6 Essential Steps To Become A Better Social Media Marketer

What is the most shocking is how bad some people are at social media marketing. What is shocking is just how much time they spend putting effort into their social media marketing, only to find that they have no tangible results. What is even more shocking is how people seem to justify this expenditure of time with metrics that do not matter.

Many times a social media marketing executive will tell his/her manager that he/she has just gotten X-amount of people to click “like” on the Facebook fan page. He or she regards this as a good achievement, even though nothing has actually converted someone from a viewer into website traffic.

1 – Stop trying so hard

Getting hundred of “like”s on Facebook or Google+, or lots of re-tweets on Twitter is not a good thing unless it has an end goal in mind. Stop trying so hard to achieve metrics on the social media networks, and start thinking about ways to get people from social media onto your website.

Start by creating a plan of action and sticking to it. Putting in hours of time on social media and making lots of contacts is pointless if they are not converting into website attendees. Make a plan in order to get more people onto your website and stick to it. If your plan involves getting more “like”s or followers, then your plan is short sighted and doomed to failure.

2 – Use your personality and creativity

It is a social media network, which means that showing some form of personality or creativity is a good thing. You are often able to attract more traffic if your posts are laden with your own personality. Plus, you have to remember that a lot of your competition are likely to be filling their posts with dry and promotional content.

You need to fill your posts with the dry stuff, but also mix it up with creativity and personality. Just because your social media marketing is all about a business does not mean that you have to hide the fact that a person is posting the social media posts.

3 – Be controversial with a twist

Being controversial is not often a good thing when you are trying to promote a business or are trying to build a brand or online reputation. However, being controversial does often attract a lot of attention (which is a good thing). So, what you need to do is be controversial with a twist. You have to make it engaging without offending or upsetting too many people. Why not try being controversial about things that are not actually upsetting? So, you could try a post about how too many Smurfs are taking berry picking jobs away from honest hard working Americans.

4 – Post often, just so long as it is interesting

Posting often is a good way of showing that you are an active member of the social media networks. It shows that you are not all about being promotional, and shows that you are actually knee deep in online intercourse and the online dynamic. However, many marketers fall into the habit of posting dry and boring stuff, so try to keep it as interesting as possible.

Even if you are only posting about your business products, try to come at it from a different angle. Consider pictures showing your products in extreme conditions, or posts about how somebody could have done something better if they had your product in their inventory.

5 – Stop being over promotional

People use their social media profiles as if they are a billboard on the side of a highway. Being over promotional is going to scare away people who are just looking, and is going to annoy people who actually like your website and your products. As it says on the first tip above, “Stop trying so hard.” Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself what you would want to read and see on a social media profile of this nature.

6 – Take suggestions on your content

This is a tip that too few people are willing to try, but it has two benefits. The first is that it ensures that some of your posts are interesting for at least some people (i.e. the ones who suggested it). Plus, there is a chance that they speak for the silent majority, so you may have a lot of success with the posts that they suggest.

Secondly, the mere act of taking such suggestions often causes people to take notice and engage with your website. You are actually gaining their trust without them being conscious of it. Plus, if you do upload some posts based on the suggestions of your viewers, then they may return and bring their friends in order to see if you took their suggestions.

This is a guest post by Kate Funk, an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time online tutor. She coaches individuals in business networking skills at


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