How To Use Social Media Marketing to Build a Strong Online Brand

Developing an effective Internet marketing strategy to build a strong online brand is not always as easy as it should be, especially when companies are on a tight budget. To be the most productive means to choose the best processes to avoid wasting money and time. An excellent choice of strategies is to use effective social media marketing. It is a proven solution that easily generates exposure and conversion rates. Overall, your company should devote significant time to using social media marketing to quickly build a strong, successful brand.

It was not that long ago that Social Media Marketing (SMM) became a popular tool to generate a strong company brand. It was only then that businesses realized that social sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and others were no longer simply social interaction tools for children, but were actually valuable Internet networking and marketing resources for business.

Taking full advantage of the five components of social media marketing can make the success of your business skyrocket. However, mishandling SMM can quickly diminish their power, leaving you wondering what went wrong.

Plan of Action

The success of any marketing is built on the foundation of wise choices and a solid plan of action. Before starting any social media marketing campaign, you will need to narrow the scope of which social sites you will use. Understand that every site you select must have a professional, continually updated appearance. Unless you have a huge staff, you will not have enough time in the day to fully manage every available social media site. To develop your brand properly, your plan of action should position your company in two or three solid social media sites.

Developing Proper Strategy

Not every social site fits a business model. Even though social media is less formal than a traditional website, your focus is to offer a business profile as a way to reach your target audience. To develop a proper strategy, review different social media sites and select only those where your target audience not only plays but works on the Internet. At the beginning of the development stage, you will need to “setup” and “position” your company on only those premium social networking websites. To do this you will need to follow this guideline which includes:

  • Determine which social sites fit your interests and needs
  • Create the perfect username for your business profile links
  • Use only the most attractive profile information/media to share with others
  • Filter away any unattractive activity on your company social sites
  • Based on a dedicated time schedule, maximize your effort by posting quality content within your timeframe

SEO / SMM / SMO Implementation

When first getting started, you will need to be prepared to market your business effectively. Your plan should include a predefined SMO (Social Media Optimization) strategy, combined with effective SEO (search engine optimization) along with SMM (social media marketing). Remember that SMM is more than just setting up social marketing and networks. The process also includes the necessity to build a quality website and blog. Part of your SMM strategy should include effective keywords and keyword phrases that will enrich search engine queries and drive business along with traffic to your site. In the world of marketing and spam, there is a fine line that determines which is which. There are social media sites that have more flexibility than others. A quality SMM plan will be founded on the value content limitations of each site to ensure quality conversion rates, instead of being accused of spamming.

Testing & Tracking

To ensure your strategies are producing results, you will need to test, trend, track, and finally, refine your strategies before going live. If you determine your plan of action is not working, do not move forward. A solid branding strategy is usually tweaked and updated before being posted online. The reason for the tweaking involves:

  • The Internet is continually evolving & requiring constant strategy updates
  • Only conversions produce results. To ensure that requires new blog subscribers, continuous website traffic, and enhanced search engine rankings.

Prioritizing Tasks

Your time is your money. Prioritizing your tasks is a way to minimize your efforts while producing the best result. Performing your own online branding might save you money, but it will cost you time. Alternatively, you can spend some money and hire professional to do your Internet marketing for you. Either way, by posting quality content and using effective SEO and SMM strategies can increase your traffic, and ultimately your sales.

Branding takes time. It involves a professional looking website and blog. While websites should be left to professional designers, you can create your own weblog almost instantly. Choose an optimal blogging platform and select  professional-style WordPress themes. Fill it with well-written postings, and an interactive section to communicate directly with potential and existing customers.

Olga Ionel is a creative writer at – a top provider of WordPress themes. She is passionate about studying online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.


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