Mcdonald’s Turns People into Emojis!

Mcdonald’s Turns People into Emojis!

How would you imagine a world where emojis transformed into real people and real emotions? McDonald’s in France tried to depict such a world by adding emoji-headed human beings on what could be described as a typical day for a McDonald’s lover.

“Come As You Are” is a campaign that was created by the agency BETC Paris and was directed by We Are From L.A, a duo that has worked with the specific agency again in the past with Air France and Evian, while they have also directed the popular music video “Happy” of Pharell Williams. In fact, the positive vibe of the music video is also present on this campaign, showing a sunny day full of happy people living their own routines, following the protagonist that is heading to McDonald’s.

Mcdonalds Turns People into Emojis! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

A fun and lighter version of real life depicts happy people that walk, drive, work, from a construction worker to a small child, all of them representing several different emotions through emoji characters, with the main plot happening in McDonald’s, revealing even more emoji characters.

The campaign tries to be simple, while creating an imaginary world that is fun, pleasant and positive. McDonald’s is all about the happy and positive vibe and this video makes it clear from the very first second that it’s all about those feelings. It’s the experience of visiting McDonald’s that is stressed here, even in an exaggerating way, hoping to leave the audience with the right feelings, linking them with the brand once again.

Mcdonalds Turns People into Emojis! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Emojis are more popular than ever, turning into one of the most common forms of communication during the 21st century and it was only a matter of time to appear in advertising, from the most predictable to the most unexpected ways. In fact, McDonald’s already embraced the emoji trend in the past with a billboard, while we also admired the creativity of the placards that were only created with emojis. It’s not easy to use such a popular trend in advertising, as there is always the danger of being ‘accused’ of following the trend with no actual goal. This makes it even more difficult to use them in context, trying to make them as relevant as possible to each brand that is advertised in the campaign.

McDonald’s along with BETC Paris managed to create a unique, colourful and fun world that fought for the simplicity that manages to send the right messages to the audience and this could prove the success of the campaign, which also received a significant media coverage, due to the clever use of the emojis in the campaign. After all, not many users could accuse McDonald’s for the lack of imagination in advertising, especially when checking again their latest ambitious campaigns (from the heat sensitive billboard to the largest selfie sticks. Do you remember the #imlovinit campaign spreading all over the world?


Brand: McDonald’s
Agency: BETC Paris
ECD: Rémi Babinet
Creative director: Damien Bellon
Art director: Juri Zaech
Assistant AD: Albert Yvert
Copywriters: Samuel Moore, David Aronson
Directors: We Are From LA
Production company: Iconoclast

Introvert vs Extrovert What Can Introverts Bring Out in Your Sales Department

Introvert vs Extrovert: What Can Introverts Bring Out in Your Sales Department?

One of the most common misconceptions about building a sales team, is that it should be composed mostly of outspoken individuals, otherwise known as extroverts. The reasoning is simple and usually effective, since extroverts are comfortable with people. Having a good talker on the team is important to get the word out and for sales to go through. Problems can arise when employees continue to chat, procrastinate, and delegate their duties to others. An entire team of extroverts may be something that could secretly sabotage your sales team. The introvert, on the other hand, makes for an excellent employee when it comes to sales. Not only do they balance many of the potentially negative qualities of extroverted sales people, but also bring unique benefits that can propel your sales department towards success.

Let’s examine why you should consider adding at least one introvert to your sales team.

They Know the Product

Introverts are especially skilled when it comes to sales because they tend to become familiar with the products they are selling. They understand them intimately, which in turn allows them to understand both why someone would purchase that product and what role that product has.

Consider a new product designed to making cleaning a person’s home easier. Extroverted sales representatives may brag about its advantages without truly understand where the product fits. This could annoy potential customers and detract from sales. Introverts are more likely to recognize how a product fits into a person’s daily life.

They Listen

Extroverts talk. You may find that they talk so much, they drown out the other person in a conversation, which is something wholly undesirable when you’re trying to convince someone to purchase a product.

Introverts listen and understand people better because they do. They can then understand their routines, their place in society, and, depending upon their skill as a salesperson, recognize how a person could potentially use a product to better their life. This makes attempts at sales more successful.

They Prepare

Preparation is advantageous when considering the personal success of a sales representative, but it is vital when it comes to success as a team.

Introverts are useful to sales teams since they typically know how to prepare and don’t leave things to chance. They create presentations designed for others to understand, and tend to prepare themselves so they can answer almost any question someone may have.

They Focus on Long-Term Results

Introverts understand the importance of short-term and long-term goals and can see a big picture. They try to make short-term sales while focusing on larger results. This can make sales teams more successful, especially when introverts are paired with extroverts. They develop long-lasting business relationships that make it possible for them to satisfy a customer now, while providing them with better products in the future. This long-term focus helps a company’s image, which in turn promotes even more sales.

Giving Introverts a Fair Chance

The benefits that introverts bring to the table are too numerous for businesses to ignore. Using things like the Career Assessment Site to find out who the introverts are in your team can help you find the perfect place for them on your team.

Consider giving more introverts a chance when it comes to your sales department. They may be able to become an integral part of your team, seal the deal on many sales, and create long-term business contacts that reflect nicely on your company’s image.

Mobile Ecommerce

Maximize Your Mobile E-Commerce Efforts For Better ROI

As marketers, we all have to be well-aware that the way consumers shop for products has totally evolved. Gone are the days when consumers have to go to physical stores to purchase products. With several breakthroughs in technology and the never-ending developments in online marketing industry, shopping has made its way through mobile.

According to study, 44 percent of online minutes are spent on mobile phones as compared to 11 percent spend on tablets. This implies that more users prefer using mobile devices for shopping and the number are increasing fast. With these, it is no wonder why a lot of marketers are now engaging in mobile e-commerce (m-commerce).

However, engaging for m-commerce is not an easy task. M-commerce can be a struggle and you can easily be overwhelmed by the plethora of things that needs to be done. You need to provide seamless and easy shopping for consumers and it can pose a challenge for your business.

So before you start building your m-commerce site, here are 5 vital practices you need to be aware of to create a good mobile website that can deliver better ROI.

Infinite Scrolling Is A Big NO-NO

“Infinite scrolling is a turn-off.”

Ever since infinite scrolling started, it has made a buzz in the online world. Infinite scrolling promises a better UX. But not all the time. There are types of website in which infinite scrolling can be best used to and mobile ecommerce sites is not one of those.

Infinite scrolling in Ecommerce or m-commerce sites can result to low CTR or click-through rates. Basically, potential customers can easily be distracted with the endless scrolling and as a result, they will less likely to click pages and worse, they will be force to leave your site. With low CTR, there is also lesser chance of lead generation and conversion.

Follow The Rule Of Thumb

Usability plays a vital role on how long users will interact to your website and one of the best practices to apply for website usability is the rule of thumb. The thumb is the dominant finger we use in navigating or typing on our smart phones.  In creating your website for mobile ecommerce, the rule of thumb should be followed for comfortable and better user experience.

Designing and developing your website based in the rule of thumb is not as complicated as you think. Grab your phone and start swiping on the screen in different areas. Take note of the areas which your thumb can comfortably navigate and which areas are a bit harder to reach and swipe.

Maximize Your Mobile E Commerce Efforts For Better ROI Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The areas which you feel comfortable swiping and clicking are your thumb-friendly hot zone and these are the areas where you should place your priority pages. The rule of thumb simply means designing for thumbs. This will minimize mistaps and uneasy navigation which can often be frustrating for users.

Your Homepage Is The Road Map

Unlike desktops, in mobile screens, you don’t have enough space for all your categories to fit into, so make sure that your homepage offer users to navigate on must-see pages or pages they will more likely to visit. Making your page content eye-appealing is one effective way to build mobile presence.

Maximize Your Mobile E Commerce Efforts For Better ROI Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Hickory Farm Homepage Provide Users What They Usually Look For

You don’t need all information about your website to be in your main menu. It will present a disoriented and crowded view which is unappealing for the users. So in designing your landing pages or homepage, make sure to present only what is necessary and what most users are looking for, leaving the rest of the subcategories on inner pages or in the footer.

Efficient and Easy Searching

Easy navigation and fast loading speed are vital elements to provide consumers with best user experience. Whether in desktop or mobile devices, it is very vital that you develop a website with simple navigation and fast loading speed. Always remember that users do not want to wait. A second delay in loading speed or complicated navigation can drive them away from your website.

Furthermore, put emphasis in your search bars if your website offer variety of products. Take for example the Starbucks mobile site. They offer easy searching of products for their customers.

Maximize Your Mobile E Commerce Efforts For Better ROI Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Simplify Checkout Process

Now that you have provide shoppers with a better user experience, they will be more likely to be convinced to buy products from your site and your next job is to give them a simplified and smooth checkout process. Always remember the golden rule for checkout process; “Ask Less To Let Them Buy More”.

Your checkout process must require all necessary information, however avoid asking too much. Costumer’s NAP (Name, Address/Delivery address, Phone Number), Payment method and information and shipping options are the important elements of your checkout process. You can ask other pertinent information but remember not to annoy users with unnecessary questions. Furthermore, you also have to make your process short and easy to understand. Minimize including promotional tactics like ads in your process as they can distract consumers and will force them to abandon your website.

Last Words

According to mobile statistics, mobile conversions are increasing year by year at about 8.9% while desktop conversions drop by 8.3% every year. So in the next few years, do not be surprised to see mobile conversions surpassing desktop conversion. We are in the new wave of digital age and mobile development shows great opportunities for ecommerce industry. As marketers, we have to grab these opportunities not just to increase sales but more importantly for future and lasting success.

As a business and marketing editor of Scoopfed team, Key Acanto enjoys writing topics which can help businesses like SMEs grow. She has been a contributor of several business and editorial sites and she is also a part of Dlinkers writer’s team. Stay connected with her through her LinkedIn and Twitter account.

Life Jacket Company Creates New Drink from Sea Water To Sell Their Jackets

To remind people of the dangers at sea, Tribord partnered withRosa Park agency and launched a new drink called WAVE that was composed of 100% sea water. To goal was to give people a glimpse of what drowning would feel like and promote their new IZEBER50 floatation jacket. On the WAVE can, Tribord had a small message promoting the benefits of their newest floatation jacket. The message said, “make this your last taste of drowning”.

Reactions were unanimous. Drowning isn’t fun.

Would you subject yourself to this torture? Hopefully in the end they got something more than a taste of sea water.

IBM Play Links Tumblr and Science in the Most Exciting Way!

What if Tumblr was incorporated with real life in a fun and exciting way?

IBM has taken its creativity to the next level, while looking for a pleasant motivation that would encourage students to actually find an interest in technology and science. How do you get more students into technology then? John Cohn, an IBM Fellow that is entitled as Engineer, Maker & Mad Scientist, was part of the ambitious #PlayMachine project, linking Tumblr and science in a way that would excite young minds about science.

IBM Play Links Tumblr and Science in the Most Exciting Way! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

#PlayMachine by IBM and Ogilvy is a contraption that reengineered Tumblr for the physical world, a new interface along with a special IBM Tumblr page named IBMBLR, merging IBM’s Innovation Culture and Tumblr, in order to create the word “IBMblr”.

IBM Play Links Tumblr and Science in the Most Exciting Way! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The idea was to link each social media action with an actual trigger to the interface, which would lead to a drop of a pop corn, the spinning of a globe, or the printing of the user’s id. This was an attempt to combine social media interaction with real-life action, in order to allow users to increase their social media use for the sake of physical reactions. And it even turned even better with a live webcast which took the joy of science global. After three weeks of surprising GIFs about science, the more people liked, shared, followed, and reblogged, the more the machine popped, printed, twirled, whacked. This was indeed a cool way to use technology and moreover, a clever campaign to encourage the younger audience to embrace a bigger interest in science and technology.

IBM Play Links Tumblr and Science in the Most Exciting Way! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The success of IBM’s Play Machine

IBMblr along with the whole IBM campaign led to 17 million impressions, while it also tripled the engagement and increased their followers by 100%. What’s more, it helped IBM to spark a new wave of creative hires, while the campaign managed indeed to ignite an increasing interest to science and technology by the younger audience.

IBM Play Links Tumblr and Science in the Most Exciting Way! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The campaign was even among the winners of these year’s Cannes Lions, proving that creativity and innovation are rewarded. And this reward was both by the audience and the experts!

Every new campaign should stand out from the rest, grabbing the audience’s attention and making an impact on the desired niche. In order to succeed and obtain the set goals, you need to embrace your authenticity, daring to be bold and try out new ideas. Are you ready to impress in your next campaign?


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Simpson
Executive Creative Directors: Ryan Blank, Mike Hahn, Susan Westre
Creative Director: Sam Mazur
Associate Creative Directors: Anne Davidson, Eddie Pak
Art Directors: Elli Hanson, Line Johnsen, Emily Rinehart
Copywriter: Naomi Amado
Digital Producers: Angela Fung, Chris Toliver, Erica Rehbock
Content Producers: Leslie D’acri, Lee Weiss, Glorianne Cody, Danielle Magee, Moitri Ghosh
Tech Team: Jason Wurtzel, Ian Crowley, Ahmet Arsan, Nate Jones, Sebastian Soler
Strategy Team: Melissa Hochman, Scott Martinez, Stuart Tracte
Account Team: Kim Duffy, Jeremy Kuhn, Charlotte Sng, Josh Shaner, Lindsay Jaffe
Interactive Director: Aramique Krauthamer, Tool Of NA
Engineers: Ranjit Bhatnagar, Jeff Crouse
Producers: Nathalie Salazar, Simi Dhillon
Composers: Hakim Gargoubi, Starling Music
Contributing Artists: Adam Hayes, Al Boardman,Tracey Berglund
Directors: Elijah Barrett, Geoff Levy, Nathan Punwar
Published: May 2015


4 Great Lessons from Visual Storytelling Websites

Even the ancient Egyptians recognized the value of pictures. Their hieroglyphics now intrigue museum visitors across the world, but in their day these images told compelling stories.

Today’s best companies have learned from our ancestors and are promoting themselves — in an engaging, alluring, memorable way — through visual storytelling.

It pays to follow their lead, and considering how to incorporate images and video is critical to creating a modern website. Be sure to establish a complete strategy before building your website and find inspiration from the organizations that have already crafted successful brands through visual storytelling.


Bellroy makes wallets, and it achieves its mission — “to craft better ways to carry” — by making and selling slimmer billfolds. The company heralds the many benefits: less-bulky wallets make sitting more comfortable, they don’t bulge from your pants pocket, and they make traveling easier.

To show just how much smaller Bellroy’s wallets are than the typical billfold, the company has an interactive slider on its website that allows the consumer to see how much they expand when you add one or two or three, or even ten, credit cards. There are many ways the company can explain the wallet’s benefits with words, but nothing beats showing. Additionally, Bellroy offers narrative, visual tips on how to pack and travel lighter. This is one company that has mastered imagery.

Cornerstone On Demand

Cornerstone On Demand is a business that aims to help workplaces run better. And one way it sells itself as a resource to trust is by crafting custom infographics that both inform and entertain. Its best one might be “42 Fictional Quotes to Help You Achieve Real Success.” This large visual device offers advice on everything from leadership and entrepreneurship to teamwork and innovation from the likes of Yoda, William Wallace, Willy Wonka and Ferris Bueller. The quotes alone are enough to draw in any audience — but the quirky illustrations really tie it all together.

Another looks at each state’s “signature job,” revealing that Maine, for example, is known for logging equipment operators while Nevada has the highest percentage of gaming inspectors. Infographics can make any topic more interesting.

American Express

American Express has turned its signature phrase, “Don’t leave home without it,” into a part of pop culture that everyone knows, and now it is leveraging Facebook to show people exactly why they should always bring their credit card with them. The financial company routinely publishes enticing photos of meals, beverages and vacations that subtly include one of its cards.

Nobody would ever want to look at photos of credit cards, but everybody can look at a table full of delicious tacos and watch their mouth start watering. So by promoting themselves in this manner, American Express has found a way to make users engage with a company on social media that otherwise wouldn’t be able to add anything striking to their timeline.


Conserving energy is a boring topic, but EvoEnergy in the United Kingdom has done a good job at showing people exactly why they should try to use less — and how it can save them money.

Helping consumers and companies do so is it’s business, and they promote it adeptly with an interactive graphic page that breaks down how energy is consumed throughout the country. Users can delve back all the way to the 1970s and see how transportation, households, and industry have conserved or expanded their energy use over the past few decades. Providing practical information that educates can be a great way to draw in potential customers.

KFC launches “Memories Bucket” to print your photos!

KFC has decided to celebrate its 60th anniversary in Canada in a very special way, treasuring every single memory through all these years. According to KFC Canada, “some of the best memories are made around the bucket”, that’s why they created the “Memories Bucket” to encourage customers to create even more memories!

KFC along with the agency Grip Limited were looking for a special way to celebrate the brand’s 60-year presence in Canada, when they heard the stories of several clients that looked back on memories that were created around a KFC bucket. This led to the idea of an innovative KFC bucket, a photo printer in disguise that instantly prints your new memories. It’s all about the bucket science!

KFC launches Memories Bucket to print your photos! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Just like that, they attached a bluetooth-powered polaroid printer right at the bottom of an actual KFC bucket, as a way to print your photos instantly with the help of your phone. As it’s shown on the video, a group of friends that enjoys a bucket of KFC chicken may simply snap a fun photo and print it in a matter of seconds, as a “new way to make memories around a bucket.” This will make the memories last longer, associating them even more with a KFC bucket.

The campaign relies on the power of nostalgia and the emotional appeal that memories have to people, especially when it’s about great moments that you don’t want to forget. Printed photos may not be as common anymore, but they’re still the physical representation of memories, while you can actually hold them and treasure them forever. KFC wanted to remind their customers that so many things happen when you enjoy a KFC bucket with your friends and sharing them always feels better. Love, positivity, nostalgia are all blended in happy moments that you want to keep forever.

KFC launches Memories Bucket to print your photos! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The idea was considered a success for KFC Canada, as many customers were asking for the “Memories Bucket”, with KFC informing them that they may not be on sale, but they are planning to give a way more to their loyal fans.

The #Happy60KFC hashtag that was used along with the campaign led to numerous positive messages from customers all over the world, wishing they could enjoy their KFC bucket while printing their memories, while the innovative idea also led to a significant media coverage, challenging other brands to beat their creativity on their next campaigns!

KFC launches Memories Bucket to print your photos! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

What did you think of the “Memories Bucket” and the way it was associated with the brand?


Client: KFC
Agency: Grip Limited
Art Director: Anton Ratinsky
Copywriter: Jeff Collins
Account Director: Sascha von Nickisch-Rosenegk
Account Manager: Shawna Powell
Account Coordinator: Nicholas Hillier
Social Content Strategists: Matthew Stasoff, Jacquie Kostuk
Editor: Ben Badger
Producer: Katherina Villa

Seeds of Change Invites You to Eat Endangered Species!

How would you react if you received an invite to eat endangered species as a way to save them? Celebrity chef Hugh Acheson invited foodies at Empire State South in Atlanta to join him at a one-day only tasting menu that would feature species that are in danger of going extinct. In fact, he even created posters that promoted the event, encouraging everyone to eat endangered species in order to save them! The idea led to numerous furious complaints and to even more tweets that even informed PETA about this “appalling”, “stupid”, and “astoundingly stupid” campaign.

Seeds of Change Invites You to Eat Endangered Species! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

However, curiosity led several people to the Empire State South, wondering how to react on the lunch they would be served. As they started eating, still trying to find the kind of endangered animal they were tasting, Hugh Acheson appeared, informing them that the only endangered species they tasted was the Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato. While everyone was surprised by the answer, Acheson explained the idea of making people think about fruits and vegetables in the same way and the same level of care as they do with animals. That’s how they decided to create the campaign “Save the Flavors”, hoping to raise awareness about the levels of extinction for several fruits and vegetables, and the importance of saving them along with their flavors.

Seeds of Change Invites You to Eat Endangered Species! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Seeds of Change is the leading producer of sustainably grown seeds and organic foods and decided to grab the attention of the audience in a marketing stunt that definitely did not stay unnoticed. The twist of inviting people to eat endangered species, when they actually referred to fruits and vegetables and not animals, was clever enough to increase the interest in growing vegetables that are becoming extinct, preserving all the rare flavors they offer.

Seeds of Change Invites You to Eat Endangered Species! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Seeds of Change along with its agency partner, BBDO San Francisco created a complete campaign that started with the #EndangeredEats tasting menu (and all the controversy it caused), using the buzz to actually raise awareness about @SeedsOfChange and Hugh’s effort to actually #SaveTheFlavors. The campaign was afterwards spread even more with the help of social media, being successful and effective, introducing all the endangered vegetables and fruits to consumers that were more than happy to learn more and save them.

Sometimes an event twist makes a really great difference towards the audience’s stance!


Advertising Agency: BBDO, San Francisco, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Craig Mangan, Matt Miller, Steve Rutter
Creative Director: Amber Justis
Copywriter: Nate Totten
Art Director: Alyssa Collis
Designer: Nina Golik
Senior Account Director: Elana Shea
Account Executive: Nick Roth, Liz Thornton
Group Strategy Director: Mary FlorCruz
Strategist: Sanjay Hukku
Executive Producer: Louise Doherty
Senior Interactive Producer: Christopher Plaskett
Integrated Producer: Laura Johnson
Business Affairs: Jacqueline Djanikian
Agency Editor/Cinematographer: Eric Herron
Production Company: B-Reel Films
Director: Kief Davidson
Executive Producer: Fran McGivern
Producer: Lawrence Lewis
DP: Nicole Whitaker
Editorial: Cut + Run
Editor: Stephen Berger
Production Company (Event): BeCore
Production Company (Illustration & Animation): We are Royale
Executive Creative Director / Partner: Brien Holman
Creative Director: Andy Lyon
Art Director: Heather-Lynn Aquino
Associate Producer: Jack Arnold


Neutrogena Magazine Ad Lets You Wipe the Lipstick Right Off This Actress’s Face

Neutrogena and agency DM9DDB prove to us that print advertising is not dead with their latest magazine advertisement. They took over the front cover of Portuguese weekly magazine, Caras, and created a very unique experience with cover model Giovanna Ewbank. The magazine also came with a set of Deep Clean wipes so that readers could test the product. Readers could use the wipe on the cover of the magazine to remove makeup from her face.

This simple execution allows users to actually test the product in a fun and innovative way. DM9DDB director Vitor Manzi demonstrates the campaign in his Instagram video below.

[ via Adweek ]


Coca Cola and JetBlue Inspire Humanity

Coca Cola and JetBlue are all about delivering happiness through their campaigns and that’s what they did once more, this time by “inspiring a little humanity” to New Yorkers.

It was just another day in Pennsylvania station, with busy passengers rushing to their destination. Some of them stopped at a vending machine to grab a Coke first, when they surprisingly received two Cokes, instead of one. The secret cameras that were placed on the station captured their reaction, looking around and wondering what to do with the second bottle of Coke. That’s when they noticed that the vending machine encouraged them to ‘share a Coke with anyone’, which most of them did.

Coca Cola and JetBlue Inspire Humanity Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Coca Cola along with JetBlue were happy to see that busy New Yorkers handed their spare Cokes to strangers passing by, which actually inspired the two brands to their own act of kindness. Every person that gave a Coke to a stranger was approached by a crew member of JetBlue, receiving 2 roundtrip flights to any JetBlue destination. According to the promotional ticket, ‘Good things come to those who share’ and that’s what the whole campaign was about.

Coca Cola and JetBlue Inspire Humanity Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Coca Cola, JetBlue and Rokkan agency wanted to inspire humanity, which even turned into a hashtag #InspireHumanity that led to many tweets, and they teamed up successfully, bringing a smile on people’s faces and sharing a positive moment with them. This served as a reminder that we all need to inspire a little humanity from time to time, being generous to strangers, as we always get back from such acts one way or another.

Coca Cola and JetBlue Inspire Humanity Guerrilla Marketing Photo
This clever marketing stunt was another inspiring case by both brands that usually love embracing their positivity, linking their brands with happy and inspiring moments, which end being memorable to their customers. In a world that bad news are prevalent, good stories and acts of kindness are always worth telling and that’s what inspired this campaign, turning into a success.

Coca Cola and JetBlue Inspire Humanity Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Approximately 150 transactions occurred during the day at the station, which leads to 300 bottles of Coke, with more than 70 percent of people sharing their extra Coke with strangers. Coca Cola and JetBlue were excited to hear this number, as it was definitely encouraging for the success of the campaign.

And as if this was not enough, JetBlue Airways posted the video of the day on their Facebook Page, with the engagement being high, leading to 11.6k likes, 3k shares and 1.9million views in just 6 days! The comments were also inspiring, with users sharing their experiences with JetBlue and being excited about the idea of the campaign, restoring their faith both in humanity and the brand itself!Coca Cola and JetBlue Inspire Humanity Guerrilla Marketing Photo

This campaign could serve as a great source of inspiration for brands that seek for new ideas, as it stresses the importance of creating a great (and appealing) story close to a brand, without necessarily focusing in just promoting the product. After all, most successful campaigns nowadays are not about the actual product, but more about the audience they are targeting and what they expect from you!


Client: JetBlue Airways
Client: Coca-Cola North America
Agency: Rokkan
PR Agency: Mullen Lowe
Production Company: North of New York
Director: Tucker Bliss

Talk to This Billboard and Win a Vacation to the Swiss Mountains

What would you think if a billboard started having a conversation with you? Commuters at a train station in Zürich were occasionally stopped by a mountain man using video chat in a billboard. People who had a conversation with this man had a chance to receive a free train ticket to go to one of the most scenic places imaginable.

Graubünden Tourism wanted to spread awareness of “Switzerland’s number-one holiday destination” so they created this unique billboard that invited random commuters to enjoy a nice little vacation in Graubünden. Random commuters were offered a free train ticket for an afternoon trip to the town of Vrin to meet the mountain man. The mountain main even called some passengers’ bosses or teachers to make sure the person could attend.

Would you drop everything for a free spontaneous trip to a lovely mountain town?

Toshiba Helps an Artist Create an Exhibition in Just 17 Hours!

Is it possible to turn your creativity into an exhibition in just 17 hours? It wasn’t, at least not until Toshiba invited an artist to try it out.

Tomokazu Matsuyama is a renowned Japanese artist that loves to take on new challenges and that’s why he accepted this strange invitation from Toshiba. According to the brief Toshiba Australia, Windows and Intel sent him, Matsuyama had to create five artworks with the help of the laptop Toshiba Z20t, while taking a flight from Japan to Sydney. The idea was to exhibit the artwork afterwards in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

Toshiba Helps an Artist Create an Exhibition in Just 17 Hours! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Toshiba wanted to test the limits of Toshiba Portégé Z20T Laptop Tablet, which lasts 17 hours without a charge and that’s how it became the main tool of creation for Tomokazu Matsuyama.

The agency Clemenger BBDO decided to turn the project into a documentary for these 17 hours, starting from the brainstorming process, to the actual shots Matsuyama took on the streets with the help of the laptop’s camera, the time he spent working on the plane to Sydney, up until the actual exhibition.

Toshiba Helps an Artist Create an Exhibition in Just 17 Hours! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

As we can tell from the video, these 17 hours were all about hard work, with Matsuyama admitting that he was worried at first about the exhibition, but he definitely gave absolutely everything. What usually took him from 2 to 3 months up to a whole year, had to be done now in just 17 hours, working with just a laptop and its battery life, while also catching a flight and preparing an exhibition.

Toshiba Helps an Artist Create an Exhibition in Just 17 Hours! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

What was interesting about the video was to see the countdown of the time during the process, measuring both the progress of the artist, but also the remaining battery of the laptop.

After all, the campaign started as a way to promote the extended battery life of Toshiba Z20t, which made it imperative to prove its efficiency. Toshiba was happy about the result of the brand, since it was more than successful, receiving very positive comments and lots of media coverage all over the world. This campaign proves how a brand may promote the feature of a product in an elegant and sophisticated way, managing to appeal to the audience due to their unique approach.

Toshiba Helps an Artist Create an Exhibition in Just 17 Hours! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It’s about thinking like a user, using a product in real life, testing its limits, and experiencing its capabilities. That’s what makes a brand’s campaign efficient and that’s how the word of mouth worked in this campaign!


Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Paul Nagy
Creative Directors: Luke Hawkins, Ben Smith
Senior Creatives: Katrina Jarratt, James Beswick
Creatives: Simon Hayes, Giles Clayton
Head of Creative Technology: Brendan Forster
Head of Craft: Tim McPherson
Senior Designer: Dan Mortensen
Head of Integrated Production: Denise McKeon
Senior Account Director: Kirstin Ross-MacLeod
Account Manager: Jodie Schwartfeger
Planner: Jill Cummins
TV Producer: Janice Zets
Content Producer: Annabel Jewers
Content Director: Robin Sung
Senior Sound Engineer: Anthony Tiernan
Senior Editor: Toby Royce
Artist: Tomokazu Matsuyama
Curatorial Consultants: Kathryn Hunyor, Danielle Robson

McDonald’s Heat Sensitive Billboard Gives Free McFlurry When It Gets Too Hot

McDonald’s partnered with JCDecaux in the Netherlands to create a very rewarding billboard. The billboard was outfitted with a weather detection monitor and a motorized door that would open the billboard casing once the environment got too hot. When the temperature reached 38.7 degrees celsius, the billboard would come to live and open up to allow the patient people to grab a free cup that could be redeemed at a local McDonald’s for a free McFlurry.

Each cup contained a special flavor. Thankfully it appears that everyone only takes one cup!

KFC Creates Tray Liner “Fakation” To Make Your Friends On Social Media Jealous

It’s not easy checking your social networks when you’re the only one left in the city, with all your friends posting sunny photos from the beach while having a great time. How do you keep up with them if you’re not able to go on vacation?

KFC Romania seems to perfectly understand the customers’ need to ‘compete’ with their friends through social media on the best summer memories, that’s why they decided to launch the concept of Fakation, the fake vacation that can still be used for social media posting. The idea addresses anyone that loves visiting KFC, but still looks for the perfect shot that will be posted on Facebook and the rest. thus, KFC along with MRM//McCann turned the KFC branches into holiday spots, with the use of the right tray liners and floor stickers. Teenagers discover that their tray liners are decorated with beautiful landscape photos that could make their holiday photos ideal, even if they are not actually on these places.

KFC Creates Tray Liner Fakation To Make Your Friends On Social Media Jealous Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The idea of the campaign started as a fun way to promote their HotBox chicken recipes, with dishes that are inspired from Italy, Greece, and Spain and there wouldn’t be a better way to promote them on the customers that are still staying in the city during the summer! After all, they realise that their target audience would surely prefer to actually visit these places, in order to taste more such dishes, but as this is not possible, they are doing their best to make them feel closer.

KFC Romania and MRM//McCann seem to be aware that younger audiences care a lot about their image through social media and that’s what led them to the idea of the campaign. There are many users that feel the need to promote their happy moments through social media, even if they are not even close to what they are posting. And of course, the ‘Fakation’ could just be considered a ‘trollling’, a popular Internet term that is more popular than ever, testing the reaction of your friends through something unexpected, while making fun of it.

KFC Creates Tray Liner Fakation To Make Your Friends On Social Media Jealous Guerrilla Marketing Photo

One way or another, KFC Romania managed to grab the users’ attention, reaching a young (and demanding) audience that had lots of fun playing with the visually appealing tray liners and posting several photos through their social networks. All they had to do in order to post such photos was to visit the local KFC branch and purchase a HotBox recipe, which ultimately led to an increase in sales, simply through a fun and modern campaign. This might still not compare to the actual holidays, but a ‘hot dog’ beach photo is always tempting, even for posting fun, isn’t it?

Advertising Agency: MRM//McCann, Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah
Executive Creative Director: Ioana Filip
Copywriter: Sandra Bold
Art Directors: Nadejda Ghilca, Bogdan Teodorescu

An Interactive YouTube Story That Simultaneously Unravels Both Sides

Every story has two sides and love stories are no exception. Wouldn’t you be curious to know what each side thinks during a conversation?

Cornetto has created a campaign of love stories in the form of short films, encouraging the audience to ‘enjoy the ride’ and ‘share the love.’ Except for the specific Facebook Page for the romantic stories, Cornetto has teamed up with MOFILM and A Taste of Space, in order to create a film featuring two high school students that struggle to express their feelings. As with such struggles, each person may think several different things when talking to the other person, and that’s why they decided to tell the story from both sides.

An Interactive YouTube Story That Simultaneously Unravels Both Sides Guerrilla Marketing Photo

In fact, we don’t just watch the story from the two sides, but we’re actually able to follow it simultaneously, switching from one point of view to the other whenever we want. Thus, a blend of dialogues and monologues deals with everything that is said and what they actually want to say to each other when trying to invite each other to the school’s prom night.

“Two Sides” is an interactive video that lasts 11 minutes and encourages you to use your headphones in order to enjoy the 3D sensation that occurs from the binaural recording that makes the video even more realistic when switching from dialogue to monologue and vice versa. By the time you choose to watch the film from one point of view, you able to switch at any time, simply by clicking on the annotations. Just like that, you get to understand both sides of the developing love story, learning more about each character and their worries.

An Interactive YouTube Story That Simultaneously Unravels Both Sides Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Despite some complaints about the length of the film and the constant switching you may need to enjoy both sides at the same time, it is still a very interesting approach that targets a very specific audience, the high school students and young adults that enjoy both the ice cream and the love stories. Cornetto along with MOFILM and A Taste of Space are aware that this audience is very demanding and expects a lot from a film in order to grab their attention, so the trick of interweaving perspectives may be considered successful for an audience with a short attention span.

Cornetto decides to focus on the emotional appeal and the power of storytelling in order to create love stories that are able to move their target audience, with both sides ending with a powerful motivational message:

“If you dare you win”

An Interactive YouTube Story That Simultaneously Unravels Both Sides Guerrilla Marketing Photo

What did you think of the idea?


Client: Cornetto
Agencies: Mofilm; A Taste of Space
Creative Director: Lorie Jo Trainer Buckingham
Creative Team: James Copeman, Max Ringham
Agency Producers: Rebecca Sykes, Rosalind Wynn
Production Company: ATOS

Mindblowing Video Shows Stunt Rider ‘Surfing’ Waves On A Dirt Bike

Who would’ve ever thought that a dirt bike could do more than carve up the earth? DC Shoes shows us that a Dirt Bike can be so much more in this insane video that shoes stunt rider Robbie Maddison riding a modified dirt bike on water.

In this new video from DC Shoes title “Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream,” Maddison is shown surfing the waves in Tahiti with his modified dirt bike.

DC Shoes mentioned that they have been working on this project for over two years to make it a reality. We couldn’t be more excited that they finally made it happen! What a great stunt marketing video from DC Shoes and shows us that we should always push the limits!


4 Big Brand Commercial Campaigns to Learn From

Everyone is a football fan on Super Bowl Sunday because of the commercials! Consumers expect nothing less than hilarious, heartwarming, useful and unforgettable commercials from their favorite brands.

Whether you have a huge budget for video production or are going guerrilla style with an iPhone and a sense of humor, you’ve got to know the rules of video marketing to break them. And who better to learn from than the best?

Here we review some of the most memorable commercials and ad campaigns from candy bars to beer to get your creative juices flowing and get you looking at your own ad campaign from every angle.

Dos Equis | The Most Interesting Man in the World

Not only did Dos Equis’s ad campaign featuring the distinguished Jonathan Goldsmith develop a catchphrase that sparked millions of online memes, it also portrayed a new kind of sophisticated beer drinker, a renaissance man of many talents and finesse surrounded by classy women. And none of them are dressed in cut-off shorts or a bikini.

Goldsmith’s catchphrase is memorable, yes; but it’s popular because it’s easily personalized. You can apply it to situations having nothing to do with beer. “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis,” can easily be altered. Going viral can create an ad campaign that consumers relate to on a level that transcends the product, yet maintains the connotation and a constant presence in the consumer’s mind.

Ironically, Dos Equis’s mature campaign was a hit with youthful audiences. named it as one of the 10 most compelling ad campaigns of the decade.

Snickers | You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

Who can forget Snickers’s national commercials featuring huge, prolific yet not particularly current movie superstars like Joe Pesci, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo and Roseanne Barr as hungry slash angry (hangry) alter egos of everyday people in everyday situations?

Snickers has recently taken this campaign to some unique and interesting new levels. The first was a worldwide one-day campaign that included some of the most famous vloggers on the planet. Each vlogger posted a totally out of character video out of nowhere. We are talking one zany Puerto Rican comedian vlogging about meditation techniques, a political commentator in Brazil posted randomly about scrapbooking. In the US, a normally perfectly poised style and lifestyle guru posted a video of herself looking disheveled entitled “How to Let Yourself Go.”

Just as marketing risk-takers had hoped for, legions of followers from all over the world freaked out and message boards went wild with confusion and disbelief over the out-of-character posts. That’s when Snickers revealed that is was all orchestrated in the name of chocolate, peanuts, nougat and advertising. estimates the campaigns global reach at 7 million.

Apple | iPod Silhouettes Campaign

The Silhouettes Campaign launched one of the most profitable electronic devices in history. And it didn’t even show the product up close, or list any of its features, or its price. The simplicity is notable and the success staggering, and however cliche referencing Apple ad campaigns may be, it seems silly not to remind ourselves what can be learned from them as a whole: why we make a product is what matters, not necessarily what we make or how much it costs. Simon Sinek’s TEDTalk on this topic entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is worth the watch before devising any marketing strategy to keep you true to your brand and its mission.

LifeLock | Identity Theft Protection iSpot Vlog

LifeLock is a great example of a simple video marketing campaign that is less about celebrities and humor, and more about providing useful and trustworthy information to its audience. Credible sources include LifeLock employees, customer support representatives and everyday consumers on city streets. Real people share their identity theft concerns and provide testimonials about LifeLock services. Real company support staff provides real advice for anyone interested in protecting their identity and LifeLock customers alike.

The more resources you can provide to existing and prospective customers the more trust you can build with your audience and trust often results in increased viewership, click-through and conversion rates.

mobile marketing for millennials stock

Mobile Marketing For Millennials: 4 Must Learn Strategies That Work

Nowadays, Millennials are all over the news – they are the talk of the town. This group of individuals is taking the world by storm and they’re creating a big fuss everywhere. They are always on the move and mobile phones have been part of their daily lives. For some, they can’t even last a day without their phone and even in doing transactions, they greatly rely on their phones. Given these points, mobile technology plays a great role in the lives of Millennials. It could be a key to a successful marketing that would draw every Millennial into your business or the brand that you offer.  Here are five must learn strategies to make your marketing campaign effective.

1. Consider Compatibility

In this digital age, more and more gadgets are being invented. It is important that every marketing campaign should be compatible to all mobile devices that millennial consumers are using.  Consider going mobile-friendly while ensuring marketing materials’ compatibility. It’ll make it easier for Millennials to get a hold of what you have to offer without worrying about technical issues. Aside from that, make it a habit to keep your materials updated considering device innovations that may be developed. Compatibility concerns can push customers away, so be careful.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

Millennials are also known to have an active social media lifestyle. Connecting and engaging with them on social media sites will give every business an edge among the rest. No matter what platform your consumer is using, it’s essential that you find where they devote their time and make opportunities for engagement. Utilizing the power of social media is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and create interest among their community. Sharing special deals and promotions, requesting to share their selfie using your product or asking their opinions are few of the things you could do to spark their interest.

3. Develop An App

One of the things to best put mobile technology into effective use is to develop an app. According to a survey, 72% of Millennials are inclined to download a branded app on their smartphone or tablet. Given this, your business will have an advantage if you provide Millennials with what they want and need for their phones. This way, it would be easier for them to gain access to your business and it will be convenient for them to do transactions. It’s an enjoyable option that could attract their attention towards your brand or business.

4. Deliver Coupons via SMS

Millennials are more likely to respond to promos, special offers and of course coupons. In delivering coupons though, ensure to provide convenience by sending coupons via SMS. Mobile phones are the most relevant engagement channel, given the fact that almost all of Millennials have one. It’s also part of sending a notification without annoying consumers. Aside from that, you can also use QR codes to provide paperless customer experience. Indeed, digital coupons draw in customers and it’s a customized technique to reach out to them in this smartphone era.

Mobile technology continues to evolve especially in this digital age while Millennials have great power in this generation. The convergence these two could help build a venue for success. Start taking all the opportunities today and take your mobile marketing campaign to a whole new level!

April is an Editor at Scoopfed and a contributor at Hubpages. She is also a writer at Thought Catalog. Writing articles has been her passion and she loves to motivate and inspire people. She is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and hasn’’t missed a single episode since the show began in 2011. In her spare time, she is fond of reading John Green Novels, playing online games and playing guitar. You can reach her on Facebook or have a little conversation in Twitter.

S7 Airlines Travels Through Kids’ Imagination!

What if you could travel in any place you could imagine? What would this world look like? How would children answer such a question?

S7 Airlines along with W+K Amsterdam decided to create the advertising “Fly to anywhere you can imagine” by relying on the vivid imagination of 20 children, with the results being pleasantly surprising! Children love using their imagination and this case allowed them to be as creative as possible, building a whole new world in their heads, trying to narrate them through the video. From mammoths and mermaids, to dragons, superheroes and chocolate lakes, the answers were definitely imaginative about the world they’d like to visit.

S7 Airlines Travels Through Kids Imagination! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

As the campaign was about the joy of travelling and exploring unique places, S7 Airlines and W+K Amsterdam travelled around the world to find anything similar to every child’s answer about their imaginative world, leading to a great video with impressive images that definitely spark the audience’s travel urge. Despite the fact that children admit at the end of the video that the worlds they mentioned are non-existing, this campaign wanted to prove that planet earth may always surprise us with its beauty, challenging us to explore every single place.

S7 Airlines Travels Through Kids Imagination! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

That’s why they named the campaign ‘Fly to any place you can imagine’, serving as a reminder to all of us and producing an advertising full of compelling images. What’s more, they expanded the campaign in print, OOH, digital and social form, even creating an interactive experience for the users, inviting them to “embrace their inner child and discover their own dream destination.”

S7 Airlines Travels Through Kids Imagination! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

This campaign was recently awarded with the Silver Lion in the Film Lions category in Cannes, with Tatiana Fileva, S7 Group Marketing Deputy General Director mentioning that “For many years Russian companies failed to get awards in the Film Lions category. To get an award in the most prestigious festival category is an honor for S7 Airlines. We are glad, that the advertising campaign was highly appreciated by international experts.”

As for the social success, the video on the Youtube channel of S7 Airlines reached more than 3 million views since March, contributing to the success of the whole campaign. See what a child’s imagination may bring?


Chief Marketing Officer: Tatiana Fileva
Marketing Communications Director: Eleonora Romanova
Brand Manager: Alexandra Komarova
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Creative Directors: Daniel Schaefer & Szymon Rose
Art Director: Vasco Vicente
Copywriter: Evgeny Primachenko
Head of Content: Joe Togneri
Head of Interactive Production: Kelsie van Deman
Broadcast Producer: Lars Fabery de Jonge
Interactive Producer: Arnaud Ronquillo, Alex Grolleman
Planner: Nick Docherty
Group Account Director: Kirk Johnsen
Account Director: Nick Campion
Account Executive: Yulia Prokhorova
Head of Studio: Jackie Barbour
Art Buyer: Maud Klarenbeek, Stacey Prudden
Creative Retoucher: Dario Fusnecher
Studio Artist: Noa Redero
Project Manager: Stacey Prudden
Business Affairs: Kacey Kelley
Co-Managing Director: Fergus Brown & Chris Barrett
Director: Joshua Neale
Director of Photography: Mattias Rudh
Producer: Nick Fewtrell
Editor Paul Hardcastle, Fouad Gaber (assistant)
Sound Designer/Mixer Aaron Reynolds – London
Alex Nicholls-Lee – Amsterdam
Composer / Title Philip Kay / Across Endless Skies
Music Company: Woodwork Music
Flame: Marcus Dryden
3D: William Lanham
Telecine: Jean-Clement Soret
Producer: Amy Richardson, Lisa Vaughan
Executive Producer: Ilya Stewart & Murad Osmann
Producer: Julia Samoylova
Executive Producer: Thomas Ragger
Creative Technologist: Thomas Strobl
Creative Director: Thomas Lichtblau
Art Director: Matthias Mentasti
Head of Production: Henrik Anestedt
Producer: Alexandra Psalti

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans In Movie Promotion Stunt

To promote Terminator Genisys and to support after school all-stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to prank some people in Hollywood. He got his makeup done to look like a wax sculpture and set up shop in Madame Tussauds wax museum. He also roamed the streets and messed around with a bunch of strangers.

Arnold definitely pulls it off as so many tourists think he is just a wax sculpture.

Would you be fooled?

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