The 4 Personalities a Good Social Media Manager Should Have

While some may see Twitter as a way to share something by Britney or Christina, social media mangers look at the bigger picture. More than 70 percent of business-to-consumer marketers acquire customers through Facebook, according to a recent report from HubSpot. In the complex world of social media, what might work for one business is not acceptable for another. This is where social media managers come in.

Social media managers develop individualized, tailored social media strategies for businesses that target brand identity and desired demographics. Marketing via social media requires a great deal of technical savvy, awareness of business strategy, excellent writing skills and the ability to communicate effectively and with empathy. An all-around great social media manager has many personalities that separate him or her from the one-trick-ponies. Here’s a look at some key personalities that every social media manager should have.

The Buzz Collector

Great social media managers are always listening to the “buzz” online and investigating potential ways to attract customers. They find out what interests their target audience by seeing what groups they’re joining on LinkedIn or who they’re following on Twitter. In addition to what they want to read about, a social media manager also determines when a target audience is most likely to read an update or tweet. Scanning headlines, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and reading the news can be highly valuable to a social media manager.

The Knowledge Hound

Social media managers have a natural curiosity when it comes to all aspects of social media. They are constantly feeding their brains new and interesting information to strengthen their core areas of expertise. Social media managers follow the news, watch a lot of videos, attend events and read obsessively. They learn from the best, such as Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of Go Daddy. While Parsons now spends his days “shopping online and stirring up controversy,” he knows his way around social media platforms.

The Conversationalist

As of May 2013, approximately 72 percent of online adults use social networking sites, according to the Pew Research Center. A great social media manager is a real people pleaser and uses social media as a way to tap into people’s natural method of socialization. A manager should recognize typical behavior patterns from a targeted group, how they communicate with one another and how they interact with a certain brand. They join in the conversation, replying to online comments and questions immediately, providing prospects with a face for their brand.

The Opportunity Seeker

Since social media changes and evolves day by day, it’s crucial for a social media manager to have the ability to change and adapt with it. Sometimes the success of a brand means re-evaluating tactics and jumping in head-first as new opportunities emerge. Experienced social media managers are online every day, engaging in communities, crafting status updates, tweets and posts and sharing excellent content. They not only rely on frequency of posts, but quality to create a larger base of high-quality social media followers and friends. To be the best at what they do, social media managers are proactive, seeking input from others while sharing new information.

Author: Jay Himmelman - Jay works for a burgeoning social media startup, and he hopes to learn as much as he can by researching and writing about social media and tech trends.


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