site are great, but let’s take it one step further. How about an entire page on your website dedicated to testimonials?

Lifelock, an identity security company, does just that. Not only does the page have written quotes from happy customers, it exhibits professional videos of satisfied customers explaining how and why they’re happy with Lifelock’s service. These kinds of testimonials are like money in the bank: you have current, credible customers giving potential customers your sales pitch. It works.

Promoting Locally with Google

It’s always about Google… along with everything else, the search engine leader has some marketing strategies that work for businesses that need location exposure. If you need to promote locally, fliers and whiteboards at the post office can work, but another successful marketing tactic would be to use Google’s algorithms to your advantage.

When given a local query, Google shows the most relevant and best reviewed results based on geography. List yourself in all applicable local directories; make sure they’re ones that people use, like Yelp. On a side note, Google treats local queries with importance, so the higher your reviews, the higher your ranking.

Use Moz Local to make sure your address, phone number, spelling, etc., is correct and consistent across the Internet. Directories pick data out of a few choice aggregators, so you also need to enter your business information into the databases of the top four data aggregators: Express Update, Factual, Neustar Localeze and My Business Listing Manager. Search for data aggregation for more information.

Hold Events

Your top priority when you try to attract customers is to communicate. To get to know your company, potential customers need to know you. Hold an event. Teach them your products by holding onsite family gatherings. Hands-on demonstrations can do a lot to convince potential customers that your product is something they can and should use. Facebook contests also work wonders. You can hold a fundraising event for a local charity. This proves that you’re a great guy, promotes your brand, and helps a nonprofit all at the same time. Any event that will connect you to a potential customer personally shows that you are interested in the people, not just your sales numbers.

Attracting new customers isn’t hard. You just have to be motivated to use new ideas to do it.

Coca-Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on 2

Coca-Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on

Ride the Coca-Cola logo

Big brands: they tend to follow usual structures which don’t differ them much from other brands, with the music and guessing on what actual brand might it be. They all follow the classic mystery line, where you have no idea what’s going on and then the world is revolutionized by either their product or their way to market it. Whether it’s Coca-Cola or a car ad, they all look the same. It’s pretty common sense that if it sells you are doing right, and just like you are told to find the right marketing strategy and follow it, Coca-Cola seems to have found theirs which they do successfully. It seems a bit boring and predictable, but it works, doesn’t it? So if it works and sales rise, then all is well and well, sometimes advertising doesn’t have to be innovative and at the same time big brands such as Coca-Cola have the privilege of whatever uncreative marketing tool they use, it’s still a good ad, it will bring in the flow. It depends on how much will the flow of customers be, but the point stands, when a big brand announces something or shows their logo anywhere they are much much more likely to be recognized and this becomes a usual human reaction. Just like you react more excitedly to a call by a person you know and will be more likely to think of them during the day, the same happens to Coca-Cola. You see their ad, you’ll think of buying Coca-Cola rather than an unfamiliar product.

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Sports and the need to refresh

When it comes to the actual skating ramp shown, there’s a whole theme going on with soft drinks and sports. You get thirsty after a work out, so it’s pretty much the classic, ‘I’m driving to town, I’ll use that in a car ad’ sort of thing. The ramp itself is more classic than ever, yet still crafty as you’ll be recalling that you were actually skating or riding your bike through the Coca-Cola logo. Also, this ad scores extra points as it addresses the teenager /skating/bike-riding niche, which are more likely to be thirsty and buy a soft drink on the street to quickly hydrate and continue with their activities.

Pay attention next time you go past a skate park, there’s always people watching others do tricks, so it becomes an ad forced upon this group too since they’re constantly observing, but it becomes of use, as it is the actual ramp.

Know the brand, trust the brand

By watching the logo people just get reminded of Coca-Cola. The more you see an image, the more trust you give it and the more likely you will be to buy the product associated with it, as it seems to have developed some friendly bond with your mind. Moderation is important, otherwise you can commit the opposite: the ads keep repeating itself to exhaustion and might cause a negative negative response. Viewers have seen it far too many times (like Messi and Lays crisps which have been in partnership for years and years) which causes another reaction, it makes them think that the brands are getting lazy with creativity, so it’s always important to spice it up before hitting that point. Remember 10 years ago how Pepsi would take a lot of different celebrities and always stir it up? In short, that.

Here, Coca-Cola isn’t clinging onto one sole image, the structure of the ad may be the same, but the advertising techniques are always different and more than often hit the unique characteristic.

Coca Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on Guerrilla Marketing Photo Coca Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on Guerrilla Marketing Photo Coca Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: WMcCann, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Washington Olivetto
Creative VP: Guime Davidson
Creative Director: Carlos Ia Murad
Creatives: Adriano Nuevo, Victor Martins, Felipe Racca
Planning: Hui Jin Park, Roberto Vianello, Igor Santos
Account Service: Marcio Borges, Juliana Senna, Bruna Paraizo, Gustavo Tupinambá
Media planning: Carla Dart, Elton Baesso, Paloma Cordeiro, Ione Ribeiro, Maria Luiza Kruel
VP of Production: Marcelo Hack
RTVC: Regina Knapp, Viviane Dias, Natalia Soares
Production company: Hardcuore
Film Directors: Rafael Cazes, Breno Pineschi
Production Director: Jazmin Castillo
Photography Director: Breno Cunha, Guilherme Sussekind
Post Production: Hebert Marmo
Sound Production: Diogo Strauz
Interpreters: Ledjane Motta, Maria Pia Saboia
Author: Diogo Strausz
Project Director: Karina Rios
Project Manager: Luana Carvalho
Released: December 2014

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