How Biskrem Created The Ultimate Instagram Adventure Social Marketing Campaign

What if Instagram turned into your new favorite (and addictive) adventure game? How can a brand boost its presence through a fun, and social game? Don’t look any further, Biskrem, a Turkish biscuit brand, came up with an amazing idea on how to engage with the audience through Instagram in the most creative way!

Instagram is trending during the past years and brands are constantly looking for new ways to use their creativity, in order to promote their product in the most appealing way. Traditional marketing doesn’t really work for Instagram, which means that there is a need for new ideas. That’s what the best known biscuit brand Biskrem thought when they decided to create an Instagram adventure game.Biskrem: an Amazing Instagram Adventure!

Biskrem, along with the Turkish advertising agency ArnoBrasco, created a unique Instagram game that combines the story of the brand with a fun way to stay engaged while playing. According to their Instagram Adventure, you are asked to replace the inventor of Biskrem, trying to save the brand’s future by overcoming any possible obstacle. Just like that, you are directed to a whole new world right on your favorite app, untangling through every possible spot, even in ways that you didn’t imagine!

What’s impressive is that ‘Instagram Adventure’ combines all the elements of Instagram (photo, video, map, tagging, search, and direct messages), in order to entice the users to be creative and find the solution to the problems. There is a story and a journey that users are asked to follow, with all the Instagram elements blending with each other. From secret rooms, to passwords that need to be broken and answers that are found through the search box, Biskrem managed to master the Instagram dynamics, while promoting the image of their brand and looking for a new ‘inventor’!

There was an increasing need for content through the ‘Instagram Adventure’, which led to the creation of 70 custom visuals and videos, and also 17 different creative accounts that provide alternate endings. And just like that, stories and mysteries keep coming, with tricky questions turning into a nightmare for the users that can’t wait to proceed to the next phase.

Biskrem: an Amazing Instagram Adventure!

What if you really can’t find the answer?

Well, if you feel stuck and can’t go any further, there is always the option of using the Biskrem slogan that serves as a wildcard for the next level. This way, the user keeps playing and the brand ensures that their promotion is even more effective!

The success of the Instagram Adventure

A unique idea always leads to successful results, especially when it’s launched in such a creative way. That’s how Biskrem gained from this campaign a total growth of 850%, along with 9990 likes and 9658 comments! Biskrem should be really happy about the outcome of the campaign/game and is possibly exploring their next steps towards a creative promotion!

Biskrem: an Amazing Instagram Adventure!

It’s all about knowing your audience, using popular social networks, staying unique and creating an irresistible idea!

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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