How to Auto-Publish Blog RSS Feeds to Twitter

For the longest time, I was a huge advocate of Facebook for business. It seemed to draw a LOT more referral traffic than any other social site. That is until they changed their algorithm. Have you noticed that your Facebook business page is getting less likes than before?   wrote a great overview of the change awhile back called Facebook Marketing Declines: How Business Should React.

Ever since the change, I’ve been moving more towards Twitter. The major difference is that Twitter is completely unfiltered. You don’t have to promote your tweets if you don’t have to whereas Facebook pages are encouraged to boost their posts in order to reach your audience.


So why auto-publish blog RSS feeds to your Twitter account? A recent study showed that users send over 400 million tweets per day. If you want to be more than a blip on the screen, you’ll have to send more than the average 1 tweet per day. Power users and companies should be tweeting several times a day at key times. That sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Thankfully you can connect your favorite blog rss feed directly to your Twitter account so you can provide better and more frequent content to your followers and ultimately increase your engagement and following, automatically.

Major Benefits of Twibble

  •  Featured images make sure your content is more visual and impactful.
  •  Custom scheduling allows you to target when your audience is most online.
  • Custom #hashtags extend your reach and builds your audience.
  • Clean & simple interface lets you focus on more important things.
  • Responsive design allows you to manage your account on mobile.

How-to Video

Step-by-step instructions

1) Signup

Twibble Landing Page

Visit and click ‘Signup with Twitter‘.

2) Create your feed

Rss to Twitter Feed - Twibble 0

Click ‘Add New Feed’. Then add a feed name and RSS Feed URL. If the RSS Feed URL input turns green, it is considered a valid feed. If the input turns red, it is considered invalid. If it is invalid, try other variations of the URL. If it still doesn’t validate, you can contact @twibblesupport 

  • Feed Name: This is for your own organizational purposes only and it is not public.
  • RSS Feed URL: Add the RSS feed URL of the blog you wish to use. Below are some examples of different feed URLs.


3) Scheduling

Rss to Twitter Feed - Twibble 1

Set when you want to tweet and any offset you’d like. Adding an offset is a great way to make your tweets appear more natural. As opposed to sending every hour, it will offset the tweet time by the time you set in your offset. After, set your posting time. It can be all the time or a custom schedule. Next, set the # tweets at a time. Sometimes feeds will have a couple updates before your last post. If you set to 1, it will only tweet the latest post. If you set to 5, it will tweet the latest 5 posts. Lastly, set any keyword filters.

  • Check for new posts every: Select how often you’d like to post. You can also add an offset so the posting time seems more natural.
  • Posting times: All the time means that it will post regardless of time or day. Custom time allows you to set a custom schedule.
  • # Tweets at a time: Choose how many tweets you want to sent at a time.
  • Keyword Filter: By adding a keyword filter, tweets will only be sent if it contains one of the filters you set. For example, if you add “social media”, “marketing” or “advertising”, it will only send a tweet if it contains at least one of those keywords.


4) Customization

Rss to Twitter Feed - Twibble 2

Embed the article featured image in your tweet if you’d like (recommended). You can also add a prefix, credit a user or add hashtags to your feed tweets. You can add as many hashtags as you’d like. It allows a maximum of 3 hashtags in a tweet. If you add more than 3 hashtags, it will randomly grab 3 hashtags. This is great if you want to target different hashtag conversations rather than always targeting the same 3.

  • Attach Featured Image: If the article has a featured image, it will try to embed it.
  • Prefix: If you’d like to add a prefix, you can. If it is long, it will truncate the article title.
  • Via: If you’d like to credit a certain user. Great for getting that user to notice you!
  • #Hashtags: Add as many hashtags as you want. It will only display 3 hashtags. If you add more than 3, each time a tweet is sent out, it will randomly grab 3 from your set.


5) Review

Rss to Twitter Feed - Twibble 3

Take a glance at the live tweet preview window to make sure it is structured the way you’d like. You can also send a test tweet via your twitter account to make sure it works.

6) Finish

Rss to Twitter Feed - Twibble 4

 If it all looks good, click ‘Create

Twibble in Action. Embedded Images ARE AWESOME


Other great alternatives to Twibble

  1. Twitter Feed – The original twitter feed poster. Does similar functions such as Twibble, but less features. Does do multiple networks though.
  2. – Another great alternative that allows multiple twitter accounts.
  3. IFTTT – Great to post to twitter automatically and has some other cool recipes such as adding your Facebook tagged photos to dropbox and other useful recipes.

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+


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  1. I have recently had the chance to test out 2 of these waiting on the third one to be fixed (as of today 01.26.2015). Let’s begin: – not very good if you need to use twitter to twitter.. no go.. and it even has issues with certain rss feeds and only delivers based on specific needs by their system, so all in all this is a FAIL

    Engator – So far so good.. It is posting, but there is no explanation (still waiting on support) to do twitter to twitter, since that is not working and we have a business need for this to happen so that we can post information from 3 of our twitter feeds to 300 other twitter profiles (that we all own for individual theaters) This is a FAIL as well.. If you need RSS to twitter and that is all.. It does this great. – Site is down, but based on this video and on information provided by them at their twitter site, twitter to twitter is very possible, so once I test them out (hopefully in the next couple days) I will let you all know the outcome. I am not sure about this one either, but I do have a great feeling about them at this point. Support is responsive and they will return your question right on twitter if you send them a message. The interface (as above) looks great.. So again.. I hope they come through because they at this point seem to be the best.

    Kind regards,

  2. Update:

    Engator – FAIL…. Post come in out of order and there is no twitter to twitter connectivity, seems like no one has adjusted to the 1.1 api to allow for twitter to twitter streams. Come on you are my last hope for a solution.

    I will update more once comes back online.

    Kind regards,

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