Budweiser Buddy Cup

Budweiser ‘Buddy Cup’ Connects New Bar Friends to Facebook

There’s something utterly fantastic in the simplicity of “gentleman” gestures. A shake of a hand is to signify a binding contract stronger than any inked paper. A bow is a display of respect, an acknowledgement of someone’s value as a member of society. A tap in the shoulder is to acknowledge someone’s achievement, an unprecedented expression of admiration.

Another one of those traditions is the clicking of a glass. To modern times, a clicking of a glass is the beginning of a drinking session but in the olden times, it was a sign of friendship. It is sad that the younger generation don’t really get to experience the original essence of such gestures.

Budweiser is bringing the tradition back… sort of.

Budweiser created a glass, the Buddy Glass, that has a chip at the bottom. The chip contains the owner’s Facebook information. The minute the glass touches about glass with Facebook chips, the two becomes connected on Facebook allowing the casual acquaintance to possible lifelong friendship… or Facebook friendship.

It is not clear yet on how long, how far or how deep Budweiser would want to take the Budddy Glass. It is not clear whether they will mass produce this and make it available on WalMart or device a way on how they can be used in bars only or whether to give away as an exclusive items. What is clear is that they will most likely be using this for events that they will be sponsoring.

In all likelihood, the technology is already patented and it won’t be a surprise to know that the patent includes all social networking sites and not just Facebook.

The potential is endless. The glass could do so much and with a bit of reprogramming, it could go beyond social networking. It could be used for market and consumer research. Every person that holds that glass may be a variable to the research.

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It may be used for security purposed and even investigation. It may also be evolved to become bracelets, watches and jewelleries. Of course, there are things to be considered in terms of legality but the potential is there.

Coming up with something like this will certainly stretch out the marketing potential for Budweiser. Imagine having a product go out to the market that is owned by a brand.

As of now, Budweiser needs to hurry up and get this to the market.


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