Connecting with Customers What to Know About Branding

Connecting With Customers: What to Know About Branding

So, you’ve started your small business. As a business owner, you want to spread the message of your brand and let customers know the model, practices, and values of your business. Knowing your brand identity and how it connects to your...

McDonalds McTrax

McDonald’s Creates the McTrax, the Playable Placemat

McDonald’s partnered with TBWA Netherlands to create the McTrax, a playable paper placemat that allows restaurant goers to test their creativity. By the use of conductive ink on the paper placemat, McDonald’s was able to create a paper...

desk work stock

Social Media Contests: Get Your Audience Engaged in Your Brand

Contests are not necessarily about winning a big prize. Their purpose is to engage as many people from your target audience on as many platforms as possible. So it’s important to tailor any campaign to a specific strategy with the goal of...

Businesswoman supports social network on futuristic screen

How Marketing Partnerships Can Benefit Your Business

Coca-Cola is teaming up with Marvel Studios to promote Marvel’s forthcoming May release “Captain America: Civil War.” The promotional campaign kicked off with a Super Bowl ad featuring Ant-Man trying to steal a Coca-Cola Mini can...

How to Create a Successful Blog for Your Business

How to Create a Successful Blog for Your Business

As more businesses are establishing an online presence, not having a blog might cause you to fall behind the competition. Having a blog enables you to attract and keep customers, but you must properly maintain it by knowing what to post, how often...

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