Delivering Excellent Customer Service Through Your Social Media Profiles

Without a social media presence, most brands are bound to fail. It’s only logical: many individuals spend the majority of their online time on social networks. During this time, they’re looking to connect not only with friends, but with brands. They want to learn about the companies with whom they do business and to interact prior to making any purchase decisions. This means, as a brand, you’re required to go above and beyond in order to stand out.

Where does it all start? What can you do to ensure your customer experiences on social media networks are positive enough to increase overall business? It’s not complicated; it all comes down to excellent customer service. Follow the tips below to start delivering excellent customer service through your social media profiles today.

1) Focus on the Experience

It all starts with “why?” Why should a customer or potential customer spend their time on your brand’s page rather than checking out another brand, photos of a friend or endless status updates? What do you do to drive attention and to increase the value of any given visit?

When a customer visits your page, give them a reason to stay. Allow them to get to know your brand and the team members behind it. Create visual customer stories from testimonials that highlight situations in which you’ve gone above and beyond. Stories provide personality and increase positive vibes. They lead to positive experiences. Start with stories.

2) Build Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors and advocates extend your company’s reach farther than you ever could on your own. They are individuals who share your brand and your brand’s stories with their own networks, on their own time, without having to be asked. They’re essential to the success of any brand, especially online, but how do you find them?

To build brand advocates, start paying attention. Look for your most active users and followers and start to go above and beyond for them. Message them directly, thank them for their feedback and so on. Consider offering special promotions for your most active users. Loyalty will increase over time, and soon you’ll have an entire army of brand ambassadors and advocates spreading your message with little additional effort on your part.

3) Respond

Feedback can come in a variety of forms, mainly positive or negative. The worst thing – in either situation – is for feedback to go unanswered.

When an online follower has something great to say about your business, thank them for their time or at least “like” the post. A little affirmation can go a long way. Empire CAT, a heavy-construction equipment company, does this regularly on their Facebook page.

When feedback is negative, handling it can be more difficult, but part of customer service is providing a timely response. In many cases, acknowledging receipt of the complaint publically and offering the opportunity to follow up privately is best. A message like, “Thank you for your comment. We apologize for your unpleasant experience. Please send us an email address or phone number to discuss further your thoughts,” can go a long way.

Responding quickly to any and all messages demonstrates a commitment to customer service and ensures to potential customers their experiences matter to your brand.

4) Get Personal and Go the Extra Mile

A community is meant to connect individuals. This means, as the community manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure your branded community is connected. You can start the trend by getting personal.

Welcome new followers and tag them in posts. Post photos of in-store customers and those who attend events. Publically thank those who regularly do business with you. The options are endless, but the bottom line remains the same: getting personal demonstrates your commitment to your community members and encourages connections.

Go the extra mile whenever possible – post promotions, relevant content, helpful information and opportunities to engage on a regular basis. Responding to comments is great, but to demonstrate excellent customer service, it’s not enough. Initiate efforts on your brand’s behalf whenever possible. Being proactive always pays off.

Social media profiles offer numerous opportunities to deliver real-time customer service that makes an impact on your community members. Follow the steps above to get started and to better engage your community soon!

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