Heineken Creates the First Tweet Cover Festival!

How would you imagine a digital music festival in terms of interaction? How would you participate in such an idea? Heineken has decided to try this out and it seems that it’s better than it sounds!

Heineken in Spain is proud to sponsor during the past years several popular music festivals, but their problem was that the results were not very encouraging for the sponsors. According to them, the noise from music doesn’t always reach social networks, with almost 50% of the festival goers struggling to remember the sponsors. Thus, they realised that they need to find a way to increase their reach on this audience, and that’s why they asked for the help of FCB Spain agency, looking for ‘something awesome.’

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The advertising agency considered the problem, but also Heineken’s desire to attract music fans and that’s how they decided to create a brand new festival, straight through social media. This was the beginning of “Tweet Cover Fest”, a festival that took place in 24 hours from Twitter, counting 200 live performances and 100.000 viewers.

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What made “Tweet Cover Fest” special was the fact that users (the ‘festival goers’) were creating the songs, by tweeting a dedication to a friend. Each dedicated tweet was turning into a song, which was performed live through a Vine video.

Heineken asked for help from 6 artists, which turned each tweet into a song, switching between 6 musical genres (funky, new funky, indie folk, r’n’b, rockabilly), in order to create a 6-second Vine video containing the dedication that turned into a song. The sung tweet that turned into a song was then returned to each user, creating an amazing and personalised experience.

It was the instantaneous appeal of a tweet turning into a song in less than 6 minutes that turned the “Tweet Cover Fest” into a success, leading in just 24 hours to 2000 tweets, 100.000 views and 10 million impacts! “Tweet Cover Fest” gained tons of media recognition, while the desired ROI for Heineken was more than encouraging, increasing the interaction on their Twitter account by more than 20%!

Why was this idea successful?

FCB Spain along with Heineken managed to combine the popularity of Twitter and Vine, several music genres, personal experience and almost instant sung tweets that encouraged even more users to join this festival! A festival that grabs the power of social media in a creative way that also takes into consideration the importance of tailored mobile content for the right audience is expected to be a success and Heineken should be happy with the increased engagement on their Twitter account, but also the media coverage they received.

This is a proof that if you want to approach a specific target audience and feel limit by the current options, simply create your own alternative!


Advertising Agency: FCB Spain, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Pedro Soler
Creative Directors: Alfredo Vaz, Mauro Rodriguez
Art Directors: Manfred González, Beto Pérez, Vicente Albert
Copywriters: Ana Amador, Olga Viejo
Audiovisual producer: Aurora Montes
Production: Bosalay
Film director: Albert Sala
Sound: The Lobby
Account director: Julia Sanjuan
Account executive: Rosa Martínez
Digital Strategy: Pepe García
Digital Analytics: Courtney Imel
Head of Strategy: Manuel López
Published: March 2015

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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