Audi Creates Billboard That Shines Spotlight on Pedestrians Walking By

Audi Creates Billboard That Shines Spotlight on Pedestrians Walking By

It’s true that pedestrians at night are hard to see and are very vulnerable. Audi wanted to help them out so they partnered with DDB Brussels to create a unique billboard to showcase the Audi A4 adaptive headlights that help you navigate the roads better.

They installed spotlights in the billboard that would shine on pedestrians walking by and it used technology to detect people so that the spotlight would follow them.

Very interesting campaign but is it nice or just annoying?


Advertising Agency: DDB, Brussels, Belgium

Whiskas Opens "Kitten Kollege"

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable “Kitten Kollege”

Cats, especially kittens, were always a favorite subject for the Internet world and it feels that we never run out of cute, funny and interesting cat videos on Youtube. Whiskas seems to know how to grab our attention!

Whiskas UK has decided to open the “Kitten Kollege”, a Youtube channel that addresses any cat lover that wants to learn more about their favourite pet, so they decided to promote it with a series of funny and clever videos.

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable Kitten Kollege Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The Kitten Kollege campaign was created along with the agency AMV BBDO, in collaboration with Google and Mediacom, featuring content that was developed with College Humor. In the first video, which marked the launch of the Youtube channel, we are introduced to the idea of the Kitten Kollege, which is proud to be at ‘the forefront of feline education’, focusing on the academic, athletic and artistic development of the kittens. A series of funny (and adorable) moments begins, along with funny lines about the cats learning about the ‘string theory’ and ‘thinking outside of the box’, while they also study literature, such as Cat-22, The Prince of Persian and the works of Katka.

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable Kitten Kollege Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The campaign uses the phrase ‘long live curiosity’ as a way to remind us how the adorable kittens grow up while playing, mentioning, of course, that they also need the right nutrition to stay healthy. Thus, Whiskas achieves the right brand exposure in a very appealing campaign, which boosts their brand’s social status even more by the fact that the Youtube channel offers 12 videos from the Kitten Kollege series, reminding to the rest of the brands that additional content for a campaign is always a good idea.

Whiskas Opens An Absolutely Adorable Kitten Kollege Guerrilla Marketing Photo

What’s even more important is the fact that the focus of the campaign was the mobile audience, with Whiskas knowing that mobile audience that consumes content is growing and virality may be easier, especially when the content will also appear on YouTube, Facebook, College Humor and the Whiskas website.

It’s the right combination of kittens, humour and educational content about cat lovers that turns the idea into a success, with Whiskas UK counting the video views, increasing their Youtube followers, but also boosting their brand’s awareness. What else do you need through a campaign?



Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK
Creative Directors: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi
Copywriter: Rob Messeter
Art Director: Mike Crowe
Agency Planners: Ila De Mello Kamath, Niamh Power
Agency Account Man: Oliver Clark, Richard Moloney, Chris Cannell, Ben Blackall
Agency Producers: Selina Dey, Edwina Dennison
Media Agency: MediaCom
Media Planner: Matt Delaney
Production Company: College Humour / AMV Flare
Directors: Matt Enlow, Simon Freidberg
Producer: Kate Grady
Post-production Company / Audio Post-production / Digital Design Company: College Humour

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion

Everyone loves a shopping bargain, especially when you come across a vending machine that offers T-shirts for just 2 euro. What is the real price you’re paying though?

A non-profit named Fashion Revolution has created a thought provoking social experiment in Berlin, hoping to raise awareness about the actual cost of buying clothing at a really cheap price. They placed a vending machine that was selling T-shirts for just 2 euros (roughly $2.27), which grabbed the attention of many passers-by. When they inserted the coin, a video appeared on the screen, showing young children in textile factories, working for 16 hours, earning just 13 cents an hour.

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Suddenly, shoppers were not so happy about the bargain anymore and right after the video they were given the options to ‘buy or donate’. It was impressive that 9 out of 10 people decided to donate the 2 euros they placed on the vending machine in support of ‘Fashion Revolution’ and their social campaign.

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It was April 24th when the video was released, which was the Fashion Revolution Day, the day that commemorates the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013, which ended up in killing more than 1,000 workers that were making clothing for American brands. It is common for such factories to have underage and underpaid workers and that’s what led Fashion Revolution to make a campaign, in order to raise awareness about the working conditions a cheap clothing may bring.

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion Guerrilla Marketing Photo

In fact, the last words of the video were: ‘People care when they know, help us to remind the world. Share this to start the fashion revolution.’

This was a powerful message that Fashion Revolution managed to spread, in collaboration with BBDO Berlin, moving the majority of the people that came across the vending machine and the video message, while it was also spread through the Internet all over the world, counting 4 million views on Youtube in just five days, almost 40,000 Facebook shares and over 100 press mentions, including big media sites.

Fashion Revolution Vending Machine Makes You Reconsider Cheap Fashion Guerrilla Marketing Photo

This is a proof that a successful campaign needs to grab the audience’s attention, possibly by providing a reward at first, before sending the intended message. And when you manage to deliver your message in a powerful and moving way, the results are impressive and the proof is the number of donations the campaign achieved!


Advertising Agency: BBDO, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Wolfgang Schneider
Creative Managing Directors: Jan Harbeck, David Mously
Executive Creative Directors: Jan Harbeck, Michael Schachtner
Art Directors: Michail Paderin, Jessica Witt
Senior Account Manager: Mike Kannowski
Agency Producer: Silke Rochow
Chief Production Officer: Steffen Gentis
Art Buying: Cathrin Barbe
Photographer: Christian H. Hasselbusch
Producer: Stefan Bader
Director: Robert Bader
Cinematographers: Alessandro Rovere, Kevin Krefta
Animator: Nicolas Moles
Digital Development: Maciej Zasada, Kamil Chruscinski, Tomasz Sapinski, Christian Hergarten, Beode Rebitsch, Merlin Ortner, Christoph Klose

Thin line flat design of viral video production, digital marketing campaign, internet medium mass communication, social media sharing. Modern vector illustration concept, isolated on white background.

Fake or Real: 5 Effective Marketing Tips to Make Your Videos Go Viral

“Nathan for You” is a popular series on Comedy Central where comedian Nathan Fielder meets with businesses around the country and helps catapult their success. Of course, because it’s a good comedy, the ideas are always terrible and usually disastrous for anyone involved. But there was one operation that ended up being a wild, viral success.

If you know your YouTube videos, you might remember the one where a cute little pig rescues a baby goat struggling to swim in a small pond. The video has 9.3 million views, and it was on major morning shows like “Today” and “Regis and Kelly.” Everyone loved it. Except there was just one problem — it was totally fake. Shortly after the video’s success, the season premiere of “Nathan for You” revealed that it was all an elaborate hoax and a good one at that.

Maybe your goal isn’t to fool people into believing a false viral video, but there are some tips and tricks to learn from Nathan Fielder, who did create a video that swept the nation.

Keep It Simple

It’s called a “viral” video because a successful one replicates quickly. This means your message has to be fast and to the point. “Pig Rescues Baby Goat” is a brief 29 seconds, and that’s more than enough time to pitch your message. Think about some of the best Super Bowl commercials. Almost all of the most memorable ones have been 30 seconds or less.

Have Multiple Ideas

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to viral videos. He puts out several each year, hoping one will stick, and he usually gets his way. The key to Jimmy’s success is that he always keeps more than one ace up his sleeve. Not every viral campaign strikes gold, so it’s important to keep a bank of ideas and have them ready for the next go-around so your company doesn’t lose momentum.

Viral Doesn’t Equal a Big Budget

In fact, some of the best viral campaigns are done with little to no money at all. It keeps the message endearing and authentic. There are several ways to cut back on spending, including using a smartphone camera for pictures or videos, finding costumes online instead of at a professional costume store or shooting on location (just like ESPN’s “This Is SportsCenter” commercials do).

Properly Execute the Launch

Don’t let poor execution ruin a good idea. If you have a campaign worthy of viral success, network with bloggers in your industry who are willing to link to it or talk about it. Their initial push helps get the ball rolling and earn some momentum for what you hope will be a strong run. Share the love if bloggers ask the same of you someday. This also is a great way to build professional relationships in the process.

Don’t Forget to Optimize

While a viral video depends on people, there is one technical aspect to it — search optimization. The fact is, if no one can find your campaign, it’s basically dead before it starts. Make sure your site is optimized for search, your YouTube description has the right buzzwords and your social media hashtags are in order. All of your campaign’s properties have to be on the same page for your next project to truly go viral.

La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming!

It’s not always easy to win the competition and make your shop stand out from the rest, despite the prices and the quality. That’s when you need to step up and find a creative idea to grab the audience’s attention.

La Place Restaurants wanted to promote their fresh and low-priced meals, which led them to a collaboration with JCDecaux for an interactive campaign in the heart of Netherlands. As it’s sometimes difficult to reach a new audience, they decided to place an interactive billboard in a busy area, creating a livestream with the restaurant’s kitchen, with the chef waiting for the audience’s orders.

La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

In fact, he was communicating with them through live streaming, asking them for their dream pizza and its ingredients, creating it in real time for them. The passers-by were impressed by the idea and were even happier to discover that their dream pizza was waiting for them in La Place restaurant. The idea was more than successful, as it managed to reach a new audience that got immediately engaged to the campaign, with the restaurant promoting and proving in action the fresh and tasty ingredients, which brought a big smile on the face of the lucky ones that were part of the experience. Hence, both the restaurant and the audience turned out to be excited about the campaign and that’s what usually makes a campaign successful.

La Place Restaurants Create Pizza in Livestreaming! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The concept is part of the trend of ambient advertising, which is all about thinking outside the box. In a time when the audience expects more from brands, it is important for each brand to be authentic, inspiring and most of all, creative. Creativity can be found in many unexpected ways, with ambient advertising promoting the idea of unexpected marketing for any brand that is willing to embrace it. And it has been proven that the audience is more willing to listen to a promotional message in such an occasion, especially when it also includes some kind of reward for their attention.

That’s how La Place and JCDecaux turned the concept into reality, by incorporating technology into marketing, creating a reciprocal communication between the chef of the restaurant and the hungry audience, helping them build a relationship with the brand, which makes them more receptive to such future messages.

Isn’t this the actual reason brands seek for creative campaigns?


Advertising Agency: JCDecaux, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Published: September 2015


[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 15 Most Important Pinterest Marketing Tips

Social media marketing is a necessary part of your overall marketing and branding campaign. We all know that posts with relevant images get more social media engagement. Pinterest can be an effective tool to increase your brand awareness and conversions. Here we are sharing 15 important tips to help you out in marketing your business on Pinterest like a pro.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 15 Most Important Pinterest Marketing Tips Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Zappos Challenges Google In Clever Guerrilla Marketing Campaign #paywithacupcake

One day Google was handing out free cupcakes from a truck in Austin, TX to people who were using Google Photos or wanted to try it. People walking by could claim a free cupcake and pay for it with a photo. Enter Zappos.

Zappos decided to walk straight up to the Google cupcake truck and planted their #PayWithACupcake box. The idea? It’s simple. Put a cupcake in the slot and get a reward. People then started funneling from the Google truck to the Zappos box to get cool rewards like watches, headphones, sunglasses, backpacks and gift cards. They even got some people from the Google truck to walk over and deposit some cupcakes.

Bold move Zappos.

Zappos Challenges Google In Clever Guerrilla Marketing Campaign #paywithacupcake Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Zappos Challenges Google In Clever Guerrilla Marketing Campaign #paywithacupcake Guerrilla Marketing Photo Zappos Challenges Google In Clever Guerrilla Marketing Campaign #paywithacupcake Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Google was handing out cupcakes from a truck in Austin, TX to people who were using Google Photos. Zappos showed-up by surprise in a cardboard box and started handing out gifts to people who would drop the Google cupcake into a slot on the box. Gifts included watches, headphones, sunglasses, backpacks and gift cards.

Advertising Agency: Mullen Lowe, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wenneker
Executive Creative Directors: Tim Vaccarino, Dave Weist
Creative Director: Jon Ruby
Associate Creative Directors: Lisa Mathisen, Nick Mathisen
Senior Art Director: Ryan Montgomery
Senior Copywriter: Tim Bildsten
Content Producer: Eric Skvirsky
Senior Content Producer: Aubrey Hayden
Assistant Editor: Libby Ryerson
Animator: Eric Ko
Group Account Director: Kelly Burke
Account Director: Megan Oxland
Account Supervisor: Alexandra Martin
Account Executive: Meaghan Quinn

Mini Teater Creates the Trunk Theater on the Road

Traffic jams are part of our daily routines and it feels that you cannot escape from them, but at least you can enjoy your time while waiting on the car.

That’s what Mini Teater thought, which led to the idea of the “Trunk Theater”. The theater group from Slovenia collaborated with the advertising agency Pristop, in order to find a creative way to promote the power of theater, while entertaining the drivers that were stuck in traffic. Is there a better way to spend your waiting time than enjoy the actual shows of Mini Teater while on the road?

Adults and kids were excited by the idea of seeing the trunk of a car turning into a theater stage and they were happy to enjoy the show, forgetting for a while that they were still on a traffic jam. What would normally cause them stress, now was turned into amusement, due to the idea of Mini Teater.

Mini Teater Creates the Trunk Theater on the Road Guerrilla Marketing Photo

How to create the Trunk Theater

Mini Teater had to prepare both the special stage, but also the plays that would be performed, in order to ensure that the shows will be adapted according to the needs of the traffic congestion. Thus, the shows were shorter, while the actors were properly trained to perform on such a limited space as the trunk of the car. The Trunk Theater included three shows in total, all of them addressing people of all ages, hoping to keep them happy while waiting for the car to move again.

Moreover, these shows are part of the regular program of Mini Teater, which means that they also managed to promote their actual performances, grabbing the attention of a brand new audience, which they probably wouldn’t reach differently.

Mini Teater Creates the Trunk Theater on the Road Guerrilla Marketing Photo

According to Robert Waltl, The Mini teater Manager, “theaters have to be innovative to attract and keep its audience and every theater manager in the world knows it’s a hard job to do. So I’m pleased we demonstrated the amusement power of theater in an innovative way and proved that good things do come in mini packages.”

Mini Teater was founded in 1999 by Robert Waltl and Ivica Buljan, with the purpose of enhancing creativity in post drama theatre. Their focus on creativity was existent once again for the Trunk Theater, which was more than successful in appealing to a brand new audience that was happy to learn more about their forthcoming shows.

It’s more important than ever to maintain your creativity, seeking for new ways to expand your reach and promote your brand and that’s exactly what made Mini Teater popular with this recent campaign! After all, that’s the power of ambient advertising!


Advertising Agency: Pristop, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Executive Creative Director: Aljosa Bagola
Creative Director: Robert Bohinec
Art Director: Matija Kocbek
Copywriter: Peter Zabret
Director: Luka Kase
Account Manager: Petra Podgorsek
PR: Uros Stanc

Kit Kat Take A Break Machine Challenges You To Sit For A Minute

Kit Kat is all about getting people to take a break…a break of their Kit Kat bar. Instead of more traditional marketing methods, Kit Kat decided to take to the streets and partnered with Nasta/Ogilvy to create a unique bench challenge.

Together they created a bench that monitors how long you ‘take a break’. If a person sits for over a minute, they will be rewarded with a free Kit Kat bar. The Break Machine dispensed over 20,000 Kit Kat bars all over Paraguay. In doing so, Kit Kat reached over 600,000 people via their social media channels.

Kit Kat Take A Break Machine Challenges You To Sit For A Minute Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Kit Kat Take A Break Machine Challenges You To Sit For A Minute Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Kit Kat Take A Break Machine Challenges You To Sit For A Minute Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: Nasta/Ogilvy, Asunción, Paraguay
Creative Director: Rodrigo Villamayor
Art Director: Sam Griffith
Account Executive: Janeth Polanco
Published: September 2015

Locker Art 10

The Best Locker Art in the World

What makes a great school? After supplying school lockers to more than a thousand schools and other educational establishments, we’re still not sure.

However, a few months ago we came across the first entry in this list: a group of teachers and volunteers had spent their summer crafting an ‘Avenue of Literature’ by painting a row of old lockers.

When asked why, one teacher responded: “Just because we love the students here and it brings interest and gets them excited about coming to school.”

Suddenly, we were reminded of what we’ve seen in all the best institutions we’ve worked with. Every successful school proceeds with a gleeful determination to invest in itself, and the truly great do this with creativity.

Now, lockers may not be the usual creative outlet, but we thought such a unique form of expression deserves a little more recognition. So, in no particular order, here are our top ten works of school locker art:

1. Biloxi Junior High School – Biloxi, U.S.

First on our list is the example that inspired this article. Teachers and volunteers at Biloxi Junior High School transformed a corridor of 189 unused lockers into an ‘Avenue of Literature’.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


2. Everest Collegiate High School – Clarkston, U.S.

Christmas is a little way off yet, but seeing these saintly figures from the Everest Collegiate High School Art Club has got us feeling festive already.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


3. Roosevelt High School – Portland, U.S.

This musically themed mural completely transforms these plain white lockers. Not only has it livened the place up but it also emphasises the importance of creativity to this school. We hope the extra effort inspires some budding young performers.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


4. Unknown – Minneapolis, U.S.

Sadly, we know next to nothing about the origins of this incredible design, other than it’s located in a public high school with a focus on arts education. Apparently, students can submit their own designs, which is a system that is clearly working extremely well.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


5. Pinawa Secondary School – Pinawa, Canada

Our first entry outside the U.S. was conceived by a single student artist in Canada – apparently a most dedicated Whovian. The sense of depth is impressive and the personal touch really makes this one stand out.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


6. Jerry Brownell – Denver, U.S.

We’re not sure whether these lockers are destined for a school or business, but we had to include them for the prodigious illustrative skills of graphic designer Jerry Brownell.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


7. KatFolle – Canada

An exceptional imagination on display from KatFolle, an illustrator over on DeviantArt. What was once a pretty standard set of blue lockers is now a stunning work of art.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


8. Chenderit School – Banbury, U.K.

Finally representing the U.K. is this heart-warming dedication to an art mentor. A perfect palette of colours and a truly inspirational message make this one of our favourites.
  The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


9. Central Visual and Performing Arts High School – Saint Louis, U.S.

When it comes to school locker designs, it’s pretty difficult to top a near perfect rendition of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Yet, not content with this masterpiece, the students responsible are now working on Dali’s The Elephants for another set of lockers. No, that is not a joke.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


10. Dreamathon – South Salt Lake, U.S.

Last but certainly not least, an art exhibition in a closed down school building features not one but three staggering examples of locker art. This is how it’s done.

The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo The Best Locker Art in the World Guerrilla Marketing Photo


With so many countries underrepresented, we’re sure there must be at least a dozen more spectacular examples of locker art from around the world. If you know of any that we’ve missed, or your school has its very own display of creativity that you’d like to share, please find us on Twitter @ActionStorage.

Tom Brialey is founder of UK-based storage specialists Action Storage and its Chinese subsidiary Shanghai Mammoth. Tom has over 35 years’ experience supplying shelving, racking and lockers to businesses, schools and other organisations across the globe.


8 Tools for Better and Faster Writing and Editing

If you are writing content on regular basis, then you’re clearly concerned about increasing your productivity levels. This type of work is usually associated with tight deadlines, so you’re always struggling to write more text in less time. In the continuation, you’ll find 8 tools that will help you outline, write, and edit with greater efficiency.


Forget about Microsoft Word; Scrivener is much better, especially when it comes to composing lengthy documents such as reports, research papers, etc. First, you can use the tool to line up an outline, and then you’ll start writing in section. Instead of endless scrolling back and forth to find the spot you need, you’ll locate the needed section with a single look at the corkboard.


We all hate how real Murphy’s Law is sometimes. When you are chasing a deadline, you get stressed and you are unable to achieve your usual productivity levels. If you realize that there is no chance to write awesome content on time, you can collaborate with the writers from Ninja Essays and get unique results based on your instructions.


The prewriting stages are really important. You need to organize your thoughts, as well as the resources you’re about to use. This app enables you to create an effective summary of the project with nested lists and bullet points. Start with the main structure of your text and plan the theme, main arguments, and section names. Then, proceed with the details and you’ll have the perfect outline in no time.


You use tons of online resources when you’re working on a project. What if you accidentally copy phrases and sentences in your own work? This plagiarism checker will help you avoid that! The unique checking algorithm provides you with a detailed report that helps you fix the flaws. In addition, PlagTracker functions as a great professional editing service with strong guarantees and top performance.


If you are maintaining a blog, you cannot launch posts according to a random schedule. You need careful planning that will help you meet the expectations of your target audience. In addition to blog posts, you can also schedule your updates on social media platforms thanks to this tool. Thus, you’ll be able to get attention when the activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other websites is at its peak.   


Online distractions can be detrimental to your productivity. BlindWrite is a really effective tool that helps you resist them. First, you tell the tool what you want to write about and how many minutes you are ready to devote to the project. Then, you’ll get the space where you can write whatever you want. You’ll see your title, but you won’t be able to read what you type. That’s why it’s called BlindWrite. Don’t worry; you’ll see the text when you’re done, and you’ll be able to fix mistakes later.


You want to write on your smartphone or tablet? Then you need Quip – planning and writing software that translates incredibly well on mobile devices. It’s collaborative, so you can share checklists and communicate with the people you choose during the development of the project. The tool enables you to edit as you write, since it identifies spelling errors in real time.


It’s not easy to control different versions of your document when you’re working on Google Docs or MS Word. Draft is a much better word processor in that aspect. It comes with collaborative editing features, but you won’t see the collaborator’s changes immediately on the original documents. Each round of editing creates a new version that puts you in control of the changes.

If you want to become a better and faster writer, you have to pay attention to all nuances of the process. The above-listed tools will help you achieve greater efficiency during the prewriting, writing, and editing phases of a project’s development.                                        


3 Ways Web Conferencing Helps Get Your Team In Sync

Working with remote teams can be challenging. While distance is a likely barrier to teamwork, the right tools can help eliminate that barrier all and bridge the gap together.

Web conferencing systems are one of the many services able to bridge the gap. The technology remains one of the most innovative solutions to ever hit the communication market. Curious to find out how it’ll help you foster closer relationships among your teams? Build a better sense of teamwork?

Read on for the top three ways web conferencing solutions can help you get your remote teams in sync, regardless of distance or different time zones:

Online Meetings

Articles on B2B Marketing site talk about reduced travel as one of the best benefits video conferencing solutions offer. So if distance has always been a major reason for why your offsite teams have never had a chance to meet before, then video conferencing can help you take that hurdle down with a hard tackle. With video conferencing, you can finally bring your best people together, in one room, one meeting, without spending so much on plane tickets, food and hotel lodgings along with other expenses associated with travel.

And because it doesn’t require any travel, employees can simply sign into the web conference when it’s time to start. No more running through the halls just to get to an appointment on time. No need to deal with the worst gridlock commuting to and from a set meeting place. No need to suffer through long, unproductive hours of travel time, transferring from one site to another, where you do a forty-minute presentation or help teams fix local issues for 15 minutes before flying out again in a rush to get home before the workday ends. With video conferencing, your team can better prepare for the meetings, save up on costs and most importantly, communicate with their offsite partners in ways that encourage a friendly and productive work culture.

Team Updates

Based on an article on the Cisco blog, 87 percent of remote employees who use video conferencing to communicate with their teams feel more emotionally connected to the group. They also display a stronger connection to their businesses processes, generating a sense of ownership and pride in the work they do.

Because travel is now limited—or may have been entirely eliminated—employees find it easy to attend meetings. Can’t get out of the house because of a thunderstorm? Working via your laptop from the building’s roof top? With most web conferencing tools able to offer access from multiple devices—laptop, tablet, mobile and integrated systems hardware—attendance has never been higher. This way, it’s easy to update everyone. Want to announce a new company policy? Or maybe reiterate an old one? Make sure to mention it before the meeting ends.

Face-to-Face Communication

While chat and email are handy, using video conferencing to facilitate regular face to face meetings adds another layer to the experience. Susanne Jones, an associate professor with the University of Minnesota, says that 65 to 75 percent of all communication is entirely nonverbal, according to an article on Chron.

When you use email or chat to communicate, it’s easy to mistake a word or tone or think someone is being flippant when they’re not. That could get in the way of building team work and camaraderie. By getting your remote teams to make video conferencing a regular part of their weekly routine, you help the team keep misunderstandings at bay. Video makes it possible for everyone on the team to get a read on the person they’re talking to, see their facial expressions, their body language and find out if things are going great or not.

Clear Video for Collaboration

One thing you’ll have to keep in mind when you pick out a web conferencing service is to make sure it’s got excellent video quality. The clearer the video, the more it seems your offsite staff is just sitting right next to you. That’s the kind of face-to-face meetings you want. Blue jeans offers best online meeting via cloud-based video solutions with a high definition camera. That means video clarity that’ll help you see every detail. So whenever your offsite staff need to work on something, it’ll be easy for them to send and receive files through the system as well as read through every page for revisions or check images together. Those are knowledge-sharing features that’ll make it easy for your team to get on the same page.

So there, 3 ways you could sync your remote teams and get them to work together better by using video conferencing. Video quality is high, features are plenty and because it’s cloud-based, you won’t have to worry about buying and maintaining any specialized hardware. If you want to see your teams improve the way they work, video is an excellent tool to help them out, and one you could implement at incredibly low cost.


4 Killer Branding Guidelines for Social Media

Social media marketing has become a very popular buzzword in recent years. More and more businesses are now integrating social media into their marketing strategies. When carried out properly, a social media marketing campaign can significantly boost the popularity and profitability of your brand.

Here are some guidelines for promoting your brand on social media:

1. Be consistent

Your customers and prospects will access information about your brand from different social platforms. Therefore, whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + or Twitter, it is very important to have a consistent look for all your social media profiles. Having such consistency will make your profile more recognizable, thus making it easy for people to find you. The first thing you need to do is use the same business name, mission statement and profile photo across all platforms. The profile photo should preferably by your official business logo. If you don’t have one, you can hire the services of a professional logo designer. You can find such logo designers in online graphic design marketplaces such as, 99designs, and Finally, you need to ensure that the colors used on all your social media profiles are consistent.

2. Post on a regular basis

Merely creating a social media profile is not enough. The only way you are going to generate interest in your brand is if you post regularly. For instance, the more you tweet, the more likely you are to attract followers. There are many tools out there that can help you schedule your posts. This includes Hootsuite, Buffer, IFTTT, SocialOomph and SocialFlow to schedule your social media posts. Make sure your posts contain information which is both relevant and useful to your audience. To enhance engagement, it would be advisable to include images in your posts.

3. Monitor mentions of your brand

Once in a while, people are likely to mention your brand in their social media posts. It is therefore very important to keep track of what customers, prospects and even critics are saying about your brand. This will enable you to respond when necessary and engage when appropriate. You can use tools such as Mention, Social Mention, Talkwalker Alerts and Topsy  to monitor ongoing conversations about your brand. These tools will save you the trouble of having to go through each of your social media profiles manually. Responding to mentions in a timely manner will play a major role in managing the online reputation of your brand.

4. Join a community or group

One of the best ways of connecting with others is by joining a community or group that is related to your brand. You could also consider creating your own groups and inviting others to join. However, don’t just join with the main aim of selling. Instead, share useful information on a regular basis with the members of your group. Listen to the questions being asked and offer helpful answers. This way, people will begin recognizing you as an expert and are likely to be interested in your brand.    

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Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada

Penguin Random House Canada took to the streets of Toronto on Tuesday September 1st to promote the release of the newest edition to the Millennium Series “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” by David Lagercrantz.

The first three books of the Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series exploded onto the scene and in March 2015 had sold more than 80 million copies worldwide. Most people will recognize the title of the first novel in the series “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which was made into a blockbuster movie starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

A group of 20 women dressed up as Lisbeth Salander and attracted bystanders by wearing matching black leather pants and jackets, black wigs, a variety of silver jewelry and of course open backed shirts to show off their matching dragon tattoos. They also had at least three black mopeds as an homage to Lisbeth Salander’s motorcycle, which added to the protagonists punk rocker look.

Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The group of 20 Lisbeth’s, including one Penguin Random House Canada employee were handing out mini printed excerpts of the book to pedestrians in a variety of locations downtown Toronto. Different locations the Lisbeth’s could be found included Union Station, Nathan Phillips Square, Bay and King and the Indigo bookstore at Bay and Bloor.

The campaign was supported by the Penguin Random House Canada social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and utilized the hashtag #theGIRLisback.

The @PenguinCanada twitter feed was presented as having been “hacked” by the lead protagonist of the novels, Lisbeth Salander, and was followed up with tweets of where followers could find the Lisbeth Salander’s in Toronto throughout the day.

Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The “hack” quickly took over the @RandomHouseCA account, eventually crossing over to the @ChaptersIndigo, @indigogreenroom and @IndigoBayBloor accounts to reach a collective 220K followers.

Literary Character Brought to Life by Penguin Random House Canada Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Penguin Random House Canada was able to impact a large number of readers by combining the in-person Lisbeth Salander’s and printed excerpts of the book with social media. The only thing that could have made this campaign better would have been providing a digital download of the excerpt to the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers. Although with copyright law this may not have been an option.

Blush Lingerie Trash Bag People Invade Germany

Many marketers out there may believe that it requires big ad spend to make a huge impact. Guerrilla marketers believe it you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the reach you’re looking for. Glow agency in Germany did a wonderful job of doing just that. For one of their clients, Blush lingerie, they took several trash bags and made them into people. They then placed the bags over street grates so that when air was expelled, it would inflate the trash bags making them stand erect.

This is a great guerrilla marketing example showing that it doesn’t require a lot of money to reach potential customers. Here glow just required trash bags to execute their guerrilla marketing campaign. What do you think?


Advertising Agency: glow, Germany
Creative Director: Johannes Krempl
Copywriter: Anthony Cliff
Camera: Julian Harzer, Franz Leuschner

McDonald’s Unexpected Good Times

McDonald’s partnered with The Marketing Store in the UK to create a very unique sight for a couple McDonald’s customers. As the car pulls up to get drive through, they are pleasantly surprised that they are told that the car in front of them already paid for their meal. If that wasn’t good enough, the car in front would then start to lift off the ground. The car in front is actually a large realistic car balloon that is controlled by propellers.

Are you lovin’ it?


Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store, UK
Executive Creative Director: Sav Evangelou
Copywriter: Ross Nance
Art director: Rachael Burkinshaw
Planner: Tuula Rea
Account team: Emma Maynard, Laura Warwick, Kahli Clisby
Director of Brand Experience: Neil Warburton
Creative Technologist: Tom Foreman
Media buying agency: OMD
Production: Maverick
Head of Film: Ben Moss
Exec Producer: David Wilson
Production Manager: John Manning
Editor: Chloe Barker

Free KFC meal in Romania when social media is down!

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down!

We all hate finding out that our favourite social networks are down, whether it’s a minute, or an hour. Some of us even head to another social network to post about our distress from the Fear Of Missing Out. That’s when KFC Romania thought of the campaign “Don’t Panic Man.”

Indeed, there’s no need to panic when your favourite social network is down, but how do you really get distracted from the effects of F.O.M.O. you’re going through? Well, if you’re in Romania you can enjoy a free KFC meal! “Don’t Panic Man” was created by KFC along with MRM agency, as a way to compensate us for any ‘social media outage’ that occasionally leads to stress, reminding us that there are better things to do until you access again your favourite social network.

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Thus, every time Romanians notice that their favourite social platform is down (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc), they can visit the special site by KFC (, which is responsible for the validation of the problem on the social network. Once it tests that it’s down, the users are provided with a special code for a free KFC meal.

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The catch is that the promotion for the free meal only lasts while the social network is still down, which means that there are times that you really need to hurry up, in order to enjoy a free KFC meal. This creates a need of urgency that pushes you to visit your closest KFC store, while it also manages to help you associate your favourite social networks with the popular brand, in a way to seek for your free KFC meal every time a social outage occurs.

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

KFC and MRM created a very original and clever campaign that takes advantage of our social addiction and our constant need to be connected, as a way to extend this connection to their own brand, in a simple, but also effective way. Moreover, they tried to bring the fun element to their campaign, by mocking our F.O.M.O, with the media covering every social media outage as part of their breaking news. This lighter and entertaining approach, combined with the smart campaign, led to great results, which were presented once again in a fun way, referring to TV news once again and the fact that the campaign was not covered by any of them.

Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

However, the campaign was still a success, as they dealt during the first month with the social outages of Tinder, Twitter, iTunes, Yahoo Mail, and Tinder again, which led to a 30% raise in traffic compared to an average day. That’s the ultimate goal for a brand, isn’t it?


Client: KFC Romania
Agency: MRM//McCann Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah
Copywriter: Cristina Tatar, Maria Teodorof
Art Director: Vlad Macarie
Client Manager: Gina Zgubea
Programming: Alexandra Visan


SEO & PPC – The Power Couple

The Internet has created a range of opportunities for people to break free of the rat race and develop their own financial success through an array of online channels. SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (Paid Search) marketing have played a huge role in businesses success in the online space. In the modern era, it always seems like certain people are always crying out that “SEO and PPC are dead”. For some new entrants into the digital market, they understand the importance of undergoing these activities, but fear that they won’t be in a position to compete with those businesses that gained a large historical advantage. Below, we discuss some of the ways businesses can still benefit from SEO and paid search activities to improve their web business presence and commercial activity.

Search marketing puts you in front of your potential active buyers.

The great thing about search marketing is that it puts your website and business in front of actively searching customers. Search marketing for both SEO and PPC can work well when demand is triggered from both brand and market activity. To ensure that you capture the market from the triggered demand, it is important that your website appears in the paid and organic search listings, otherwise those potential customers that are ready to purchase from you will just go and purchase from someone else. It is important for businesses to invest into their search marketing activities to ensure that their organic and paid search presence places them in a prominent position to reap the most amount of customers from market demand triggers. To find out more information about how your business can benefit from search marketing, click here.

Search marketing can offer businesses a cost effective way to enter the market.

One of the major barriers that prevents businesses from getting off the ground is the amount of financial and resource investment that is required to acquire the initial market share. In traditional marketing activities, gaining exposure to a large market audience may have required an initial testing budget of several thousand dollars. With organic and paid search marketing, you can gain exposure for your products and services relatively inexpensively compared to investing in traditional media.

Search marketing activities can give you marketing data and feedback.

One of the great things about search marketing is how it can be integrated into a business’s wider marketing activities. When search marketing is implemented and tracked, it can provide data that is useful for other marketing activities for the business. Data can be received on a daily basis. If a business decides to trial a new campaign, they can test it and see what response the market has to it. This can potentially be cheaper than doing focus groups and running a large scale test campaign over traditional media through both above the line and below the line advertising.

Search marketing creates the opportunity for brand awareness.

Search marketing does guarantee brand presence for a business. The organic search presence can reinforce the credibility of a brand when they rank for a particular keyword. The paid search activity allows your site to appear based on your bid and budget. While it does offer some credibility, your site will be able to become discovered and may benefit from ‘front of mind’ brand positioning for the market.

Potential costs savings from running PPC and SEO in synergy.

Many search marketers aim to achieve search cannibalisation when they run both their paid search and organic search activities together. The theory is that by gaining strong SEO positions, this should add brand credibility and help to reduce the amount of paid for clicks for a certain search term. Furthermore, data obtained from both activities can be used to further enhance the search campaigns.

SEO and PPC are a major component in web commerce activities. In some cases, these two marketing channels can make up to 90% of the sales revenue channel for businesses. It is critical for any business that intends to engage in commercial web activity that they get these web marketing activities right, in order to start gaining online success in leaps and bounds.


Immerse Your Audience with Compelling Digital Media

Digital media offers businesses a whole new world of personalised, engaging and interactive media experiences. Whether it are used for internal employees, a recruitment drive or for attracting potential new clients, digital media gives companies the chance to captivate their audiences and deliver a powerful and memorable message.

The evolution of digital media allows businesses to create, manage and publish relevant communications in an exciting and innovative way. It is a comprehensive offering of video sharing, business IPTV applications and business signage. With the advancement in the current technological age, digital media allows business to stay relevant and cutting edge.

The uses of digital media in business

Businesses across the globe are embracing digital media as a way to capture valuable meeting insights, share frequent internal communications and even deliver training programmes. A good digital media company, such as Viju Group will be able to offer your business a digital media package that can help your company enthralyour audience and keep them interested and engaged, whether you are aiming your media at your colleagues and employees or potential clients and business partners.

Video content solutions can allow your business to capture digital media through any device. This media content can then be transformed and made into a media package which can either be shared securely across your business network, or shared on a more public stage to attract potential new clients and business partners.

Digital Media for External Use

Using digital media allows your business to stand out amongst the crowd, as it is eye catching and, done right, can be intriguing to those who want to know more. It allows businesses to play motion graphics, dynamic content and web pages on digital displays that are eye catching and shareable, allowing you to broaden your reach within your chosen market.  With more and more people spending an ever-increasing amount of time using technology such as laptops, smart phones and tablets, digital media can give your business an invaluable head start when engaging your desired audience. People now want to be able to interact with the companies they do business media, businesses can offer a real connection to their potential and current clients.

Digital Media for Internal Use

The use of high definition live video and on demand video can allow promotional or training material to be broadcast in whatever forum you desire. You can choose to hold live training webinars, giving employees the chance to ask any questions they may have in real-time. Alternatively, you may choose to create a training video, which could be uploaded to your business network and accessed at any time by your employees. Immediate data sharing amongst business colleagues who may not be in the same location is a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page, and data can be shared, analysed and annotated on screen during a video conference so that all parties can discuss the same results. All this can be done in real-time saving businesses time and money compared to traditional data sharing methods. In addition to all this, it can also be personalised to incorporate any company message or details that you want to include. By giving employees or potential clients the feeling that they are being personally spoken to can increase the chances of gaining business from clients and having a happy and efficient work force.

The applications of digital media for any business are wide and varied and the ability to personalise your digital media means that you can use it to whatever advantage best suits your business.


Social Media: Developing the Right Strategy for Your Business

Social media is such a huge influence in the world today that businesses absolutely have to embrace it as a tool by which to market themselves, and create brand awareness. There are various strategies that are used to promote branding through social media that have proven to be very cost effective and successful when properly utilised by businesses.The following are just a few tips for how to introduce social media into your digital marketing and branding strategy.

Identify business goals

The first and most important step to developing the right social media strategy for a business is to clearly identify business goals, because having clear goals and objectives will help you gear your social media strategy to successfully connect your brand with customers.

Look carefully at your business needs to determine how to use social media as a tool to achieve them. Every business will have unique and individual goals, but certain goals should be included in every effective strategy: reducing marketing costs, retaining and gaining customers and increasing brand awareness should all be top priorities.

Marketing objectives

Marketing objectives should be set in pace with clearly defined objectives. It is important to be able to determine and measure the success of these objectives, so there will need to be tracking tools and analytics implemented to track such information.

When setting marketing objectives into place it is important to choose achievable goals, and have a date for expected results so the goal remains in clear perspective.

Identify target marketing and know your competition

Having an accurate customer profile will ensure your business experiences good engagement on social media. Understanding the customer persona gives valuable insight as to who the right people are to target, and what they want to see online, as well as where they frequent to see it. Accurately defining certain details about your ideal customer, including age, occupation, habits and interests makes it cheaper and easier to target them on social media. Being specific about your target audience leads to better conversion rates.

It is equally important to know your competition, always being aware of their activities, and looking at what works for them to see if it can benefit you. Always take note of the type of content the competition are posting and the level of social media engagement they are achieving.

Select appropriate channels and tactics and develop a content strategy

There are multiple social networks to choose from, but that doesn’t mean all of them are appropriate channels for your business. Don’t waste valuable time and resources in the wrong place, instead use customer profile data to determine where the consumers are likely to be found, and what they want to see. If data indicates that 60% of your target market is active on Facebook, then Facebook is where your business should be.

Select tactics that are appropriate and successful on the particular platform you are using, including options like Facebook advertising, or widespread promotional campaigns.

Great content is imperative to making social media such an attention draw, so a content strategy must be developed.

There are three factors to consider where content is concerned, if you wish to maximise engagement: the type of content, frequency of posting, and time of posting. It is important that your business posts content that is in context, and posts regularly enough to keep the audience engaged, but not irritate them.

It is important to remember moving forward that if you are not achieving your goals or experience less success than desired that strategies and tactics can be revisited at any point, or companies can seek the services of brand specialists to get you back on the right track.

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