The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

Have you ever wondered how an Instagram filter could taste? Grey Istanbul was eager to find out and that’s why they created a filter-based vending machine that relies on Instagram photos.

The Istanbul-based advertising agency took creativity to the next level by combining the sweet tooth most of us have with our passion for Instagram photography. Thus, they joined Kristal Elma Festival with a vending machine and a colourful board of drawings, inviting everyone to join their sweet campaign for a ‘GREYT experience’!

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

They encouraged everyone to take a selfie, upload it on Instagram, use a filter, along with the hashtag #instacandy, in order to instantly claim their sweet gift from their vending machine.

Each filter has an associated flavour and thus, each person grabbed a different candy, according to the filter they picked for their photo. How about the photos that didn’t have any filter? Well, these ones received a box that was empty, serving as a reminder that they didn’t use any filter to taste its flavor!

How does this work?

Grey Istanbul has created a special software that activates the vending machine and tracks in real time the photos using the #instacandy hashtag, rewarding everyone that uploaded a filtered Instagram selfie with a unique sweet flavor. The fun and quick process grabbed the attention of everyone passing by, turning the idea into a success!

The First Instagram Filter Based Vending Machine: #instacandy

How are Instagram filters related to candies?

According to Grey Istanbul, each Instagram filter gives a different flavour to our photos, with each one standing out from the rest. That’s how they decided to showcase the uniqueness of each filter by examining how they would taste if they were candies. For example, how does Ludwig taste? And what’s the difference in flavour between Amaro and Mayfair?

There’s no surprise that word of mouth and Instagram hashtags led to a successful campaign, counting more than 450 photos with the #instacandy hashtag, giving out 450 gift boxes. This made #instacandy the most popular hashtag of the event, with everyone that participated leaving with a big smile (and a sweet taste).

This is another proof how creativity may lead to a trending campaign that supports the importance of the experience, blending social media with taste, in the most unique (and sweet) way!

Experiential marketing is always appreciated by customers, especially when it includes fun, gifts and social media!

How sweet is that?


Agency: Grey Ä°stanbul
Executive Creative Director: Engin Kafadar
Deputy Creative Director: Görkem Yeğin
Creative Team: Korcan Yavuz, Tolga Özbakır, Fatih Yılmaz, Erman Anıt, Berk Gül
Agency Producers: Meral Barık, Murat Barlık
Social Media Communication: Yasin Çatılı, İklim Suaşan, Erdem Karaoğlu
Social Integration: WEDO Interactive
Production: FikirbazZenger

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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