3D Box Covers Construction Site In Ambient Campaign

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3D Box Covers Construction Site In Ambient Campaign

Construction sites are often hidden behind covered fences and signs preventing people from imaging the finished product.The municipality of Upplands Väsby north of Stockholm wanted to do something different when renovating a block of resident buildings. Often times the final product is only conveyed with small posters along side the guard fence. They decided to do something different as they partnered with photographer Erik Johansson to create an inspiring 3D-illusion to cover a major scaffold and give people a sneak peak of the result.

This is a great example of transforming everyday objects into something a little more engaging.

3D Box Covers Construction Site In Ambient Campaign Guerrilla Marketing Photo 3D Box Covers Construction Site In Ambient Campaign Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Agency: JMW kommunikation, Stockholm, Sweden
Photo artist: Erik Johansson
Account Executive: Catharina Hammar
PR: Nina Starco
Executive Creative Director: Joakim Karlsson
Creative Director: Samuel Garlöv
Published: April, 2015

Hansaplast launches Feet Mag that is read with your feet!

Hansaplast Launches Feet Mag That Is Read with Your Feet!

There are numerous magazines out there that try to grab our attention, each one focusing on a different subject, but it seems that creativity never stops, especially if you think that there’s a brand new magazine that needs to be read with your feet!

Hansaplast was looking for a unique way to promote their new product line named FootExpert, trying to come up with something more than an appealing ad on a popular magazine. That’s how they realized that their uniqueness should be highlighted with a custom publication, referring only feet-related topics.

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How do you make such a magazine interesting?

It doesn’t sound very appealing to create a magazine about feet and actually expect your customers to increase on their own. That’s how the creative studio BEING France suggested that they create a magazine that is really innovative, being read with the feet!

Hansaplast Launches Feet Mag That Is Read with Your Feet! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

After all, as they mention on their promotional video,

‘Why read a magazine about feet with your hands?”

That’s why they adjusted its size and weight, making it larger and heavier, allowing its readers to read it from a further distance, with its weight helping them turn each page with their feet.

And if you think this idea sounds boring, wait until you actually check the magazine here.

(No the digital version is not suggested for reading with feet).

Hansaplast Launches Feet Mag That Is Read with Your Feet! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

From foot fashion, to foot art, and even to foot horoscope, this glossy and colourful publication manages to grab your attention and advertise a product that would otherwise be boring.

The new FootExpert line consists of an anti-callus cream, a deodorant, an antiperspirant, and a regenerating foot cream, all targeting consumers that tend to be younger than the current ones of the Hansaplast brand. That’s how Marie Reynaud and BEING decided to change the focus of this marketing campaign, evolving from the serious band-aid brand to the cool one that still cares about your feet.

What’s more, except for the launch of the magazine, they expanded their campaign online, using the hashtag #selfeetHANSAPLAST, posting even more photos with feet turning the magazine’s pages.

Hansaplast Launches Feet Mag That Is Read with Your Feet! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Of course, there are people wondering whether this idea was really necessary, questioning the need to read a magazine with your feet. Think of it, not everything that is fun and creative is necessarily needed by the consumers. However, if you manage to grab their attention with a new idea that they didn’t even think of it before, then this is definitely a marketing success!

What do you think of the idea? Would you read Feet Mag?

Advertised Brand: Hansaplast (Beiersdorf)
Title: Feet Mag
Advertising Agency : BEING France, Paris
Agency website : www.being.fr
Creative Directors : Thierry Buriez, Elzéar de Trentinian
Chief Creative Officer: Alasdhair Macgregor Hastie
Account : Antoine Lesec, Anne Crespo, Marine Bouvier
Art Director : Agathe Lunel
Copywriter : Arnaud Lecarpentier
Art Buying : Marion Courtiade et Jonas Texier
Released: April, 2015
The Online Advert titled Hansaplast Feet Mag was done by Being Paris advertising agency for brand: Hansaplast in France. It was released in the May 2015.


Coca-cola Gives the Ultimate Airport Gift to Travelers

United Arab Emirates is the key country of expats destination. 2010 report disclose the most important fact that only about 16.5% of the 8.2 million are Emiratis while remaining adopted the nation as their home. The majority of expats are Indians, Pakistanis, and Philippians. Coca-Cola noticed a bitter truth about Expats- they miss their family strongly and always find a reason to go back home.

Whenever holidays break is approaching, expats start planning their visit back home. They start buying gifts for their families and loved once. At International Dubai airport, expats are extremely excited to go home, but one can easily see the stress on their faces due to extra baggage. With the purpose of open happiness, this time Coca-Cola started latest campaign #WishUponaCoke to solve extra baggage issue.

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Coca-Cola kicked off its emotional ‘Wish upon a Coke’ campaign on 22 December 2014 at Dubai Airport, Terminal 1. The concept was crafted in October 2014.  This campaign greatly explores the truths about people who lived far away from their home.

Coca-Cola comes to the rescue

With the help of ‘Wish upon a Coke’ campaign, Coca-Cola tried to touch the heart of people. Coca-cola surprised the Dubai International Airport passengers with a unique gift for their upcoming holidays. The campaign helped passengers who were struggling with excessive baggage. Coca-Cola offered them an extra 5 kg baggage tag. It’s natural that most of the people were carrying gifts for their families and loved ones.

Sometimes, we forgot our limitations (either it is financial or baggage or something else) while making shopping for our loved ones. One can easily see this fact among the people who are going to home for spending some time. As, the passengers at Dubai airport were with the extra baggage. The tensions of an oversize baggage were seeing in plenty of people because they did not have the money to pay for excess baggage ticket.

Passengers shared their emotions with the Coca-Cola during Wish upon a Coke campaign. One is excited to see his brother who is coming from Europe as; he did not see him from last seven years. One is happy to going India. One is going to surprise their family, as her family has no idea about her visiting home. One purchased so many things for their new home. One did not pack his clothes because he was already having lots of stuff. All have so many gifts for their family and loved ones. Because no one likes to go with empty hands.

Expats were upset because their gifts are going to be a waste. People were wishing to carry all those gifts with themselves. Coca-Cola ensured the people that no wishes were left behind. With the help of Wish Upon a Coke campaign, Coca-Cola easily approached these passengers. One team member of #WishUponaCoke campaign said to passengers that “Coca-Cola has a gift for you”. She gave a special coke bottle to those passengers. When people put off the label, they got surprised. There is an allowance of extra baggage. Now they can carry extra 5 kg of happiness for their loved ones.

At this time, Coke open happiness for the expats at Dubai airport. People were happy, and one of them complemented that- You are like a guardian angel. While other one said that my kids will be happy as they are going to get their favorite toys. One felt that no wishes left behinds as happiness is Coca-Cola and wish come true.


Advertising Agency: Y&R Labstore Dubai / Y&R Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Directors: Ash Chagla, Joseph Bihag, Kalpesh Patankar
Art Director: Nada Hassan
Copywriter: Athina Lalljee
Business Director: Zaakesh Mulla
Account Director: Nora Ferneine
Agency Producer: Sam Eid
Account manager: Dima Malaeb
Production Company: Concept View Media
Director: Frederico Beja
Producer: Dalia Abuzeid

stock photo computer

10 Creative Ways to Save Money for Marketing your Business

If you’re the owner of a small business or a new startup, getting your message out to the right target market may seem very daunting. You may feel pressured to spend on advertising like the big players, but why bother if you can’t afford it in the first place? If you want your business to be on the same level, but with a much smaller budget, you need to find ways to market your business smarter. Want to get a heads start on creative marketing techniques? Here are 10 ideas to try out today!

Print out a magazine using recycled paper

For those who like to keep it old school, you can print out your own publication to give away to both existing and potential clients. Practice frugality and be environmentally responsible by printing your magazines on recycled paper. You don’t have to put together an issue every month, a quarterly edition packed with insightful articles and great deals will suffice.

Use your vehicles as roving billboards

Billboards can help generate interest for your company, but it can also set you back some serious cash. One way to get your name out there in your local community is to use your vehicles as your roving billboards. All you need is an attention grabbing design with a strong call to action and you’re guaranteed to get noticed by your target market.

Start a blog and create relevant content

Setting up your official website and posting on your very own blog is a sure way to get exposure online. Not only is it relatively cheap, but it’s also a great way to let people in on your brand story. With a majority of businesses doing their marketing online, you can’t afford to miss out on this golden opportunity.

Generate leads by giving away a quality eBook

While we’re on the subject of creating quality content, you could also look into the idea of creating an eBook to give away to subscribers to your site. Producing a well made and high useful eBook is an effective way to generate more interest in your business because people in general love getting free stuff.

Make yourself visible on social media

If you want to create a name for yourself online, social media is the way to go. Social media will not only fire up your credibility and reputation, but it will also provide your target market with an avenue where they can easily communicate with you.  Don’t just use your social media sites as a means to get your message out there, but use it to engage your target market to your brand.

Establish your credibility by speaking at workshops and seminars

Want to be known as an expert in your field? Then it’s time to shake off the stage fright and start booking those speaking engagements. By speaking at events like workshops and seminars, not only are you bringing attention to what you know, but you’re also gaining quality publicity for your brand or business.

Host a meet and greet in your local business community

Not big on public speaking?  Then host a meet and greet for your local business community instead. A meet and greet can help you establish your reputation in and around your community and at the same time, discuss important business issues with other business owners in your area. You might also be able to get some media attention if you invite reporters to your free event. 

Create partnerships with industry related businesses

Look for non competing businesses in your area that you can create a partnership with. You can pool your resources and work together to improve your reach and exposure. You can work together on a promotion that will give both of you equal exposure and get more clients at your doorsteps.

Start an affiliate program

The best way to get new clients is to get your existing clients to act as your brand ambassadors. You can do this by starting an affiliate program that rewards your existing clients for every successful transaction they bring to you. If you want to get sales fast, or rake in profit within a short period of time, this can help bring you one step closer to your goal. We all know how powerful referrals can be, especially from satisfied customers.

Be generous with your loyalty program

And since keeping an existing client is much cheaper than winning a new one, starting a loyalty program will help you save money on marketing costs.  Try putting yourself in your clients’ shoes and think of ways that will encourage them to keep doing business with you. The trick here is to be generous and creative so don’t settle for the usual 10% discount.

Have any creative marketing ideas that you would like to share to our readers? Don’t forget to share those ideas in the comments section below!

James is a Business Management graduate and a part-time blogger. His works are often inspired by his relentless research in the field of business. He also works for a flyers printing business in Australia as a designer. When he’s not busy helping small business owners on their start-up, he tends to practice and improve his writing skills on his spare time. You can follow him @JM_Jav21.

Top 10 Viral Campaign Ideas for CGM

Top 10 Viral Campaign Ideas for Ecommerce Retailers

As an ecommerce retailer, you know your online marketing campaign performance has a direct effect on your bottom line. If you lack social engagement, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential sales, or leads at the very least. So how do you fix this? Focus on enhancing your brand image. Let potential buyers know you exist. This all sounds good in theory, but where do you start? Simple – develop a content marketing plan that encourages viral sharing.

Viral marketing has one clear purpose, above all else – put your brand on the map. If done correctly, brand awareness will reach an all time high with every unique campaign. Here’s the top ten viral campaign ideas for ecommerce retailers. As a general rule, viral campaigns should invite, encourage and reward customers for engaging. Think outside the box, and your efforts will always be rewarded.

Top 10 Viral Campaign Ideas for Ecommerce Retailers Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Kristen Vanstrom is the Director of Content Management at Slicktext.com. Slick Text is a top text message marketing provider, and offers innovative solutions for mass, yet personalized text communication.

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6 Content Writing Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing

All people rely on the Internet whenever they want to acquire certain pieces of information. Whether it is educational or whether it is about a business brand, all online users would turn to websites. This explains why businesses, organizations, institutions and even individuals would create their own sites and blogs. Through effective and strategic content marketing, you can achieve your Internet marketing goals. There are various content writing tools that can boost your content marketing.

1. Textbroker.com

Quality is one of the most essential factors in content marketing. With so many online resources that you can see on the Internet, no online user would even take a second look to a written content that is poorly written. As such, it is essential that you invest in high quality writing. There are reliable writing firms like Text Broker providing content writing services. Instead of stressing yourself to do the work, you can actually outsource it. Content writing firms know exactly the kind of content that can increase your site’s ranking.

2. Skyword.com

Content marketing is not just about writing content. It is about creating stories that will move people and to do this, you need to rely on experts who know exactly the kind of content that will draw the attention of your site’s visitors and to encourage them. Skyword offers great services that can help business brands by creating content that will capture its target audience. The company is comprised of Internet marketing experts who can help you with content writing that can surely convert in the long run. With their services, they guarantee you that the content they provide can reach places and people. Not only do you get quality content that can serve your marketing objectives and goals, you are also guarantee to have the returns of what you pay for.

3. A-Writer.com

Another quality content writing service provider is A-Writer.com. For years, they have been consistently one of the top rated writing firms online. From academic essays to article or blog content, this site offers a broad range of writing services depending on your requirements. With their team composed of only exceptional and highly talented writers, you are only guaranteed of the best and the highest quality of online content that you can find. In addition, you never have to worry about plagiarism since the site guarantees that you only get 100% original content. You can just give them the instructions on how you want the content to look like.

4. Knowledgevision.com

When creating effective content that can convert and can significantly impact people, you do not just talk about written text. There are now various ways for you to achieve your content marketing goals. Apart from articles, you can make use of other multi-media materials. From videos to other materials, KnowledgeVision offers you the easiest and effective solutions. They offer marketing solutions not just for business owners but as well as to anyone wants to give presentations online.

5. Rightintel.com

For a great enterprise communication as well as curation platform, Righintel.com is one of the best websites out there. This site offers effective solutions for marketers and agencies. With this site, you can add and include personal insights from various sources that you have gathered and collected. From there, you can create your own reports and share these stories with your target audience. Once you have organized and created your content, you can easily publish it in various blog platforms and social networking sites. What is nice about this site is that you can get the reports to measure your success.

6. Spinbot.com

If you are looking for a more cost efficient alternative, you can use the site spinbot.com. This website allows you to rewrite articles that can still give you the quality you need. You do not have to register or to download any software. All you have to do is to just enter the text that you want to rewrite and the tool will automatically generate the content for you. In that way, you never have to worry about the content. You can just enter the text. However, if you are a business owner and you seriously want to improve your site’s ranking with your SEO efforts, this might not be the best tool to use since the focus now is on quality and original online content.

To boost your content marketing initiatives, you need to come up with compelling, creative, quality and original content writing. Usually, this task is a whole lot easier said than done. But with the help of these writing tools as well as these writing services and Internet marketing solution firms, you never have to worry. You are guaranteed to have kind of content that will achieve your marketing goals.

Amy Cowen is a writer and blogger who is fascinated in design, marketing, and productivity tools. She writes for AussieWriter and hopes to
manage her own team of writers some day.

Pandora Unique Connection

Pandora Shows Us How All Mothers Are Unique

Pandora, one of the world’s largest jewelry brands, wanted to run a very unique experiment in preparation for Mother’s day. They wanted to show that the bond between a mother and a child is very unique, so they decided to create “The Unique Connection.”

A mother’s scent, touch, smile, and everything about her is very unique. To put this to the test, they gathered 6 women and their children and performed a small test. They lined up each of the mothers and put a blindfold on the children. The experiment was to see if the child, without being able to see, could identify their mother in the lineup.

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One by one, each blindfolded child went up to the line of mothers and was asked to identify their mother. Each mother watched anxiously as they watched their children carefully search.

The video shows us that the child can actually identify their mother based on other senses. It’s truly touching to emphasize the bond between parent and child. Pandora does a wonderful job showing that Mother’s are very unique and they did a wonderful job releasing the video just in time for Mother’s day.

Results: The video has been viewed on YouTube over 15.6 million times and over a half a million Facebook shares.

IKEA Breakfast In Bed

Ikea Creates Pop-up Breakfast in Bed Experience

How long has it been since you had breakfast in bed? For us, it has been way too long, which is why this innovative new campaign from Swedish furniture powerhouse IKEA so caught our attention. So sit back, relax, and dive into the snuggliest guerrilla marketing campaign you’ve ever seen.

Breakfast In Bed… Yes Please!

The IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe pop-up store was announced on the IKEA UK facebook page on the 9th of May 2015, and scheduled to run for just two days between the 19th and 20th of May. Despite this short run-time, and indeed with so little marketing prior to the event, it generated a seriously large amount of buzz, with hundreds of comments and shares, and thousands of likes.

The basic premise of the campaign was this: customers could book a space at the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe in either the morning for a breakfast, or in the afternoon for tea and a siesta. They would be hosted in an entirely IKEA setting, and could enjoy the beds and atmosphere for free (only paying for the food they consumed). IKEA provided a ‘pillow menu’ and a wide range of furniture products from their collections.

A Snoring Success

There’s nothing better than a campaign that not only captures our attention, but takes us by surprise. For years, IKEA has been known as the furniture and bedding specialist all over the world, even in those deprived places where the stores have yet to spread. But, in this campaign IKEA is working to take that reputation a step further, making them the go-to name for comfort, relaxation and enjoyment in the world of beds. So does it work, and why?

It’s About Association – When we think about IKEA, we’re already thinking about furniture, about style, about bedding, about our houses. But, we aren’t often thinking about why underpins that: our homes, sanctuaries and places of rest. In this campaign, IKEA have effectively moved beyond the realm of bare decorating and purchasing into a state of emotion. By bringing people into a setting where they can associate the positive feelings of having breakfast in bed with IKEA, they are essentially making the company a part of that positivity.

It’s About Experience – Campaigns that are linked with an actual experience always have a stronger impact on customers and those involved. This campaign is a great example of this. Those people who were lucky enough to secure positions at the Breakfast in Bed Cafe are unlikely to soon forget their experiences there, and by association their experiences with IKEA. There’s a kind of magic about the experience of this campaign, really brought home by the all-inclusive setting that IKEA have created, that makes it memorable even for those not directly involved.

It’s About Inspiration – IKEA’s business model is all about inspiring people to decorate better with IKEA products, and this campaign is right in line with that. By setting up a number of bedroom suites, and then putting real people in those suites to experience a relaxing experience of eating their breakfast in bed, IKEA is effectively inspiring customers towards their bedroom products. They have created a space that is atheistically designed as well as conducive to sleeping, while at the same time inspiring customers to create their own IKEA spaces at home.

A pop-up campaign like this one can be a little hit and miss. At its core it requires that spontaneity that can lead to the campaign being ignored or quickly forgotten. In this case, IKEA has walked that thin line with great efficiency, creating a lasting experience for their customers that inspires and brings about a positive new emotional association with the brand.

The Nobody's Children Foundation: Secret

Moviegoers in Poland Are given Free Chocolate with a Small Unsavory Twist

A secret is always intriguing and manages to create a mysterious atmosphere when used in advertising. Secrets may lead to unexpected revelations tough, and not necessarily in a pleasant way.

Moviegoers in Poland Are given Free Chocolate with a Small Unsavory Twist Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The Nobody’s Children Foundation has collaborated with the Polish advertising agency Mccann Worldgroup, creating a campaign named ‘Secret’, which took place in the Polish cinema ‘Kinoteka’ in Warsaw. Moviegoers were ready to watch the movie they chose, when they noticed an envelope placed on their cinema seats. There was only one word to help them understand what it was about, ‘Sekret’. As they opened it, they found a toffee, along with the message:

‘Eat me. No one will find out. It’ll be our secret.’

Moviegoers in Poland Are given Free Chocolate with a Small Unsavory Twist Guerrilla Marketing PhotoWithout a second thought, most of the moviegoers ate their gift and were happy to be part of this sweet secret. It seemed like a gift from the cinema that they all enjoyed. That’s how the lights turned off and the pre-movie commercials started.

The first advertising had the same concept with their surprise, talking about the ‘sweet taste of the earliest memories’ and the childhood secrets we all had. The happy images of the childhood memories were ideal after their sweet surprise, although they didn’t seem to last long.

The next images of the ad reminded us that childhood memories are not always sweet, referring to sexually abused children that struggle to forget some of their traumatic memories. Moviegoers suddenly forget the pleasant feelings they experienced a few minutes ago and get into an inconvenient state that was cleverly created by The Nobody’s Children Foundation, in order to raise awareness and help abused and neglected children in need.

Moviegoers in Poland Are given Free Chocolate with a Small Unsavory Twist Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Although the ad was considered ‘disturbing’ and ‘uncomfortable’, it was clever enough to remind us that even a candy may be the beginning to a traumatic secret for young children. Nobody’s Children Foundation is calling for help, with even the smallest donation helping victims of child abuse, providing them help and giving them a reason to rediscover the joy of living.

Not every advertising has to be pleasant. Sometimes it has to be dramatic and realistic, in order to really raise awareness about important issues and that’s what Mccann Poland did, by creating a bittersweet campaign that definitely grabbed everyone’s attention.

Could anyone forget it after watching it?


Advertising Agency: Mccann Worldgroup Poland
Creative Director: Jacek Szulecki
Creatives: Iza Przepiórska-Kotlińska, Łukasz Kotliński
Producer: Mira Kleinberg
Account Manager: Iza Jurczak
Director: Marek Dawid
Production Company: Dynamo, Galaktika Film

LookingForYou Battersea Dogs and Cats Billboards

Adorable Dog Billboards Utilize RFID Technology To Follow Potential Adopters #LookingForYOu

Have you ever felt like you see the same advertising campaign so often, it feels like it’s following you around? Well, the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (a UK charity established in 1860 to give dogs and cats a second chance), in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather UK, have launched a new case study on a campaign they ran recently that takes this feeling to a whole new level.

The #LookingForYou Campaign

Taking a simple idea – that homeless animals often follow people around – and pairing it with the latest in modern technology, Ogilvy & Mather UK have led the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home into the minds of the people, and into the future. The #LookingForYou Campaign makes use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags hidden inside brochures given out to pedestrians as the enter Westfield Stratford City in East London. As they make their way around the centre, the RFID tags activate billboards showing Barley (a former Battersea dog) literally following them around as though looking for a new owner.

Why It’s Awesome

A Simple Idea – The #LookingForYou Campaign is based on a simple idea that everyone is aware of: that homeless dogs often follow people home. Those dogs are looking for someone to care for them and to love them. This campaign literally brings this idea to life, with Barley the dog following brochure holders, and constantly reminding them that at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, there’s a four-legged family member waiting for them.

A Modern Execution – There’s nothing cooler than being involved in a campaign that showcases the latest in modern technology. For those a part of the #LookingForYou Campaign, the way technology is used makes the campaign an incredibly memorable experience. Once participants figure out that they are the individual catalyst setting off the billboards around the campaign, the brand is almost assured a strong emotional reaction.

A Cohesive Experience – This campaign is a technological one, but it still brings everything in a neat circle by drawing the attention of participants back to the brochure. Almost humbly it reminds those involved that now that the message about homeless animals has been broadcast on a billboard, it is as simple as them reading a brochure to make a difference in the life of those animals.

A Resounding Success

The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is hardly an ‘underdog’ when it comes to success in getting dogs and cats off the streets and into ‘forever homes’. In 2014 alone they rehomed some 3000 dogs, which is roughly 8 on every day of the year. But, that doesn’t mean they should sit back and relax, waiting for more adopters to walk through the doors. Instead they’re taking a decidedly forward step, encouraging people to get involved with the charity, which is already something of a household name.

In this regard, the #LookingForYou Campaign will undoubtedly achieve everything the charity is looking for, and more. Beyond the stunt itself, the video has a catchy music track and a simple story that, paired with this engaging campaign idea, makes it prime for viral sharing.

Biskrem: an Amazing Instagram Adventure!

How Biskrem Created The Ultimate Instagram Adventure Social Marketing Campaign

What if Instagram turned into your new favorite (and addictive) adventure game? How can a brand boost its presence through a fun, and social game? Don’t look any further, Biskrem, a Turkish biscuit brand, came up with an amazing idea on how to engage with the audience through Instagram in the most creative way!

Instagram is trending during the past years and brands are constantly looking for new ways to use their creativity, in order to promote their product in the most appealing way. Traditional marketing doesn’t really work for Instagram, which means that there is a need for new ideas. That’s what the best known biscuit brand Biskrem thought when they decided to create an Instagram adventure game.How Biskrem Created The Ultimate Instagram Adventure Social Marketing Campaign Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Biskrem, along with the Turkish advertising agency ArnoBrasco, created a unique Instagram game that combines the story of the brand with a fun way to stay engaged while playing. According to their Instagram Adventure, you are asked to replace the inventor of Biskrem, trying to save the brand’s future by overcoming any possible obstacle. Just like that, you are directed to a whole new world right on your favorite app, untangling through every possible spot, even in ways that you didn’t imagine!

What’s impressive is that ‘Instagram Adventure’ combines all the elements of Instagram (photo, video, map, tagging, search, and direct messages), in order to entice the users to be creative and find the solution to the problems. There is a story and a journey that users are asked to follow, with all the Instagram elements blending with each other. From secret rooms, to passwords that need to be broken and answers that are found through the search box, Biskrem managed to master the Instagram dynamics, while promoting the image of their brand and looking for a new ‘inventor’!

There was an increasing need for content through the ‘Instagram Adventure’, which led to the creation of 70 custom visuals and videos, and also 17 different creative accounts that provide alternate endings. And just like that, stories and mysteries keep coming, with tricky questions turning into a nightmare for the users that can’t wait to proceed to the next phase.

How Biskrem Created The Ultimate Instagram Adventure Social Marketing Campaign Guerrilla Marketing Photo

What if you really can’t find the answer?

Well, if you feel stuck and can’t go any further, there is always the option of using the Biskrem slogan that serves as a wildcard for the next level. This way, the user keeps playing and the brand ensures that their promotion is even more effective!

The success of the Instagram Adventure

A unique idea always leads to successful results, especially when it’s launched in such a creative way. That’s how Biskrem gained from this campaign a total growth of 850%, along with 9990 likes and 9658 comments! Biskrem should be really happy about the outcome of the campaign/game and is possibly exploring their next steps towards a creative promotion!

How Biskrem Created The Ultimate Instagram Adventure Social Marketing Campaign Guerrilla Marketing Photo

It’s all about knowing your audience, using popular social networks, staying unique and creating an irresistible idea!

Lays Human Claw Machine

Lay’s Creates A Human Claw Machine

Lay’s Asia recently recreated the claw game for this fun activation campaign. We are all familiar with the metal claw game  where you can win stuffed animals (if you can get that claw to actually grab one), but Lay’s decided to switch it up by replacing the metal claw with children!

That’s right! They recreated one of our favorite childhood games and made the human claw machine in which a young child is strapped to a large crane and is lowered into a bag of chips. The child would then try to grab as many bags of chips as possible.

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‘Shadow Wi-Fi’ Found a Way to Prevent Skin Cancer & Provide Free Wi-Fi

Long sunny days can be ideal for a visit to the beach, especially during summer. Beachgoers love the sun and they sometimes get exposed to its rays for several hours. Not everyone seems to listen to the experts’ warnings about the dangerous sun exposure, which creates the need for a new approach to the issue.

How about enticing the ‘lovers of the sun’ with another passion they possibly have that probably love it even more? Happiness Brussels has finally found a reason to keep the beachgoers in the shadow and it’s called ‘Shadow Wi-Fi’.

‘Shadow Wi-Fi’ is an innovative Wi-Fi network that works close to a wall, providing Internet access to the users that remain under the wall’s shadow! Hyper-connected users feel isolated from the digital world while on the beach, and despite their love for the sun, a stable Internet connection is probably more important to them. That’s how Happiness Brussels came up with this creative idea, starting with Playa Agua Dulce in Peru, placing a wall on the beach.

‘Shadow Wi Fi’ Found a Way to Prevent Skin Cancer & Provide Free Wi Fi Guerrilla Marketing PhotoSupported by Liga Contra el Cancer (League Against Cancer), Happiness Brussels aims to raise awareness about skin cancer, one of the fastest forms of cancer during the past years. According to Skin Cancer Foundation, almost 5 million people are treated for skin cancer every year in US, while one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. ‘Shadow Wi-Fi’ works as an ideal way to help people change habits, even with the presence of this huge wall on the beach, with Happiness Brussels expanding the project to New Zealand and San Francisco, hoping to reach more beaches in the future, scaling into a worldwide project.

How does the ‘Shadow Wi-Fi’ work?

‘Shadow Wi-Fi’ relies on a directional Wi-Fi antenna that is placed on the wall, along with a sensor that tracks the movement of the sun. This way, it enables the connection only to users that remain on the shadow of the wall, with the network having a capacity of up to 250 active users. While the sun moves during the day, the sensor spots its movement, also changing the direction of the antenna. This means that you have to move (and remain in the shadow), if you want to stay connected!

How does this raise awareness about skin cancer?

‘Shadow Wi-Fi’ is hoping to educate people about the right protection from the dangerous rays of the sun, leading to an increased awareness about the issue. Beachgoers that want to connect are asked to sign up online, also reading all the prevention information needed, while they also receive a confirmation mail about their registration, which includes even more information with useful tips.

Happiness Brussels proves through this ambitious project that creativity leads faster to the desired goals, achieving both protection and education for the targeted audience!


Advertising Agency: Happiness, Brussels, Belgium
CEO: Karen Corrigan
Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Hantson
Creative director: Philippe Fass
Chief Innovation Officer: Kris Hoet
Concept Provider: Laurie Lacourt, Catherine Hermans
Creative producer: Dominique Van Doormaal
Graphic designers: Gregory Ellinger, Laurie Lacourt
Account Management: Pascal Kemajou
Agency producer: Bart Vande Maele
WiFi Hardware Specialist: Ward Van Ooteghem
Production company: Maneki Studio
Post Production company: Moxy

Dark and Drank The Marketing Genius Behind Alcohol Sales 2

Dark and Drank: The Marketing Genius Behind Alcohol Sales

Marketing campaigns employed by industry giants in the distilled spirits business helped to transform the very nature of advertising in our digital age. Today, alcohol brands engage with consumers across a wide spectrum of new and growing social media platforms. Their goal is to drive user engagement by inducing consumers to communicate their feelings about a marketing tactic back to the company in real time. Not every liquor brand employs these latest social media marketing methods, and to be sure, none of the major liquor brands were originally built this way. What follows is a casual examination of how the major spirit distillers leveraged the creative genius of modern marketing to grow their brands.

Creating “Superpremium” Brands

Dark and Drank: The Marketing Genius Behind Alcohol Sales Guerrilla Marketing Photo
The right story, a premium price, and a sleek new bottle can create a market for a new and steeply-priced brand. This is how Grey Goose vodka came to be. The genius behind the Grey Goose brand was the story-line. By charging twice the price of the most popularly priced vodkas, Grey Goose was able to generate the perception of higher value despite the fact that independent testing has shown that the cost of vodka has very little to do with the taste of the product. These super products have been used successfully by many different brands to gain new consumers and drive up sales.

Creating Artisan Choices

Developing new products within a brand that appeal to a segment of the market that demands sophisticated experiences is a genius move that can translate into expanding sales. Coming up with artisan liquor products made from locally sourced ingredients has the added benefit of capitalizing on a powerful existing trend. Craft beers and ciders of every brand are able to appeal to more people and gain more consumers.

Responsible Advertising, Marketing and Operations

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has recently become a priority for many distilled spirits makers. To this end, certain beverage industry leaders spend large sums of money to promote safe and responsible drinking. Some go as far as to sponsor substance abuse rehabilitation programs or drug rehab centers. Makers of alcoholic beverages that are serious about substance abuse are likely to get involved in an array of projects and initiatives that address the problems brought about by drunk driving, underage drinking, and other misuses of alcoholic beverages. People appreciate companies who are willing to take ethical responsibilities with their products and time will tell if these brands continue to become more popular.

Targeting College Towns

Dark and Drank: The Marketing Genius Behind Alcohol Sales Guerrilla Marketing Photo
It seems totally intuitive, but few in the industry actually do this. Liquor marketers head into large cities near major universities, and participate in the bar scene by offering free shots and premiums to everyone in the establishment. Eventually, people in those markets will start ordering shots of the promoted beverage on their own.

Youth occupies the very center of a growing digital marketplace. Because it also represents the future of the distilled spirits consumer base, the major liquor brands are especially enthusiastic about being active participants in the world of online social networks. For this reason, we can expect future advancements in tomorrow’s alcohol marketing trends to spring from the genius presently residing in the online realm.

Astra Beer Billboard Uses Face Detection To Target Women

Astra Beer Billboard Uses Face Detection To Target Women On The Street

It’s not always easy to promote a product to an audience that is different than your usual one, and this creates the need for innovative ideas. That’s what Astra did, in order to promote their beer to women of all ages!

Astra, along with Philipp und Keuntje, decided to target women on their new campaign, in order to approach an audience that was usually overlooked by beer brands. Men are traditionally the ones that drink more beer, which results in relevant advertising. However, Astra thought of reaching a brand new target group, hoping to make more women try out their beer. In fact, they thought of creating a campaign that leaves out the male audience, targeting women exclusively! How can you promote your product to a specific genre thought? That’s how they decided to create a girl detection billboard, an innovative way of marketing to an exclusive audience.

An illuminating billboard managed to grab the attention of women passing it by, engaging with them through relevant videos. What’s impressive is the ability to use the latest technology in order to customise the video for each occasion, creating more than 70 videos. There were even videos addressing men that stopped to observe the billboard, informing them that this ad is not for them!

Astra Beer Billboard Uses Face Detection To Target Women On The Street Guerrilla Marketing Photo

The creative idea required the installation of a built-in camera on the illuminating billboard, along with the latest gender detection software, in order to detect the gender from people’s faces. What’s more, the software is even able to detect the age of a person, in order to ensure that they do not promote the beer consumption in under-aged women.

This was the first gender-specific advertising, both for a beer ad, but also for an ad in general, proving that there are always new ways to reach an audience that you haven’t targeted before. Even if you use billboard advertising for your latest campaigns, there is still a way to blend traditional marketing with digital re-invention, in order to reach your set goals.

According to Astra, their idea led to a significant amount of publicity, with many media sources reporting on this clever marketing campaign, being impressed both by the originality, but also by the technology used to implement the campaign.

And what’s even more important for Astra, is the fact that women seemed to like their beer, which means that they managed to increase their audience!


Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Robert Müller
Art Directors: Bastian Adam, Rouven Steiman
Copywriter: Christian Stamp
Technical Director: Holger Norden
Interactive Producer: Miriam Koch
Project Managers: Julia Cornils, Michael Mehring
Film Production: sonntagskind
Published: January 2015

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

Have you ever wondered how an Instagram filter could taste? Grey Istanbul was eager to find out and that’s why they created a filter-based vending machine that relies on Instagram photos.

The Istanbul-based advertising agency took creativity to the next level by combining the sweet tooth most of us have with our passion for Instagram photography. Thus, they joined Kristal Elma Festival with a vending machine and a colourful board of drawings, inviting everyone to join their sweet campaign for a ‘GREYT experience’!

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy Guerrilla Marketing Photo

They encouraged everyone to take a selfie, upload it on Instagram, use a filter, along with the hashtag #instacandy, in order to instantly claim their sweet gift from their vending machine.

Each filter has an associated flavour and thus, each person grabbed a different candy, according to the filter they picked for their photo. How about the photos that didn’t have any filter? Well, these ones received a box that was empty, serving as a reminder that they didn’t use any filter to taste its flavor!

How does this work?

Grey Istanbul has created a special software that activates the vending machine and tracks in real time the photos using the #instacandy hashtag, rewarding everyone that uploaded a filtered Instagram selfie with a unique sweet flavor. The fun and quick process grabbed the attention of everyone passing by, turning the idea into a success!

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy Guerrilla Marketing Photo

How are Instagram filters related to candies?

According to Grey Istanbul, each Instagram filter gives a different flavour to our photos, with each one standing out from the rest. That’s how they decided to showcase the uniqueness of each filter by examining how they would taste if they were candies. For example, how does Ludwig taste? And what’s the difference in flavour between Amaro and Mayfair?

There’s no surprise that word of mouth and Instagram hashtags led to a successful campaign, counting more than 450 photos with the #instacandy hashtag, giving out 450 gift boxes. This made #instacandy the most popular hashtag of the event, with everyone that participated leaving with a big smile (and a sweet taste).

This is another proof how creativity may lead to a trending campaign that supports the importance of the experience, blending social media with taste, in the most unique (and sweet) way!

Experiential marketing is always appreciated by customers, especially when it includes fun, gifts and social media!

How sweet is that?


Agency: Grey İstanbul
Executive Creative Director: Engin Kafadar
Deputy Creative Director: Görkem Yeğin
Creative Team: Korcan Yavuz, Tolga Özbakır, Fatih Yılmaz, Erman Anıt, Berk Gül
Agency Producers: Meral Barık, Murat Barlık
Social Media Communication: Yasin Çatılı, İklim Suaşan, Erdem Karaoğlu
Social Integration: WEDO Interactive
Production: FikirbazZenger

Powerade Workout Billboard 1

Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat

Powerade recently created a set of very unique billboards that doubled as workout equipment to emphasize the brand attitude “You have more power than you think”. With the help of Ogilvy & Mather, Powerade created several workout billboards that allows people to practice their rock climbing, weight lifting and boxing skills. The billboards were set up in Berlin and certainly got the crowd engaged! People who participated and gave the billboard a try would also get some free Powerade to help replenish their electrolytes.

Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat Guerrilla Marketing Photo Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat Guerrilla Marketing Photo Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat Guerrilla Marketing Photo Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat Guerrilla Marketing Photo Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat Guerrilla Marketing Photo Powerade Creates Genius Workout Billboards To Help You Break A Sweat Guerrilla Marketing Photo


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Tim Stübane, Birgit van den Valentyn
Creatives: Matthias Bauer, Janne Sachse

Surreal Artworks from Hikaru Cho Create Stunning Optical Illusions for Samsung 1

Surreal Artworks from Hikaru Cho Create Stunning Optical Illusions for Samsung

Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho was commissioned by Samsung to create realistic 3D optical illusions that were painted directly onto faces.

Hikaru was born on March 29, 1993 and has been taking the “unusual” as a theme for her works of art. As a student at Musashino Art University, she works on a lot of body painting, stopmotion movies, illustrations and more.

Hikaru creates some very realistic and eye-catching works of art where she makes one woman look like her head is attached by a cable and more. Each of the paintings is supposed to represent a feature in the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. Some of the features that she painted for include: filtering, fast recharge, wireless charging, curved edge, and straight edge.

Surreal Artworks from Hikaru Cho Create Stunning Optical Illusions for Samsung Guerrilla Marketing Photo Surreal Artworks from Hikaru Cho Create Stunning Optical Illusions for Samsung Guerrilla Marketing Photo Surreal Artworks from Hikaru Cho Create Stunning Optical Illusions for Samsung Guerrilla Marketing Photo

stock photo central station

Mad Men: How Careers in Advertising Have Changed

It is remarkable to note how technology is affecting the focus of advertising these days. Within the last five to ten years the marketing behavior of consumers has changed greatly and advertising executives are rushing to keep pace with new technology and improving programs. Here are several ways technology’s influence on consumer behavior is changing the face of advertising.

Businesses Are Mobile Friendly

When the internet was introduced on the scene, businesses began to shift much of their advertising to the world wide web. It became normal not only to advertise basic information like street addresses and phone numbers, but also to prominently display a web address. Every business these days has to have a website. Website design became the chief focus in advertising and better reach of more consumers.
The i-Phone has changed this focus again. Over 50 percent of smartphone users say they use their phone exclusively to access the internet. Businesses have shifted their advertising to make it compatible with use on the iPhone or other smartphones. This has been seen most recently with Google boosting mobile-friendly sites and making them more prominent in searches. Mobile ads are shorter and more to the point than they ever were before, with attention-grabbing videos and visuals.

Businesses Are Interacting with Consumers

Social media has become the darling of today’s consumer, and marketing executives can’t help but notice it. With the entrance of Facebook and Twitter, consumers have a new way of interacting with the businesses they like on a daily basis. Businesses are exploiting this new medium, both to convey information to consumers and to converse with them, asking them about their marketing preferences.
This has provided a wealth of marketing research data. Instead of waiting for the results of extensive marketing surveys, companies now have a practically instantaneous way of finding out how their customers think about their products, and what changes customers would like to see developed.

Widening Of International Advertising

Businesses who have always wanted to have an international can now expand much easier with less expensive ways to widen their markets internationally opened online. Business communication to consumers has had to change to keep pace with international markets as well. Businesses are also communicating with each other at record levels, providing an abundance of direct marketing leads and more expansion across the board.

What This Means for Careers In Advertising

Because advertising is so consumer-oriented, it is absolutely essential those considering a career in advertising have a modern understanding of how technology is being used. Businesses lacking this understanding will be left behind. The best way to stay current with changes in marketing is to take courses in business and perhaps considering a bachelor of arts in business administration.

Technology is moving so fast that today’s technology will be tomorrow’s old news, and advertising executives will have to find ways to adapt. With what we’ve seen so far, marketing is opening a lot more doors.


New Apple Watch Ads Focus on Human Element

Apple has decided to create three new different ads for the launch of the Apple Watch, in an attempt to help consumers understand its features, its usability, and its concept.

Many users were questioning the need for an Apple Watch in their lives, with Apple fans trying to explain to everyone else their need to acquire the latest i-gadget. Apple is optimistic about the future of wearable technology and that’s why they have spent $38 million on the television ads for the Apple Watch.

The focus of the three ads was the human experience, leaving aside the technical specifications that are usually described in the announcement of the new product. This time, Apple is all about the consumers’ needs and the way they can use an Apple Watch in their daily lives. All the ads are ending with the reminder that “the watch is here”, inviting us to explore more about it and literally take our lives in our hands (wrists).

The first ad is called “Rise” and refers to the morning routine and the way an Apple Watch could help us, according to our daily habits. The second one is named “Us” and is more about the human connection and how communication could be enhanced with the use of an Apple Watch. Lastly, the third one is called “Up” and focuses and the exercising habits and how an Apple Watch could boost our health and track our exercise. By adding up the three ads, Apple is creating a complete description of the functionality of an Apple Watch, focusing on a wide audience that could possibly obtain a brand new hi-tech watch for diverse reasons.

It’s not only about the geek audience, but for everyone that wants to organise daily tasks into their wrist, from communication to exercising, in an attempt to understand how wearable technology works and the differences it brings comparing to a phone. According to the ads, an Apple Watch is integrated into your life, adjusting to your needs and your life, being useful from communication, to commerce, up to exercising. That’s why the felt the need to create three different ads, in order to relate to a significantly wider audience, finding a concept for every lifestyle.

The human element made the ads memorable, universal and appealing, with Apple trying to grab everyone’s attention, winning every possible counter-argument regarding an Apple Watch. It’s the general impression of the nicely shot ads that makes you want to learn more about an Apple Watch, despite not necessarily knowing all its features and its details. After all, it’s the “most personal device ever” for Apple and that’s exactly what they tried to create with these ads.

Is it time to try out the new Apple Watch then?


Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Campaign: Apple Watch
Advertiser: Apple Inc.
Brand: Apple

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