5 Reasons Why Pinterest Should Form Part of Your Marketing Strategy

1) Pinterest is the Second Largest Referrer of Traffic after Facebook

There’s no denying that Pinterest has come of age. A recent poll conducted by Shareaholic looking at 250,000 publishers and quarter of a million unique visitors, found that Pinterest is leading a surge of social media referral traffic with a 66.52% increase from Sept ’12 to Sept ’13. Facebook had a 58.8% increase with Twitter on 54.12% and YouTube 52.86%.

What’s perhaps more remarkable though is Pinterest’s overall market share in traffic referrals. It now outstrips Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ as the second highest referrer of traffic after Facebook. With the site’s popularity and scope continuing to expand it would be foolhardy for any marketer to not look at the potential power Pinterest could hold for their market campaign.

2) Pinterest doubles is also a Powerful Market Research Tool

Using Pinterest to better understand your market is a huge advantage in any marketing campaign. Identifying market trends and the movers and shakers in your market can be the difference between staying ahead of the curve and arriving at the party to late. Pinterest, like any social network, can give away these important trends and tendencies.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know, for example, that 90 percent of your Pinterest followers were also into a specific music genre or a particular artistic style? Understanding what your target market is into can influence your marketing strategy and help you draw in more followers. And the more people repinning your content the more referral traffic to your site.

3) Pinterest can Reveal the ‘Personality’ of your Brand

Pinterest allows you to connect with your clients and customers in an entirely different way to Facebook and Twitter as it allows you to project a genuine sense of style through your own individual Pinboards. In this way you can allow your brand personality to shine through and if you’re on message and are engaging with your followers this can be an incredibly powerful thing. Pinterest is shaping up to be a quintessential online PR tool, perfectly suited to project the character of your brand, through the medium of images. The recent introduction of video content has also created a whole new set of possibilities to marketing your brand on Pinterest, opening up new avenues of communication that has hitherto been somewhat limited by the static nature of an image.

4) Pinterest is a Great Way to Network

On the subject of engagement, it’s absolutely essential that you do not get tempted to use Pinterest to promote nothing but your own content. Your followers will become quickly bored if you start to pin nothing but your own content so remember to get repinning. Curating interesting content on a regular basis is the quickest way to get noticed and once you get noticed you can rest assured so will your own content.

The more followers you have on Pinterest the more your content will be shared and the greater your presence across the social network will be. Given that a 2012 poll from marketing firm, Steelhouse, found that Pinterest users were twice as likely as Facebook users to buy products they see on Pinboards, the benefits are obvious. Pinterest just lends itself better to creating a sort of shop front in which people can browse your products. You can even add price tags for products on videos.

 5) Pinterest has SEO Benefits

There is a lot of noise in the SEO industry about the power of social signals as indicators of page and domain authority to Google. Although Pinterest should never be mistaken for an SEO tool, adhering to good SEO practices and optimising your pin descriptions and pinboard titles with good keyword rich text is going to play very well to your advantage when your content starts to get some serious repinning.

Although backlinks from Pinterest are (currently) no follow there is no doubt that Google spiders crawl Pinterest descriptions and Pinterest pages are increasingly appearing in Google SERPs. Despite this it’s important to always remember that Pinterest is not an SEO tool but an incredibly powerful way of creating a distinctive brand image whilst reaching out to your potential customers, clients and fans.

Joe Cox works with Bristol based video production company, Hurricane Media, who have been running successful video marketing campaigns since 2005. They’re recent ‘Paywag’ viral video campaign for Barclaycard currently has over 314,000 views on YouTube.

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