Heineken Valentines Day #dateinabox Sponsors 25 Amazing Dates Around the World

This past Valentine’s Day, Heineken ran a fun twitter based marketing campaign called the “date in a box”. According to Heineken, a #DateInABox is a glittery red box “with an adventurous, prearranged mystery date locked inside, ranging from an improv class to a jujitsu lesson for two or couples’ tattoos.”

Men simply had to tweet @Heineken_US #DateInABox for a chance to win one of these 25 amazing boxes.  In order to retrieve the date locked inside, these guys must get a code from Heineken by posting a picture of the box on Instagram “to show everybody what your girlfriend gave you for Valentine’s Day,” says Heineken brand director Belen Pamukoff.

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The next day he’ll be sent a code that will lead to an amazingly fun date!

This is a good idea for those men who hate shopping and aren’t very creative but still want their lady to feel special on Valentine’s day. Last year Heineken helped guys out too on Valentine’s day by asking them to tweet to get a table at a restaurant, and this year I think it’s safe to say they’ve taken it one step further with the date in a box. So will more guys start to show their love on social networking sites? I hope many girls are pleased to find their significant others are willing to share the love via Instagram.


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