APA Insurance Makes Our Worst Travel Fears A Reality #BaggageDrama

BaggageDrama 2

APA Insurance Makes Our Worst Travel Fears A Reality #BaggageDrama

There are so many ways a trip can go wrong, and APA Insurance decided to prank a couple unsuspecting travelers at the baggage claim at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Everyone hates checking their bags as usually it comes with a nice baggage fee and there is always the chance that your baggage could be damaged in the process. Knowing this is a major fear for many travelers, APA Insurance decided to play a little prank. They loaded several damaged baggage onto the carousel and watched as travelers looked in horror at bags that have been busted open and mistreated.

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It was all fun and games when one bag came down with a little message promoting the insurance company. Don’t worry, no actually passenger bags were damaged.

A Fashion Show That Promotes What Never Should Happen

A Fashion Show That Promotes What Never Should Happen

“It Cannot Be Fashionable”

As part of the International Campaign of 16 days of Activism against Gender based violence, N’weti and DDB Mozambique partnered up to create a different fashion show during this year’s Mozambique Fashion Week. This show closed the campaign that happens every year from the 25th of November to the 10th of December, International Human Rights Day.

In a world where single voices are very often silenced, it is very important for those who can speak to actually stand up against  injustice as the media will mask many, many things and tragedies can go unnoticed. It may seem to the naked eye that with the internet it is much easier to speak out, but instead it is like screaming on a crowded street: no one will hear you unless you really attract their attention, but with so many people screaming, others start ignoring so the question arises: how to actually make the ignoring crowd listen?

Fashion For Activism

The fashion industry may have its flaws and  controversies, but it still has a firm voice and grasp on advocating for rights. Sometimes they are stunts as the designer doesn’t feel the same way and issues are used as a marketing tool, meaning they use activism not to raise awareness to the issue (like Karl Lagerfeld’s Feminism end of  show) but to actually market their product, which from a marketing stand point is what they want to do, but it just becomes a serious ethical issue since you’re advocating but you’re not really believing. Examples of the opposite would be Vivienne Westwood voicing her opinion on the Scottish Independence or Gaultier using Beth Ditto which is not model size for the runway (it was done once, obviously).

It makes a stir – whether it attracts the attention to the clothes or not is a different discussion, but when it comes to smaller designers and smaller fashion shows, it gives much more light to the issue. Fashion weeks are a very efficient tool which raise awareness and this is done often, so they fall under methods which have been tried and tested. Of course, fashion shows  can be criticized and heavily criticized, if the issues are unjust or the media is ignorant.

Either way, when it comes to the fashion show seen above, it portrays a very strong message following the classic display of a fashion show, specifically ending with a Bride in a wedding dress, only this time she has make-up to show the abused state. The ad brings awareness to the fact that very often there is abuse in marriages unfortunately and that it is specifically to marriages that society turns a blind eye on. The show packs a powerful final message, as the last model is always the most significant to the show, like the opener.

For the cause, and for the brand too

The whole show was done very well, portraying different women showing signs of abuse yet at the same time modeling the collection. The campaign points to what the actual attention should be drawn to, showing the purpose of speaking against injustice and from a brand marketing perspective, it is also very efficient to the designer as we all know we prefer brands and celebrities which speak out on what is wrong with the world and as they inform us of things we will not hear due to the screaming crowd, we learn more about important problems. All in all, the show portrayed everything needed and it did so in a big event as well, achieving the promotion of the issue and collection simultaneously. The Mozambique Fashion Week is a small scale event compared to its New York, Paris and London counterparts, but for Mozambique it is a big one, and while the coverage abroad was not as big,  what mattered to them was that the country saw it, and had a chance to put domestic violence in the spotlight.


Advertising Agency: DDB, Mozambique
Creative Director: André Coelho
Art Director: Ricardo Traquino
Copywriters: Carlos Osvaldo, Ricardo Traquino
Executive Producer: Vasco Rocha
Project Manager: Sónia Ferreira
Producer: Danial Valigy
Audio Producer: Saide Ali
Make up: Ivan Leonel, Maisa Chaves
Published: December 2014

Coca-Cola Machine Connects Countries & Shares A White Christmas

Coca-Cola Machine Connects Countries & Shares A White Christmas

Coca-Cola is a brand that truly understands happiness. This past year they decided to connect snowy Finland with tropical Singapore with a unique communication device. The digital poster allowed people from these two very different countries to connect. The poster also had a bin where the people in Finland could shovel in snow in which it would appear on the other end.

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Through this campaign, they also shared free coca-cola drink with one another through this digital poster, allowing both countries to share a very white christmas!


Marketing Tactics to Attract New Customers

There are parts of your business that you can set on autopilot. Attracting customers is not one of them.

Marketing to successfully attract new customers needs to be altered often, because tactics need to be fresh. New tweets are fresh, but they’re temporary. Highlighting a new business sometimes goes in one ear and out the other. Many people probably won’t care enough about your business to tear themselves away from their Facebook page long enough to look. So what can you do to get the word out on your wonderful business?


Don’t groan, just listen. Testimonials (only use real ones) aren’t staged and since they are plugging your product, they inspire trust in advance. A few scattered throughout your site are great, but let’s take it one step further. How about an entire page on your website dedicated to testimonials?

Lifelock, an identity security company, does just that. Not only does the page have written quotes from happy customers, it exhibits professional videos of satisfied customers explaining how and why they’re happy with Lifelock’s service. These kinds of testimonials are like money in the bank: you have current, credible customers giving potential customers your sales pitch. It works.

Promoting Locally with Google

It’s always about Google… along with everything else, the search engine leader has some marketing strategies that work for businesses that need location exposure. If you need to promote locally, fliers and whiteboards at the post office can work, but another successful marketing tactic would be to use Google’s algorithms to your advantage.

When given a local query, Google shows the most relevant and best reviewed results based on geography. List yourself in all applicable local directories; make sure they’re ones that people use, like Yelp. On a side note, Google treats local queries with importance, so the higher your reviews, the higher your ranking.

Use Moz Local to make sure your address, phone number, spelling, etc., is correct and consistent across the Internet. Directories pick data out of a few choice aggregators, so you also need to enter your business information into the databases of the top four data aggregators: Express Update, Factual, Neustar Localeze and My Business Listing Manager. Search for data aggregation for more information.

Hold Events

Your top priority when you try to attract customers is to communicate. To get to know your company, potential customers need to know you. Hold an event. Teach them your products by holding onsite family gatherings. Hands-on demonstrations can do a lot to convince potential customers that your product is something they can and should use. Facebook contests also work wonders. You can hold a fundraising event for a local charity. This proves that you’re a great guy, promotes your brand, and helps a nonprofit all at the same time. Any event that will connect you to a potential customer personally shows that you are interested in the people, not just your sales numbers.

Attracting new customers isn’t hard. You just have to be motivated to use new ideas to do it.

Coca-Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on 2

Coca-Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on

Ride the Coca-Cola logo

Big brands: they tend to follow usual structures which don’t differ them much from other brands, with the music and guessing on what actual brand might it be. They all follow the classic mystery line, where you have no idea what’s going on and then the world is revolutionized by either their product or their way to market it. Whether it’s Coca-Cola or a car ad, they all look the same. It’s pretty common sense that if it sells you are doing right, and just like you are told to find the right marketing strategy and follow it, Coca-Cola seems to have found theirs which they do successfully. It seems a bit boring and predictable, but it works, doesn’t it? So if it works and sales rise, then all is well and well, sometimes advertising doesn’t have to be innovative and at the same time big brands such as Coca-Cola have the privilege of whatever uncreative marketing tool they use, it’s still a good ad, it will bring in the flow. It depends on how much will the flow of customers be, but the point stands, when a big brand announces something or shows their logo anywhere they are much much more likely to be recognized and this becomes a usual human reaction. Just like you react more excitedly to a call by a person you know and will be more likely to think of them during the day, the same happens to Coca-Cola. You see their ad, you’ll think of buying Coca-Cola rather than an unfamiliar product.

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Sports and the need to refresh

When it comes to the actual skating ramp shown, there’s a whole theme going on with soft drinks and sports. You get thirsty after a work out, so it’s pretty much the classic, ‘I’m driving to town, I’ll use that in a car ad’ sort of thing. The ramp itself is more classic than ever, yet still crafty as you’ll be recalling that you were actually skating or riding your bike through the Coca-Cola logo. Also, this ad scores extra points as it addresses the teenager /skating/bike-riding niche, which are more likely to be thirsty and buy a soft drink on the street to quickly hydrate and continue with their activities.

Pay attention next time you go past a skate park, there’s always people watching others do tricks, so it becomes an ad forced upon this group too since they’re constantly observing, but it becomes of use, as it is the actual ramp.

Know the brand, trust the brand

By watching the logo people just get reminded of Coca-Cola. The more you see an image, the more trust you give it and the more likely you will be to buy the product associated with it, as it seems to have developed some friendly bond with your mind. Moderation is important, otherwise you can commit the opposite: the ads keep repeating itself to exhaustion and might cause a negative negative response. Viewers have seen it far too many times (like Messi and Lays crisps which have been in partnership for years and years) which causes another reaction, it makes them think that the brands are getting lazy with creativity, so it’s always important to spice it up before hitting that point. Remember 10 years ago how Pepsi would take a lot of different celebrities and always stir it up? In short, that.

Here, Coca-Cola isn’t clinging onto one sole image, the structure of the ad may be the same, but the advertising techniques are always different and more than often hit the unique characteristic.

Coca Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on Guerrilla Marketing Photo Coca Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on Guerrilla Marketing Photo Coca Cola Creates a Logo You Can Skate on Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: WMcCann, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Washington Olivetto
Creative VP: Guime Davidson
Creative Director: Carlos Ia Murad
Creatives: Adriano Nuevo, Victor Martins, Felipe Racca
Planning: Hui Jin Park, Roberto Vianello, Igor Santos
Account Service: Marcio Borges, Juliana Senna, Bruna Paraizo, Gustavo Tupinambá
Media planning: Carla Dart, Elton Baesso, Paloma Cordeiro, Ione Ribeiro, Maria Luiza Kruel
VP of Production: Marcelo Hack
RTVC: Regina Knapp, Viviane Dias, Natalia Soares
Production company: Hardcuore
Film Directors: Rafael Cazes, Breno Pineschi
Production Director: Jazmin Castillo
Photography Director: Breno Cunha, Guilherme Sussekind
Post Production: Hebert Marmo
Sound Production: Diogo Strauz
Interpreters: Ledjane Motta, Maria Pia Saboia
Author: Diogo Strausz
Project Director: Karina Rios
Project Manager: Luana Carvalho
Released: December 2014

stock woman using laptop

5 Enterprise Technologies That Will Become Mainstream For Your Business in 2015

Planning and developing a strategy for the future is one of the most important pieces of the business growth puzzle and the key to having a successful business plan heading into 2015. Every successful business needs to have a plan of attack in place that looks at the growth and service needs that present themselves in the New Year. 2015 is a new year and a new chance to do things even better. Once you’ve identified the areas that need additional work and the parts of your business plan that could use some help, you can develop a business strategy that will make the business grow. Here are 5 technologies you need to consider adding to your business plan for 2015:

Apple iWatch

This one piece of technology has taken the business and consumer world by storm or the later part of 2014 and with the first prototypes now being released, the Apple iWatch is poised to take the business market by storm in 2015. It is perfect for business professionals who are always on the go, but still need to keep in touch with team members and business associates. Even with the copycats and competitor’s duplicates, the iWatch stands to be even stronger since it will have access to all of the iPhone features, such as Siri.


Take conferences to the next level and make them something employees look forward to rather than something they loathe and dread. The free application of Uberconference takes web meetings and conferences and makes them digital and easier than ever. Attendees can view the conference live from any internet enabled device wherever they may be at the time. You can collect feedback, share ideas, show slides and presentations, live chat, and hold your meetings anytime- no matter where the attendees may be.  Know who’s on the call, who’s speaking and even see social profiles of all the attendees. Take conference calling to a new level and enjoy the benefits of Uberconference – all for free.


When HTML 5 gets onto the market sometime in 2015, it is poised and ready to become one of the truly essential pieces of technology for many businesses and companies who rely on a strong online presence. With the improved HTML system, web development tools can reach even higher levels of quality and performance. The world of the mobile Web and hybrid applications will also grow as the improved platform will allow for better development and processing. Ultimately, business can enjoy a better experience when it comes to delivery applications and they will be able to share and collaborate across multiple platforms and share data as they have never been able to before. This is why HTML5 is posed to take the 2015 business world by storm.


Need to be able to access your documents, images, files, and folders from anywhere? Need to share files and folders with business associates?  Tired of getting error messages when you try to attach files in an email? Well, Dropbox is the new way to share and store your folders and files in the cloud for free. Just sign up and you can begin uploading and storing documents, photos, videos and anything else. Keep things organized, share with any and all teammates, access files whenever you need them, and never miss out on a business opportunity again. Rethink the way you do file storage and sharing and give Dropbox a try in 2015!

WiFi Standard Improvement

While a number of gadgets, programs, devices, and software will be making their way into the business limelight in 2015, one of the most anticipated advances of the future is the coming implementation and development new Wi-Fi standards. These new and improved standards include advances like 802.11 ac, 11ad, and 11ah can help improve the quality and excellence of Wi-Fi performance in 2015. New regulations and execution speeds as well as enhanced Wi-Fi infrastructure will help take HTML to new heights and help businesses of all sizes see improved growth and profits.

Planning and developing business plans and policies for the New Year is one of the most important steps a business owner can take as they prepare for the New Year in 2015. Every successful business will plan and prepare in order to maximize growth and profits. 2015 is a new year and a new chance to do things even better. Here are some of the up and coming technology advances that you should consider as you look to take your business to an all new level.

GPS Hush Puppies 6

Adorable Puppy GPS Leads Individuals to Hush Puppy Store to Redeem Coupons

Street teams from around the world could learn a lot from this 4-legged people magnet. Hush Puppies decided to do away with the typical street team activation strategy and go with a “hush” puppy. That’s right! They leashed up a dog to a sign that mentioned a doggie GPS system with a mysterious message that told the person not to miss this surprise.

If a person was intrigued enough, they would have to take up a little dog walking and be led via hush puppy to a nearby Hush Puppies store. Once they entered, they would be welcomed with a nice surprise.

This is a wonderful idea as it puts a delightful spin on your typical street team marketing. Lets just hope that little guy doesn’t get lost!

Adorable Puppy GPS Leads Individuals to Hush Puppy Store to Redeem Coupons Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Adorable Puppy GPS Leads Individuals to Hush Puppy Store to Redeem Coupons Guerrilla Marketing PhotoAdorable Puppy GPS Leads Individuals to Hush Puppy Store to Redeem Coupons Guerrilla Marketing Photo Adorable Puppy GPS Leads Individuals to Hush Puppy Store to Redeem Coupons Guerrilla Marketing PhotoAdorable Puppy GPS Leads Individuals to Hush Puppy Store to Redeem Coupons Guerrilla Marketing Photo Adorable Puppy GPS Leads Individuals to Hush Puppy Store to Redeem Coupons Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: Mass, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Hernaldo Torres, David Patiño, Xabi Liceaga
Art Directors: Carolina Garcia, Camila Hernandez
Copywriter: Lenny Murcia
Additional credits: Laura Lozano
Published: December 2014


15 Psychologically Based Facts on How and Why Guerrilla Marketing Works

People are so used to having messages, information, and products thrown at them every day that it’s easy to become numb to it all. Guerrilla marketing, however, wakes up your customers from drowning in traditional, mundane marketing tactics and uses fresh, novel ways which actually make a lasting impression.

But there’s more to guerrilla marketing than trendy murals on city walls and slapping brand stickers on street signs.

Guerrilla marketing is a way to get your message inside the deepest part of your customer’s brain and wake them up from the droning buzz of mainstream marketing… and it’s success is backed by psychology.

These are the 15 psychologically based facts by Jay Conrad Levinson, the actual dude who coined the term “guerrilla marketing,” on how and why this strategy really works. Understand these and your marketing campaign will stand out from the rest, and translate into sales.

1) Decisions are made in the unconscious mind

Even though we can consciously choose when to think about or say something, our brains have made decisions way before we are even able to comprehend them.

2) We know that repetition can access the unconscious mind

Aka: repeat your message over and over and over. That doesn’t mean you have to literally copy and paste the exact marketing tactics you’ve used before, but the essence of your message needs to be there every time.

3) People are either right brained or left brained

The right side of your brain is where creativity is born and the left side is more analytical. Right brained people respond better to emotional and personal appeals while left brained people like knowing logical and mathematical reasons behind something. Guerrilla marketing includes both sides of the brain and appeals to both sides.

4) Businesses succeed by forming both a human bond and a business bond with customers

Connect with your potential customers as human beings before trying to sell them anything. People appreciate when you get to know them aside from the message or product you’re trying to promote because emotional appeal is a strong marketing tactic.

5) All marketing communicates two messages

Your stated message is what you actually verbalize and your meta-message is how your message looks visually. Make sure both of your messages work together so your marketing can speak the loudest.

6) Increase your share of mind to increase your share of market

Your share of market is the place your business occupies in your respective industry and your share of mind is your business’s brand making itself a household, reliable name in the minds of your customers.

7) There are two schools of marketing

Freudian Marketing states that purchasing preferences take place in the unconscious mind with colors, visuals, and tactile materials subconsciously helping. Skinnerian Marketing is based upon detailed experiments that concluded a cue triggered people to engage in activity that offers a reward, like posting a certain Instagram picture to get likes. Guerrilla marketers choose both.

8) Guerrilla marketers use soft steps

Soft steps include free videos, free pens, infographics, newsletters and stickers amongst many others. Soft steps are used because marketers know it takes customers a little while before making the hard step of actually buying.

9) Color increases retention to buy by 57%

The colors you use when marketing can make or break a purchase. Here is the quick and dirty on color psychology:

  • Red: creates a sense of power and authority and holds customer attention the best
  • Blue: makes things seem trustworthy and is easy on the eyes
  • Green: creates a sense of health, goodness, and money
  • Yellow: generates optimism, positivity, and happiness
  • Orange: gives off energy, ambition, and a new attitude
  • Black: shows stability, strength, and intelligence
  • White: ensures purity, cleanliness, and safety

10) Use as many non-verbal gestures as you can

Written words are used so often in marketing campaigns that we become desensitized to the messages they’re trying to send. If you’re marketing tactic includes a video or picture of someone, make sure the non-verbal messages they’re sending evoke just as much emotion as words would–if not, more!

11) Blend customer insight with product insight

Feelings, opinions, sentiments from your customer combined with feedback about your product itself will help make your product that much better. Your product can be great in your eyes but you have to make sure your customer likes it too.

12) Make each of your customers feel special and necessary

Make your customers feel like you are targeting them specifically and personally by taking the time to listen to their questions, get their feedback, and let them know their business matters. When you make a person feel important, they will feel more obliged to return the favor and buy.

13) Genuinely show interest in your customer’s success

When you show that you care about your customer’s success, your return on customer investment in the long-run will pay off, your brand will be more trusted and you will gain repeat customers for a lifetime!

14) Never be fully content with your marketing strategies

Work to always create better ways of reaching your customer base so your work doesn’t become stagnant. Be careful not to veer too far off your brand or product purpose, but don’t be afraid to take risks and always be working toward something “better.”

15) If facing a recession, rely on your current customers and offer valuable guarantees

If your offer is good enough, people will still be willing to buy. Stretch your guarantees and throw in extra incentives to improve your deals and make it hard for a customer to turn away from your product.

15 Psychologically Based Facts on How and Why Guerrilla Marketing Works Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Before the term guerrilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1979, marketing strategies were successful but we didn’t have as much research on what emotionally stirred and moved customers like we do today.

Now that we know the psychologically rooted fundamentals of marketing, we know what is appealing, convincing, and memorable.
And with that, we can create a truly successful marketing strategy.

Now check out these 42 Kickass Ambient Marketing Examples to get some inspiration, and then Start Promoting Your Business with These 10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas.

15 Psychologically Based Facts on How and Why Guerrilla Marketing Works Guerrilla Marketing Photo

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Amnesty International Creates Fading Portraits with Water 2

Amnesty International Creates Fading Portraits with Water

In marketing, it is essential to raise awareness, particularly when the issue is sensitive and demands attention and action rather than just attraction to a product. That is when marketing becomes a tool for an actual social issue. But in many many cases, the people behind the campaign need to understand that in our society and world where many problems go without any initiative against them, it is important to convey that we must take action rather than throw money on advertisement.

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The background: the global times we live in now are very difficult and we have an extremely high number of people disappearing, which Amnesty International wants to address and raise awareness to. In this case, their target audience is everyone, meaning that some unique form of advertising should be used, one that takes even a mere glance to notice. This requirement often causes the agencies to make campaigns bigger and more expensive than usual, when the solution usually lies in a simpler, unique and easy to understand metaphor that goes straight to the point.

When the campaign is louder than the message…

Berlin’s Preuss und Preuss and Amnesty International, in order to depict the disappearances of people around the world, chose portraits of missing people drawn water which will dry up on the pavement, conveying that once a person is kidnapped, it is hard to find them again. Choosing a location like Berlin is very wise, as you need to focus on bigger and diverse cities which would actually bat an eyelash on global social issues.

However, this message in the ad is left unclear: are they trying to convey how fast do disappearances happen and how we need to take action or raise awareness on it, rather than the difficulty of finding those people? The confusion is highlighted by the fact that after interviewing parts of the audience of the campaign, these just stated that the idea was “a cool thing” – which could not have been further away from the message Amnesty was trying to convey.

The presentation of the video detracts from the campaign as well by falling under clichés. It has generic music and the introductory text, which is supposed to draw the viewer in and introduce them to the material, conveys nothing of who actually is taking action. This mystery in the beginning may even push away the viewer.

Missing pieces

Of course, very often what matters is the company behind the message. Amnesty International are a very big name and have done many things for human rights, reporting undiscovered issued which are happening around the world (and have also been criticized just like any organization), so they need to attract more and more public eye if compared to the average company. But at the end of the day, what is it that Amnesty International wants from the audience? The people to be found? Yes. Raise awareness? Yes. But this advertisement, besides bringing attention to the issue, conveyed nothing of action. It only stated how people vanish like the water on the pavement, and the holding of portraits of the lost people were more of a prop unfortunately, rather than clearly stating that they are who went missing.

The attention of viewers shifted to the advertisement tools themselves – which were very creative – rather than the cause. In Amnesty’s case, this type of campaign was not exactly the best choice.

Amnesty International Creates Fading Portraits with Water Guerrilla Marketing Photo Amnesty International Creates Fading Portraits with Water Guerrilla Marketing PhotoAmnesty International Creates Fading Portraits with Water Guerrilla Marketing Photo  Amnesty International Creates Fading Portraits with Water Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: Preuss und Preuss, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Michael Preuss
Copywriter: Nicolas Blättry
Art Director: Vera Brych
Graphics: Dailin Spiegelberg, Romy Mertins
Consultant: Franka Eberlein
Producer / Director: Maximilian Duwe
Released: October 2014

Shaq Easy Bake Oven

Watch Shaquille O’Neal Bake His Favorite Easy-bake Oven Recipes for Good

There is just something so amusing to watch a 7’1″ man bake in a very, very tiny oven. Professional basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq), shows us his favorite easy-bake oven recipes. Unfortunately has a little issue with his baking, which leads to even more entertainment for us!

The video was originally posted on Mashable and serves as a wonderful reminder to donate toys to those who are less fortunate.

Quebec Magic Festival Posters

Quebec City Magic Festival Creates Stunning Invisible Posters

The agency lg2 teamed up with the Quebéc City Magic Festival to create a rather crafty way of promoting the event. A fair amount of posters were placed around cities, featuring only a white background, a black top hat and a small text below it asking the passerby to take a photo of the poster with flash, revealing a secret message – and of course, the secret message is the festival itself.

Advertising is the key to making anything known, whether it’s a product to sell or a person to flood your social media with. Can everything be sold? Under the right light, with the right thinking and the right approach, yes. As we go through life of course it gets much easier to see that anything can be sold with a good advertisement. Our life becomes very dependent from it as we become curious and it becomes a game: what is it that they try to advertise?

Is it soap?

No, he’s on a horse.

So, curiosity becomes key as advertisements flood our world. Celebrities will post their coffee cups, people will show their computer logos: it’s subtle, it’s straightforward, but it becomes a game of guessing and clues because even as simple as we may seem at times, our brain still tries to make logical connections and find patterns, because that’s how we’ve been taught and how we go through life.

For some time already, there’s been a trend to use confusion in advertising. Confusion may attract people, it makes the brain focus more to understand the message, and holds the attention longer than a straightforward logo, giving you enough time to look deeper and make more neuron connections regarding what is being advertised.

When it comes to the Quebéc City Magic Festival video, the hidden message coming out of the black top hat is a great way to get attention and has the bonus of the looker having to take the photo. In our current times, when you take a photo it is often – or dare I say always – posted on some sort of social media, giving a classic word-of-mouth touch to it, as it will be the people themselves who start sharing the product or event, something each campaign strives to achieve by the end of the day. But before we go on about the plus side of the Quebéc City Magic Festival campaign, which is great, a big question arises.

Is the poster attractive enough?

How often do you look at posters? The Quebéc City Magic Festival campaign is still classical marketing flirting with word-of-mouth online, so how effective actually is it? Also, the poster itself is not very striking to the general public, which of course can be arguable as from a designer’s perspective it is very appealing and to the point. But then, which audience are we trying to reach out to?

The benefits and at the same time problems of the Quebéc City Magic Festival poster is that it is still something a person in the same circle of interests would notice, so it falls under the classic question: do you want to advertise for everyone, or for an exclusive but more engaged niche? If you do something far more appealing to the general public, you will end up getting people who possibly won’t be interested at all in an event like the Quebéc City Magic Festival and frankly will be mislead. But if the product is for a specific niche, then the advertisement should be so too.

Overall, it is an effective and creative campaigned, well-aimed towards a specific circle of people interested in the artistic sphere.

What Would You Do If a Coffin Crossed the Road

What Would You Do If a Coffin Crossed the Road?

Every year, dozens of pedestrians are killed crossing the street. The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (The Society of Automobile Insurance of Quebec), an insurance company located in Quebec, wanted to share this fact with the rest of the world in hopes to make the streets a little safer. They reached out to lg2 to create a stunt that would leave motorists stopped in their tracks.

They hired a person to wear a coffin and walk across busy intersections. On the coffin, there was copy that said, “against a car, a pedestrian has no chance.” This is something you definitely don’t see everyday!



7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business

Handling a small business Ecommerce store is not an easy task. Small businesses often have constraint budget and if they want to push their sales online, they must use successful Ecommerce solutions. Being an owner of a startup business, you have to look for the suitable options solutions to boost the overall productivity and performance of your business. If you know what the right Ecommerce solutions are and how to use them, you can easily enhance your online sales. These tools help in developing your online business quicker with minimum investment.

However, when it comes to choosing the right Ecommerce platform or shopping carts, small business owners have many choices, but for ensured performance and success, it is necessary to know which Ecommerce solution will suit your business goals and how you can choose the right solution for your business. If you are among the aspiring small business owners, who want to sell online with assured success, here are the 7 successful Ecommerce solutions that will help in boosting your small business performance by improving your overall online revenue.

1) Shopify

7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Considered as one of the most popular and demanding Ecommerce solution, Shopify lets you choose a template, add a product catalog, optimize the design, create blog posts from a single administration dashboard, and optimize the design of your Ecommerce store. It also has built in mobile commerce that consists of both mobile storefront and iPhone app.

No specific development skills are required for developing store on this Ecommerce platform, but merchants can easily select from a range of more than 100 website designs and integrate their products.

The websites developed on Shopify are easily customizable with integration of a secure shopping cart, which can accept MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. Moreover, Shopify also contains built- in analytics for benchmarking your online store’s performance so that you can track your store traffic regularly.

Shopify is available with zero transaction fee at a rate of $14 per month, but you can also go for 14-day free trial for evaluating its integrated features before purchasing.

2) Magento

7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business Guerrilla Marketing Photo

When talking about Ecommerce solutions for improving the performance of your small business, we cannot skip one of the most powerful Ecommerce solutions, Magento, which is blessed with a box of impressive features. Being owned by a reputed online store eBay, you can also sell your products over eBay if you choose to purchase this Ecommerce solution for establishing your online store.

With its rich box of features, Magento is the best option for those who want to create an effective online store with an exceptional set of features. Its features are designed in accordance with the mindset of internet users, and there are no special skills required to upload and operate this platform for managing your online store.

3) Square Market

7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business Guerrilla Marketing Photo

If you are planning to build your Ecommerce store in a short period of time, then Square Market will be an ideal Ecommerce solution for you. Businesses can establish their online store in minutes and can easily sign up, set up the shipping costs, and list down products, which means your online store can go live within minutes and then you can start putting your efforts for optimizing your store to get traffic and leads.

Square Market is added with loads of customizable features to make it easy for the store owners so that they could make the modifications as per their convenience. The list of features added to Square market includes personalized images and logos, adjustable tax rates, flexible promotional codes, social media links, color and size options, mobile-friendly store fronts, and a set of effective online marketing tools.

Moreover, the store owners at the Square Market platform are freed from paying any monthly fees, but they only have to pay 2.5 percent per sale.

4) BigCommerce

7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business Guerrilla Marketing Photo

BigCommerce is one of the most effective and user-friendly Ecommerce platforms available for those who want to set up their online store amidst their reputed competitors. Loaded with a bundle of startling features, the expert team of BigCommerce helps you through each step of the process of migrating from any other platform to BigCommerce platform.

There are lots of customizable templates available for BigCommerce online stores from where you can choose and customize the template as per your set of requirements. You can easily modify and manage your website with BigCommerce platform.

5) WooCommerce

7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business Guerrilla Marketing Photo

For DIY websites, WordPress is considered as the best platform. Hence, if you are planning to develop an online store for your business in an open source platform, it makes perfect sense to use WooCommerce, which is a WordPress based Ecommerce platform. Being an open source and free Ecommerce platform, you can perform modifications and changes in your online store very conveniently without being locked into proprietary software or into a monthly contract.

WooCommerce is an ultimate choice for niche websites that are just starting their Ecommerce journey to compete against their reputed rivals. If you are already familiar with the features of WordPress, then using WooCommerce for your online store will help in achieving maximum profit through your online business with better expediency. Besides these features, WooCommerce  requires no monthly payment as a share in your profit and you can use this user-friendly Ecommerce solution effectively for selling your products online.

6) Vee24

7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business Guerrilla Marketing Photo

If you want to deliver a new customer experience to your customers, then opt for Vee24 that is a great option for starting up your Ecommerce business. This online customer engagement Ecommerce platform comes with the latest video technology for allowing the online retailers to engage their target audience as well as to answer their queries and concerns.

Vee24 offers three different products:

  • VeeKiosk
  • VeeChat
  • VeeStudio

All these three products are devised to make customer service easy and successful, which is helpful in impacting the business metrics such as customer loyalty and online conversion.

7) MobiCart

7 Successful Ecommerce Solutions for Boosting the Performance of Your Small Business Guerrilla Marketing Photo

If you want to go mobile with your Ecommerce store, then MobiCart is the perfect choice. This user friendly Ecommerce solution changes your online store into mobile commerce app, which helps in driving mobile traffic to your online store.

This mobile commerce solution is fully customizable to suit your brand and it works to bring links to your existing website, thus increasing your chances of getting better sales through mobile traffic. It could be integrated with more than 45 shopping carts very easily including Shopify, 3DCart, and Volusion.

This Ecommerce solution is integrated with a native application creator for iPad, iPhone, Android and HTML5 Web applications that can be accessed through mobile browsers. You can use for 10 products at free of cost, but after that you can choose for the basic plan, which starts at $15 per month or if you choose for a yearly plan, then you will get two months free.

How To Choose the Right Ecommerce Solution?

The most obvious reasons for choosing the right Ecommerce solution are minimum investment and maximum return of investment (ROI). You must select an Ecommerce solution, which is integrated with features needed for the growth of your business. You never want to pay for the features that you are not using today and hence, the correct decision is of utmost priority when it comes to investing for your startup business.

Most of the Ecommerce solutions offer the basic required for setting up your online store, which includes an integrated shopping cart, customizable website templates, email marketing, search engine optimization, analytics and inventory management. Being a business owner, you just have to create your own account for using the store management tools.

However, to find the best and appropriate Ecommerce solutions, you must know what is important for achieving your business goals. Therefore, you should conduct a thorough research for the vendors to get the complete Ecommerce solution at an affordable price. When you know what your requirements are, you can easily choose the right Ecommerce solution for boosting your online store performance.

KISSaLOT Airlines Mistletoe 2

LOT Polish Airlines Puts the World under Mistletoe

This past Christmas LOT POLISH AIRLINES partnered with DDB Warsaw to put the whole World under mistletoe. The custom of kissing under mistletoe is quite well known throughout the world; however, it’s quite new in Poland. LOT Polish Airlines wanted to share the love and bring people together.

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They outfitted a couple of their planes with mistletoe and created a new website called KISSaLOT.pl to track where these planes are. The idea is that if one of these planes with mistletoe is overhead, you can express your love with a kiss to someone you care about. Let’s just hope you’re standing right next to that person at the time!

LOT Polish Airlines Puts the World under Mistletoe Guerrilla Marketing Photo

LOT Polish Airlines Puts the World under Mistletoe Guerrilla Marketing Photo LOT Polish Airlines Puts the World under Mistletoe Guerrilla Marketing Photo LOT Polish Airlines Puts the World under Mistletoe Guerrilla Marketing Photo


5 Top Agencies To Follow in 2015

It’s a brand new year and we’re so excited to see what creative marketing campaigns come out this year. Last year we saw some really great campaigns come out that had us WOWed. This year, we put together a list of creative agencies that we plan on following based on their work the previous year. We selected these particular agencies because of some of the memorable campaigns and executions back in 2014. We’re very excited to see what they come up with this year! So without further adieu, the 5 top agencies to follow in 2015.

1) Duval Guillaume

5 Top Agencies To Follow in 2015 Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Rocking a brand spanking new website, this agency is one to be on the watch list. They are most known for the “Push to add drama” campaigns back in 2012, but have also done some very stellar work in 2014 such as the selfie speeding sign and the border football campaign for Carlsberg.

2) Forsman & Bodenfors

5 Top Agencies To Follow in 2015 Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Most well known for their work with Volvo and the Epic Split with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Forsman & Bodenfors keep us very entertained. This Swedish agency has done some amazing work in the past with notable clients such as Volvo, Unicef and Malibu Rum.

3) Lg2

5 Top Agencies To Follow in 2015 Guerrilla Marketing Photo

This creative agency based in Canada has some some very magical work that got us looking. Our favorite campaigns by lg2 have to be the ones for Festival de magie de Québec. They came up with amazing advertisements that actually seemed, well, magical. They made a mop appear to be controlled by telekinesis and made pigeons fly out of a large hat on top of a billboard.

4) Studio M

5 Top Agencies To Follow in 2015 Guerrilla Marketing Photo

This small Canadian production shop was put on the map with their WestJet Christmas Miracle campaign. It was a campaign that went instantly viral because it was just so darn amazing. The campaign warmed our hearts and made us believe that marketing can actually bring us joy!

5) Jung von Matt

5 Top Agencies To Follow in 2015 Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Remember that one viral video that showed delivery companies mistakingly deliver large packages that said, “DHL is faster”? Well, that was done by Jung von Matt. Their DHL trojan mailing campaign was a huge success and they work with some very notable clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Nikon and Vodafone.

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British Airways Transports Eurpean Travels to the USA with Oculus Rift

British Airways Transports European Travels to the USA with Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display that has raised over $2.4 million in funding and was acquired by Facebook. Although the Rift is probably known for being used in gaming, some brands have found ways to use it in marketing.

British Airways wanted to provide a unique experience and way to share the joys of travel without actually having to fly people. They turned to the Rift to help them do this by loading scenes from popular locations in the USA and let people in European countries experience the USA through the Rift’s technology.

WestJet Christmas Miracle 2014

Westjet Christmas Surprise Is the Most Delightful Thing This Year

WestJet shows us that it truly is better to give than to receive. In their most recent holiday miracle, they surprised the small community of Nuevo Renacer near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic with a sled that housed a virtual Santa. The sled contained a small digital screen where the WestJet Santa would greet them and ask what they wanted for Christmas. Afterwards, they were then invited to a Christmas party on the beach.

WestJet then recruited their shoppers to invade a local store and purchase everything on the list. At the beach Christmas party, WestJet employees surprised them with each of the items they wished for, including a new crib, dollhouse and even a horse.

This holiday campaign was a followup from last year’s viral success in which WestJet flight passengers received a gift via the baggage claim.

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unusual products design

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014

Every year we see more and more ingenious creative packaging designs line the shelves. But some brands seem to find it more difficult than others to package their products appropriately.

Here are 20 of the funniest packaging fails of 2014.


20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Oh Tesco, why? Whoever designed this Buttermilk packaging clearly had something else on their mind.


20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Iceland, proving that marketing team need to be more careful on their font choices.

Soup For Sluts

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Sometimes brands can be a little too targeted with their marketing.

Tastes Like Grandma

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Is Grandma in the jam??

My Dog

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


That’s a funny looking dog.

Fortune Cookie

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Has the job been done well though?

Toilet Seat

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Ah yes, there’s nothing nicer than a nice recline on a toilet seat.

Musical Instrument

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


That popular musical instrument, the gun.

Rice With Herpes

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


I’m sure everyone will be queuing up for this at the buffet.

McDonalds Ice

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


I always suspected there was more calories in McDonalds products than they let on.

Watermelon Corn

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


I never realised watermelon was so yellow.

Peppa Pig

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


I wouldn’t give these to my child.

Child Shredded Meat

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Let’s hope this is another poorly translated product, and not actually what it says on the tin.


20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


This fork will really come in handy around dinner time.

Pet Sweat

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Just what everyone needs; a bottle of pet sweat.

Urinal Hot Drink

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Nothing nicer than a nice hot cup of urinal?

Pee Cola

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


What could be better than Urinal tea? Pee cola!

Easter Bunny

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Turns out the Easter bunny is a master of disguise.

Crap in a box

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


This packaging is quite literally, filled with crap.

Golden Gaytime

20 Hilarious Packaging Fails of 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo


I do enjoy a nice golden gaytime on a hot day.

Budweiser Puppy Love

Rise of the Commercial: Are They Effective in the Long Run?

Marketing drives consumers to purchase products new and old alike. That’s why businesses spend small fortunes each year producing new media for their advertisement campaigns. According to TCA Partners, commercials are becoming even more competitive today.

With the rise of digital media, the effectiveness of commercials has come into question. Before the Internet was made mainstream, there was no doubt that commercials were one of the major driving forces behind consumer choice. Are they still as effective today? Let’s take a few examples of recent commercials to understand how they contribute towards the long-run of marketing campaigns.

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Commercial

Creating an emotional engagement with the audience has always been one of the strongest points of commercials. They can bring the viewer into a world in such a way that they can feel whatever emotion is intended to be felt.

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” ad, which was displayed during Super Bowl XLVIII, created an emotional connection between the horses that Budweiser has used for years to represent them, and a small puppy. It excels as a commercial because it grabs the viewer’s attention and makes them think while delivering the message of “Budweiser is for buddies.” at the end.

Google Play’s “Tonight” Commercial

Another example of commercial excellence that brings product and feelings together is Google’s “Tonight” commercial. It runs through some of the most memorable films while adding in small touches of humor that allow it to resonate with people who enjoy cinema.

The reason this commercial is effective revolves around its stark simplicity. It appeals emotionally to leave the viewer with the idea that Google Play might be one of the best places to see their favorite shows and movies.

Ore-Ida’s “A Fresh Take on Fries” Commercial

Brevity is yet another principle of commercial production that allows them to stay simple, while delivering a certain appeal. Ore-Ida’s simple, 15-second commercial stays effective because it highlights a simple, one-sentence idea about why Ore-Ida’s french fries are better than the competition. Couple this with the emotional appeal they create by putting a girl actress on the back of a pickup with a grass-roots feel to create an efficient commercial.

The one aspect that hasn’t been touched is how effective commercials can be as a lasting medium. While audiences do grow accustomed to certain commercials over a period of time, the continued usage of themes like the Budweiser Clydesdale makes it possible to turn one simple idea in an effective campaign that lasts for years.
The commercial is still an extremely effective piece of media, but it’s worth stating that today’s commercials are different from their predecessors. With the rise of technology and the quickening pace of the average consumer’s life, “less is more” has become one rule that commercials must obey to create a campaign that becomes effective in the long run.

Kulula Airlines Announces Better Online Check-in In Unique Way

Kulula Airlines Announces Better Online Check-in In Unique Way

Discount South African airline Kulula, has informed their customers (and soon to be customers) about a change to their services in an unusual way. By teaming up with the King James Group agency, kulula was able to make a bit of a spectacle in a few of South Africa’s international airports, at the same time as drawing attention to their new #selfservice online check-in.

The Campaign

In the campaign, travelers at Cape Town International Airport and O.R. Tambo International Airport were treated with a surprise when well-known local celebrities Siv Ngesi, an actor and comedian, and Jack Parow, a local rapper, made an appearance in motorized baths and beds. Decked out with kulula.com branding, these unexpected check-in locations drove themselves around the crowds at the airport, making a statement about just how easy it can be to check-in with kulula.com.

Why It Works

The #SelfService offering from kulula.com is nothing new, most airlines have been offering this service in some form or another for years now. But with the help of the King James Group they’ve been able to take an old service offering, and make it into a campaign that’s new and totally unique to kulula. Here’s why it works:

It’s Unexpected: There’s nothing quite like seeing a guy cruising around an airport in a motorized bathtub or bed while checking in for their flight. It’s pretty much the last thing a traveler expects to see when they’re flying (especially with airports becoming such serious security centers). That unexpected shock has a lot of power from an advertising sense. When something is out of place we pay attention to it, that’s just how our brain works, and we’re more likely to remember it later. Pairing the shock factor with the clear kulula.com branding improves brand recognition and makes this campaign a winner.

It’s Funny: As well as being unexpected, the hilarity of the kulula.com campaign makes it especially effective. Most marketers know that if you can make someone laugh, you’re more likely to sell them something. When people are entertained, that happy feeling carries over into their perception of the brand, and improves their concept of the company’s reputation. By entertaining travelers with their campaign, kulula has been able to improve their standing, making passengers more partial to them in the future.

Famous Faces

The use of famous famous isn’t groundbreaking in the advertising world, but it has to be done right in order to be effective. By using local celebrities, to spruce a local airline, kulula.com has done just that. Bringing the celebrity face to the campaign gets some people excited, but the campaign isn’t hinged on this celebrity power, so it is effective just the same. But, for those people in the know – the younger generation based on the celebrities, the campaign has even more power.


Advertising Agency: King James Group, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King
Executive Creative Directors: Devin Kennedy, Matt Ross
Copywriter: Roderick McCall
Art Directors: Justin Enderstein, Graeme Bettles
Business Director: Melanie De Winnaar
Production Company: Audio Visual Alchemy
Agency Producer: Wesley Coller

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