Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada

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Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada

Penguin Random House Canada took to the streets of Toronto on Tuesday September 1st to promote the release of the newest edition to the Millennium Series “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” by David Lagercrantz.

The first three books of the Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series exploded onto the scene and in March 2015 had sold more than 80 million copies worldwide. Most people will recognize the title of the first novel in the series “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which was made into a blockbuster movie starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

A group of 20 women dressed up as Lisbeth Salander and attracted bystanders by wearing matching black leather pants and jackets, black wigs, a variety of silver jewelry and of course open backed shirts to show off their matching dragon tattoos. They also had at least three black mopeds as an homage to Lisbeth Salander’s motorcycle, which added to the protagonists punk rocker look.

Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The group of 20 Lisbeth’s, including one Penguin Random House Canada employee were handing out mini printed excerpts of the book to pedestrians in a variety of locations downtown Toronto. Different locations the Lisbeth’s could be found included Union Station, Nathan Phillips Square, Bay and King and the Indigo bookstore at Bay and Bloor.

The campaign was supported by the Penguin Random House Canada social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and utilized the hashtag #theGIRLisback.

The @PenguinCanada twitter feed was presented as having been “hacked” by the lead protagonist of the novels, Lisbeth Salander, and was followed up with tweets of where followers could find the Lisbeth Salander’s in Toronto throughout the day.

Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The “hack” quickly took over the @RandomHouseCA account, eventually crossing over to the @ChaptersIndigo, @indigogreenroom and @IndigoBayBloor accounts to reach a collective 220K followers.

Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Penguin Random House Canada was able to impact a large number of readers by combining the in-person Lisbeth Salander’s and printed excerpts of the book with social media. The only thing that could have made this campaign better would have been providing a digital download of the excerpt to the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers. Although with copyright law this may not have been an option.

Blush Lingerie Trash Bag People Invade Germany

Many marketers out there may believe that it requires big ad spend to make a huge impact. Guerrilla marketers believe it you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the reach you’re looking for. Glow agency in Germany did a wonderful job of doing just that. For one of their clients, Blush lingerie, they took several trash bags and made them into people. They then placed the bags over street grates so that when air was expelled, it would inflate the trash bags making them stand erect.

This is a great guerrilla marketing example showing that it doesn’t require a lot of money to reach potential customers. Here glow just required trash bags to execute their guerrilla marketing campaign. What do you think?


Advertising Agency: glow, Germany
Creative Director: Johannes Krempl
Copywriter: Anthony Cliff
Camera: Julian Harzer, Franz Leuschner

McDonald’s Unexpected Good Times

McDonald’s partnered with The Marketing Store in the UK to create a very unique sight for a couple McDonald’s customers. As the car pulls up to get drive through, they are pleasantly surprised that they are told that the car in front of them already paid for their meal. If that wasn’t good enough, the car in front would then start to lift off the ground. The car in front is actually a large realistic car balloon that is controlled by propellers.

Are you lovin’ it?


Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store, UK
Executive Creative Director: Sav Evangelou
Copywriter: Ross Nance
Art director: Rachael Burkinshaw
Planner: Tuula Rea
Account team: Emma Maynard, Laura Warwick, Kahli Clisby
Director of Brand Experience: Neil Warburton
Creative Technologist: Tom Foreman
Media buying agency: OMD
Production: Maverick
Head of Film: Ben Moss
Exec Producer: David Wilson
Production Manager: John Manning
Editor: Chloe Barker

Free KFC meal in Romania when social media is down!

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down!

We all hate finding out that our favourite social networks are down, whether it’s a minute, or an hour. Some of us even head to another social network to post about our distress from the Fear Of Missing Out. That’s when KFC Romania thought of the campaign “Don’t Panic Man.”

Indeed, there’s no need to panic when your favourite social network is down, but how do you really get distracted from the effects of F.O.M.O. you’re going through? Well, if you’re in Romania you can enjoy a free KFC meal! “Don’t Panic Man” was created by KFC along with MRM agency, as a way to compensate us for any ‘social media outage’ that occasionally leads to stress, reminding us that there are better things to do until you access again your favourite social network.

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Thus, every time Romanians notice that their favourite social platform is down (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc), they can visit the special site by KFC (, which is responsible for the validation of the problem on the social network. Once it tests that it’s down, the users are provided with a special code for a free KFC meal.

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The catch is that the promotion for the free meal only lasts while the social network is still down, which means that there are times that you really need to hurry up, in order to enjoy a free KFC meal. This creates a need of urgency that pushes you to visit your closest KFC store, while it also manages to help you associate your favourite social networks with the popular brand, in a way to seek for your free KFC meal every time a social outage occurs.

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

KFC and MRM created a very original and clever campaign that takes advantage of our social addiction and our constant need to be connected, as a way to extend this connection to their own brand, in a simple, but also effective way. Moreover, they tried to bring the fun element to their campaign, by mocking our F.O.M.O, with the media covering every social media outage as part of their breaking news. This lighter and entertaining approach, combined with the smart campaign, led to great results, which were presented once again in a fun way, referring to TV news once again and the fact that the campaign was not covered by any of them.

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

However, the campaign was still a success, as they dealt during the first month with the social outages of Tinder, Twitter, iTunes, Yahoo Mail, and Tinder again, which led to a 30% raise in traffic compared to an average day. That’s the ultimate goal for a brand, isn’t it?


Client: KFC Romania
Agency: MRM//McCann Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah
Copywriter: Cristina Tatar, Maria Teodorof
Art Director: Vlad Macarie
Client Manager: Gina Zgubea
Programming: Alexandra Visan


SEO & PPC – The Power Couple

The Internet has created a range of opportunities for people to break free of the rat race and develop their own financial success through an array of online channels. SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (Paid Search) marketing have played a huge role in businesses success in the online space. In the modern era, it always seems like certain people are always crying out that “SEO and PPC are dead”. For some new entrants into the digital market, they understand the importance of undergoing these activities, but fear that they won’t be in a position to compete with those businesses that gained a large historical advantage. Below, we discuss some of the ways businesses can still benefit from SEO and paid search activities to improve their web business presence and commercial activity.

Search marketing puts you in front of your potential active buyers.

The great thing about search marketing is that it puts your website and business in front of actively searching customers. Search marketing for both SEO and PPC can work well when demand is triggered from both brand and market activity. To ensure that you capture the market from the triggered demand, it is important that your website appears in the paid and organic search listings, otherwise those potential customers that are ready to purchase from you will just go and purchase from someone else. It is important for businesses to invest into their search marketing activities to ensure that their organic and paid search presence places them in a prominent position to reap the most amount of customers from market demand triggers. To find out more information about how your business can benefit from search marketing, click here.

Search marketing can offer businesses a cost effective way to enter the market.

One of the major barriers that prevents businesses from getting off the ground is the amount of financial and resource investment that is required to acquire the initial market share. In traditional marketing activities, gaining exposure to a large market audience may have required an initial testing budget of several thousand dollars. With organic and paid search marketing, you can gain exposure for your products and services relatively inexpensively compared to investing in traditional media.

Search marketing activities can give you marketing data and feedback.

One of the great things about search marketing is how it can be integrated into a business’s wider marketing activities. When search marketing is implemented and tracked, it can provide data that is useful for other marketing activities for the business. Data can be received on a daily basis. If a business decides to trial a new campaign, they can test it and see what response the market has to it. This can potentially be cheaper than doing focus groups and running a large scale test campaign over traditional media through both above the line and below the line advertising.

Search marketing creates the opportunity for brand awareness.

Search marketing does guarantee brand presence for a business. The organic search presence can reinforce the credibility of a brand when they rank for a particular keyword. The paid search activity allows your site to appear based on your bid and budget. While it does offer some credibility, your site will be able to become discovered and may benefit from ‘front of mind’ brand positioning for the market.

Potential costs savings from running PPC and SEO in synergy.

Many search marketers aim to achieve search cannibalisation when they run both their paid search and organic search activities together. The theory is that by gaining strong SEO positions, this should add brand credibility and help to reduce the amount of paid for clicks for a certain search term. Furthermore, data obtained from both activities can be used to further enhance the search campaigns.

SEO and PPC are a major component in web commerce activities. In some cases, these two marketing channels can make up to 90% of the sales revenue channel for businesses. It is critical for any business that intends to engage in commercial web activity that they get these web marketing activities right, in order to start gaining online success in leaps and bounds.


Immerse Your Audience with Compelling Digital Media

Digital media offers businesses a whole new world of personalised, engaging and interactive media experiences. Whether it are used for internal employees, a recruitment drive or for attracting potential new clients, digital media gives companies the chance to captivate their audiences and deliver a powerful and memorable message.

The evolution of digital media allows businesses to create, manage and publish relevant communications in an exciting and innovative way. It is a comprehensive offering of video sharing, business IPTV applications and business signage. With the advancement in the current technological age, digital media allows business to stay relevant and cutting edge.

The uses of digital media in business

Businesses across the globe are embracing digital media as a way to capture valuable meeting insights, share frequent internal communications and even deliver training programmes. A good digital media company, such as Viju Group will be able to offer your business a digital media package that can help your company enthralyour audience and keep them interested and engaged, whether you are aiming your media at your colleagues and employees or potential clients and business partners.

Video content solutions can allow your business to capture digital media through any device. This media content can then be transformed and made into a media package which can either be shared securely across your business network, or shared on a more public stage to attract potential new clients and business partners.

Digital Media for External Use

Using digital media allows your business to stand out amongst the crowd, as it is eye catching and, done right, can be intriguing to those who want to know more. It allows businesses to play motion graphics, dynamic content and web pages on digital displays that are eye catching and shareable, allowing you to broaden your reach within your chosen market.  With more and more people spending an ever-increasing amount of time using technology such as laptops, smart phones and tablets, digital media can give your business an invaluable head start when engaging your desired audience. People now want to be able to interact with the companies they do business media, businesses can offer a real connection to their potential and current clients.

Digital Media for Internal Use

The use of high definition live video and on demand video can allow promotional or training material to be broadcast in whatever forum you desire. You can choose to hold live training webinars, giving employees the chance to ask any questions they may have in real-time. Alternatively, you may choose to create a training video, which could be uploaded to your business network and accessed at any time by your employees. Immediate data sharing amongst business colleagues who may not be in the same location is a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page, and data can be shared, analysed and annotated on screen during a video conference so that all parties can discuss the same results. All this can be done in real-time saving businesses time and money compared to traditional data sharing methods. In addition to all this, it can also be personalised to incorporate any company message or details that you want to include. By giving employees or potential clients the feeling that they are being personally spoken to can increase the chances of gaining business from clients and having a happy and efficient work force.

The applications of digital media for any business are wide and varied and the ability to personalise your digital media means that you can use it to whatever advantage best suits your business.


Social Media: Developing the Right Strategy for Your Business

Social media is such a huge influence in the world today that businesses absolutely have to embrace it as a tool by which to market themselves, and create brand awareness. There are various strategies that are used to promote branding through social media that have proven to be very cost effective and successful when properly utilised by businesses.The following are just a few tips for how to introduce social media into your digital marketing and branding strategy.

Identify business goals

The first and most important step to developing the right social media strategy for a business is to clearly identify business goals, because having clear goals and objectives will help you gear your social media strategy to successfully connect your brand with customers.

Look carefully at your business needs to determine how to use social media as a tool to achieve them. Every business will have unique and individual goals, but certain goals should be included in every effective strategy: reducing marketing costs, retaining and gaining customers and increasing brand awareness should all be top priorities.

Marketing objectives

Marketing objectives should be set in pace with clearly defined objectives. It is important to be able to determine and measure the success of these objectives, so there will need to be tracking tools and analytics implemented to track such information.

When setting marketing objectives into place it is important to choose achievable goals, and have a date for expected results so the goal remains in clear perspective.

Identify target marketing and know your competition

Having an accurate customer profile will ensure your business experiences good engagement on social media. Understanding the customer persona gives valuable insight as to who the right people are to target, and what they want to see online, as well as where they frequent to see it. Accurately defining certain details about your ideal customer, including age, occupation, habits and interests makes it cheaper and easier to target them on social media. Being specific about your target audience leads to better conversion rates.

It is equally important to know your competition, always being aware of their activities, and looking at what works for them to see if it can benefit you. Always take note of the type of content the competition are posting and the level of social media engagement they are achieving.

Select appropriate channels and tactics and develop a content strategy

There are multiple social networks to choose from, but that doesn’t mean all of them are appropriate channels for your business. Don’t waste valuable time and resources in the wrong place, instead use customer profile data to determine where the consumers are likely to be found, and what they want to see. If data indicates that 60% of your target market is active on Facebook, then Facebook is where your business should be.

Select tactics that are appropriate and successful on the particular platform you are using, including options like Facebook advertising, or widespread promotional campaigns.

Great content is imperative to making social media such an attention draw, so a content strategy must be developed.

There are three factors to consider where content is concerned, if you wish to maximise engagement: the type of content, frequency of posting, and time of posting. It is important that your business posts content that is in context, and posts regularly enough to keep the audience engaged, but not irritate them.

It is important to remember moving forward that if you are not achieving your goals or experience less success than desired that strategies and tactics can be revisited at any point, or companies can seek the services of brand specialists to get you back on the right track.


4 Coffee Shops that Ace Marketing 

Coffee shops are a very lucrative business opportunity for those interested in the food and beverage industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, coffee shop revenue in the United States grew to a record $18.54 billion in 2014. Coffee shop success depends greatly on the quality of the product, the design of the shop and the marketing strategies employed by the company. High quality content — outstanding video and photography — is a very important element in a coffee shop’s web design and social media posts. There are other marketing methods that greatly contribute to the growth of a coffee establishment, such as company collaboration, social media marketing, community outreach and events. Here is a list of coffee shops that have exemplary marketing strategies.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is a rapidly growing coffee shop, which has five shop locations throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The shop has adopted the adage, “But first, coffee” as its shop’s slogan, which it displays on its merchandise and uses to hashtag caption on its social media. The hashtag, #butfirstcoffee, is tagged on more than 136,000 Instagram posts — many of which are photos of Alfred Coffee’s products and locations. Its marketing prowess is most apparent through the trendy merchandise, which dons a bold letter “A” with antlers. The shop has also collaborated with the up-and-coming retailer, Apolis, to create a personalized market bag. Its merchandise is well-designed, easily recognizable and shared frequently on social media, a wonderful way to market the company.

Elm Coffee Roasters

Elm Coffee Roasters, located in Seattle, is a relatively new shop which has already strongly established itself in the Pacific Northwest coffee community. The shop roasts its own coffee, which is a draw for all coffee connoisseurs who seek out new, artisanal brands. However, Elm’s popularity and overall marketing success can be attributed to its social media. Elm has employed some of Seattle’s best photographers for the creation of media. The photo and video content on its Instagram and its company website are of a high caliber and make a great first impression. Its Instagram has regular posts that vary, every day, from product shots to employee bios. Content quality is the magical ingredient that has resulted in marketing success for Elm Coffee Roasters.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is a bi-coastal coffee shop that originated in the Bay Area. Its marketing expertise is apparent through its community interaction, which includes a large amount of coffee education. Blue Bottle has released online brewing guides for all kinds of coffee makers — aeropress, bialetti moka pot, chemex, cold brew, drip, espresso, french press and milk art. The extensive brewing guides allow the company website to serve as a resource for those interested in coffee, which increases its site traffic volume. Its shops also host brewing classes and free public discussions and cuppings of its coffee every week. These classes allow the public the opportunity to interact with one of the company’s brand ambassadors and gain knowledge about Blue Bottle’s process of buying, roasting, making and tasting coffee.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has excelled in its marketing through collaboration with other popular companies that are relevant to the brand. The high-profile Ace Hotel group, with boutique hotel locations in many major U.S. cities, are partnered with Stumptown. Each Ace Hotel serves Stumptown coffee or has a Stumptown coffee shop attached to the hotel lobby. A collaboration with an establishment that consistently draws new clientele from all over the world, has allowed the Stumptown brand to grow exponentially. Its subscription service allows customers who don’t have access to a Stumptown shop location the ability to receive coffee on a monthly basis. On its website, it offers a free sample to new customers who are interested in an introduction to its coffee. It also offers a $16 per shipment subscription, where your desired roast of whole bean coffee will be roasted and shipped to you every other Monday.

Kids React to Tasting Dark Chocolate for the First Time

It’s no secret that kids love chocolate, but it seems that dark chocolate is not among their first choices. In fact, they would do anything to avoid it!

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi teamed up with the Israeli Splendid brand, featuring several children on their new campaign that were about to try out a dark chocolate for the first time! Despite their initial excitement on the idea of tasting a new chocolate, they soon changed their mind, even from the first bite of it. Dark chocolate is not the sweet treat that kids usually prefer and that’s exactly what led to priceless reactions!

Kids React to Tasting Dark Chocolate for the First Time Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It only took them a few seconds to realise that they weren’t really keen on the taste of the bitter chocolate, which they didn’t hide at all! Their emotions ranged from surprise, even to disgust, while it has even been reported that a kid cried in order to make the video (and the chocolate tasting) stop! Kids are always more expressive and it was expected to watch every kind of reaction, with the (large) majority of them disliking the chocolate they tasted.

Just when you started wondering the concept of the campaign, the video ends with the phrase “When you grow up you’ll get it” and suddenly everything makes sense. Splendid and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi were not trying to convince children to turn to dark chocolate from now on, but they were rather targeting their parents, being aware that they are mainly addressing adults as their next customers. As Splendid and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi already knew that their audience is at an age that is closer than ever to kids, they decided to let the young and expressive stars to speak on their own.

Kids React to Tasting Dark Chocolate for the First Time Guerrilla Marketing Photo

By using the reverse psychology when depicting the disgust from children, they showing them that not everyone approves their taste preferences, which is actually perfectly fine. The campaign intends to make adults feel unique, treasuring their taste, while also reassuring them that their kids won’t steal their chocolate from the cupboard! This video served as an ideal reminder for them that their taste is refined, rewarding them for that!

What makes the campaign successful is the fact that it’s simple and cute, sending the right message to the right audience, while the idea to have children as the protagonists is not just clever, but also ensures the virality of the video. After all, the changing reactions on every frame are simply adorable! How did you feel after watching that video? Do you relate with the adults that love dark chocolate, or are you still not convinced to taste it?


Date: Aug 27, 2015
Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv
Client: Splendid Dark Chocolate

Pepsi Max Creates an Amazing Drone Friend Finder!

It is a common problem for concertgoers to get lost in the crowd, spending time looking for their friends, instead of enjoying their favourite singers while performing on stage. What if you saved time and actually focused on stage?

Pepsi Max is targeting the festival fans, introducing the Friend Finder, a GPS-enabled drone that does what it promises, it helps you find your friends. The concept is rather simple and all it asks you is to download the Friend Finder app when looking for your friends. Then, the small blimp that is connected to the app does the work for you, searching in the crowd and pointing to the exact spot that your friends are. According to the video, 1/3 of all people lose their friends at festivals, which makes it a rather large audience that Pepsi addresses.

Pepsi Max Creates an Amazing Drone Friend Finder! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The idea of the concept is credited to the agency AMV BBDO and was tested at the New Look Wireless Festival in London, as a way to link the ‘maximum festival’ with the ‘maximum taste’. Furthermore, ‘no meeting point’ was followed by ‘no sugar’, blending the brand message with the actual campaign in the most unexpected (and fun) way. Pepsi Max along with AMV BBDO managed to successfully address a demanding (and rather young) audience by creating a message that they’d like to hear, grabbing their attention in the most creative way.

This is another proof of how ambient advertising works these days, with brands embracing its power, reaching an audience that they probably wouldn’t in any traditional method. It’s not easy nowadays to stand out from the crowd and that’s what makes ambient advertising challenging and appealing. All you need is the right context, which will be unusual by default, but also creatively linked with the brand.

If you liked the idea of Friend Finder and feel excited that you’ll never get lost in a festival again, it should be noted that the film was a publicity stunt, with Pepsi clarifying that it was more about the concept, not its actual implementation. It was part of the bigger Pepsi Max campaign that took over social media along with the hashtag #genius and judging by the idea of the drone, we are not surprised how they came up with this hashtag!

Pepsi Max Creates an Amazing Drone Friend Finder! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Interesting concept, isn’t it?


Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, UK
Creatives: Nicholas Hulley, Nadja Lassgott
1st AD: James Sharpe
2nd AD: Clara Paris
Production Company: RSA
Director: M.O.D.
Producer: Ben Porter
Production Manager: Rob Mercer
Production Assistant: Boris Franchi
Runners: Amin El-Bekry, Ned Frankay, Joe Thorpe, Zenon Clements
Lighting Cameraman: Carlos Catalan
1ST Assistant Camera: Jeremy Fusci
Art Director: Caroline Story
Art Dept. Assistants: James Brooker, Greg Hewitt
Asylum: Supervisor: David Plewis
Asylum Tech: Sam Hue-Vashon
Asylum Puppeteer: Steve Clarke
Post FX Supervisor: Angus Wilson
Costume Stylist: Ester Rouah
Costume Assistant: Rowenna Harrison
Makeup Artist: Eve Coles
Casting Director: Rudy Russell

Five Offline Marketing Techniques that can Really Pay Off

Five Offline Marketing Techniques that can Really Pay Off

Marketing your business online can help you gain the attention of people all around the world, but it’s important not to forget your local community when it comes to building a solid customer base. Even if you are not managing a brick and mortar store locally, offline marketing can really improve your results. Here are five awesome offline marketing methods to consider implementing to help boost your sales and improve customer relations.

Personalized Cards

Have personalized cards printed that feature a business card on one side, and a small brochure-themed informational portion on the other, so potential customers know exactly what they can expect when working with your company. Having them laminated will ensure their quality when a stack is left at local stores, or a few are hung on community bulletin boards. You can even find deals with discountrue 4inkjets coupons and get yourself a good printer to save money having them made by a third party. Leaving your mark in the physical world is a great tool for having customers really see and pay attention to what you do.

Community Sponsoring

A great way to get your company’s name out to the public, and start building brand awareness is to sponsor local community events and teams where possible. Whether you choose a little league team, a charity that’s close to your heart, or an educational event, being a sponsor will typically result in your company being promoted as a sponsor on all of their flyers, banners, and other advertisements. It’s a great opportunity to get the word out, and show where your business has other interests. 

Word of Mouth Incentives

You can also increase customer attention within your community by offering incentives to your current local customers for recommending your products or services to their friends and family members. You can offer future discounts, provide an entrance to a drawing, or deliver free samples of your products to those who send new business your way. Simply asking customers to make referrals if they’re happy working with your company should yield some noticeable results.

Partnership Opportunities

Look for other companies in your community that compliment your business practices and develop partnerships with them so you can advertise each other’s offerings. For example if you sell bicycling gear, you may be able to partner with an adventure company so they can promote your services and offer their customers a discount if they shop with you, while you do the same for them. It’s mutually beneficial and can gain you a lot of new exposure and business. 

Newsletter Networking

Create a customer network by signing people in your community up for your company newsletter. This will give you an opportunity to regularly send information, coupons, and event notices to entice your readers to make a purchase, or at the very least, contact your company to learn more about your offerings.

Keep separate tabs on the results of each marketing technique you choose to implement so you know which are working, and which may need a little renovation.

stock photo central station

How to Boost Traffic, Leads & Sales at Your Next Trade Show!

You’ve decided to invest into the growth of your business and to find new customers. You have also invested in a stand at a business trade show. You realize that the stand hasn’t come cheap and that the hosts of the event have promised the opportunity to meet new prospects that can win you new business. However, when you are at the show, you will realize that there are stalls that do extremely well and other stalls that are deserted. How can you avoid hosting a stall at a trade show event that doesn’t perform? We have provided the following tips for you.

Set your goal to get qualified leads.

You must keep in mind the reason why you have registered to attend the trade show; which is to get leads for your business. Plan to get more qualified leads that will allow you to get more sales revenue than what you initially paid for to attend the event.

Open up with a question?

It is about being approachable. You may be approachable when someone is nearby, however you need to be approachable from afar. This is where investing in good signage will help you to gain the interest of those prospects who would have potentially walked by. Businesses will usually consult with printing services from Melbourne in regards to the visual sign options that will trigger interest with foot traffic. 

Specs appeal!

Have you been able to present a pitch for your business in a way that encourages people to come to you? The business needs to showcase its ‘wow factor’ from its specs and provide it in their signs, their brochures and their consultation pitch.

Appeal to your prospects with an attractive booth.

You can increase your appearance and appeal with an attractive booth. It doesn’t need to be expensive; however it needs to come across professional. Even if your booth is simple with a table and a sign, pay attention to the details when it comes to the experience that the prospect will have with you. Will you be speaking with them in private or in public? Does your booth look professional or tacky? Can you visualize the type of impression that they will leave with? These are serious considerations to keep in mind when it comes to the appearance of your stall.

Location, location, location!

Investing in the right location is extremely important if you want to get the most amount of foot traffic in the event. Should you get a booth location in the right place, the traffic leads will come in abundance. Should you be located in the wrong place, you will feel like you are in an abandoned wasteland and you will have wasted the opportunity to profit from the event.

Trade leads with other vendors.

You can work in collaboration with other vendors where you both aren’t direct competitors. You can share your leads with these vendors and gain exposure to more key stakeholders within prospective companies.

Never go to a show you can never speak at.

To increase the amount of leads coming to you and your stand, you need to be perceived as the expert. The simplest way to achieve this is by participating in an exclusive speaking session (not a panel session where you are speaking with other guests). People come along to see you and what your company can offer. As the perceived expert, you are in a position to demonstrate your value and pitch your services (although the pitch should be more subtle and the value of speaking sessions should increase your perceived value with the audience and get more people visiting your stall).

Increase your appeal with interesting representatives.

Are the people who are speaking to your prospects doing a good job? You must invest in people that will maintain the appeal for your business. Having bad representatives will not only negatively impact your prospect opportunities, but they will also impact any potential recommendations or referrals from those prospects.

These are a few ways to boost the traffic to your booth at your next trade show. Keep the core focus on the goal and invest wisely with the types of shows and the materials to prove your credentials. Improve the qualified traffic to your business’s booth and expect to gain the benefits for your business.

Scoot Airlines Helps Competitors Copy Them In Bold Marketing Strategy

How should a brand respond to a competitor’s campaign that clearly imitates their marketing strategy? What if this happens more than once? You have two options, either to take the case to the court, or to feel flattered!

Scoot Airlines, a low cost Asian airline definitely believes that “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” which led them to the decision to actually help their competitor to copy them even better! According to Scoot Airlines, there are many branding similarities between their campaigns and the ones created by Spirit Airlines, which doesn’t seem like a pure coincidence, especially when happening multiple times.

Scoot Airlines Helps Competitors Copy Them In Bold Marketing Strategy Guerrilla Marketing Photo

That’s when they decided to create the campaign “Inspiring Spirit”, as a way to help their doppelgängers:

“If they wanted to copy the brand, at least do it well’

Scoot Airlines Helps Competitors Copy Them In Bold Marketing Strategy Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Thus, the CEO of Scout, Campbell Wilson, created a video with a personal message to Spirit Airlines, along with a toolkit, which they masterfully leaked to the press, including identity guidelines, a step-by-step guide on the creative process and even old ads of Scout recycled into the package itself! What’s more, they also added a DIY replica award, copying the one they received as ‘Marketer of the Year’, poking even more fun towards Spirit Airlines. As if this wasn’t enough, they decided to fly a blimp over their headquarters in Florida, while they even named an airplane “Inspiring Spirit”, which was enough on its own to take over the media!

Scoot Airlines Helps Competitors Copy Them In Bold Marketing Strategy Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The campaign that was launched along with Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore was covered by more than 100 media outlets, leading to more than $40m in earned media and a 32% uplift in Google searches. Scout Airlines confirmed that they do a really great job at creating publicity and they weren’t afraid to take spirited jabs at this branding similarity!

According to them, “this campaign is a reinforcement of what we stand for as an airline”, and that’s exactly what they showed in every possible way on the ‘Inspiring Spirit’ campaign!

Scoot Airlines Helps Competitors Copy Them In Bold Marketing Strategy Guerrilla Marketing Photo

This campaign is a proof that your creativity may sometimes win the competition, especially when there’s such an opportunity to brag about your inspiration that was copied by your competitors. Even Spirit employees had to admit that the campaign was clever, although the marketers would need an additional thought in order to win their branding identity back!

What do you think of the campaign?


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Dominic Stallard
Art Directors / Copywriters: Chris Soh, Stephanie Gwee
Copywriters: Andrea Cid, Jennie Morris, Ben Wight
Account Director: Stella Pok
Agency Producer: Terry Ong
General Manager: Celevel Butler


Enhance Brand Awareness with Branded Clothing

Regardless of the type of business you own, branded clothing can make a huge impact. Companies strive to get their name and logo into the public’s line of vision as often as possible, and using branded apparel to do so is an extremely effective technique, increasing brand awareness everywhere you turn. Implementing branded clothing into your uniform and marketing strategies offers a business many benefits, but bringing a sense of familiarity to the name and logo of the company is definitely first and foremost. As such, let’s take a look at how brand awareness can be enhanced with the use of branded clothing.

Recurring Advertising Opportunity

Advertising can be incredibly expensive, and taxing to a company budget, but branded clothing has a one time cost and potential customers get repeated exposure to your logo as clothing gets worn over and over again, sometimes for years to come.

To gain maximum exposure on the streets, use your company’s branded apparel in as many scenarios as possible, including employee uniforms, as promotional giveaways, as well as having it available for customers to purchase.

Loyal customers will happily wear your branded attire, which equals free promotion for the company and a heightened presence amongst consumers, increasing the likelihood for return customers and clients, as well as new ones choosing your brand simply because of their familiarity with your business.

Cost Efficiency

Using branded apparel is a fantastically cost-effective approach to marketing and advertising for a company. Television and radio advertising can be extremely expensive, especially for smaller companies and, although effective, it may not be completely worth the cost. Another downside to these forms of advertising is the limited exposure the brand gets. While it is true that short adverts may reach a large audience, they are competing with other ads on television and once the spot is over there is no more exposure and the brand is no longer on the consumer’s mind.

Branded clothing on the other hand, requires much less capital than other forms of advertising, and businesses are able to order as many items as they feel is necessary or are able to afford at any given point. Apparel is a much longer lasting investment, as the public will have repeated exposure to the logo and brand information for extended periods of time, as the garments get worn over and over again, continuously delivering a return on the investment.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is something every successful company strives for, because if your brand is unknown to consumers, your company will never achieve the desired level of success.

By distributing branded clothing, wearers become a sort of walking billboard on behalf of the company, giving the brand great exposure, helping to keep the brand and its products or services fresh on the minds of potential patrons.

When consumers are heavily exposed to a brand they tend to have a more positive opinion and sense of trust and loyalty towards the company, even if they have never before visited the business, and are likely to recommend it to others. This type of advertising, referred to as word of mouth, is the absolute best form of advertising possible, as it cannot be purchased.

Kids Take Over A Bank In Cute Marketing Campaign for Record Bank

How would you feel is an 8-year old managed your financial situation? This is exactly what happened when Record Bank partnered with Happiness Brussels. To show how easy banking could be, they got two employees to teach several young children how banking works. They then set them free to do their job at a local Record Bank.

Watch as an 8-year-old explains how to apply for a credit card, or how to open up an account, using only cookies and sweets.

Naturally, many clients were quite shocked at first when they visited their local Record bank to find some very young employees.

Land Rover’s Instagram Adventure Story Is Absolutely Mindblowing

Land Rover and the creative folks at Y&R NYC created a very unique campaign on Instagram that showcases two fictional adventure stories. They utilized all the space and created a panoramic style photo as you scroll down.

The first Instagram story can be seen at @SolitudeInSawtooth, which follows the outdoor journey of a young couple as they explore the Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho in their Land Rover.

The second story can be seen at @BrotherhoodOfWonderstone which shows two brothers as they explore Kanab, Utah.

Each of the Instagram accounts show the story in a very unique way as they stitched together a large panoramic image including several video pieces.

Check it out!


20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors

Brazilian graphic designer Paula Rúpolo was commissioned to create a unique brand identity fora new coffee-based soft drink from scratch. As a part of her research, she wanted to explore the role that color has on logo and brand design. Through the research she hoped to have a better understanding on how color can affect our decisions.

Rúpolo took several different iconic logos and swapped colors with their rivals. The results were very interesting. As you can see from the examples below, color greatly affects our brand image. The iconic green of the Starbucks logo looks awkward when placed on the logo of Dunkin’ Donuts who relies on their colorful palette.




20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo

20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo 20 Famous Logos Color Swapped with Their Competitors Guerrilla Marketing Photo

[ via Adweek ]

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Where to Start?: Turn Your Start-Up Dream into a Reality

Being your own boss is a dream for many people who are very independent and entrepreneurial. However, turning ideas into reality is another story altogether. Starting a business is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your life, but it is also one of the most difficult. You can’t just pick a name, hang a sign on your door, and expect customers to find you.

There is a right way to turn your start-up dream into a reality. Start here.

Choose a Consultant

Starting a business doesn’t just take a lot of work. It is also expensive. New entrepreneurs have to make many decisions, most of which are difficult to reverse and require a certain amount of investment. Hiring a consultant to help guide you through the process can be a major life (and money) saver. Hiring a consulting firm, like Ruota Consulting, can help make getting started far easier than doing it on your own. Plus, you won’t waste time or money going down the wrong roads.

Come Up With a Plan

Again, starting a business requires making lots of decisions. If you are going to turn your start-up dream into a reality, you have to have a plan. Business plans help clarify what it is you want to do and explain how you intend to get there. They break down the opportunity you see in the market and provide a framework for evaluating how you will leverage that opening to form a successful business. Think of them like road maps for reaching a successful end. 

Decide on a Business Structure

Business plans also identify the legal structure your business will have. This may seem like a small detail, especially if you are a sole proprietor or a smaller-sized company, but it makes a big difference whether you opt to become an S Corporation or choose to form another type of business entity. Different legal structures have different tax obligations and filing requirements.

Select a Name

Naming your business is part of developing your unique brand but it is also a legal issue. The name you use for your business needs to be unique from other businesses in your state and registered with the proper authorities. According to the Small Business Administration, if you fail to register your name and attempt to file a legal structure without the necessary paperwork to secure your trade name, the legal name of your business will default tor your personal legal name.

File Paperwork

On top of all that, there is a good bit of paperwork that needs to be filed as well. You will need to obtain a tax identification number for your business and register to pay state taxes. There may also be local taxes to consider. In addition, you will need worker’s compensation insurance, disability insurance, and unemployment insurance as well as certain business licenses and permits.

You can turn your start-up dream into a reality. It just takes some know-how and a little planning and you will be on your way to becoming a business owner.


How to Start the Conversation Around Your Brand at an Event

Getting the word out about what makes a brand or company different from others is a key concern for both new and established businesses. In recent years, we have witnessed the development of new ways of measuring customer engagement, but achieving that engagement remains the cornerstone of 21st-century marketing and branding strategies. Exhibitions, conferences, informal meetings, and other events present companies with the perfect opportunity to interact with clients at a personal level and of building meaningful connections between your brand and your audience. This post looks at some effective ways of starting the conversation around your brand at an event.

Before an event

Successful event branding requires careful planning. In fact, to get the most out of any branding efforts, it is essential to start taking action well before an event takes place. Social media and new technologies can be very effective tools in this respect, since they can help build momentum and stir the curiosity of attendees.

Starting a corporate blog could be one way of achieving this prior to an event. Make sure to deliver targeted, fresh, and engaging content that adds value to your brand and that is relevant to the audience. Blog posts can then be shared on social networks. For optimal results, involve your staff in this task so that they can reach an even wider audience through their personal networks. Blog posts and social media campaigns can also be used to ask your audience for input as to what they expect from your brand during an event. Acting on the audience’s feedback offers two clear benefits: first of all, you are more likely to meet attendees’ expectations, and secondly, doing so can position your brand ahead of others in terms of responsiveness and personalised service.

During the event

One of the keys to successful branding at events is to focus on creating a branded experience, whether you take care of planning or organise your event with the help of an event company. Let attendees interact with your brand through the senses: for example, you take complimentary food and drinks to a new level by personalising your catering menu and printing your logo on foods or by creating a signature cocktail with your company’s name. This will definitely get attendees talking about your brand, which will become something concrete rather than just a concept. During trade fairs or exhibitions, a custom-made stand allows to creatively highlight the key elements of your brand using lighting, colour, technology, and bespoke furniture. Always be on the lookout for elegant and innovative visual branding tactics and ideas that draw attention to your logo and distinctive brand values. 

After the event

There are numerous opportunities to grow your business and promote your brand even after an event is over. The most successful branding formulas capitalise on the recognition achieved during an event by keeping the audience engaged beyond the duration of the actual event. Some effective techniques include releasing a post-event video or photo gallery, publishing short but relevant articles on your corporate newsletter or preferred social network, sending personalised e-mails thanking visitors for attending, and getting media coverage that highlights the human aspect of your brand. When it comes to post-event branding activities, it is essential to make sure that they add long-term value to your corporate image. 

Reno Macri is Founder and Director of UK based leading event company – Enigma Visual Solutions, specialising in exhibition design, event marketing, branding, graphic productions, signage, stands design, pop up shop design, interior office design, retail branding and more. Feel free to explore his event branding portfolio. He specialises in experiential marketing and event productions. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on upcoming marketing ideas and design trends. Connect with him on twitter and Google+.

Netflix Transforms A Building Facade Into Prison Promoting Orange Is The New Black

To promote the third season of Netflix original series, “Orange Is The New Black”, Netflix created a unique ambient experience in the streets of Paris.

On June 14th, a facade of a building in Paris was converted into a prison, featuring inmates resembling those from their hit Netflix original series, “Orange Is The New Black”.

Inmates were shuttled into the “prison” via a bus and a public stunt was performed. Onlookers stared as inmates stood there looking bored, worked out and chatted.

Netflix Transforms A Building Facade Into Prison Promoting Orange Is The New Black Guerrilla Marketing Photo

[ via La Reclame ]

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